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15 Simple & Effective Steps To Raise Your Puppy

Congratulations on being a new pet parent! Now that you have made the big step of getting a puppy, there are more things that you need to be aware of. Training your puppy is one of them.

Raising a puppy is no easy feat. You will need to know how to go about it effectively. It is always highly recommended to start young, so that your puppy can be trained and conditioned in the right manner.

Here are 15 simple & effective steps that you can use.

Start With A Vet
The first thing to do when you get a puppy is getting a thorough examination by a veterinary. The examination should include, but not limited to:

  • Health instructions
  • Information on
  • nutritional needs
  • De-worming
  • Proper vaccinations

Your vet will also give you recommendations on neutering or spaying your pup. The most important thing to confirm about your puppy is its health. Once you have confirmed the dog’s health status, you can start with everything else.

Puppy Schedule
One of the most important things you will teach your dog is housebreaking. It requires commitment and consistency. When you combine these two characteristics, your dog will know where and when to eliminate. The duration will take for the achievement will depend on your training and the dog’s breed.

Potty Training
There are different stages of puppy growth. Each stage is determined by the breed of the dog as well as how well they are trained. For example, some dogs will be adults faster than other dogs. This means they need more extensive training in a shorter period.

Puppy Growth
There are different stages of puppy growth. Each stage is determined by the breed of the dog as well as how well they are trained. For example, some dogs will be adults faster than other dogs. This means they need more extensive training in a shorter period.

Products Required For Puppies
A puppy has requirements. There are a bunch of items that are a must have for a home with a new puppy. The products required will depend on the breed of the puppy. In general, you will need grooming products, a few toys, a leash, and a comfortable sleeping place.

Must Have Puppy Products
A puppy needs a few items. You will need to get your hands on various items to raise your puppy properly. They include:

  • Leash and collar
  • Puppy bed
  • Crate or a containment box
  • Water and food bowls
  • Grooming supplies
  • Treats and food
  • Toys
  • Identification

Crate Training
A great way to start your puppy on potty training is crate training. The process will always ensure the dog understands the house rules. If you don’t have a crate, you can make one using an old shipping or moving box. It will work as long as it is comfortable.

Obedience Training
To have control over your small dog, you will need to train it. Teaching your pup to listen to commands and be obedient is very essential. There are a plethora of online tips and guides for this. Make sure you use the best with regards to your pup’s age/breed.

Leash Walking
The pup will need to train to walk on a leash. A good way to go about it is using introductory steps for leash walking. Avoid using the leash outdoors immediately. Start by familiarizing the dog inside the house. It will go a long way to ensure effective leash training.

Puppies are known to be biters. The condition is more during teething. For obvious reasons, this behavior should be stopped before the teeth have come in. You can find a solution to this behavior by identifying why the dog is chewing or biting.

It’s important to feed your pup. There are questions you need to ask, and find answers, before you ensure they are strong and healthy. Common questions include:

  • How often should you feed them?
  • When should you give food?
  • What foods are best for them?
  • Which fruits and vegetables are good?

Sleeping Arrangements
Sleeping location of a small dog could be indicative of where they will sleep as an adult. Consider the sleeping arrangements you want. Once this is done, figure out how to best prepare for the same. This way, you will have minimal interruption of your dog’s sleeping arrangement.

Dog Proofing
In every house, there are some things that are not safe for a puppy. These include electrical outlets and appliances, as well as holes in your fence. Do a thorough check to determine any hazards you may not think off immediately.

If you have kids in the house, they need to be informed on how to handle the puppy. Ideally, small children should not be left un-attended with a small dog. The kids or the dog may end up getting hurt as they play. Remember, a small dog uses animal instincts.

Although it is not mandatory, it is prudent to inform your neighbors of your new pet. This will help them take extra care as they pull in or out of their driveway. At the same time, it will help them understand a situation should your puppy cross borders.

Other Things To Consider
Raising a puppy properly is not an easy task. You will need to do a lot of research and make a few consultations. However, this does not mean it is impossible. In fact, with the right guidance and tips, you should be able to do this effectively. There are some resources you can use to ensure you raise a puppy properly and without incident.

You can start by looking at forums and websites for dog owners. They will have information that you may not find anywhere else. Make sure you consider checking a few things such as the behavior of a specific breed. From your research, you should have a better understanding of how the dogs behave and the most effective ways to control unwanted behaviors.

The health of a small dog is important. If it is not kept healthy, there are chances it may give you and your loved ones some infections. To ensure your puppy is safe, consult a local veterinary, preferably one who specializes with dogs. Their insight will go a long way to raising a healthy and happy puppy.

In the event you are travelling for longer than a few hours, make sure you get someone to take care of your puppy. Since they need to maintain a regime, you will need to create a schedule for the caregiver. Make sure they are professionals who do not compromise on the quality of service they offer you.

If you need to travel and you do not have the funds to pay for a dog sitter, find someone who can. For example, a neighbor or family friend can take care of your dog when you are away. Always check-in to find out if there are any issues with the dog.

Final Thoughts – It's Exciting
Even though having a puppy can be exciting fun, it may also be overwhelming. Do not feel stressed despite the challenges. You can easily master pack-leadership through consistency, assertive energy, and calmness.

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