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5 Things You Must Know About Corgi Personality

Corgis were originally used as animal herding dogs. They are a small breed and would usually be employed to notice unusual activities in the surroundings. They have been popular through the ages because of their incredible herding abilities and also because they are friendly in familial surroundings, loyal and trustworthy. Dogs are almost always loyal but the extreme inclination of Corgis towards pleasing their masters makes them so very popular among people.

If you are planning to adopt a Corgi, then there are 5 things that you must absolutely know and prepare yourself accordingly.

Temperament: Bossy yet playful
Herding dogs are naturally individualistic and so are Corgis. They end up making their own rules and are headstrong. While this temperament helps while herding animals, it might become an issue if you are adopting it for domestic living. You will have to start obedience training right away so that this does not develop into a characteristic trait.

Owing to their focused and attentive nature, Corgis can hear and sense the slightest change in and around their surroundings. The moment they sense a change, they start barking excessively. While it is impractical and impossible to stop the barking altogether, it is possible to train them to minimize this tendency as far as possible.

Corgis have an overall happy person and they receive and follow training very well. However, they can be bossy with other pets if they are not trained to follow instructions and adapt to surroundings early in life. Corgis cannot be confined indoors. They are an active breed and need their daily dose of exercise to stay fit mentally as well as physically.

Strong Separation Anxiety
Corgis are a social breed.

They love people and the sights, sounds and smells of a household or community full of people. They detest being left alone at home. They feel anxious and the anxiety bottles up to lead to the destruction of things at home. Some corgis bark excessively when left indoors for too long.

If you have a Corgi at home, you must be prepared to give your dog a whole lot of playtime with family members and a good deal of social interaction in the form of love, care, and attention. A Corgi looks at a family as a flock of sheep that must stick together.

While this is an adorable behavior when looked from afar, it can get difficult for you to manage your pet if the separation anxiety is too strong. This is where training comes in handy. You will have to initiate the process of your dog staying alone by practicing short breaks away inside a fence or a yard and then move on to longer hours.

Corgis And Children
A corgi’s behavior is almost always unpredictable. Their temperament changes from one morning to the other.

This does not sit well with children who are on the move or are very active at home and outdoors. Corgis hate the idea of being chased by children and that is probably the reason that they might not be very comfortable around smaller kids below the age of five.

They also dislike sudden shrieking noises that most children might make. Corgis primarily like making up their own rules and since they tend to nip and bite as herding dogs do, children might not be absolutely safe around them.

If you want to adopt a Corgi and you have children at home, then you would rather wait till your kids grow up enough to leave the dog alone or not adopt one at all. While there are families where Corgis share great companionship with kids, it completely depends on the temperament of the Corgi in question.

Training Corgis
You will need a huge amount of patience in order to train a Corgi. Since Corgis are headstrong and loathe being pushed for things, it not only takes time but determination and perseverance to be able to train a Corgi successfully.

A good deal of positive reinforcement is also needed during the training procedure. You must have healthy treats at hand because they will have to be handed out frequently as soon as they reach their goals.

However, the good news is Corgis make excellent students. As soon as they successfully complete obedience training, they will respond well to new tasks and goals. The best part about Corgis is the fact that they remain consistently receptive to learning new tricks all through its life.

Behavior With Other Pets
Corgis are not at all compatible with strays, especially inside its territory. Needless to say, Corgis are territorial dogs that need their space to be their own. However, if other pets co-live with a Corgi, it will get used to them in some time. This adaptability takes time and a pet parent needs to supervise and keep a close watch on all the pets at home to avoid unwanted troubles.


Final Thoughts – Not All Dogs Are Similar
Corgis are an adorable breed that is very popular with dog owners. However, owning a dog is a lifetime responsibility. It is important to be aware of the inherent characteristics and traits that a dog breed has.

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