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7 Tips to Keep Your Dog Off Your Couch

Only dog owners can understand that wonderful feeling whenever their dog is around. This is why more and more people are choosing to adopt a dog. But there are instances when dogs can get territorial and prefer to hang out on places they are not supposed to, such as your leather couch.

Even if your dog doesn’t chew on your couch, its sharp nails and paws could end up scratching and damaging your expensive furniture. But don’t worry because there are ways to get your dog to leave your couch.

1. Train Your Dog

If you want to teach your dog proper manners, then you need to invest some time and effort in training it. Your dog will not know that the couch is off-limits to it unless you teach it. When training your pet, always use positive reinforcement. Avoid hitting or yelling at your dog if you can’t get it to leave.

2. Get Dog Couch Covers

If you cannot get your dog to leave your couch, you might as well invest in dog couch covers that can serve as protection on the couch. There are different kinds of couch covers that are durable enough to protect your couch against paw scratches. These covers also help to keep your couch protected from your dog’s pee, hair, and dander.

3. Give Treats

Dogs love to be pampered from time to time. So in order to make your pet follow you whenever you ask it to leave your couch, give it some of its favorite treats! The next time your pet lingers in your couch, get some of its treats and toss them towards the floor so it will jump off the couch to grab it. Do this regularly so your dog will understand that it will be rewarded when it’s not on the couch. 

4. Use Mats

Discourage your pet from staying at your couch by placing mats on it. The reason why your pet loves to linger on the couch is because of the comfort that the couch offers. So when you place one of those mats with pointy bristles on the couch, your pet will find it prickly and will eventually leave the couch alone.

5. Crate Your Dog

Crating your dog is one way to contain your dog and keep it away from areas in your house that are off-limits to it. While some pet owners might not agree on the idea of crate training, this form of training is actually effective for most pets. When crate training your pet, make sure you choose a crate that is comfortable for your pet. It should be spacious enough for it to still move around while inside it.

6. Disarrange the Cushions

Disarranging the cushions might be another effective way to keep your dog off your couch. The goal is to make the couch uncomfortable for your pet. As mentioned, the main reason why dogs are attracted on the couch is because it feels cozy and comfortable to them. But if you make the place uncomfortable for your pooch, it will not touch it.

7. Use a Bubble Wrap

If you have some unused bubble wraps at home, put them to good use by placing some of it in your couch. While humans love to hear the popping sound that the bubble wraps produce, some dogs get startled upon hearing this and will eventually stay away from your couch. So spread some of these bubble wraps all over your couch and see how your pet reacts when it hears the bursting sound.

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