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Why Neuter Your Dog: Benefits of Neutering

Why Neuter Your Dog: Benefits of Neutering


Do you know that millions of pets all over the world are homeless? Yes, homelessness doesn’t only affect people, but it affects dogs too! In fact, as stated by Petmate, only 1 out of the 10 dogs born can find a permanent home. To fight pet overpopulation, millions of dogs and cats are being killed each year, which is pretty upsetting.

This is why neutering or spaying your dog is necessary. In doing so, your dog won’t be able to procreate, and thus, overpopulation can be prevented. But aside from addressing the overpopulation problem on pets, neutering also comes with many other benefits.

Below are more reasons why you should neuter or spay your dog.


Male Dogs Get Huge Health Benefits

The male dogs can benefit from neutering in terms of health. Neutering helps to prevent unwanted litters and can also minimize the risk of developing testicular cancer.


Spayed Female Dogs Won’t Go in Heat

Although cycles can vary from one female dog to another, female dogs usually go in heat 4-5 days every 3 weeks during the breeding season. When spayed, they will no longer go in heat so yowling and frequent urinating will be prevented.


Male Dogs Won’t Escape Anymore

Male dogs that aren’t neutered will do everything just to mate. This may include digging through the fence or destroying the fence itself just to get out. This can be prevented if you neuter the dog.


Female Dogs Can Live For Much Longer

Spaying your female pet can help to minimize its risk of suffering from breast cancer and uterine infections. These conditions are common among female dogs and about 50% of these cases lead to death. Spaying before your pet is in heat keeps it protected from these deadly diseases.


Neutered Male Dogs Will Start To Behave Properly

Neutered dogs are calmer and well behaved. Pets that haven’t been neutered tend to release strong smelling urine in the house to mark their territory. Early neutering of your pet can help to prevent these aggression problems.


Lesser Risk Of Obesity

If you neuter or spay your dog, it will stay fit for as long as you feed it with the right food and give it some exercise. Overeating can be prevented, which can make them overweight and at risk of suffering from certain illnesses.


Neutering Is Cost Effective

Remember that the cost that comes with neutering or spaying your pet is way less than the cost of caring for a new puppy. The surgery is also much cheaper than the cost of medication and treatment when your pet suffers from any of the illnesses mentioned above.


Prevents Pet Overpopulation

The biggest benefit of neutering or spaying your dog is in fighting pet overpopulation. This can help to minimize the number of homeless animals being rescued in animal shelters every year. Again, these animals may just have to be euthanized in the near future.


Your Dog Won’t Need A Litter

You shouldn’t let your dog give birth to puppies that you don’t intend to keep. Most of these unwanted puppies will end up in shelters and will eventually be euthanized.


Neutering is Good for the Community

As mentioned, there’s a pet overpopulation all over the world, which is why you’ll find plenty of animals roaming in the streets. These animals could prey on wildlife and may cause car accidents. Thus, if you consider spaying or neutering your dog, you are somehow helping the community in a way.


Why Buy An Elizabethan Collar For Your Pet?

You’re probably convinced by now that spaying or neutering your dog is a good idea. To make the process of healing faster and safer for your pet, you should consider buying an Elizabethan Collar or Dog Cone.

This canine accessory is attached to the neck of your dog to discourage it from licking the stitching of the surgery. Instead of healing, licking will cause the area to be infected, which will aggravate the problem.