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Best Brush for German Shepherds

The best brush for German Shepherds is Furminator Undercoat Deshedding Tool For German Shepherds.

German Shepherd owners can attest to the fact that grooming is indeed a part of the joy of owning one of these pooches. For the amount of shedding a German Shepherd undergoes, it is important to get the best grooming tools for the job.

However, finding the best brush for German Shepherds can be a little difficult with all the options out there. That is why we compiled this list of the 7 best brushes for our furry friends.

Budget Conscious Pick

Pet Neat Grooming Brush For German Shepherds

Our Top Pick

Furminator Undercoat Deshedding Tool For German Shepherds

Readers Pick

Oster Dog Rake and Shedding Brush For German Shepherds

01 Furminator Undercoat Deshedding Tool For German Shepherds

The Furminator is not exactly a traditional brush but it does the same job. It is technically a deShedding tool designed to help get rid of already loose hair using a stainless steel attachment. This will definitely help reduce the amount of shedding and subsequent dog dander build-up in your home from your beloved German Shepherd.

In addition to efficiency, the dog brush for German Shepherd is built for safety with the curved blade design. This flows with the dog body’s curve for more accurate and safer grooming. The curve also offers a more uniform brush with each stroke which means you do not have to keep going over the same areas for that shiny and smooth glow on your dog's coat.

And once you are all done with the brushing, just press the fur ejector button to release all the dander. Cleaning a dog brush cannot get easier than this.

  • It is unique in its safety-focused design making grooming not only easy but also safe for your German Shepherd. Moreover, the ergonomics make it convenient to handle. With all these features and the quality construction it is definitely worth its top spot status.

02 Pet Neat Grooming Brush For German Shepherds

The stainless steel tool on this deShedding brush is designed to collect as much of the loose fur on your German Shepherd as possible. The best part is that the heavy duty and corrosion resistant material pretty much guarantees you longevity. That way you do not have to keep buying new brushes because of issues like rusting or broken brush bristles.

For safety, this option comes with a special cover that goes over the stainless steel blade. You can therefore safely handle the brush whether you are grooming your German Shepherd, cleaning out the brush or even putting it away.

  • The answer is yes; it is worth it. It is a well-constructed brush with durable materials and that is very easy to use. So at its price point you will definitely get value for your money.

03 Oster Dog Rake and Shedding Brush For German Shepherds

Grooming a German Shepherd with a thick coat is about as fun as combing a carpet. It can be frustrating and uncomfortable for both you and your German Shepherd. The Oster Dog Rake is ideal in such cases with its 18 toothbrush design. This runs through the thick fur easily for a quick and fuss-free grooming session.

In addition to this convenience, the brush is built for safety with the rounded blade tips. That way even if you end up too close to skin there are significantly lower chances of injury.

  • If you are shopping for a German Shepherd with its signature bushy body of fur then this would be a fantastic alternative.

04 Friends Forever Dual Side 2 in 1 Pet Grooming Combo For German Shepherds

This one is both a slicker brush and deshedder which is fantastic as you now do not have to purchase them separately. The two come in separate detachable heads with a quick-release tool for easy attachment and removal.

You can use the slicker brush for a number of functions including detangling the dog’s fur, buffing the coat and even scrubbing their skin during bath time. The deshedding tool, on the other hand, allows you to get rid of any excess fur. The wider teeth can also come in handy to deal with itches or if you want to treat your German Shepherd to a nice back or tummy rub. 

  • If you want one brush to do it all then the 2 in 1 functionality on this one should satisfy your German Shepherd.

05 Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush For German Shepherds

This slicker brush might just be the secret weapon you have been looking for to get your fussy German Shepherd on board with grooming time. The main feature you have to thank for this is the fine bristle design. They do a fantastic job of not only getting rid of loose fur but also detangling the hair and massaging the skin. Now that is multifunctionality if you ever did see it.

Furthermore, you will have a super easy time cleaning up. All you have to do is click a button, the bristles retract into the brush head and you can simply wipe off the fur bundles.

  • Here, you have one of the most versatile grooming tools for your German Shepherd with several functions in store for you and your pooch.

06 GoPets Dematting Comb For German Shepherds

Multifunctionality is the name of the game and with its double-sided dematting head, this comb came to play. What is interesting about the design is that each side is different in terms of the size and number of teeth. It therefore offers different benefits based on what your dog needs.

The side with the wider bristles is ideal for grooming a dog with either a thick coat or a lot of dander buildup. The side with thinner and closely spaced teeth, on the other hand, works best for detangling and deshedding finer coats. This means that you can enjoy the functionality for your German shepherd as their hair goes through good and bad days.

  • Dogs have bad hair days too and this tool offers the same effectiveness during both the crazy hair days and when the coat is actually cooperative.

07 Smartelf Pet Grooming Brush For German Shepherds

The angled bristles on this dog grooming tool make it stand out as one of the safer options available. In addition to this perk, the design also makes the slicker brush more effective at different functions including detangling, deshedding and removing mats.

The bristles themselves are actually 0.4 inches long. This is enough for most coat thicknesses so whether it is a puppy or furry adult, you can effectively groom your German Shepherd.

  • This slicker brush is a good choice if your German Shepherd has sensitive skin as the size, angle and reach of the bristles ensures there is minimal, if any, contact with the skin.

Buyers Guide

Brush For German Shepherds Buyer’s Guide

Something unique about the coat on a German shepherd is the fact that it occurs in two layers. The undercoat is soft and lighter in color while the outer layer has the course and kinkier fur. This is necessary to understand while shopping for a grooming brush as not all of them are good enough to handle both layers appropriately.

To help you out, here are 6 very important factors you need to consider when shopping for a grooming brush for a German Shepherd. That way, you will be able to narrow down your options to something that will not only be easy to use but also safe and effective at getting the crazy locks under control.

Bristle and teeth design

First off, what is the difference between bristles and teeth?

Bristles are found on brushes. They are thinner than teeth and are designed to help with detangling of hair. They can also be useful during baths as a way to scrub and massage the skin. With these, the best option is a tool with fine enough bristles for effective detangling but not so fine that they cannot get through the matted mess. You should also factor in the length. Around 0.4 to 0.6 inches should suffice for a deep enough grooming without irritating the skin.

Teeth, on the other hand, are found on combs and deshedding tools. Their purpose is to help get rid of loose fur and mats on your German shepherd’s coat. That way, you will have less shedding all over the house. Here, the most important design aspect to consider is the width of the teeth. Wider teeth work great with thicker and kinkier coats while closer spacing will give you a finer and more polished look on less tangled fur.

Materials used

This goes for materials used on the grooming tool, the frame and the handle.

With the tool itself, most deshedder attachments feature stainless steel construction. This is not only very durable but also corrosion resistant which means you do not have to worry about rust from contact with sweat or water during grooming. Brush bristles on the other hand vary in terms of materials used. While some have stainless steel construction, a lot use synthetic fibers. These are great for detangling and smoothing as well as cleaning the German Shepherd and are just as durable.

The frame and handle, however, should be made of a material that is hard and sturdy while also being light enough to handle comfortably. A lot of times, plastic is the material of choice and with its durability and lightness it is not so hard to see why. However, stainless steel frames and handles are also a pretty decent option especially if you want something stronger and more resilient against impact.

Grip and control

German shepherds are generally very active dogs and it might not always be easy to get your German Shepherd to settle down for a session of hair brushing. It is therefore important that you go for a brush that offers you great grip and control during the entire grooming process.

One way to ensure you have this is by making ergometrics a priority when choosing. A well-designed handle should fit your hand perfectly allowing you to control it efficiently even when you are dealing with a fussy German Shepherd. A decent alternative to ergonomic handles are flexible ones made from gel or silicone-based materials. These fit to the contour of your gripped arm and offer the same amount of control.

It also really helps to work with a brush whose handles have anti-slip reinforcement. These take the shape of either grooves on the existing materials or additional layers of anti-slip rubber material. Whatever the case, the firm hold makes grooming a lot easier for you so it shouldn’t be underestimated.

Versatility in terms of functionality

What can your German shepherd grooming brush do for you? Does it just detangle? Does it just deshed? Do you have to buy multiple tools to get full grooming capabilities?

The range of functionality offered by your choice of grooming brush will determine whether or not you truly got full value for your money with your purchase. In this case, it goes without saying that you would be better off settling for a brush that offers you as many services as possible whether it is detangling, deshedding, dematting, massaging or whatever else you may need.

Some multifunction options offer this with one single head where the tooth or bristle design allows multipurpose use as is the case with our top pick. Others have a double sided design with one offering a specific set of services and the other handling the rest. Finally, you have alternatives that come with completely separate heads for different purposes. Whatever the case, your investment will definitely be worth it.

Ease of cleaning up

Yes, the thing you use to clean your German Shepherd needs cleaning too and how easy this maintenance is should determine whether or not you settle for a specific brush. The best choice is one that has a self-cleaning mechanism. This is where you can press a button to retract the bristles or teeth and therefore access all the clumps of fur for easy removal.

You could also get the same ease of maintenance from wide-toothed combs and deshedder tools. The beauty of this wide spacing is that it allows you to easily pull out the fur for fast and efficient brush cleaning.

Safety features for your German Shepherd

This is the case particularly with dog brushes that have metallic teeth or bristles. The undercoat on your German Shepherd is close to the skin. It is therefore very easy to hurt your beloved pooch by getting a little too heavy-handed while grooming.

Some brushes are designed to prevent such injuries with several safety features. You can have the curved blade and safety edges as is the case with our top pick. You could also go with bristles or teeth that have rounded edges so you do not have to deal with issues like cuts or scratches.


With all this information in mind, our top pick easily stands out as a fantastic choice whether you want something to deshed, demat or detangle the Repunzel-proportion mess that is your German shepherd’s fur. It is built not only for easy use but also for your dog’s safety and comfort so they are more likely to actually enjoy grooming sessions.

Our other options are also pretty awesome and have a lot to offer based on your specific needs. Just take your time to figure out exactly what your dog needs and with our guide you should make the best choice.

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