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Best Chew Proof Dog Leashes

The best chew proof dog leash is SparklyPets Heavy Duty Rope Leash.

One of the best ways to ensure the safety of your dog when you take it for a walk outdoors is to tie it in a leash.

Even though you may be confident that your dog has been trained not to walk far from you, there are instances where dogs get distracted and could venture far away. This could put your dog at the risk of getting run over by passing cars.

When it comes to buying a leash for your pooch, consider getting something that’s chew-proof. This is especially true if your dog loves to chew on stuff. Thankfully, there are plenty of chew-proof leashes for dogs that you can get for your dog these days.

If you are not sure what to buy, check out our reviews of the best chew-proof dog leashes below.

Budget Conscious Pick

BAAPET 5 FT Strong Dog Rope Leash

Our Top Pick

SparklyPets Heavy Duty Rope Leash

Readers Pick

Fairwin Leather Flat Leash

01 SparklyPets Heavy Duty Rope Leash

Our top pick is this Heavy Duty Rope Leash from SparklyPets. This leash is specifically designed and features an anti-pull bungee in its design. Its strength is comparable to a metal chain.

Made from braided nylon, this leash is chew-resistant and is tough and durable enough to handle the daily wear and tear. When buying this leash, you’ll also get a metallic hook, leather joints, and elastic bungee which is ideal to use on strong dogs that love to pull.

The elastic bungee is designed to minimize the stress on your arms and your dog’s neck as a result of the sudden pulling and movement. Furthermore, the bungee also helps to provide additional stability to the leash.

The SparklyPets Heavy Duty Rope Leash comes with a reflective stripe, which provides added protection when taking your pooch for a walk in the middle of the night. With a length of 43.3 inches, excluding the elastic bungee, this chew proof leash can make walking your dog easier and more convenient.

  • We like this dog leash because it has thick nylon that’s chew proof and comes with an elastic bungee, leather joints, and metallic hook.

02 BAAPET 5 FT Strong Dog Rope Leash

For a chew proof dog leash that can give you the best value for your money, the BAAPET Strong Dog Leash is highly recommended. It’s 5 feet long and is padded well enough to provide your pet with maximum comfort. Compared to other leashes with a similar design, this dog leash is stands out in terms of comfort for its padded handle. Furthermore, the clip of the leash is stronger and larger and can also be used for other leashes.

You get to choose from five different colors when buying the BAAPET Strong Dog Leash. This leash also features reflective threads that can be useful when walking your dog at night. Another great feature that budget-conscious shoppers will love about this leash is that it comes with a money-back guarantee.

If you refer to the reviews written for this leash, you’ll find that people are very pleased and satisfied with it. Others have even bought two leashes so they will have a spare.

  • We like this chew proof dog leash a lot because it has a padded handle and its material is durable enough to withstand the chewing of your pooch.

03 Fairwin Leather Flat Leash

Another dog leash that we would highly recommend for pet owners looking for a chew proof leash is the Fairwin Leather Dog Leash. This leash is designed specifically for use on strong dogs like the German shepherd, the very same breed the 46th POTUS has. Aside from being 5.6 feet in length, this leash is made from genuine leather and was handmade for durability, capable of withstanding the daily wear.

The clip that connects the leash to the collar is made from copper alloy casting. Aside from being strong, it gives the leash an elegant appearance. This leash has a strong tensile resistance that could handle up to 500-lb. of pull force. Although this leash is designed mainly for German shepherd dogs, it can be used for other dogs as well. In fact, it’s available in three different sizes so you can use it for some other dog breeds as well.

  • We like this dog leash for its chew proof capability. It’s made from genuine leather that’s durable and powerful enough to handle a lot of pulling force as if it is a metal chain.

04 Mycicy Dog Rope Leash

The Mycicy Rope Dog Leash is a durable and chew proof leash that’s 6-feet long. Liken to a metal chain, it is powerful enough to withstand the pulling of a dog that’s up to 1,000 lbs. in weight. When it comes to durability and sturdiness, this leash is truly the best!

What’s even great about this leash is that it’s waterproof. This means that you can use it to walk your dog even when it’s raining outdoors. Above all, this product comes with a lifetime warranty, which is definitely worth the money.

  • We like this leash because it’s comfortable to wear on your pooch. It will never hurt your dog despite the constant pulling.

05 Pets Lovers Club Heavy Duty Flat Leash

Featuring two separate layers of nylon, the Pet Lovers Club Heavy-Duty Leash is durable and chew proof, making it ideal to use for strong and large dog breeds. In fact, it’s twice as much durable than other leashes of the same style.

The wrist strap of this leash is padded so it’s comfortable to walk your dog with it. It attaches to your dog’s collar through a clasp that’s made of heavy-duty metal. It’s secure and durable and easy enough to attach to your dog.

The Pet Lovers Club Heavy-Duty Leash is 6 feet long and you get to choose from four different colors of black, red, blue, and reflective black color, which is perfect for when you walk your dog at night.

  • We like this leash because it’s one of the top-rated leashes in the market, which means that customers who have tried it are very satisfied with the way it works.

06 Primal Pet Gear Flat Leash

The Primal Pet Gear dog leash is another heavy-duty leash that’s chew proof. Yet, it’s very lightweight and comfortable to use on your pet. Made from durable nylon, this leash can be used on the largest and strongest of all dog breeds.

What’s great about this leash is that it has two handles. You can use the entire length of 6 feet or settle with the 1-feet length if you want your pooch to be close to you as you walk. Customers who have tried the leash are happy with how it works since it has a nice and strong bolt snap. It won’t come off even when you use it on dogs that are heavy pullers.

  • We like this dog leash because it can be used for both medium and large dogs and can be used for dogs that are heavy pullers as well.

07 Black Rhino Double Handle Reflective Lead

Featuring nylon webbing, the Black Rhino is one of the most durable dog leashes in the market that’s chew proof as well. It’s 6 feet long and comes with two handles. One can be found at the end and there’s another handle that’s positioned on top of the collar clip, offering maximum control when pulling your pooch. For a more comfortable experience, the padded handle is equipped with neoprene to reduce soreness in your palms after a day of tug of war with your pooch.

This leash also comes with a small zippered pouch that can be used for keeping small items, such as dog foods. It comes with a money-back guarantee so buying this leash will be truly worth it.

  • We like this leash because customers who have tried it are happy with how durable and strong it is to use on their dog.

Buyers Guide

Chew Proof Dog Leash Buying Guide

Below are the important factors to consider if you want to make sure that you are buying a leash that’s truly durable, heavy-duty, and chew proof.

  • Material

Understandably, thicker materials are usually more durable than the thinner ones. Therefore, when looking for a dog leash to buy, opt for a thicker material, whether it’s made of rope, nylon, or some other materials. 

  • Hardware

A leash that comes with tough and durable hardware is guaranteed to last long. In fact, the hardware is as important as the leash itself. No matter how durable the leash is, if the hardware is not strong, it could still get damaged eventually.

  • Stitching

If you’re going to walk your dog at night, then you might as well opt for leashes that come with reflective stitching. Most of the modern leashes of today have reflective stitching in them so this should be easy. Others also come with features that can help to improve visibility when walking your dog. 

  • Durability

Although any manufacturer can claim that the leash they are selling is heavy-duty, not all of them may be able to withstand the constant pulling and tugging of the leash. Therefore, make sure that the leash you are buying is durable enough to handle dogs that love to pull and chew their leash.

  • Country of Manufacture

While this factor may not be that important for some people, leashes that are made in the United States are usually more durable. Therefore, when buying a heavy-duty dog leash, try to choose one that’s made in the United States. These products are usually more expensive, but they are worth it.

Types of Leashes

You’ll come across several different types of leashes when you search online.

 Below are some of the most common types of leashes:

  • Traditional Leash

The traditional leash is just a basic leash that comes with a hook and a handle. These dog leashes are either made of nylon, leather, or nylon combined with other materials. Some of these leashes have added padding in them, which provides extra comfort when walking your dog. The traditional leash has a metal hook that attaches to the dog’s collar or harness.

  • Retractable Leash

If you prefer a leash that can be retracted, then the retractable leash is what you should buy. As the name suggests, this leash retracts to the handle, which means you can adjust it according to the length that you prefer. Retractable leashes have sturdy handles that are equipped with a non-slip grip feature. Sometimes, retractable leashes are very thin, which may not work for strong dogs that are heavy pullers.

  • Slip Leash

The slip leash doesn’t need a harness or collar to wear on your pooch. You just have to slip it over to your dog’s neck, which is why it is called this way. With this design, you’ll be able to train and correct your dog’s behavior without any issues. As your dog pulls, the loop around its neck will tighten, which gives it the impression that pulling is not acceptable behavior.

  • Bike Leash

As the name suggests, the bike leash is a type of leash that you can use when you’re riding your bike. These leashes usually attach to your bike’s seat pole through a high carbon tube. When getting this type of leash, make sure you choose something that has an anti-tangle feature.

  • Dual Dog Leash

The dual dog leashes allow you to safely walk more than one dog. This leash comes with an anti-tangle feature so your two dogs will not get entangled as you walk them together. When buying this leash, consider the maximum pull weight and make sure it can handle the weight of your two dogs.

  • Hands-Free Leash

The hands-free dog leashes are available in different versions but the main principle behind this type of leash is the same – to walk your dog without having to hold the leash with your hands. The belt-style leash is the most popular version of all the hands-free leashes in the market. With this design, the leash is equipped with an adjustable waist belt that you can fit in your waist so you can walk your dog without using your hands.


The Heavy Duty Rope Leash from SparklyPets is our top pick in this list because it has everything that you need in a chew proof leash.

It’s durable enough to handle the constant pulling of your pooch and comes with an elastic bungle that offers more stability to the leash while also minimizing the stress brought about by the sudden movements and pulling.

And if you’re going to take your dog for a walk at night, this leash is a great choice because it comes with reflective stripes.

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