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12 Best Companion Dog Breeds For Seniors

If you are interested in getting a dog and you are an old person, what type of dog would you choose? This article will help you find the perfect dog that matches your lifestyle. You can have any dog you want as long as you can take care of them.

Benefits Of Owning A dog For Seniors

Owning a dog can be beneficial for seniors in many ways. According to Time Magazine, owning a dog will have a positive impact on the seniors’ mental well-being, physical and emotional health.

Dogs will help seniors do their daily physical exercises whether it is playing indoors or outdoors walks. It is a fun activity that both of them will benefit from. It is essential that an elderly should choose a dog whose exercise demands will correspond to their needs and physical limitations. These exercises will help lower the elderly’s cholesterol and blood pressure and improve cardiovascular health.

The overall quality of life will be improved with the dogs around. Pets can help the elderly make new friends with their charms. Dogs can help increase the production of feel-good hormones in the body and brain, and thus lowering stress and ward off depression.

Tips On Choosing The Right Dog

If you are looking for the perfect dog to accompany you on your remaining days on earth, there are things you need to keep in mind before deciding. You need to consider not just the breed of the dog, but you also need to focus on what you need and the regulation in your community. Here are important points you need to keep in mind when searching:


If you have physical limitations, it is not a good idea to choose a large dog or a very active breed. Dogs also require grooming, various levels of trainability and special care. You also need to check the level of noisiness mainly if you are living in a shared community.

Here’s a tool that we have developed that will help predict the adult size of your dog. Using this tool, you avoid breeds that are bigger and heavier.

Dog’s Age

It is best to choose a senior dog since most of them are trained already and are less active as compared to puppies. You also need to consider the dog’s life expectancy; small dogs usually have a longer lifespan than bigger ones.


It is best to interact and play with your target breed dog first before deciding. The dog’s temperament is extremely individual, even considering breed.

Medical Needs & Physical Limitations

Take into consideration your physical limitations. If you have problems moving, this might cause a problem for a dog that requires daily walks. Never get an active puppy if you have an oxygen tubing as it might chew the tubing.

12 Different Breed Of Dogs Recommended For Seniors

Below are 12 different breeds of dogs which are safe and helpful for seniors. They can consider getting one of them:

1. Pug

The pug is known as loveable, easy to please and adaptable breed. It is playful but does not require a lot of exercises to keep them healthy. They are small in size so seniors will not have difficulties in dealing with them. The breed is recommended for the elderly because of their social and laid-back nature personality.

2. Bichon Frise

The bichon frise is a small dog also recommended for elderly and retirees. This breed usually weighs between 7 and 12 pounds and are easy to handle. Training them is easy. Also, they need a minimal amount of daily exercise and needs to go to the groomer for one to two months.

3. Schipperke

The Schipperke has a low or moderate energy level, which makes it more practical for seniors to exercise and entertain as compared to dogs who need more rigorous exercise. This breed has the energy level to go with you anywhere. This breed is also called as indefatigable best for people who want a dog to motivate them to exercise more.

4. Maltese

Maltese tend to spend time with their owners. This breed of dog is attentive and are tuned in to their owners. Since Maltese is one of the smallest breeds, it is also portable. If you travel a lot and want a dog who wants to go with their owners anywhere they go, the Maltese is a good choice.

5. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a true lapdog that is affectionate and easily adaptable. They enjoy cuddling with their owners. Just like the Maltese, the Cavalier is easy to handle. The seniors can easily take them anywhere whether doing their errands or getting ready for a vacation.

6. Pomeranian

This breed is small in size and with affectionate temperament. Dog experts find this breed as a good companion for seniors. It weighs 3 to 7 pounds, which makes it easy to carry and place it on your lap. The Pomeranian dogs love sleeping in your lap, play with toys and spend time with you.

7. Boston Terrier

This breed has manageable size, requires less grooming, friendly and most of all love to spend time with their owners. Because of these qualities, many seniors prefer to have them as a companion. The Boston Terrier loves to watch TV and curled up next to their owner in the bed. This dog is happy-go-lucky but attentive to their owner’s needs.

8. Beagle

If you want a cute, friendly, loyal and funny dog just like Snoopy, the beagle is what you are looking for. This breed enjoys the company of humans and other dogs. The beagle is independent, and they do need lots of exercises which is recommended for fitness-minded seniors. This dog shed a lot, but taking care of their coat is easy.

9. Chinese Crested

If you are living in a smaller space, the Chinese crested is a dog of choice. The experts recommend this breed for seniors and retirees. It is small in size and loves to be with his owner. He is adorable with his cat-like tendencies, like sitting in high places.

10. Greyhounds

The greyhound is the biggest dog on this list but is highly recommended for seniors since they are also the laziest. The retired greyhounds are the perfect option for seniors because they are huge couch potatoes. With greyhound, you also get a furry friend that is well socialized.

11. Havanese

Havanese is a small but tough dog. It is one of the most popular family dogs. It usually weighs around 10 pounds and is 10 inches tall. This breed has a curly coat and requires a great deal of combing. Havanese is recommended for seniors because they are sociable and loyal. It is also considered as one of the smartest breeds.

12. Pembroke Welsh Corgi

This a popular breed particularly with the British royalty. The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is affectionate and small dogs that have a fox-like look. It is an excellent companion for seniors. This small dog is also known as one of the smartest herding dogs.

Final Thoughts
Keep in mind that breed alone is not the only determining factor in choosing the right dog. Take time to get to know the dog you want before you decide to take him home. Consider your needs and your dog needs as an elderly so that you will have an enjoyable time together.

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