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Best Dog Boots For Hiking

The best boots for your dog is Kurgo Dog Shoes.

One of the most underrated dog accessories is a good set of dog boots for hiking. Your beloved pooch’s feet are not built for rough terrain. Hence, it is imperative to get the best dog boots for hiking before you take them along to your hiking adventure. Here is more on what your best options are and how to make the best choice for your dog.

Budget Conscious Pick

PROPLUMS Waterproof Dog Boots

Our Top Pick

Kurgo Dog Shoes

Readers Pick

Petilleur Breathable Dog Hiking Shoes

01 Kurgo Dog Shoes

The Kurgo Dog Shoes are ideal for year-round hiking expeditions. Is it a snowy winter? The warm padding will keep their feet nice and toasty. Is it raining or are there puddles in your path? The waterproof construction will keep the moisture out for a dry interior. Is it summer with the ground a little too hot for comfort? The thick non-conductive sole will protect your pooch’s feet for a comfortable day out. 

Comfort is also a guarantee with this set as it features a unique ergonomic design. It mimics the curves of your dog’s paws for the perfect fit, reliable support and maximum comfort. The lightweight nature of each shoe also makes it extra comfortable to work in. 

You can also take night time hikes or walks with your furry best buddy while wearing these dog boots. This is made possible by the reflector strips on the sides of the shoe. 

  • The Kurgo Dog Shoes is your ideal all-weather companion for any hiking terrain you might be thinking of exploring with your dog. It is built for maximum comfort and ease of use and with all this, it has definitely earned its top ranking.

02 PROPLUMS Waterproof Dog Boots

One feature you will definitely enjoy with this option is the wide opening design. This allows you to easily slip on and off the dog boots making them incredibly easy to use. The adjustable fastening ensures that you can get a nice and snug fit once the dog boots are in so you do not have to worry about them sliding off as you are out on your nature escapades. 

The bottom of these dog boots feature treaded rubber soles. These help offer stability especially in slippery terrain whether it is through water bodies or smooth rocks. The rubber is also a poor heat conductor. This means that your dog’s paws will be protected from burns from the hot ground or pricking by sharp objects. 

  • If you are shopping for dog hiking boots on a tight budget then this is a pretty decent set of boots to look into. And with its waterproofing and heat-protection soles, you can use them all year round which makes them definitely worth the investment.

03 Petilleur Breathable Dog Hiking Shoes

Breathability is a core aspect of dog boots, which is why the use of lycra fabric with this option is such a huge deal. In addition to being breathable and durable, lycra allows for aeration which keeps your dog’s paws nice and cool during their fun day out. 

The straps on this set are unique as they feature a very long wrap-around style strap with Velcro fastening. With this, you will be able to easily slip on and take off the dog boots and also adjust the fit for comfort. 

  • If you want a well-constructed set for summer hikes then this would be a fantastic alternative.

04 ECtENX Dog Shoes Running Dog Boots

The bases of these dog boots feature a combination of leather and rubber. This creates a heat and puncture-resistant base which is ideal for hot weather and rough hiking terrains consecutively. The materials also complement the anti-skid treading on the base for a more stable shoe. 

Oxford fabric makes up the rest of the body of the shoe. The material is soft and breathable for the dog’s comfort. It is also very resilient against mechanical wear and tear which makes it very durable. 

  • The ECtENX dog hiking boot set is ideal for dog owners who want something that will offer great quality service for a long time.

05 All for Paws Dog Paw Protector Boots

One feature that makes this alternative stand out is the double strap design. The additional strap offers extra support which keeps the shoe nice and secure on the dog’s paws whether they are running, climbing or even wading through puddles. 

These dog boots are fastened using sticky Velcro patches. The mechanism makes the dog boots not only easy to use but also adjustable in terms of size. 

  • You could consider this a fantastic choice if you want a comfortable and secure all-weather boot set for your pooch.

06 Didog Waterproof Dog Boots Shoes

The Didog Waterproof Dog Boots Shoes are unique for their attention to your dog’s need for warmth while outdoors. They solve this potential challenge through their soft inner lining design. Your dog’s paws will therefore be kept nice and warm which makes this a good pick for cold seasons. 

The rubber base on this set of dog boots is designed for both indoor and outdoor safety. With the material and treading, you do not have to worry about your pooch slipping whether it is on your wooden floors or slippery rocks. 

  • This is a set definitely worth considering if you are shopping for a cold season set of dog boots.

07 Hdwk&Hped Waterproof Small Medium Dog Boots Durable Dog Hiking Shoes

The front of these dog boots are covered using a PU synthetic leather patch. This helps protect their toes from injuries when they get tripped by hard surfaces while on the hiking route. The patch also protects the shoe from fast wear and tear at that point which is often the most exposed and therefore the most vulnerable. 

Lycra material is a huge part of the design with this set of dog boots. The material is resilient to weather and outdoor causes of mechanical wear and tear so you get to enjoy durability. It is also very flexible and breathable for your dog’s comfort.

  • These dog shoes are built to last and therefore ideal if you want a long-term versatile option for your investment.

Buyers Guide

Dog Boots For Hiking Buyer’s Guide

If you have been shopping for dog hiking boots for any amount of time then you should be painfully aware of how hard it can be. It is not that there are no good options. The problem is that there are so many that it can be quite challenging to narrow things down and settle on the perfect set.

Your dog’s wellbeing should be one of your top priorities. Remember that dog boots are not natural for them. They will feel awkward on your pooch’s little feet. This might make it a little more complicated to get them on board with using them. To help you solve these and other related dog boots problems, here are 6 things you need to know. That way you will have all the tips and tricks to help you make the best decision. 

Get the size right

As with any other dog accessory, it is vital that you get the size absolutely right when shopping for dog hiking boots. Put yourself in your dog’s shoes (pun not intended). Would you want to go hiking in a set of tight dog boots or oversized sneakers? Just think of all the problems you would have to deal with from joint sprains to blisters.

That is exactly what is in store for your dog if you do not get them the right hiking boot fit. In addition to being generally uncomfortable and an overall nightmare to walk in, you risk having to deal with feet injuries including blisters, in growing nails from the pressure and so much more. 

The good news is that all this is very easy to avoid. Just make sure to get your dog the best fitting set of dog boots. Most brands include directions on how to measure your pooch and interpret their ideal size. This should come in handy. You could also check out the frequently asked sections or reviews about the specific shoe you are interested in to get input from other dog owners on how the sizes run for different dog breeds and age. 

Consider ease of use

Exactly how easy will it for you to put on and take off the dog boots from your dog’s paws? Will it require so much physical effort that you will max out on your energy and have nothing left for the hike? Is it so hard that the whole process is uncomfortable for your dog and they straight up refuse to put the dog shoes on? Or is it a simple slip in and go with little time or opportunity given for your dog to fuss. 

It goes without saying that all dog parents want a shoe that is easy to put on and take off. In addition to making your life a lot easier it is also more comfortable for the dog and has them more willing to comply with the idea of having it on. 

So what determines just how easy the shoe is to use? There are 4 factors at play here. These are the sizing, the boot design, the material used and the fastening mechanism. For the easiest time, make sure to get the right fit for an ergonomically designed boot with flexible material. We will talk more about the fastening mechanism soon. 

Prioritize weatherproofing

With all the time you and your dog will be spending outdoors, weatherproofing is always vital to consider as a high priority when shopping. It doesn’t matter whether you are planning a hike in the driest and best-shaded place possible. In this case, waterproofing and fade resistance are the most crucial factors. 

Getting a waterproof hiking shoe is always the better choice? Why? Well we’re glad you asked. A time may come when you decide to switch things up and try a new trail that may have some wet spots. Or you may keep to your old dry route but experience bad weather. 

Whatever the case, getting waterproof dog boots ensures that your dog’s paws are kept nice and dry. This is important as it is not only more comfortable for the dog but also helps prevent issues like foot fungus infections from the wet and warm conditions. 

In addition to being waterproof, a good hiking boot should be resistant to other weather elements including sunlight. The last thing you want is your dog hiking boots getting faded and looking old after a few trips out.  

Fastening mechanism used

Let’s check back in on the fastening mechanisms. With dog hiking boots, you have several options including snap buttons, Velcro, zippers and string fastening. The choice of fastening mechanism is a crucial aspect to factor in when doing your shopping as it determines your experience both in terms of functionality and aesthetics. 

When it comes to functionality, the choice of fastening mechanism determines things like how easy the boot is to use and how secure it is once worn. 

Velcro fastening is one of the most common options. It is easy to use and offers very secure fastening. Velcro also allows you to adjust the tightness of the fit. However, with time the Velcro may wear out and require replacement. 

Zipper fastening, on the other hand, is also very secure and easy to use. It is also more durable especially if the boot is well constructed and the zipper itself was made from high quality materials. 

String fastening is very secure, durable and adjustable. However, they are not the easiest to use in terms of speed of taking on and off which is a small price to pay for all the other perks. You also have to make sure to tuck away the strings to avoid tripping accidents. 

Comfort features

It is also very important to consider the comfort features that the dog boots you are considering have to offer to your beloved dog. You want a set that offers the perfect balance between support and cushioning. It should feel as close to possible as a second layer of skin while still offering the protection needed against all the injurious obstacles on your hiking path. 

What determines how comfortable a set of dog boots for hiking will be are factors like the type of materials used, the thickness of the sole, presence of padding as well as overall ergonomics. You could also learn a lot from reviews other dog owners who have used the dog boots have submitted for a more objective perspective. 

How good is the treading?

This is particularly necessary if your routine hiking trail features steep terrain and/or slippery spots. You do not want your dog slipping and getting injured. It is therefore very crucial that you get an appropriately treaded pair of shoes for your doggie to guarantee their safety. Deep groove designs and rubber material in this case make the best dog boots for hiking as you are guaranteed that your dog will be stable and will not go slipping off rocks while you explore the outdoors. 


If your search so far led you nowhere then you came to the right place. With our top pick, you should have all the specifications you truly need to have a fun trip out with your best furry buddy. They are well-constructed, breathable, comfortable and fantastic at their job of protecting your dog’s delicate feet. The most important thing is that you make sure to get them in the right size, and you should be off exploring the great outdoors in no time. 

In a nutshell, finding the right set is detrimental to your dog’s comfort and safety. You now have all the tools you need to understand your options and make the right choice. And if you still find yourself swamped with options, you have an informative starting point, with our top pick and 6 awesome alternatives. 

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