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Best Dog Car Barriers

The best dog car barrier is Rabbitgoo Dog Car Barrier.

Road trips with your best furry buddy are all fun and games until you have to keep pushing them back to their seat. Doggy car seats don’t always work, in which case a barrier is your safest bet. Here are 8 of the best dog car barriers for you to choose from.

Budget Conscious Pick

AUTOWN Car Dog Barrier

Our Top Pick

Rabbitgoo Dog Car Barrier

Readers Pick

Pikaon Car Dog Barrier Mesh

01 Rabbitgoo Dog Car Barrier

What is probably the best feature with this dog car barrier is its universal fit design. It comes with 3 separate panels that you can overlap to get the right fit for full coverage. This gives you the freedom to also use the set on different cars of different sizes. It is specifically designed for use on larger vehicles as well, including SUVs and vans.

Another feature worth celebrating with this barrier is the metallic construction. It makes the unit incredibly sturdy so that it stays put no matter how much your dog tries to claw at it and take it down. It is also very durable and you can use it on many road trips for years to come.

Furthermore, the barrier is very easy to install and take down. It uses a strap and hook mechanism for setup which is very convenient especially if you do not want to leave it up when you are not traveling with your pooch.

  • Everything about this option makes it worth the investment from the use of high quality material to the versatility offered by the adjustable panels. The best part is that you get to keep your dog away while still being able to enjoy proper visibility from the wide grids for safe driving.

02 AUTOWN Car Dog Barrier

While the AUTOWN unit is a pretty simple net style car dog barrier, it definitely gets the job done. It is designed to go between the driver seat and the co-driver’s seat preventing dogs from wandering to the front of the car and distracting the driver. It is a great option for small dogs or for use together with other accessories like dog car seats.

What makes it stand out is the low-set design of the mesh. This means that it only goes to the level of the shoulder-rests on both front seats. In addition to allowing better airflow than full grids, this design offers the best uninterrupted visibility. It is therefore ideal to consider especially if you do not like anything blocking your rearview mirror.

The mesh itself is made from polyester fabric. This offers the benefit of flexibility as it is stretchy. It is also strong and durable and a fantastic choice for fabric-based grids.

  • At its price range, this alternative is impressive and definitely worth the investment. It has a simple design and is very simple to use and would be ideal if you do not want anything too large or fussy. The best part is that you get additional accessible storage for your little road trip essentials.

03 Pikaon Car Dog Barrier Mesh

Here you have yet another fabric-based car dog barrier. What sets it apart is the use of nylon material. This is one of the strongest and most durable options you have to choose from in this category. It works great if you have a super playful dog who will lean on it or try and claw at it in excitement.

You also have the quick-release buckle strap to look forward to. The fastening mechanism is very reliable making it very sturdy despite the flexibility of the fabric. Moreover, the design makes it very easy to install and take down when you wish.

  • This is one of the strongest and sturdiest options when it comes to fabric mesh car dog barriers for your pooch. It is easy to use, easy to store and ideal for a low-maintenance option.

04 Sailnovo Dog Barrier For Car

The Sailnovo Dog Barrier is ideal if you want a barrier that does more than protects you from your dog’s distraction. This is a fantastic option if you also want to prevent your pooch from destroying your car’s upholstery by scratching or shedding. This is because it is designed for installation on the back seat so that your dog has all the space they need to stay active during the trip in the open storage trunk.

This design makes it fantastic for vehicles with open back storage including SUVs and trucks. The dimensions also make it ideal for use in such cars as you get to enjoy full coverage.

  • This is a fantastic alternative if you like the multiple, overlapping, metal grid design of our top pick for your overexcited furry travel buddy. It is also very easy to install and remove when you don’t need to have it up.

05 DYKESON Pet Barrier Dog Car Net

What sets this alternative apart is its multi-purpose functionality. On one hand, you get a pretty decent dog car net made from high quality, tear-resistant fabric. On the other hand, you have extra storage space for different things including your documents, dog toys or whatever else you need to have at arm’s length while traveling.

The net is also unique in that it features elastic edges on all 4 sides. This offers maximum flexibility allowing you to stretch it between the seats no matter how large or far apart they are. This is particularly awesome if you have a large vehicle like a truck or a van as you get to enjoy the same coverage small vehicles would.

  • The Dykeson alternative is an excellent fabric net barrier for use whether you have a large vehicle with large, widely-spaced seats or a small standard build as the elasticity offers a universal fit.

06 STARROAD-Tim Dog Car Barrier

This unit is quite different as far as fabric mesh dog barriers for your car are concerned. It is more of a car divider with its wide coverage design. It is ideal if you want more coverage for a dog with a propensity to jump over low-set barriers.

This design offers you 2 installation options for the top of the mesh. You could use the hook and cords to attach to the handles over your car door if you want full coverage including on the sides. The second option is to use the elastic strap provided to attach to the headrests on the front seats for partial coverage.

  • If you are traveling with an overactive dog and want the fabric style of dog barriers then the Starroad Tim Dog Carrier is definitely worth looking into as an alternative.

07 Bushwhacker Deluxe Dog Barrier

The Bushwhacker is set apart by its fabric net, which is held up on all edges by an aluminum frame. The design gives it more stability while offering you the benefits of fabric-based barriers like breathability and lightweight construction. The best part about this design is that it allows installation on both the front seat and back seat depending on your needs.

The entire setup is held in place to the vehicle using a strong strap and buckle fastening system. This makes it very easy to install and take down at will while still offering steady support.

  • This option offers a unique spin on the fabric design and metal grids offering you as the driver and dog owner the best of both worlds with perks like sturdiness and great aeration.

08 The Original Zookeeper Auto Car Pet Barrier

Rounding up our top 8 list is another metallic grid option. This one is different since it is a single unit alternative. It is designed for setup between the front and back seats and offers adequate coverage to the level of the headrests keeping playful dogs out of the driver’s way.

Despite the single piece design, this barrier offers the benefit of adjustability. It does so with the expandable and collapsible arm design. You thus have the freedom to adjust the coverage depending on the size of your car and how troublesome your dog gets during the trip.

  • This is a wonderful pick for metal grid dog car barriers especially with its adjustable one-unit design. It is not only sturdy as a result but also very easy to use and therefore worth considering.

Buyers Guide

Dog Car Barriers Buyer’s Guide

When shopping for the right dog car barrier, there are many different specifications and features you will come across. All the technical jabber does get confusing making it difficult to narrow down the options. Some features are core and shouldn’t be overlooked while others are just fun bonuses to have with your purchase.

To help you separate what matters from what doesn’t, here is a quick beginner’s guide to dog car barrier shopping. The information should help you strike a balance between what is right for your car and safe for your pooch. Without further ado, here are 7 key things you need to know when making your decision.

Size Matters: What Vehicle Make Is It Designed For?

Dog car barriers come in all shapes and sizes. You want to ensure that you get something that will offer you adequate coverage and keep your dog out of your space as you drive. In this case, there are 2 key features to look out for.

The first are the specific dimensions. A lot of brands out there will offer you details on how to measure your own vehicle in comparison so that you order something that actually fits. You need to follow the steps to ensure that you do not end up with something that either leaves too much room uncovered or doesn’t even fit into your vehicle.

The other alternative is to go with the universal fit designs. These are measured to fit specific vehicle types. It could be something built for small sedans, SUVs or even trucks. Here, you do not have to go through the hustle of measuring. Just check the specifications, FAQs, or buyer reviews to see whether your vehicle design can be accommodated.

Adjustability Is An Important Factor

Adjustability is not necessarily a crucial make or break feature when it comes to selecting the best dog car barrier. However, it does come in handy if you have multiple vehicles of different sizes that you may want to travel in.

In this case, instead of measuring and shopping for two different vehicles, you could just go with the adjustable options. Most of these feature overlapping panels that can be pulled apart or together to ensure they cover your space adequately. Our top pick is a fantastic example of such options and the adjustability is definitely a perk worth appreciating.

How Does It Attach To Your Vehicle?

How the dog car barrier attaches to your vehicle is crucial for 3 main reasons. The first is that it determines how easy it is to install the unit in the first place. Here, options that make use of strap and buckle systems are by far the most convenient. This is because the installation is absolutely tool-free.

The second reason why the mechanism of installation matters is that it determines how flexible the unit will be. The reality is that you will probably not be going on road trips with your pooch every other day. As a result, it will be nice to have something you can easily take down when you don’t need. In this case, strap-based and suction sticker barriers are the best option.

Finally, the way the barrier attaches determines how stable and secure the whole setup will be. In this case, suction stickers may not be the best as a very strong dog could easily pull it down. Buckled straps and screw-in alternatives on the other hand guarantee that your barrier stays up until you are ready to take it down yourself.

Visibility Is Crucial

We cannot emphasize enough the need to prioritize visibility when it comes to deciding which barrier to go with. Most of them feature a grid mesh design that is meant to keep your pooch restrained while still allowing them to see you. The fact that they get to see their human bestie makes them a lot calmer which is important as a way to help minimize distractions. In this case, make sure you get something with wide enough mesh spacing that they don’t feel too far away from you.

Visibility is also key for the driver. You need to be able to not only keep an eye on your pooch in the back but to also see through the rearview mirror for safe driving. With this consideration, you can never go wrong with medium to wide mesh grid sizes.

Single Unit VS Multiple Panel Barriers

Dog car barriers come in two main designs. The first is the single unit barrier. As the name suggests, the entire grid is one compact piece that is installed whole. These are often the more affordable options. However, they tend to be fixed in size so you need to get that fit right or you will end up frustrated unless you get those designed to be collapsible and extendable.

For the multiple panel barriers, they come as separate grids. These offer the benefit of adjustability so you can get a better custom fit for your vehicle. They are also easier to package for storage or transport as you can easily just put the separate panels over one another.

Material Used To Make The Grid

These barriers are made from different materials. The type of material determines, above all else, how strong the unit will be and by extension how effective it will be when it comes to keeping your dog adequately restrained during the drive. The best options here are the metallic grids whether it is iron, stainless steel or aluminum. What makes them so awesome is the fact that they can withstand all your pooch’s shenanigans including chewing and scratching.

The material also determines the overall durability. With metallic options in particular, you want something that will resist corrosion. The last thing you want as a dog owner is your dog chewing on rust simply because they are excited to get to you as you drive. With fabric mesh barriers on the other hand, heavy-duty materials like nylon are the way to go.

Overall Sturdiness

Finally, you have to ensure that what you go for is celebrated for its sturdiness. Flimsy barriers are a waste of time and money and will only frustrate and distract you as you drive. The type of material and construction specifications should offer adequate clues as to what you should expect with your purchase. With these, you can never go wrong with high quality materials and firm installation designs.

Another way to figure out what is in store for you with your purchase is by checking out the reviews for any product you may be interested in. These will offer objective insight on what the barrier has to offer especially when it comes to sturdiness.


A good dog car barrier is exactly what you need to finally start enjoying road trips with your dog whether it is a quick drive to the store or a cross-country journey. No more yelling or pushing to stop your dog from walking all over the place and distracting you as you drive.

In order to truly enjoy what this invention has to offer, you have to actually choose the best one on the market. In this case, our top 8 options more than fit the bill. The best part is that you now have all the information you need to make an informed decision.

You will notice that our top pick stands out as the best with the adjustability, easy installation, sturdy construction, and many other perks. So now you know exactly where to start your search.

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