Best Dog Doorbells
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Best Dog Doorbells

The best dog doorbell is BLUETREE Premium Quality Dog Doorbells.

Your life would be a lot easier if your pet dog could notify you whenever it wants to relieve itself. Something as simple as ringing its own dog doorbell would do wonders for you. Wouldn’t it? And that’s what we’re here for!

Let’s explore this list of the best dog doorbells for potty training available in the marketplace.

Budget Conscious Pick

Caldwell’s Pet Supply Co. House Training Dog Doorbells

Our Top Pick

BLUETREE Premium Quality Dog Doorbells

Readers Pick

KISSIN Wireless Touch Dog Doorbell for Potty Training

01 BLUETREE Premium Quality Dog Doorbells

It’s a pack of 2 premium quality dog doorbells for potty training brought to you be BLUETREE. Each of these dog doorbells has been manufactured from premium quality material which ensures that the dog doorbell doesn’t break or fall off.

This material employed in its manufacturing is high sounding i.e. they sound a lot louder than ordinary doorbells. Thus, allowing you to attend to your four-legged friend’s nature call whenever you’re in the house.

The belts on this dog doorbell have been crafted from a rugged nylon material which makes it last longer than its competition. It has been designed with proper ergonomics, allowing you to easily adjust the length of the dog doorbell.

  • There’s no other dog doorbell product that has been manufactured from such premium quality material. Its ergonomics and usability reflect the fact that it has been designed with the best craftsmanship, making it the best dog doorbells in our opinion. You don't have to think twice before buying this dog doorbell for potty training.

02 Caldwell’s Pet Supply Co. House Training Dog Doorbells

Here's a dog doorbell for potty training which has it all and won't cost you an arm and a leg. Caldwell's Pet Supply Co. has been striving to bring forth the most effective means of communication between you and your pet.

It features an adjustable strap that fits any type of doorknob or handles. A secure snap has been provided to prevent it from being pulled loose. Its length is 1.4-Inch but that shouldn’t matter much as the strap is adjustable.

Despite being a budget-friendly product, its strap has been manufactured from the best quality nylon fabric which is highly scratch resistant. There are six large, shiny, extra loud bells in place to ensure that you'll never miss your pet's potty call again.

  • If you've been looking for an affordable alternative, the deal doesn't get sweeter than this. This dog doorbell for potty training from Caldwell's Pet Supply Co. is as good as it gets. You might find many cheaper alternatives but it won't be worth it.

03 KISSIN Wireless Touch Dog Doorbell

Just a touch of your pet’s paw or nose will activate this highly advanced, installation-ready wireless potty training dog doorbell. It is very easy to install and the receiver and transmitter can be adjusted as per your preference.

KISSIN Wireless dog Doorbell comes with 55 preloaded polyphonic ringtones and 5 levels of volume adjustment. You can set any ringtone of your choice and its memory lock function lets you keep it forever.

The best thing about this wireless dog doorbell is its IP55 waterproof rating. Its maximum effective working distance between its receiver and transmitter is 950ft, in a barrier-free environment.

  • If you want to experiment with something next-gen, this is your chance. It has all the features that can be expected from a wireless pet doorbell. In fact, they've taken it to the next level by adding certified waterproofing.

04 CandyHome Housetraining Potty Door Bells

CandyHome dog doorbells for potty training with a success rate of 95% are another excellent addition to this list. These potty training dog doorbells come with the loudest metal bells available in the market, claims the company.

The strap of these dog doorbells has been manufactured from heavy-duty nylon material with outstanding durability. A versatile snap of these dog doorbells ensures that they can fit on any door handle.

These potty training dog doorbells are suitable for the small, medium as well as large-sized dog breeds. The company is offering a 100% lifetime money-back guarantee on this product.

  • This is the first dog doorbell for potty training which we have seen to offer a lifetime money-back guarantee. We don't see why you shouldn't buy it.

05 Weird Tails Wireless Dog Doorbells

Weird tails wireless dog doorbell for potty training can prove to be a friendly companion for your pet dog.

This dog doorbell comes with 55 different chimes so that you and your pet never get bored of the same sound. Its speakers deliver the sound of up to 115dB, making sure that even senior citizens won't miss their pet's potty call.

Its wireless dog doorbell kit supports a connection range of up to 950 feet. Due to its ultra-long wireless range and strong signal strength, it is suitable for use in gardens, villas, large houses, etc.

  • You should know that this advanced doorbell comes with a lifetime warranty. So, catch or no catch, you can easily get your money back, but this product is definitely worth a shot.

06 Kytely Adjustable Dog Doorbell

If you're looking for a little extra help in training your dog, this is a perfect choice for you. Other than two high-quality potty training bells, you're also getting a dog training clicker with this package.

This offering also comprises of one collapsible dog bowl which can be effortlessly attached to the dog doorbell and can hold 1.5 cups of dog food/12 oz of water.

It comes with a premium quality snap, with an adjustable length between 12-inch and 15-inch from the ground, good for dogs of all sizes. The strap is made of very durable quality nylon material that can resist chews and bites, housing 6 units of 1.4-inch extra loud, stainless steel bells.

  • In conclusion, this is the most customizable dog doorbell for potty training that we have seen so far. The quality of the material is genuine as well. Moreover, it will be a lot easier to train your dog by making use of the training clicker.

07 Zacro Dog Doorbells

Zarcopotty training dog doorbells helps your dog by telling you when it wants to attend nature's call. Besides two adjustable dog doorbells, one lightweight training clicker is also shipped to you. It helps you a lot in training your dog to follow your orders.

Interestingly, they're offering you a waste bag as well. The length of the straps is adjustable between 30.5-32.5-inch.

You can think of it as an all-in-one dog training kit that comes with a pair of dog doorbells, one training clicker, and a waste bag. Overall, it is a very thoughtful combo of useful utilities.

  • If you're having trouble controlling your dog's potty behavior, a training clicker can greatly ease your worry. Not to mention, the waste bag can prove to be a boon for a pet lover who's highly conscious of cleanliness.

08 Mighty Paw Tinkle Bells 2.0

These designer dog doorbells come in four distinct styling patterns. These dog doorbells have been designed with a special focus on sound quality and durability.

These dog doorbells make a rich metal sound because of their blended metal construction. Thick-walled bell construction makes these bells sound loud.

The company provides you with the so-called secret three-step formula to train your dog. These designer dog doorbells for potty training are effective and definitely suitable for your dog to use, regardless of its size or breed.

  • It’s a genuinely priced, fancy designer dog doorbell manufactured by Mighty Paw. The quality of the materials used is genuine. Especially, the jingle bells are crafted with great focus.

09 Luckyiren Upgraded Puppy Bells Dog Doorbells

Luckyiren upgraded doorbells come with 7 large-sized, premium quality and nice sounding jingle bells. The bells are attached to a super-strong nylon ribbon to withstand any unforeseen event.

The length of the belt is 41-inches and can be adjusted to heights between 28.3-inches and 32.3-inches. Three snaps are available on the belt for maximum usability. It's priced reasonably as compared to its other counterparts.
The quality of its strap, as well as its bells, is excellent. It's overall a good buy for regular use.

  • It may be the last but surely isn’t the least worthy product of your list. It is a full-fledged dog doorbell for potty training and probably offers a much better deal than many other products.

Buyers Guide

Dog Doorbells for Potty Training Buyers Guide

All the giant e-Commerce websites are crowded with the dog doorbells for potty training, which makes it difficult for regular pet owners to choose the best one. Therefore, our buyers' guide has been exclusively published to help you choose the right product. There are many things to take into account when buying a dog doorbell for your beloved pet. Let's discuss them one by one.


Your pet’s safety should be your first concern when it comes to buying a dog doorbell. You should thoughtfully choose the one which doesn't have any exposed parts that could hurt your pet. Low-quality bells often come with exposed parts in which your pet’s foot or nails can get stuck and cause an injury


Dog doorbell for potty training should be manufactured of the finest quality material. It should be able to withstand all the wear and tear that can be caused by a pet dog. The straps and snap should be sturdy and rugged enough to tolerate pushing, chewing and bashing by a pet. Most of the dog doorbells for potty training are manufactured from heavy-duty nylon material because nylon is highly durable, rugged and can resist scratches, bites and forceful pulls effectively.


There are different types of dog doorbells with different peculiar features and each type is suitable for dogs with similar habits. Some dogs mostly use their nose to push things, some use their paws and some do pretty weird stuff too. Therefore, you should buy a dog doorbell which you think will be suitable for your dog to use, as you're the one who knows your pet’s behavior. Only then you can choose whether you want a dog doorbell which comes with an instruction manual or the one with the training clicker or something else like the wireless dog doorbells.

Is it Audible Enough?

What good is a high-quality doorbell when its sound isn’t audible enough? The sound factor is more important for the people who live in a noisy household. Choose a dog doorbell that makes a sound loud enough to be heard in a noisy ambiance.


It mostly depends upon the number of snaps and length adjustments possible in a dog doorbell. You aren’t going to keep the bell attached to the same doorbell and your pet isn’t going to go Benjamin Button on you. Therefore, buy a dog doorbell that can undergo maximum possible adjustments in length and can be attached to every door.

Dog Doorbell Training for Beginners

Touch Training

Now that you have bought your pet a suitable doorbell, you should start training him. The best way to do so is by commencing with the touch training technique. You can make use of the training clicker to speed up the process. If you want to get a little headstart, spread your dog’s favorite treat all over the dog doorbell.

Now say word “touch” while holding the dog doorbell a few inches away from your dog’s nose. Once your dog touches the bell, click the clicker or say “Yes!” and give your dog a treat.

Repeat the same procedure 10-15 times, or until your dog learns to touch the bell every time you say “Yes!” or press the clicker. Now repeat the same procedure again and again but increase the distance between the bell and your pooch.

Door Training

After working on touch training every day for a whole week, your pet should be ready for the next step. Here you'll be teaching your dog to touch the bell even when the bell is attached to the door you mostly use to take your dog outside.

Attach the potty bell to the door by hanging it from the doorknob. Keep a treat in hand and call your dog towards the bell by saying “Touch” while you move the bell in your hand. When your pet touches the bell with its nose or paws, say “Yes!” and give your dog a treat. Repeat this procedure multiple times until your pet starts to touch the bell instantly when it hears you say “Touch”. After regular practice, your dog will be able to touch the bell every time yes say “Touch” and point towards the bell.

Potty Time is Bell Time

Now it’s time for you to teach your pet that only potty time is the bell time. To do that, say “Touch” every time you take your dog out for a potty break. As soon as your dog touches the bell, reward your pet. Repeat this procedure until your dog learns that only potty time is bell time. Make your pet happy by feeding it treats or show loving gestures every time your pet succeeds in completing the task.

Dog doorbells for potty training are convenient and trouble-free utilities to teach your dog some potty time manners. Dogs of all sizes and any breed can learn potty training within just a few weeks.


Although all of the dog doorbells provided in this list are worth buying, we'd still recommend you to go for number one. Our top pick is by far one of the the best dog doorbells in the market. It has all the features you'll ever need in a doggy doorbell. Its strap can fit most of the door handles and doorknobs without any complication. The bells are extra large and produce louder sounds in comparison to others.

As mentioned before, the safety of your pet should be your first priority. That's why you would want to choose what's best for your dog. However, we can assure you that all of the dog doorbells posted on this list are of genuine quality and will never harm your pet in any way.

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