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Getting a dog always comes with a list of essentials to buy. A first time pet owner would have to prepare for dog food, dog toys, and dog accessories such as dog doors. Dog doors are sometimes overlooked but are considered must-haves especially if you own an active dog breed.

The best dog door to get is the Perfect Pet the All-weather Energy Efficient Dog Door. It’s energy efficient and comes in many sizes. You can also go for the PetSafe Freedom Aluminum Dog Door and PetSafe Extreme Weather Dog Door or choose from the equally great brands listed below.

28. CEESC Dog Door

CEESC Dog Door for Sliding Screen Door, 3rd Upgraded Version Automatic Lock Pet Door for Dogs Puppies Cats, 3 Colors 5 Options (Large White-Inner Size: 15.75"(H) x 11.81"(W) x 0.79"(D))
  • Upgraded Version --- To compare with this newest version, the 1st and 2nd generation of inner doors are easy to break after long period that pets come in and go out daily. Pets also have trouble in...

Are you living with both dogs and cats? Then you need a dog door that can be used by both of your pets. The CEESC Dog Door is the perfect choice for your home. Its new design is stable and durable.

Any animal pet with a body size smaller than the inner door can come through. It can even be used by rabbits, it’s that easy to use.

27. Gun Dog House Door Heavy Duty Chew Proof Dog Door

Gun Dog House Door | Big Dog Door | Chew Proof, Weather Tight, Energy Efficient | Metal Dog Door | Dog Size 120-200 Lbs | 18”x 28” Frame
  • BIG DOG DOOR : We know that your canine companion may be bigger than the average dog which is why we offer the Big Dog Door for those dogs that are bigger than 120 pounds. Made from high quality...

A dog door made for big dogs is also available for purchase on the market. The Gun Dog House Door Heavy Duty Chew Proof Dog Door can fit canines that are bigger than 120 pounds.

The best thing about this dog door is it does not break easily because it is made from high quality materials like aluminum and acrylic panels.

26. Solo Pet Doors Automatic Electronic Dog Door

When getting a dog door, safety is a top priority. The Solo Pet Door Automatic Electronic Dog offers that. Its design provides an automatic door path in and out of your home with several safety features added. 

This dog door only responds to the magnetic, waterproof dog tag. It works by using gravity pull to close the door down when the motor turns off.

25. IDEAL PET Deluxe Dog Door

This manufacturer is known to make one of the best dog doors according to many pet owners. The Ideal Pet Deluxe Dog Door is a high quality item that can fit pets of any size up to 80 pounds.

It is durable and made to last long because it is made of construction-grade aluminum material. You will not need to replace it for a long time.

24. The Kitten Kaboodle Company Heavy Duty Aluminum Frame Dog Door

Aluminum Dog Door (Double Flap, Medium)
  • Installs into solid or hollow doors and walls (Installation into walls requires fabrication of a tunnel liner)

Dog doors do not have to be boring. Take for example this Heavy Duty Aluminum Frame Dog Door from the Kitten Kaboodle Company. Their medium size dog door is designed to be aesthetically pleasing while still serving its purpose.

It is also durable as it is made of aluminum construction. It comes with flexible flaps that seal against the aluminum frame.

23. Ideal Pet Products Designer Ruff Weather Alarm Alert Dog Door

Ideal Pet Products Designer Ruff Weather Alarm Alert Pet Door, Super Large - 15" x 23.5" Flap Size, Model:DSARWSL
  • Alarm sounds to alert you when Armed Lock-out slide is removed! (Requires 2-aaa batteries, not included)

Isn’t a dog door that alerts you if it gets destroyed the most ideal one? Well the manufacturers at Ideal Pet thought so too and made one. Their Designer Ruff Weather Alarm Alert Dog Door is the perfect choice for safety-conscious pet owners.

It’s easily installed and comes with a double, flexible tinted vinyl flaps for maximum insulation and energy efficiency.

22. Endura Flap Dog Door

Endura Flap Pet Door Double Flap Door Mount - Small Flap (6" x 11"), Sturdy Aluminum Black Frame
  • NO WORRIES FREEDOM FOR YOU AND YOUR PET: your dogs and cats will love their new independence to go in and out the door without your help; easy to use and durable, energy efficient and secure, our pet...

Get a dog door that will grow with your pet. The Endura Flap Dog Door has adjustable magnet strength to fit your dog’s size and age. 

The best feature of this door is just how weather resistant it is, it can withstand strong winds and freezing temperatures. Also note this door has a secure locking cover so it can be closed off when it needs to be.

21. lesotc 2 Ways Locking Dog Door

Dog Door,Pet Door for Dogs and Cats,Medium Doggie Door for Exterior Doors,Plastic Freedom Pet Doors with Aluminum Lining,2-Way Locking Sliding Panel,Consolidate Soft Flap,Anti-Rust,Easy to Install
  • External size: 10.6''(W) x 12.9''(H), Internal size:9.2''(W) x 11''(H),suitable for installation on doors, and wooden walls or any wall or door that is up to 50mm thick, Recommended Door Thickness: 1...

If you are looking for a dog door that will fit your medium-size dog just right, the Iesotc 2 Ways Locking Dog Door is the one for you. This dog door is suitable for installation on doors and wooden walls in your home.

It is made of durable and waterproof ABS plastic with a smooth surface.  It is low maintenance and very easy to install.

20. Hakuna Pets Deluxe Aluminum Dog Pet Door

Hakuna Pets Deluxe Aluminum Large Dog & Cat Pet Door with Locking Panel for Screens, Doors & Walls up to 2.76" Thick, for Pets up to 100 lb, White
  • PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: Frame: 13.78"W x 19.69"H | Door flap: 11.02"W x 16.34"H | Fits screeens, doors, walls and glass 0" - 2.76" thick

Another beautifully designed dog door you can get is the Hakuna Pets Deluxe Aluminum Dog Pet Door. It has a 2-way locking panel made of composite aluminum that provides security from unwanted guests and allows maximum control over pet’s access.

The aluminum frame, painted with solid white or black, makes it durable and weatherproof. It can be set up for interior or exterior use.


MAVRICFLEX Dog Door, Large Dog Door Up to 2'', XL Dog Door Works Silently, Magnetic Closure Heavy Duty Dog Door for Dogs and Cats Up to 100lbs, Robust Aluminum Frame Easy Clean, Dog Door in Wall
  • 【Robust Construction】Prime aluminum frame with 17’’x11’’yellowing-resistant flap of XL dog door guarantees great security for home. All of our materials on heavy duty dog door are tested...

Sometimes, the sound that comes when dogs go in and out of dog doors can get annoying. A silently working dog door is the answer to that problem. The MAVRICFLEX Dog Door is made of a prime aluminum frame that can fit dogs up to extra large size. 

The robust sturdy frame and lightweight flap produces minimal sound when used and  guarantees you great security for your home.

18. Endura Flap Vinyl Sliding Glass Dog Door

Endura Flap Vinyl Sliding Glass Dog Door - Large - 74.75" - 77.75" - White
  • No-Tools Installation - Adjustable top for fast, easy install and removal. Ideal fit for modern white patio sliders. Pet door flap sizes for small, medium, large, and extra large dogs. Great for...

Dog doors are not just for regular wooden doors. Glass doors can be installed with one too with the Endura Flap Vinyl Sliding Glass Dog Doors. This dog door is easy to install and an ideal fit for modern patio sliders.

It can fit dogs of any size and because it is made of strong white vinyl frame, it is durable to last long.

SPOTLIGHT: Check out your dog’s weight at with our very own puppy weight chart right here.

17. Plaza Enterprises Inc Magnador Kennel Dog Door

The Plaza Enterprises Inc Magnador Kennel Dog Door gives your pet the complete come-and-go freedom. The permanent magnet shuts the door close, so only your pet can come in while keeping natural elements and other animals out.

It is made of durable high-impact styrene material with a nylon security lock for long-lasting strength. Easy to install in your house, garage, basement or dog house.

16. Ferplast Swing Dog Door

If you have active pooches running around the house all the time, give them freedom to run to a wider space in your backyard. But do it safely with the Ferplast Swing Dog Door, the accessory made for dogs of any size.

This dog door operates with a dog flap light enough that even small dogs can push through. It has a four-way operation and windstopper system.

15. Trixie Pet Products 2-Way Locking Dog Door

Trixie Pet Products 2-Way Locking Dog Door, Medium to X-Large Dogs, White
  • Suitable for medium to extra large size dogs weighing up to 95 pounds

Looking for a dog door for your playful big dogs? Get the Trixie Pet Products 2-Way Locking Dog Door for that easy access for your dogs. 

This medium to large size door is made of a sturdy metal base which makes it suitable for just about any surface from a garage door to a back door. It’s very durable and operates with minimal noise.

14. PetSafe Staywell Pet Door

Small dogs need their daily playtime as much as big dogs do. Give them the freedom to run outside and play to their heart’s content with the PetSafe Staywell Pet Door. 

This transparent dog door comes with a 4-way-security lock that will keep your dog safe inside while keeping stray animals out. It is suitable for fitting into sliding windows and doors made of wood or glass. 

13. Freedom Pet Pass Insulated Dog Door

Freedom Pet Pass Insulated Dog Door for Doors - L
  • DoubleMag technology gives an airtight and weatherproof seal for the only truly draft-free dog door; lab-certified to seal 15X better than the requirements for Energy Star human doors

The Freedom Pet Pass Insulated Dog Door may be pricier than some of the options listed here but it’s worth the investment. This dog door comes in three different sizes to accommodate any pet.

It has a lab-certified seal that is tested to be fifteen times better than human doors. It is also unique in that it has bells and whistles that come with it.

12. Dog Mate Medium Dog Door

Many of the dog door options here come in various sizes, but there are doors better suited for just one size. The Dog Mate Medium Dog Door is a sturdy, compact door for dogs that stand at 15 inches or more. It can be installed in any type of door.

It’s weatherproof and comes with a brush-sealed flap that will keep out strays and weather elements.

11. PlexiDor Performance Dog Door

PlexiDor Performance Pet Doors for Dogs and Cats - Door Mount Dog Door with Lock and Key - White, Large Sizes
  • Never buy replacement flaps again. Doors open fast and close tight.  Saloon style thermopane panels keeps heating and cooling inside your home.

From its name alone, you can already expect nothing but the best. The PlexiDor Performance dog door is the most heavy duty dog door currently available. It’s the  best choice for large homes with extra large dogs. 

It also solves the security issue that large dogs would usually pose. The manufacturer guarantees it to be 100% chew-proof, and you will never need to replace door flaps ever.

10. Extreme Performance Locking Rugged Aluminum Dog Door

Large Dual Flap Heavy Duty Rustproof Dog Doors for Exterior Doors - Solid Aluminum Frame with Magnetic Closure on Polyurethane Flap All The Way Around for Optimal Seal to Keep Bad Weather Out
  • The last doggy door you'll ever have to buy: Durable aluminum alloy frame performs far longer than plastic doors while weatherproof magnetic flaps closure ensures energy efficiency

Competing as the most durable dog door is the Extreme Performance Locking Rugged Aluminum Dog Door. It’s made of aluminum alloy which performs better than plastic doors. It also has energy-efficient weatherproof magnetic flap closures.

It comes in different sizes and has safety and security features that include panel locks from the inside. There will be no unwanted visitors while you’re away from home.

9. BarksBar Original Plastic Dog Door

BarksBar Large Plastic Dog Door with Aluminum Lining - 10.5 by 15 inches Flap Size | Pets Up to 100 LBS
  • Frame Size: 14" -by-19" ; Flap Size: 10.5”-15”, Recommended Door Thickness: 1 1/4" to 2"; White Plastic & Aluminum Lining: Keep Your Restless Pet Healthy And Active Without Ever Having To Open A...

Deviating from the traditional look of dog doors but stylish nonetheless is the BarksBar Original Plastic Dog Door. It’s  made from a combination of white plastic and aluminum, making this door durable while still looking presentable.

The mixture of materials confers it with chew and bite proof quality that will save you money long term from buying constant replacements. It can also withstand different temperature conditions.

SPOTLIGHT: Check out your dog’s weight at with our very own puppy weight chart right here.

8. PetSafe Wall Entry Plastic Dog Door

PetSafe Wall Entry Aluminum Pet Door with Telescoping Tunnel, Pet Door for Dogs and Cats, Medium, for Pets Up to 40 Lb.
  • DURABLE, ALUMINUM FRAME: Durable plastic telescoping tunnel fits wall thickness 4.75 in. - 7.25 in. The Frame dimensions are 12 1/4 x 17 1/8 inches,the classic cut out size is 9 9/16 x 14 5/16 inches...

The PetSafe Wall Entry Plastic Dog Door is a favorite pick among first timers in buying dog doors. It can be easily installed even by inexperienced users on any doors and is made for interior or exterior walls. 

This dog door has an aluminum frame and comes with two vinyl flaps for added insulation. The slide-in closing panel to shut off access for security purposes.

7. PetSafe Plastic Dog Door

PetSafe Plastic Pet Door Medium with Soft Tinted Flap, Paintable White Frame, for Dogs Upto 40 Lb (PPA00-10959)
  • Economical price: With 4 sizes available, the durable plastic frame is designed for pets up to 220 pounds

For those who value privacy but still want to give their pets freedom, the PetSafe plastic door with a softly tinted flap is a great option. Since it’s made of plastic, this frame is best for puppies that use doors less frequently.

Although you’ll need to buy a new one when your dog grows bigger, the price tag is not so bad if you’re on a budget.

6. Ownpets Screen Dog Door 

OWNPETS Dog Screen Door, Inside Door Flap 12x14x0.4 Inch, Lockable Pet Screen Door, Magnetic Self-Closing Screen Door with Locking Function, Sturdy Screen Door for Dogs Cats
  • Convenient Pet Screen Door: Inside size 14x12x0.5inch, outside size: 16x14x0.5 inch.This pet screen door is designed for screen windows or doors to allow your pets to get in/out. It's so convenient...

If you need a screen dog door, the Ownpets Screen Dog Door is an economical option because of its price and great quality. This door is convenient because it fits on windows and doors thus you can use it anywhere in your home. 

It has a self-closing and lockable feature so security is not an issue. Despite being so affordable, it’s incredibly durable and looks pretty too.

5. PetSafe Freedom Aluminum Patio Sliding Dog Door

PetSafe Freedom Aluminum Patio Panel Sliding Glass Dog and Cat Door, Adjustable 76 13/16 in to 80 11/16 in - X-Large White Pet Door
  • QUICK INSTALLATION: Simple do-it-yourself project without cutting into walls or doors; patio panel adjusts from 75 7/8 inches to 80 11/16 inches to fit your door frame

If you prefer to install a patio door, the PetSafe Freedom Aluminum Patio Sliding Dog Door is the perfect choice. One of the best things about this door is its straightforward installation that even newbies can do easily.

It’s worth its price because the heavy-duty frame is made out of aluminum and with tempered glass. It comes with closing panels for additional weather resistance.

4. PETLESO Dog Door Screen

PETLESO Dog Door Screen - Lockable Doggie Door for Screen Door Sliding Door for Small Dogs Cats- Small (Inside - 8.25"×10.5")
  • Size: Outer 11.4×9.4", Inner 8.25×10.5". Suitable for cats and small dog puppy, please measure the size of your pet and compare to the door size before purchasing.

We know you want a dog door with a unique design that will surely add a nice touch to your home. The PETLeso Dog Door Screen is made with that purpose in mind but still being a useful dog door.

The inserted wire mesh has a cute paw design and because it’s made of ABS material it’s durable. Its screws will fix it firmly on the door.

3. PetSafe Extreme Weather Dog Door

PetSafe Extreme Weather Dog and Cat Door - Aluminum Frame Pet Door - Large
  • OPTIMIZE YOUR ENERGY BILL: By eliminating drafts in the winter and conserving air conditioning in the summer, PetSafe brand’s most energy-efficient pet door will protect your home in any climate

The PetSafe Extreme Weather Dog Door is an affordable option for those who need a heavy duty dog door. It has a 3-flap system for better insulation and protection from bad weather.

The frame can come in a metal or durable plastic finish and its design helps with energy efficiency. It’s also worth noting that this dog door is mostly suitable for pets under 100 lbs.

2. PetSafe Freedom Aluminum Dog Door

PetSafe Freedom Aluminum Dog and Cat Door with Durable White Frame and Tinted Vinyl Flap, Indoor and Outdoor, Easy to Install, Large and X-Large
  • GIVE YOUR PETS FREEDOM: No more planning your schedule around potty breaks, your four-legged friends can come and go on their time

Another dog door that is liked best because of its durability and affordable price is the PetSafe Freedom Aluminum Dog Door. It is made of an aluminum frame that is great for regular use and acts as an effective shield against inclement weather. 

It also comes with a slide-in closing panel and a flexible magnetic flap that makes entry and exit easy and convenient for dogs.

1. PERFECT PET The All-Weather Energy Efficient Dog Door

The Perfect Pet The All-Weather Energy Efficient Dog Door comes in various sizes that can accommodate pets of any size. It has a lockout slide so you can completely block off the door.

Although this dog door doesn’t come with the wall kit, and will likely make you spend for it, the double flaps design and telescoping frame makes it a good investment.

Related Questions

Why Are Dog Doors So Expensive? Dog doors are expensive because of the materials and design that goes into making one. The panels used are made from high-grade materials designed to withstand both weather and daily abuse by house pets. It may be expensive at first, but it’ll save you money and trouble in the future.

Do Burglars Use Dog Doors? Yes, burglars have been reported to use dog doors when breaking in. Because it’s technically a hole on doors, it provides intruders an easy point of access to get inside homes. The backyard location of dog doors makes it the perfect setup for a burglar who wants to go unnoticed.

Are Dog Doors A Bad Idea? No, installing dog doors is not a bad idea. First of all it offers both the dogs and their owners convenience. Whenever your dog wants to go out for his daily playtime, they wouldn’t bother you anymore to open the door for them. It also promotes independence and mental stimulation.

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