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Best Dog Food For Diabetic Dogs

The best dog food for diabetic dog is Dr. Harvey’s Paradigm Green Superfood.

It is easy to feel lost when your dog is diagnosed as diabetic. Luckily, you can easily get your canine on the path to better health by working with your vet and choosing the best dog food for diabetic dogs. Explore the best dog foods for diabetic dogs and learn how to choose them yourself, focusing on low glycemic, high fiber options.

Budget Conscious Pick

Ketona Chicken Recipe Dry Food for Adult Dogs

Our Top Pick

Dr. Harvey’s Paradigm Green Superfood

Readers Pick

Hill’s Pet Nutrition W/D Multi-Benefit Dog Food

01 Dr. Harvey’s Paradigm Green Superfood

Dr. Harvey’s Paradigm is an ideal choice for diabetic dogs as it follows a low-carb diet. The food is completely grain-free, instead featuring six nutritious vegetables that have been dehydrated. You will not find any fillers, corn, wheat, soy, dyes, or preservatives. Even better, the vegetables chosen are all low-glycemic, meaning that your dog digests them slowly. This prevents glucose levels from spiking.

This is a unique product as it is a pre-mix that you simply combine with hot water and any protein and oil you want. This allows you to customize the food to your dog’s preferences, ensuring that he will actually eat his diabetic-friendly food.

Pet owners appreciate the ability to combine this particular dog food with the protein of their choice, as it lets you ensure that the protein source and quality meet your requirements. It also allows for versatility, so you can easily change your dog’s food without negatively impacting his health or worrying about the impact on his diabetes.

  • This diabetic-friendly dog food from Paradigm stands out with its combination of low glycemic vegetables. The ability to mix in your dog’s favorite protein is another strong plus, as it lets you cater to your canine’s taste while sticking to a diabetic diet that benefits his health.

02 Ketona Chicken Recipe Dry Food for Adult Dogs

Ketona Chicken Recipe is a grain free food that your dog will love and it features 85% less carbohydrates compared to most of the other “grain free” brands on the market. Since diabetic dogs require low-carb diet to keep their glucose levels in check, this is an essential dog food for your consideration. In addition to containing less than 5% digestible carbs total, it also has less than 5% starch and less than 0.5% sugars.

Instead, the main ingredient of this food is protein, accounting for more than 46%. The protein comes from antibiotic-free, non-GMO chicken that was raised in the United States with sustainable practices. All of the ingredients in this diabetic-friendly dog food are natural, and the recipe adds in vitamins and minerals.

Pet owners will appreciate that this Ketona food has been formulated to work in all life stages, except for large dogs and growing puppies. As such, you do not have to worry whether it will be appropriate for your diabetic dog as it meets the AAFCO-established nutritional levels.

  • Given that diabetic dogs do best on diets that are low in carbohydrates and high in fiber, this is a strong choice. The ingredients help make the food low glycemic, helping avoid spikes to your dog’s blood sugar. As a bonus, the protein is raised sustainably, minimizing the impact on the planet.

03 Hill’s Pet Nutrition W/D Multi-Benefit Dog Food

This pet food from Hill’s was specifically designed to help dogs control management of their weight, glucose levels, and digestive health. Given that glucose levels and weight tend to be hard to control in dogs with diabetes, this makes it a very good choice of food for canines with this condition. As a bonus, the food also helps with urinary tract management.

The food combines the perfect mix of insoluble and soluble fiber to provide that high-fiber diet that is best for diabetic dogs. Additionally, it uses clinically tested nutrition for diabetes and other conditions that respond to fiber, such as GI issues, weight management, and management of glucose levels. The ingredients also contain a balance of minerals.

  • This dog food from Hill’s was specifically formulated to help dogs with conditions such as diabetes that can benefit from control of their weight and glucose. It also helps control gastrointestinal and urinary health.

04 PureBites Chicken Breast Diabetic Dog Food

This is a unique food choice for diabetic dogs as it only contains one ingredient, chicken. Instead of offering a traditional dry dog food, this is jerky that just contains chicken. That results in high protein content without carbs, perfect for the diet of diabetic dogs. The food is also formulated to help with weight loss and maintenance, which is a struggle for diabetic dogs.

The dog food is flavorful as the company gently dries these treats, helping to lock in the smell and the flavor. This is done via delicate freeze drying that only removes water, no nutritional content. The lack of preservatives makes these dog treats easy to digest as well.

  • These dog treats are ideal for diabetic dogs due to their high protein content and lack of filler ingredients. They are simple to digest and fully natural.

05 Natural Balance Fat Dogs Low Calorie Diabetic Dog Food

This is a dog food that is low in calories to help canines that have excess weight or related conditions, such as diabetes. This diabetic dog food boasts a formula that promotes a healthy weight, which is connected to better control of diabetes. It also supports optimal digestion and provides all of the nutrition that adult dogs need.

The formula is high in fiber and protein, helping ensure that your dog always feels full, even with a reduction in calories. The food uses a unique system to layer fiber, maximizing its content without sacrificing flavor. For peace of mind, each batch undergoes nine safety tests.

  • Diabetic dogs will love the flavor of this food while their humans will appreciate knowing that it is low in calories and keeps dogs full, helping promote weight loss to control diabetes.

06 Visionary Pet Keto Diabetic Dog Food

As with most of the other top dog foods for diabetic dogs, this one is low in carbs and instead loaded with protein and healthy fats. Each cup of the food has less than a gram of net carbs. That results in weight loss and better control of diabetes thanks to the grain-free formula.

This dry food is versatile, as your dog will love it as dry food packed with flavor. You can also add some water to release aromas and flavors, making your dog even happier. The recipe only uses real chicken without feathers, beaks, or feet. Additionally, there are never fillers like digestible carbohydrates.

  • The low carb formula with a focus on protein helps control diabetes in dogs while packing in delicious flavor. This food is appropriate for all breeds and life stages.

07 NUTRISCA Dry Dog Food Bag

This dry food features real ingredients, starting off with salmon to create a protein-rich formula that is ideal for diabetic dogs. It also features fruits and vegetables, along with peas and chickpeas. The food is fully grain-free, without wheat, potatoes, corn, soy, preservatives, artificial flavors, or artificial colors.

The formula of this dry food is well-balanced, featuring omega fatty acids and antioxidants as well. The formula meets nutritional needs for all stages of life and all breeds, except large dogs. As such, it should work well with nearly any diabetic dog’s diet.

  • The ingredients in this dog food feature everything owners of a diabetic dog would want, including high-quality and plentiful protein and no grains. Dogs will appreciate the flavor of the ingredients while humans will appreciate their quality sources.

Buyers Guide

Dog Food For Diabetic Dogs Buyer’s Guide

All of the above products make the list of the best dog foods for diabetic dogs due to some common traits, including their ability to fill the unique nutritional needs of diabetic dogs. Whether you stick to foods on the list or choose another product, make sure you are familiar with what to look for when choosing diabetic dog food.

Understand the Role of Diet in Diabetes

Start off with some base knowledge to make sure you understand what your dog’s diabetes means. In diabetic dogs, the pancreas does not produce as much insulin or it does not respond as well to insulin. Type 1 diabetes is more common in dogs, causing the body not to produce insulin.

Look out for diabetic symptoms in your dog, like lethargy, frequent urination, excessive thirst and hunger, chronic skin infections, weight loss despite eating normally, and sweet-smelling breath. If left alone, diabetes can cause serious problems, from liver disease to even death.

Luckily, you may be able to manage your dog’s diabetes simply by switching to a better-quality food. The low-quality foods filled with carbohydrates are frequently to blame. Combined with exercise, swapping your current dry food for one for diabetic dogs may be enough. Otherwise, you may need to supplement medicine as well.

Because diabetes is connected to glucose levels, low-glycemic foods and ingredients are a key part of a diabetic diet.

Choose Foods with Low to Moderate Fat and Carb Content

One of the most important parts of choosing diabetic-friendly dog food is to choose something that is low in carbohydrates. Carbohydrates make it much harder for your dog’s body to regulate blood sugar levels. Ideally, any of the carbohydrates that are in your chosen dog food will be low on the glycemic index, as this minimizes the rise in blood sugar levels after eating.

You also want to look for lower amounts of fats. While carbohydrates need to be low, fats can be low to moderate. This aspect of diabetic-friendly dog food helps control obesity, which is among the most common risk factors for canine diabetes. Ideally, you want to look for 30% or less of the calories coming from fat. Pay particular attention to saturated fat and avoid this.

Stick to High to Moderate Fiber Content and Protein

While fat and carbohydrates should be lower in diabetic-friendly dog food, you want to look for higher fiber and protein. The fiber content should be moderate to high. This is because dietary fiber helps your dog’s body regulate blood sugar. It slows down the breakdown of carbohydrates into sugar and also slows down the body’s absorption of sugar. Those combined abilities mean that giving your dog enough fiber will help control blood sugar, which helps limit the effects of the diabetes.

Always look for recipes that have high protein content. Protein is good because it is easy for dogs to digest, so you do not have to worry about stomach issues. Additionally, protein stays in the digestive system for longer. This helps your dog feel full so he does not want to eat as much.

At the same time, the satiety causes a reduced rise in blood sugar, both in terms of overall size and speed. In other words, ensuring your diabetic dog gets enough protein helps slow down and minimize the size of any spike in blood sugar.

Choosing Between Dry and Wet Food

Either dry or wet food is theoretically fine for diabetic dogs, assuming that it meets all of the other requirements already listed. Because of those requirements, it tends to be much easier to find dry food for diabetic dogs. This is because canned food usually has a lot of additives, preservatives, and sugars, all of which are bad for diabetic dogs and can spike blood sugar. With dry dog food, the biggest risk is low-quality carbohydrates, which you need to avoid.

Raw diets based on meat are also popular for diabetic dogs as they will be low in carbohydrates and fat and high in protein. These raw foods, however, will need to include high glycemic vegetables to provide enough fiber, while low glycemic vegetables are typically ideal for diabetic dogs. Diabetic dog owners can also choose a middle ground, such as a dog food that provides the nutrients and has you supply the high-quality protein.


The best dog foods that you can give a diabetic dog will high in fiber and low glycemic, with a low amount of carbohydrates and a preference for low-glycemic vegetables. Many of these foods will also focus on managing glucose levels or weight, both of which are issues in diabetic dogs.

As these food may tend to taste bland, options such as food mixes can be use to appeal to all dogs in terms of flavor. They let you customize the taste while still ensuring your dog gets all of the nutrients he needs to help manage his diabetes.

Dr. Harvey's Paradigm Green Superfood offers the best of both worlds as it comes ready made with the perfect mix and taste that will satisfy your dog's tastebuds and keep its sugar level in check at the same time.

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