Best Dog Food for Diarrhea
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Best Dog Food For Diarrhea

The best dog food for diarrhea is Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food For Sensitive Stomach.

When your dog is down with diarrhea, choosing the best dog food for diarrhea can help your pooch feel better The best dog foods for diarrhea will usually be easily digestible, bland, and high in protein. Learn more about choosing food for your dog with diarrhea with our favorite choices.

Budget Conscious Pick

Purina ONE Natural Sensitive Stomach Dry Dog Food

Our Top Pick

Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food For Sensitive Stomach

Readers Pick

Lucy Pet Formulas for Life - Sensitive Stomach Dry Dog Food

01 Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food For Sensitive Stomach

This dry food is for adult dogs and Hill’s specifically formulated it for high digestibility, targeted at dogs with sensitive stomachs. That digestibility not only helps with diarrhea by preventing loose stools effectively, it also improves nutrient absorption for overall health of your canine. The food also features prebiotic fiber, which encourage your canines' gut microbiome to be well-balanced and prevent stimulating their sensitive stomachs.

As a bonus, this dog food also contains omega 6 fatty acids along with vitamin E, which work together to give your pooch healthy skin and a lustrous coat. It also contains antioxidants that science has proven to be beneficial to canines.

All of the ingredients in this food are natural and the food is made in the United States. The food has not been artificially flavored, colored, or preserved, only including the natural ingredients your pup needs.

  • This food from Hill’s is a popular choice for dogs with diarrhea due to its ease of digestion and ability to promote gut health, while also including ingredients that enhance your furry friend’s skin and fur. Pet owners also love its all-natural ingredients without preservatives or artificial flavors.

02 Purina ONE Natural Sensitive Stomach Dry Dog Food

If you are on a budget but want a dog food of high digestibility for your dogs with sensitive stomachs, this Purina food is the best choice. It includes probiotics as a way to boost the overall digestive health of your dog. In fact, the formula was specifically created to improve digestion overall, which should help eliminate diarrhea.

In addition to its ability to help with diarrhea, this food checks off all the other requirements in a dog food. The first ingredient is real chicken for a high-quality protein source. It also features added nutrients, minerals, and vitamins so your four-legged friend will not develop any deficiencies. Purina carefully chose every single ingredient for a specific purpose, and there are no fillers.

As part of the Purina ONE lineup, this food meets your dog’s nutritional requirements at every age and regardless of breed or size. This is particularly helpful for families with multiple dogs of different breeds.

  • With Purina ONE, those on a budget can still find a nutritious food that will help control your canine’s digestive health and help relieve diarrhea. The inclusion of probiotics and high-quality protein via real chicken controls diarrhea while also meeting other canine nutritional requirements.

03 Lucy Pet Formulas for Life - Sensitive Stomach Dry Dog Food

This food dog food was specifically formulated to be gentle on your dog’s stomach,. It is especially beneficial to dogs with sensitive stomachs, poor digestive health, and gut health. The food was developed based on research conducted by Gut Health expert, Dr. George C. Fahey, making this aspect of your pooch’s health a priority.

The formula is grain free and appropriate for all life stages and breeds of dogs. It also helps the coat and skin thanks to the presence of wild-caught Alaskan salmon that is rich in the omega 3 fatty acids which promote your furry friend’s skin health. The food is also rich in antioxidants for additional nutrition.

  • Between the high-quality protein health and the inspiration from decades of research into gut health, this is among the best dog foods for diarrhea. The prebiotic balanced fiber is particularly helpful in this respect.

04 Health Extension Original Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe

This dog food for diarrhea has a proprietary blend of minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. This proprietary blend has more of these nutrients than other brands and it comes from natural sources like pure coconut oil, turmeric, and apple cider vinegar.

All of the ingredients in this food are whole and come from sustainable, traceable sources. There are no preservatives, colors, artificial flavors, fillers, wheat, or corn. They are also not strong in terms of flavor, thus not causing too much stress to sensitive stomachs.

The recipe prioritizes organically raised chicken to provide your canine with a high protein diet that should help control diarrhea. The inclusion of brown rice provides additional nutrients in a highly digestible food. To further boost digestion, it includes probiotics.

  • Your dog will love the flavor of this chicken and brown rice formula, while the combination of high-quality protein and a highly-digestible grain helps control diarrhea.

05 Forza10 Intestinal Active Dry Dog Food For Sensitive Stomach

This dog food from Forza10 was designed to reduce upset of sensitive stomachs, diarrhea, vomiting, gas, and other gastrointestinal symptoms in your canine. Its grain free formula helps dogs to correct their gastrointestinal disorders.

All of the ingredients are healthy and the formula was chosen to reduce the risk of allergies and intolerances by not including soy, corn, GMOs, antibiotics, gluten, or wheat. All of those are common allergens or sources of inflammation, which could cause digestive problems.

Instead, the food includes ingredients your dog will love with natural ingredients like psyllium seed husk, dried rose hips, oregano, FOS, and lactic bacteria. For further digestive health, it includes guarantees sodium and potassium levels.

  • Specifically designed to optimize your pooch’s gastrointestinal health, this dog food is a strong choice for canines dealing with diarrhea. It is made of a delicious grain free formula without fillers and with a focus on high-quality ingredients.

06 Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets Gastroenteric Canine Formula Dry Dog Food For Sensitive Stomach

This dog food was formulated to be highly digestible, which encourages your dog’s body to absorb the nutrients and moisture easily. This prevents loose stools and is gentle to those sensitive stomachs. Further gastrointestinal health comes from the prebiotic fiber included in the recipe.

In addition to its digestive health components, this food also has antioxidants to help boost your canine’s immune system and keep him healthy. It also has medium chain triglyceride vegetable or coconut oil to provide MCTs.

The recipe is the result of collaboration between veterinarians, researchers, and nutritionists, ensuring its quality and flavor.

  • This food from Purina Pro Plan was formulated by experts to help dogs with diarrhea while providing other essential nutrients and also boosting your canine’s immune system health.

07 Eukanuba Adult Dry Dog Food Chicken For Sensitive Stomach

This particular formula was designed for large breed dogs who are at least 55 pounds and 16 months old. The first ingredient is chicken, providing the high protein levels that can help control your furry friend’s diarrhea, especially if they have sensitive stomachs.

As a bonus, this food also has glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate, and animal protein to help joint health and lean muscle development in your large breed dog. The levels of carbohydrates and fats will give your four-legged companion enough energy to enjoy a busy, active life. The food also contains vitamin E and DHA to boost brain function.

  • This is a great food for dogs with diarrhea if you do not want your canine’s food to focus solely on providing that relief. It not only promotes gut health, but also the health of your dog’s joints and brain.

Buyers Guide

Dog Foods For Diarrhea Buyer’s Guide

When choosing among the above options of dog foods for diarrhea and other dog foods available, you will want to keep the following factors in mind.

Easy Digestion

Make selecting a food that is easily digestible a priority. This helps in multiple ways by directly improving the quality of the stool and also by maximizing the nutrient absorption. As such, your furry friend will get more nutrients from a food that is easily digestible than one that does not make this a priority.

Many of the dog foods designed for dogs with gastrointestinal issues or diarrhea will either label the digestibility on the package or have that information available if you contact them. You want to look for digestibility that is a minimum of 85 to 90 percent.

Limited to No Grains, Fillers, or Additives

You should take the time to read the ingredients list on your chosen food to confirm that there are no or very limited grains and fillers. If grains are present, make sure that they are easily digestible ones, such as brown rice instead of white rice.

Starting a grain free dog food diet is an important step to recovering from diarrhea. Grain free dog food are dog food that do not contain filler ingredient that manufacturers use mainly to make up for weight with the cheapest of ingredients.

Fillers are problematic for multiple reasons, including the fact that they cause fullness without providing any nutritional benefit. Additionally, fillers are a relatively common allergy among canines because they are not a part of the species’ natural diet. By choosing food without fillers, you can reduce the risk of allergies and the associated inflammation. Given that the inflammation is uncomfortable for your pooch and both that the allergies themselves can lead to bowel issues, this step should help reduce diarrhea.

Similarly, avoid additives like artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives. These have all been known to irritate the sensitive stomachs of canines, which can result in a range of side effects such as diarrhea and inflammation.

Instead of these fillers and additives, look for food that has natural ingredients, as these will help with bowl motility and encourage digestion.

However, do note that being labeled as "grain free" do not necessarily mean that the dog food is definitely a healthier choice. To make up for the weight, something else must have been substituted for those cheaper filler ingredients. A good indication of of whether it is a healthy grain free dog food is, unfortunately, its price point. A higher price point would indicate a collection of quality ingredients that do not consist of grains.

Probiotics or Prebiotics

You will notice that most of the dog foods on this list contain either probiotics or prebiotics. You should always choose a dog food for diarrhea that includes these, as they help ensure that your furry friend’s gut microbiome is balanced, just like they do in humans. Probiotics are so helpful that they are commonly called “good bacteria.”

A balanced gut will reduce the full range of gastrointestinal symptoms, from diarrhea to gas to related discomfort. Some of the more commonly added probiotics include Enterococcus, Lactobacillus, and Bifidobacterium.

Fat and Fiber Content

Pay attention to the levels of both fat and fiber. You want high levels of fiber and moderate levels of fat in your dog’s food. Soluble fibers boost water content and good sources include oats, fruits, and root vegetables. Insoluble fibers boost loose stools quality while stimulating your dog’s colon. Good sources include vegetable skin, potato, and wheat.

Aim for moderate fat content as if the fat is too high, your pooch’s digestion will slow down, which could increase the risk of diarrhea, vomiting, and acid reflux.

Understand What Causes Digestive Problems and Avoid Those Ingredients

Part of choosing the right dog food for diarrhea is knowing what can give your furry friend diarrhea and avoid those potential triggers.

Some breeds of dogs will find it more challenging to digest certain proteins. If Fido’s current diet leads to diarrhea, consider switching to an option on this list with a different protein source.

Food with high fat content can also lead to diarrhea. Look at the fat content of the food you currently give your canine and switch it out. Protein sources such as rabbit and chicken breast are lower in fat.

Fiber also has an important role in diarrhea, as too little can lead to unpleasant bowels. As such, many dog foods for diarrhea contain reasonably high fiber content and ingredients such as oatmeal, which is naturally high in fiber.

Sometimes, diarrhea will come from a nutrient deficiency. This is not usually a problem if you buy your dog food, but it is more common among those who feed their canine’s raw meat or home-cooked food. It is also possible if you feed your furry friend low-quality food. Your vet can determine if a nutrient deficiency is the cause of your pooch’s diarrhea and tell you what nutrients to look for in food.

Introduce the Food Slowly

No matter which dog food for diarrhea you choose to give your canine companion, be sure to introduce it slowly. Suddenly switching your dog’s food will only make the diarrhea worse for at least several days, delaying the relief that you want to see.

You can avoid this by introducing the food slowly. Start by only slightly reducing the amount of the previous food you give Fido and include a little bit of the new food. Slowly increase the proportion of new food while decreasing that of the old food over the course of several days. This way, the change in food will not worsen the diarrhea and you should hopefully notice results more quickly.


The best dog foods for diarrhea will promote your canine buddy’s gastrointestinal health and be easily digestible. It should be bland, yet still appealing enough for your dog to enjoy and have high protein content. For that we recommend Hill's Science Diet Dry Dog Food For Sensitive Stomach.

Always choose dog food for diarrhea that is free from fillers and uses natural ingredients, as this will further promote digestive health and relieve diarrhea.

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