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Best Dog Food for Maltese

The best dog food for maltese is Purina Pro Plan Small & Toy Breed Formula Adult Dry Dog Food.

Although they are some of the most adorable pups, the Maltese can also be incredibly picky eaters. Considering that they are also prone to getting overweight, it can be a real pain finding the best dog food for Maltese.

Today we solve that problem! These are the 7 best dog foods for Maltese.

Budget Conscious Pick

Nature's Recipe Grain Free Small Breed Dry Dog Food

Our Top Pick

Purina Pro Plan Small & Toy Breed Formula Adult Dry Dog Food

Readers Pick

Royal Canin Maltese Adult Dry Dog Food

01 Purina Pro Plan Small & Toy Breed Formula Adult Dry Dog Food

The Purina Pro Plan Small Breed Formula Adult Dry Dog Food is made specifically for small but active breeds such as the Maltese are. It’s made with quality ingredients ensuring wholesome nutrition for your pup, even if the only thing your pooch ever eats is this doggy food. 

So let’s start at the beginning - the first ingredient from Purina Pro Plan is chicken, which means that the kibble contains lots of real chicken (and not by-products). It contains as much as 29% of pure protein and only 17% of fat. This is the perfect ratio for the Maltese as they need lots of protein but also get overweight easily so you don’t want too much fat or carbohydrates in their food.

  • We love the Purina Pro Plan Food For Small Breed because it contains everything you need for a wholesome nutrition plan for your Maltese. Quality protein, minerals, vitamins, and prebiotic fiber for better digestion - it’s all there, All of this packed into tiny bite-size kibble that keeps even the pickiest eaters happy!

02 Nature's Recipe Grain Free Small Breed Dry Dog Food

The Grain Free Small Breed Dry Dog Food from Nature’s Recipe is sheer proof that you don’t need to spend a fortune in order to give your Maltese dogs the best. 

It uses real chicken as the main source of protein. Additionally, it’s made according to a completely grain free recipe. Instead of wheat, soy, or corn that many dog food makers use, Nature’s Recipe added sweet potato and pumpkin to their food for small breeds. The result is not only nutritious, but also very tasty. The experience of many faithful customers says that even the pickiest of Maltese dogs will love this food from Nature’s Recipe.

Finally, it comes in the form of extra-small kibble, so your Maltese dog, being a small breed with a small mouth, can enjoy munching on them with ease.

  • Nature's Recipe Grain Free Small Breed Dry Dog Food, Chicken, Sweet Potato & Pumpkin is perfect for pet parents whose doggos need gluten-free food, which is quite common for the Maltese. It also comes at a very reasonable price, despite the fact that it’s made with high-quality ingredients.

03 Royal Canin Maltese Adult Dry Dog Food

The Royal Canin brand is a favorite of many pet parents because they make dog food specifically to match each breed’s unique breeds. The Royal Canin Maltese Adult Dry Dog Food was made specifically for adult Maltese dogs (10 months and older). 

This food is rich in nutrients such as biotin and Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids which are necessary for keeping your Maltese’s coat healthy. Additionally, the shape of the kibble was designed with the small jaws of the Maltese dogs in mind. 

  • The Royal Canin Maltese Adult Dry Dog Food provides balanced nutrition geared specifically towards the needs of a Maltese. Even the kibble was shaped specifically for the shape of their mouths!

04 Hill's Science Diet Dry Dog Food

Hill’s Science representative here is perfect for pooches with a sensitive stomach. If your Maltese has tried all kinds of food, but always seems to end up with an uneasy stomach, or worse - vomiting, you’ll definitely want to give this dog food a chance. It was made according to a special formula rich in prebiotic fibers to make the food easily digestible. 

Additionally, this dog food from Hill’s Science is rich in vitamin E and Omega 6 fatty acids. These nutrients will support the health of your pooch’s skin and coat.

  • If Maltese pups could speak, they would surely say that the most important thing for them is their shiny white coat. With this dog food, your Maltese can have the necessary nutrients to keep their coat healthy and sleek.

05 Nutro Wholesome Essentials Natural Adult Dry Dog Food

The main selling point of this Nutro Wholesome Essentials dog food is the fact that it is made with real, farm-raised chicken. The first two ingredients of this dog food are chicken and chicken meal. Unlike many others, Nutro Wholesome Essential dog food doesn’t contain chicken by-product meal. 

Besides the chicken, this dog food also contains natural ingredients that are rich in nutrients such as whole brown rice, split peas, and sweet potatoes. This dog food from Nutro also contains no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. This makes it a good choice for Maltese as they can be especially sensitive to all of those. 

  • The Nutro Wholesome Essentials Natural Adult Dry Dog Food is perfect for those who want to know that their pup’s food comes from responsibly sourced ingredients.

06 Blue Buffalo Blue Wilderness Toy Breed Adult Dog Food

Blue Buffalo Blue Wilderness Grain Free Chicken Toy Breed Adult Dog Food contains everything an energetic Maltese needs to stay active during the day. The Blue Wilderness formula is rich in protein (as much as 30%) which is mainly sourced from real chicken and not by-products. 

Additionally, it is also rich in natural ingredients that give your Maltese a healthy and shiny coat. For example, it contains Menhaden fish meal, which is a great source of Omega-3 fatty acids, and flaxseed, which is super rich in Omega-6 fatty acids. All of this while also being gluten-free!

  • Blue Buffalo Blue Wilderness Grain Free Chicken Toy Breed Adult Dog Food is made from wholesome ingredients and without any artificial preservatives. If you want only the best for your Maltese, it’s definitely a good choice.

07 Eukanuba Adult Dry Dog Food Chicken

The thing that makes this dog food from Eukanuba stand out among other similar products is the shape of the kibble. It was designed in a special way so as to help clean your pooch’s teeth with every bite. 

It is well known that Malteses and other small breeds are more at risk from developing gum and teeth problems than larger breeds. The shape of this Eukanuba kibble helps prevent tartar buildup and thus keeps your Maltese’s gum healthy! 

Other than that, this dry dog food from Eukanuba also features a well-balanced mix of quality protein, fat, and carbohydrates made specifically for small and tiny doggos. 

  • The Eukanuba Adult Dry Dog Food Chicken - Small Breed contains everything you need to keep your Maltese dogs happy and healthy. Additionally, the unique shape helps keep your pooch’s teeth and gums healthy, so it is definitely an option worth trying out!

Buyers Guide

Best Dog Food For Maltese Buyer’s Guide

Malteses are tiny but energetic dogs and they remain playful throughout their lives. As such, they need food that gives them enough energy and nutrients to keep up with their active lifestyle. However, they are also very sensitive so you can’t just give them any kind of high-calorie food. Not to worry, in this guide we’ll cover everything you need to know in order to find dog food tailored specifically for your Maltese.

What To Look For In Dog Food For Maltese 

All dog food looks pretty much the same right? However, what’s inside really matters, especially when it comes to such small amounts of food as a little Maltese eats in a day. You really want their little portions to be packed with healthy nutrients, so here is what to look for when choosing food for your pup: 

Wholesome ingredients 

The days when dog food was made of the lowest quality meat by-products are long gone. Today, many dog food manufacturers recognize that our pups deserve to eat food made from wholesome natural ingredients just like we do. You’ll find plenty of options on our list that are made of real, wholesome meat, vegetables, and fish.  

Quality protein 

All dogs need a protein-rich diet and there is no reason why this shouldn’t hold true for the Maltese too. For this reason, you shouldn’t settle for dog foods who don’t have a quality source of protein as the first ingredient. Chicken is an all-time favorite when it comes to Malteses, but any kind of meat or fish will do the job as a source of protein. 

Healthy fat 

Since they are so active, Malteses actually also need a decent amount of healthy fatty acids in their food (10% of fat content in food should be a minimum). There is a difference between high-quality sources of fat, like omega-3 fatty acids, and just saturated fats that are usually  found in food full of calories.

Animal fat is good, but fish meal, fish oil, and flaxseed oil are even better since they also make the coat of your Maltese more healthy and shiny. These fats contain omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids that are crucial for the skin and coat health of dogs.


Malteses tend to have sensitive stomachs, so getting them food that’s as easy to digest as possible is your best bet. Dog foods that are rich in fiber reduce the risk of stomach issues and help your pooch produce a firm stool. Good sources of fiber in dog food include carrots, whole grains, legumes, beet pulp, and flaxseed.  

Things To Keep In Mind When Getting Food For Maltese 

As many Maltese pet parents surely know, Maltese can be incredibly picky eaters, so that’s one thing to keep in mind when getting food for your pooch. The good news is, they usually tend to like food that’s made from quality ingredients, like all of those on our top 7 list.  

However, it’s not only that Maltese have special food preferences, they actually often have really sensitive stomachs. This is why food that’s rich in fiber is a must. On the other hand, these tiny pups can also get overweight quite easily, so food containing a lot of unhealthy fat should be avoided. 

Additionally, dental issues are common among Malteses, especially as they grow older, so that’s also something to keep in mind when it comes to choosing their food. Dry food in general causes fewer problems than wet food, so any of the dog foods on our top 7 list are good in this regard. However, if your pooch needs extra dental care, you might want to choose a dog food made specifically for this, like Eukanuba Adult Dry Dog Food.

Things To Avoid In Dog Food For Maltese

Finally, we should say a couple of words about things you don’t want the food you are getting for your Maltese to contain. For the most part, you’ll want to avoid any dog food that contains artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. Food that is made with quality ingredients will taste good on its own, so there is no reason for these chemicals to be added. Additionally, these substances are known to cause allergic reactions and you certainly don’t want that for your Maltese! 

Another thing to look out for are dog foods that have ingredients that are poorly defined on their list. If it doesn’t say “chicken meal”, but “poultry meal” these could mean all sorts of things. It’s always better to know exactly what your pooch is eating! 


When it comes to choosing dog food, it’s obvious that all pet parents want only the best for their little ones.

In the case of Malteses, this means lots of protein, some healthy fats, easily digestible fiber and possibly an addition of healthy fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. Purina Pro Plan Small & Toy Breed Formula Adult Dry Dog Food features all of this, which makes it the single best choice according to us.

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