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Best Dog Hair Brooms

The best dog hair broom is LandHope Push Broom.

If you’ve got a dog that sheds a lot of hair, then you should have a dog hair broom at home. This broom helps with the fast and easy elimination of dog hair in your home while making sure that the hair will successfully be pulled away and won’t go back flying in the air.

But not all the dog hair brooms in the market are effective. Some claim that they can successfully eliminate dog hair but will not work according to what they promised.

In order to not end up wasting your hard-earned money on an ineffective dog hair broom, we’ve provided a list of the best dog hair brooms in the market along with a review of each of them.

Budget Conscious Pick

Evriholder SW-250I-Amz-6 Broom

Our Top Pick

LandHope Push Broom

Readers Pick

Pet Buddies PB5579 FurStatic Pet Hair Broom

01 LandHope Push Broom

Of all the dog hair brooms in the market, our top choice is the LandHope Push Broom because aside from being sturdy, this broom is lightweight, which makes it easy to maneuver when sweeping the floor.

With this broom, you will be able to effortlessly sweep dog hair away since its bristles are made of rubber. Rubber bristles imbue the broom the capability to remove dust, dirt, debris, paper scrubs, and anything that gets accumulated in your carpets and floors with its slight static properties as an electrical insulator. This broom is twice as efficient as a normal household broom since it doesn’t allow the pet hair and the dust particles to fly around in the air.

Equipped with an extra-long handle that can be adjusted easily, the broom can become as long as 55 inches. Using a broom as long as this means there’s no longer a need to bend when you sweep your floor.

Another great thing about this broom is that it’s super easy to clean after use. The hair and dust that have accumulated on the rubber bristles can be easily removed by putting the broom under a tap. This dog hair boom can be used in both indoors and outdoors, including in the patio, garden, yard, garage, and anywhere else.

  • We like that this broom is multipurpose and can be used for pretty much anything. It can also work in almost every area in your house, both indoors and outdoors.

02 Evriholder SW-250I-Amz-6 Broom

For budget-conscious pet owners, the Evriholder SW-2501 is what we would recommend. This broom has been in the market for a while now and has earned a reputation for being truly efficient at removing pet hair. The design is modern and classy and comes with a soft head that’s made from natural rubber materials. This head works like a magnet in removing pet hair and will not scratch hardwood floors.

Unlike the usual brooms that are made from straws, this broom will not leave pet hair flying all over the place. Its flexible rubber bristles allow you to perform a scuff-free and easy cleaning on just about any surface in your home.

The Evriholder SW-2501 works like a rubber squeegee that can pick pet hair from just about any type of furniture, including the upholstered ones. In fact, it’s much easier to use than a vacuum. When using this broom, you simply have to apply sharp and short strokes and it will take away all the dog hair in its way.

  • We like this dog hair broom because it removes hair very easily allowing you to clean up your space with ease. It can completely remove dog hair, including those deep into your rugs and carpets.

03 Pet Buddies PB5579 FurStatic Pet Hair Broom

Another great broom for cleaning up your pet’s hair is the Pet Buddies PB5579 pet hair broom. This comes with a detachable head that you can easily clean in the dishwasher. But if you find it disgusting to wash a broom in your dishwasher, simply clean it separately with tap water.

The broom’s detachable head has soft rubber bristles that are capable of removing stubborn pet hair from almost any surface in your home, including cement, vinyl, tiles etc. Its handle is telescopic and can be extended to 51 inches. Thus, it's great for cleaning areas that are hard to reach, including those in the high spaces. You can even use this broom to remove the dust and debris that has accumulated in your ceiling!

The Pet Buddies PB5579 pet hair broom is made from a special type of rubber material known as thermoplastic rubber or TPR. It’s capable of overstretching itself into moderate elongations and can also return to its original shape if needed. This is what gives the broom a longer lifespan since it gives it a much better physical range compared to other types of brooms.

  • We like this dog hair broom since it’s capable of cleaning up stubborn pet hairs that have been embedded deep into the carpets and upholstery.

04 O-Cedar Professional 24" Smooth Surface Push Broom

The O-Cedar 24” Smooth Surface Push Broom has established a good reputation for being an effective cleaning tool in removing pet hair. This is why it stands out from the rest of the dog hair brooms in the market. Whether it’s removing pet fur from your rugs or carpets or sweeping pet hair from hard surfaces, this broom is well capable of these tasks, thanks to its very soft bristles.

Most brooms often have issues on their head since they just come off as you apply force in it. But this broom is different. Equipped with Maxi-Lok® technology that’s designed for anti-rotation, the head of the broom will not get removed easily no matter how much force you apply in it. Thus, cleaning your home with this broom has never been so easy.

  • We like this broom since it’s made from a heavy-duty plastic block that will not develop mildew and will not warp or crack easily.

05 O-Cedar Dual-Action Angler Broom

Another great product made by O-Cedar is this Dual-Action Angler Broom, which has a somewhat unique feature. The reason why it’s called “dual-action” is because there’s a foam blade in between the two rows of the bristles that will work together in capturing dog hair and other dirt. Furthermore, the foam blade that it comes with is removable and can be cleaned easily.

Unfortunately, some customers just don’t understand what the foam blade is for, but those who know appreciate the fact that it can catch more dirt. On the other hand, some customers have complained that the foam blade has the tendency to fall off easily as they clean and can be such a hassle.

Since this broom is lightweight, it’s not too difficult to maneuver unlike the other brooms in this list. What’s more, the quality of the bristles is pretty good, which makes it great for removing and cleaning pet hair regularly.

  • We like this broom’s innovative foam blade as it can effectively capture and hold tiny dog hair and dust.

06 Fox Trot Fur Buster Rubber Broom

The Fox Trot Fur Buster Rubber Broom is another reliable rubber broom that’s specially designed to remove pet hair. It can effectively be used on tiles, carpets, rugs, windows, and some other surfaces that require rigorous cleaning. What’s great about this broom is that it works very fast and can remove pet hair very easily.

The rubber bristles of this dog hair broom work in the same way as the normal brooms except it will not leave any scratches or marks on your furniture. Furthermore, the broom will not dull the finishing of your walls and it comes with a built-in squeegee that can be used on windshields, windows etc.

  • We like this broom because it has hundreds of rubber bristles that can easily remove dog hair from rugs and carpets, similar to a normal broom except that it won’t leave ugly marks and scratches on your floor. It gently removes lint, dirt, dust, debris, and of course, pet hair.

Buyers Guide

Best Dog Hair Brooms Buying Guide

The best dog hair broom is one that’s effective at pulling all dog hair away from your home so they won’t come back flying in the air. Furthermore, the broom shouldn’t leave any scratches on your floor or dull the surface of the finish where it is being used. The broom should also be capable of cleaning hard-to-reach areas in your home.

Dog Hair Broom Benefits

Sure, using a regular broom is cheaper than getting a broom that’s made of rubber. But there are actually many benefits that come with using a dog hair broom that’s made of rubber.

Here are some of them:

  • The rubber brooms won’t make the dust float in the air. Instead, they will pick-up the dust and dirt and accumulate them into piles for easy disposal
  • The rubber bristles won’t come off in the same way as regular brooms do
  • The rubber brooms are more long lasting and sturdy compared to other materials
  • The rubber dog hair brooms can effectively sweep away all dog hair in only one sweep
  • These brooms are easier to clean and sanitize
  • They won’t allow small dirt or pet hair to pass into the bristles that could get left behind during cleaning
  • They won’t leave scratches on your floor

How to Keep Your Floors Clean from Pet Hair

We don’t want to see lots of dog hair all over our home. Aside from hygiene issues, the pet hair could pose risk to our health, especially if you have small kids at home.

Here’s what you can do to maintain cleanliness in your home despite having a dog that sheds a lot of its dog hair:

  • Mopping must be done regularly. Use a damp mop that’s soaked in plain water but change the water once it gets very dirty. For more stubborn dirt, add a commercial cleaner on the water.
  • Vacuum your home at least once a week. Remember that the more you vacuum, the less pet hair will be in your space. If you’ve got a dog that sheds a lot of its dog hair, use a broom that’s specifically designed for this, such as the brooms mentioned above. These brooms will collect the pet hair in a pile and you can then use the vacuum afterward.
  • Wipe any liquid immediately. When there’s an accidental spillage of liquid, wipe it off right away. If you’re going to let the spillage linger for longer, it could inflict damage on your floor.

We have chosen the LandHope Push Broom as our top pick because we believe that it’s capable of removing dog hair effectively. Furthermore, the broom is lightweight, which means using it doesn’t require lots of effort.

It’s highly durable too and can last for a very long time. The extra-long handle of this broom has made using it even easier. It can even be used in sweeping those specks of dust off your ceiling and other tall areas in your home.

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