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Best Dog Harness for Running

The best dog harness for running is BARKBAY No Pull Dog Harness.

There is probably nothing as rewarding as getting to tag your pooch along with you on all your outdoorsy adventures. Getting the best dog harness for running in such cases becomes very important not only for your dog’s safety but also for your own peace of mind.

To help you out, here are the 7 best dog harnesses for running and all you need to know in order to make an informed choice.

Budget Conscious Pick

Eagloo Dog Harness No Pull, Walking Pet Harness

Our Top Pick

BARKBAY No Pull Dog Harness

Readers Pick

RUFFWEAR - Web Master, Multi-Use Support Dog Harness

01 BARKBAY No Pull Dog Harness

It is crucial while out running with your dog that you have as much control over them as possible. This is what the front leash ring on the Barkbay harness offers. This design comes in handy if your dog is a little too excited and is pulling more than you are comfortable with as it gives you more control. The harness also has a back ring that you can use when your dog is calm and disciplined enough to stay at your running pace.

This Barkbay harness is also built to ensure that your dog is comfortable throughout the run. It features soft padding which prevents chaffing and bruising whether you have the harness attached from the back or chest leash rings.

You also do not have to worry about your dog getting all hot and sweaty as this harness is very airy. This is because of the use of Air Technology Mesh material that allows air flow through the harness for breathability. That way, no matter how hot your dog gets from the exercise they do not have to su

  • This is easily one of the best dog harnesses for running in the market. It is constructed precisely for running with its breathable material, padding and no-pull chest ring. The ergonomic cut also comes in handy as it allows your dog to be free and flexible as you both explore the outdoors.

02 Eagloo Dog Harness No Pull, Walking Pet Harness

Getting the perfect fit will definitely make life easier for you when you go out running with your dog and that is exactly what this harness has to offer. It has 2 points of adjustability; one around the neck and the other around the chest. This allows you to customize the fit ensuring that your dog is secure and comfortable even as they run around and get wild.

The harness has a convenient no-choke cut which leaves the neck free and focuses pressure distribution on the chest, shoulders and back. This is particularly useful for hyperactive dogs that tend to pull a lot as you are assured that there will be no choking or other neck injuries even with sudden forward jerks.

If you are shopping for a harness you can use on your early morning or late night runs then the bright colors and reflective strips on this one make it a worthycontender.

  • This is worth considering if high visibility is a priority for you with your running dog harness. It is also very easy to use and built with your dog’s comfort and safety in mind. The best part is that you do not have to spend too much money for these perks making it the ideal pick for tight budget shopping.

03 RUFFWEAR - Web Master, Multi-Use Support Dog Harness

The Ruffwear harness stands out from other choices on the market with the 3 strap design. These go over the neck, chest and abdomen offering maximum support for the pooch and control to you as you run. With this design, the dog also gets some aspect of control which makes it a really wonderful alternative if you are shopping for a disability support dog.

With all the straps involved, you wouldn’t want your dog getting bruises, chaffing or any other kind of discomfort. That is why the padded straps on this harness are definitely worth appreciating as you are pretty much guaranteed that your pooch will be comfortable during those fun days out.

  • This harness is primarily designed for support dogs and with its extended coverage, padding and back leash ring design, it definitely delivers. However, it also has a lot to offer as a running harness with the same features ensuring both you and the dog enjoy the run.

04 DOCO Athletica Runner Mesh Dog Harness

If you like front coverage dog harnesses then this is a good option to look into. The padded chest panel is ideal for dogs that tend to make sudden jerk movements. With this, you can easily pull them back using your dog eash without causing them any pain or worse, injuring them.

The Doco harness also earns its spot on this list with its breathable mesh design. This is vital with dog harnesses for running as it ensures that your dog stays nice and cool throughout the tasking exercises.

  • With its front coverage design, this is a fantastic choice for small dog breeds and puppies in general. However, it is available in larger sizes for your bigger lovable beast if you want something simple and comfortable for them.

05 GAUTERF Dog Vest Harness

This is yet another harness that features the front and back D ring leash attachment design. These offer you more versatility in terms of control. So if your dog is acting up you just switch to the front attachment for better control. And if they are behaving the back leash ring will work just fine.

For comfort and customized fitting, the harness also comes with adjustable straps around the abdomen. These come in particularly handy when in the back leash attachment setup and allow you to assert firmer control over your dog as you run together.

  • This harness is a decent quality alternative for adventures with your lively and fun-loving furry best buddy.

06 Juxzh Truelove Soft Front Dog Harness

One of the best specifications of this dog harness is the use of Nylon oxford material which offers several benefits that will come in handy for running trips. First off, it is built to offer breathability which keeps our dog cool and wicks up sweat for comfortable dryness.

The material is also very lightweight which allows your dog to run around happy without feeling burdened. Finally, the material is scratch proof and very durable in general which will come in handy if you are running or hiking through terrain with obstacles like bushes.

  • This is worth considering if you want something lightweight that fits like a second layer of skin on your dog while still offering you the control you need for a stress-free run together.

07 Kurgo Dog Harness

Padding is very essential for comfort when it comes to dog harnesses for running and this is exactly what the Kurgo Dog Harness promises your pooch. The padding goes all round covering the chest, shoulders, abdomen and back. This will definitely make it easier for them when you pull back on the leash when they are being too fast or unruly.

The harness also stands out as a great alternative for running due to the use of plastic hardware for parts like the buckles and adjustment slides. These are durable and corrosion resistant which is useful when it comes to outdoor exploration where the harness will be exposed to moisture.

  • This is a pretty simple yet effective running harness option built for comfort as well as your dog’s safety. The high quality construction also ensures that you get full value for your money.

Buyers Guide

Dog Harness for Running Buyer's Guide

A running harness is unique from other types of dog harnesses in many ways. You want something that is comfortable for your dog and allows them to be wild and free while also giving you control over the situation. You therefore cannot just pick the first harness you happen upon while shopping whether online or in a dog accessory store.

To help you make the best possible decision, here is a guide on what really matters and what special considerations you should make. That way, you end up with something that works for both you and your furry and fun-loving best friend. 

Does it fit?

As with any other dog accessory, finding the right size is incredibly important when it comes to shopping for a running harness. Remember that your dog will be in active motion most of the time. If you have something that doesn’t fit right, the dog will be uncomfortable and they might even have it slip off in case you got something too big.

It is therefore crucial that you measure your dog and get them the right size of running harness. Those that come with adjustable straps offer bonus benefits as you can further customize the fit to ensure that your pooch is nice and snug.

Resistant Build

Running harnesses are exposed to multiple elements like water and mud. Obstacles like grass and thorny bushes that can accelerate wear and tear as well. You therefore have to make sure to take the quality of construction and type of materials used into consideration while making your final decision.

You want something that is strong enough to handle all that is thrown at it from your outdoor expeditions. In this case, one of the best options is nylon which is both light and highly resilient.


Your dog needs the freedom and flexibility of full range limb movement. The last thing you want is to have them uncomfortable or even tripping over because you chose a harness that restricts them a little too much.

The best options here are those with athletic and ergonomic cuts where the neck and limbs are free. That way your dog can run around, jump and do whatever else they desire without being literally held back.

How much control do you get?

Control is a huge priority when it comes to running harnesses. I mean who wants to be running around frantically being pulled at the pace and will of an overexcited dog on what should have been a peaceful run? One of the most valuable features in this case is the chest leash ring design. This placement allows you to assert control and lead the dog as opposed to having it lead you.

Handles are also pretty handy when it comes to giving you control over your dog during your running expeditions. They are particularly useful if you want to guide larger or more strong-willed dogs.


Your dog will work up a lot of heat and sweat during the run and if this is not managed it could end up being a nightmare for both you and the pooch. It could be anything from a stinky dog to serious heat rash and skin reactions.

Breathability is therefore a huge priority when shopping for running dog harnesses. The best alternatives are those with mesh linings that allow free air flow while also facilitating moisture wicking. That way your dog stays cool and dry even as they get their cardio workouts on.


It is pretty clear that shopping for a running harness is a unique experience with unique considerations. Our top pick stands out from other dog harnesses on the market as a great option for any outdoorsy activities with your pooch, especially running. It would therefore be a good place to start your search if you are having a hard time narrowing down your options.

And if it doesn’t quite cut it for you, the good news is that you have 6 other excellent alternatives to check out and choose from. So take your time considering the features and their perks and you should find the ideal running harness for your dog in no time.

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