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Best Dog Leash For Running

The best dog leash for running is Oneisall Multifunctional Hands Free Nylon Dog Leash.

Your dog needs as much exercise as you do.

And a cheap and effective way to stay in shape with your pup is by jogging. With a good pair of sneakers and the best dog leash for running, you’re all set!

Check out these awesome leashes to get you started with a tandem jog with your pooch.

Budget Conscious Pick

SparklyPets Professional Quality Hands-Free Pet Leash

Our Top Pick

Oneisall Multifunctional Hands Free Nylon Dog Leash

Readers Pick

TaoTronics Hands-Free Retractable Dog Leash

01 Oneisall Multifunctional Hands Free Nylon Dog Leash

Get your dear Fido - and yourself - moving more each day. The Oneisall hands free 
dog leash helps you out with that. It’s tangle-free, easy on the hands, and elastic. Finally - a great leash that you’ll actually enjoy using. It is adjustable, too. So, you can alter the length depending on your preference. This helps you keep your pet within a few meters away from you - just the right distance to make your jog enjoyable. 

Do you want to keep your hands free while jogging with your pooch? That’s possible with this hands free dog leash, too. It comes with a shoulder leash that allows you to firmly secure it for a quick-tie and hands-free use. This is perfect when you are out for a jog with your pet. You could surely use your free hands to hold your water bottle, grab your phone to change up your playlist, and so on! 

  • This fine leash lets you switch from hands-free to the hands-on configuration in seconds. Whether you want it long or short, the Oneisall dog leash makes it ultimately possible and easy. And did we say it’s soft and gentle on your skin and clothes? What’s not to love about this hands free dog leash?

02 SparklyPets Professional Quality Hands-Free Pet Leash

Walking your 150-pound large breed is fun and easy… Until the strides get wider and the pace goes quicker! When this happens, you better be sure your leash can handle that amount of force. Fortunately, the SparklyPets is up for the challenge. This hands free dog leash is perfectly designed for medium to large dogs. It absorbs shock and lets you stay in control all throughout. The flexible bungee is elastic and sturdy. Combine that with stainless steel clips, you’ve got a powerful leash that’s a great match for an overactive, all-muscle pooch!

Speaking of elasticity, the bungee material offers an extra stretch. So, it’s comfortable for you and your pet with some slack of freedom of movement.There are also two handles on this hands free doggie leash, which allow you to pull your pup closer when passing by other people and dogs on the trail. 

  • No amount of pulling and squirming from a hyperactive dog can take this hands free dog leash down. It’s virtually unbreakable, tangle-free, and shock-absorbing. The bungee and stainless steel combo make it a long-lasting leash. Definitely a big bang for your buck.

03 TaoTronics Hands-Free Retractable Dog Leash

Let’s keep it real - you need a leash that’s heavy-duty but won’t hurt your pocket. The TaoTronics is a fine combination of both… And more! It features a dual-spring design, which absorbs all lunges and jerks your dog makes. We love the comfy material that does not hurt your pet’s skin. Even if your dog runs ahead of you, this hands free dog leash can stretch up to a whopping 67 inches. This gives you and your canine buddy ample space.

Are you more of a night person? This is the best leash to use for your night jog, thanks to the reflective stitching that adds visibility at night. It helps to keep you and your four-legged pal during a night  walk or jog.

  • Day or night, a jog with your pooch is a great idea - and the TaoTronics leash makes it better. This durable leash is stretchy, comfortable, and durable. It helps you stay in control while providing a good distance to let your pooch have some fun exploring outdoors.

04 Liberty Innovative Convertible Wristband Dog Leash

It’s a… Wristband? Yep, but not your average wristband because it attaches to a dog leash to give you better ease and comfort. That’s a smart way to convert your regular leash into a hands-free design. No more scraping your skin from all that vigorous pulling your active dog makes. 


If you have an aggressive and fearful pet, this wristband is great to use. It is sturdy with a neoprene interior that’s gentle on your wrist. Once you secure the band with the Velcro, you can be sure it stays on. There’s also a quick release design for safety. With all-weather materials, this wristband can withstand rain, sun, and snow perfectly. 

  • The Liberty wristband changes how you feel about using a leash on your dog by making it completely hands-free. In seconds, you can hook it up to your dog’s leash while letting you stay in control of your pet. What a smart and effective solution!

05 LANNEY Retractable Hands-Free Doggie Leash

The Lanney dog leash is more than a leash… It’s a  jogging essential for you and your pet. It comes with a wear-resistant design and heavy duty clasps made of metal, so it lasts for a long time. The belt buckle locks securely in seconds, making it a hands-free leash. 

  • If you prefer to switch to the hands-on design, you can do so in a snap. Like, literally. This hands free dog leash features two padded handles for a comfortable and easy grip. As a bonus, this product comes with a waist pack. It’s a nifty little bag to store doggie treats, poop bags, and other small items.

06 Pet Dreamland Tangle-Free Dog Leash

Make jogging with your pooch a pain-free experience with this hands free dog leash from Pet Dreamland. It comes with a tangle-free swivel splitter to let your pet move freely without twisting the leash. You can also go from hands-on to hands-off with this hands free dog leash in just very quick steps. Want it longer? There’s a leash extender to give your canine pal a bit more space to move around.

This hands free dog leash is specifically designed for pet owners suffering from arthritis, tendonitis, arm hyperextension pain, and similar conditions. Jogging with two dogs? The Pet Dreamland dog leash makes it a breeze to do so!

  • Safe and easy to use, the Pet Dreamland leash is comfortable not just for the pooch but also for a human. It ensures a pain-free jogging experience for you and your canine buddy. This eliminates any tension on your wrist and back while ensuring full control of your pet.

07 Tuff Mutt Adjustable Hands Free Leash

How would you like to give more freedom for your and your pet during your jog? The Tuff Mutt leash actually lets your pet run beside or in front of you - and there’s no stepping on dear Fido’s heels accidentally. This hands free dog leash extends up to 5 feet long for ample space. Now, doesn’t that make your jog more fun while giving your pet the freedom to explore?

This hands free dog leash gives you a hands-free option without weighing you down. The metal clip slides smoothly along the belt to give you fluidity in every move. In case things get a little out of hand and your pet starts pulling, simply retract the length to gently control your dog. Easy-peasy!

  • Make every walk a more pleasurable experience for you and your pooch. The Tuff Mutt offers a secure way to leash up your pet while providing space to explore and enjoy the outdoors. Plus, it is retractable, too, making it easy for you to stay in control during tight situations.

08 EzyDog Bungee Leash

Handy and lightweight, this pet leash is suitable for training or running with your pet. It features an advanced technology shock-absorbing design to give you better control with optimum comfort. The neoprene handle has a glove-style design for an excellent grip. There is no way the leash can ever slip out of your hands.

An interesting plus point for this pet leash is the strap around the hand and thumb. Even if your hand gets a little sweaty, this does not minimize the grippy feature. It is comfortable and dependable to use for your outdoor adventures with your pet.

  • No need to shy away from using a leash on your pet - the EzyDog changes things up and makes it better. It is gentle on your skin even if your pooch starts to pull. As for the leash, it is retractable to maximum control of your dog.

09 iYoShop Dual Padded Comfortable Handles Retractable Leash

Sturdy and solid, the iYoShop leash is ideal for fur parents looking to jog with their pets. It offers a hands-free functionality to let you do your own thing while keeping in control of your pet. The leash also comes with a couple of extra handles to prevent nasty dog fights.

We also love the extra hooks added into the leash. You should easily attach doggy bags and what-not to keep these within arm’s reach. That’s functionality and practicality in one, well-made doggie leash!

  • Easy on the hand, yet highly capable during tough situations, this hands free dog leash is perfect for running with your pet. We also love the additional hooks for your pet’s essentials - super convenient!

Buyers Guide

Dog Leash for Running Buyer’s Guide

Leashes come in different shapes, sizes, and specifications.

How can you possibly choose one from a sea of options around? Here are essential features to look into.


Dog leashes vary in terms of the materials used. There’s nylon and leather, and a combination of these two. So, what’s the best one to choose? Leather is typically stronger than nylon but more expensive, too. But it is no match for pups that like to chew, so…

If you prefer a reasonably-priced, relatively durable, and practical leash, nylon is a smart choice. Go for a nylon leash with padding, so it is comfortable on your skin and on your pet’s neck. 


Some kind of a reflective strip is perfect for enhancing visibility when you are jogging with your pet at night.

Check for a reflective stitching throughout the entire length of the collar. This adds to the security feature of the leash, especially if you end up being out with your pet in areas with limited light sources. You can keep your dog protected and make them easily seen by motorists from afar.


What is the ideal length of a dog leash?

A short leash is ideal when you don’t want your active pooch wandering too far. This is particularly true when you are running with a young pup or a canine buddy with aggression issues. 

However, a longer leash provides a good distance for your canine buddy. This is perfect for running with your pooch while maintaining control during tight situations.

When jogging with your pet in the city, we recommend a 4-foot leash. This should give some freedom to your pet while keeping a good distance. On the other hand, a 6-foot long dog leash is great in suburban areas. Your dog will love exploring the open space and plenty of room to move about. 

If you want versatility in the dog leash, however, you may opt for an adjustable design. This makes it easy for you to extend or shorten the length. For instance, you want to go from obedience training your pet to running, then you can adjust the length accordingly.

When transitioning from a minimal traffic to a busy street, you will love the versatility that an adjustable dog leash offers. It is like having the best of both worlds - a short and long leash in one!


Back in the day, we know there’s only one way to hold a leash - with your hand.

While there are still dog leashes like that nowadays, that does not mean you have to subject yourself with such a limited feature.

You can get yourself a hands-free leash that lets you transition to a hands-on configuration. 

What’s great about a hands-free design is that you can let your pet explore the outdoors while giving you a chance to do your thing. Read a newspaper, mess around with your phone, fiddle with your headphones, while dear Fido runs and sniffs around. It’s all possible!

How does a hands-free leash actually work? It allows you to wrap the leash around your waist and secure it with a metal clasp. 

There’s one caveat, though:

A hands-free dog leash may not be too comfortable for fur parents with larger waists. Since you need to wrap the leash around the body, you need to find the perfect length of the leash. Check the size and measurement available for a hands-free dog leash to make sure it suits you perfectly.


As an added security feature, handles give you better control of the leash.

Expect your active dog to run around while out and about. Sometimes things can get even messy when little Fido is provoked by another pup around.

This is why handles are useful in this situation - you can easily draw your pet closer back to you and prevent a ramble with another dog. Handles are also perfect for maintaining control of your curious pup who may be eager to wander around unsafe areas.

Choose handles that are comfortable to the skin. Neoprene is a good material as it is soft and smooth. This prevents scratches on your skin in case your dog starts pulling vigorously. 

Clip Design

The clip is just as important as the leash itself. After all, how else can you keep the leash secure when you have a flimsy clip to rely on?

Look for a clip made from sturdy materials. We recommend stainless steel clips that are rust-free and weather-resistant. Brass is an equally good material, and you can never go wrong with these two types of clip.

Aside from the material, be sure the clip is easy to latch onto the leash. An easy-on and easy-off design saves you from unnecessary stress in trying to secure the leash with the clip.


The best dog leash for running is hard to come by.

But after taking a look at these great options, the OneisAll dog rules over the rest. It is heavy-duty, yet gentle on your hands and your pup’s skin. 

This is the leash you want to use when running with your pet. It has an adjustable length, retractable design and shock-absorbing features. OneisAll is definitely an all-in-one leash you can count on!

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