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Best Dog Monitor Cameras

The best dog monitor camera is Amazon Cloud Camera.

Are you constantly worried about your furniture with your pet being alone at home? Do you want to watch over your dog when you are away? The solution is at hand in the form of pet monitoring systems.

These are the best dog monitor cameras that are specially designed to monitor your dog’s daily activities when you are not around. They are a good addition to your smart home to keep the

Here we have reviewed 12 of the best dog monitors and cameras that help you remotely watch over your pet dog.

Budget Conscious Pick

Wyze Cam

Our Top Pick

Amazon Cloud Camera

Readers Pick

Arlo Pro

01 Amazon Cloud Camera

What can be more wonderful than to stay connected with your dog remotely and being able to watch over it from work or when travelling. The Amazon Cloud Camera gives you a full 1080p HD video which can be shared too with your friends and family.

Simply download the Cloud Cam app and connect the camera through the WIFI. You will get notifications for every activity that your dog takes and you will be able to access the clips anywhere.

Even at night you will be able to see your canine friend's activities by turning on the built-in night vision feature.

Your dog will never miss you because you can interact with it and even talk to it with its two-way audio functionality. If you own an Alexa device, sync the two together and coordinate with Alexa every time you want to see the live feed on your smart devices.

And the best part is that you can store video up to 24 hours for free on the cloud. The computer vision technology makes keeping an eye on your dog a breeze.

  • The Amazon Cloud Cam is our top pick because of the availability of free storage, its reliable performance, ease of setting up and usage. The pricing too is very reasonable considering that it's packed full of features. You can check on your home, kids and pets from your smartphone and computer sitting virtually anywhere.

Can you imagine how delightful it will be to monitor your dog and help your kids with their homework remotely. That's what the Wyze Camera is able to provide to homeowners.

It allows you to stream 1080p full HD live video to your smartphone or computer.

Similar to the Amazon Cloud Camera, this also comes with two-way audio and night vision. All these features at just ¼ the price. That is what makes it our budget pick.

  • The Wyze Cam is our budget pick because it has all the features of the more expensive brands and at just ¼ the price. You can control what you see on this dog monitor with Alexa and also zoom into any of your chosen area.

A wireless camera that works both indoors and outdoors and at night too, the Arlo HD camera is great to keep a watch over your pet even from a remote area. You can sync the device with Alexa to assist in your surveillance.

Your recording can be saved for 7 days in a free cloud account. You can highlight areas with activity that you want to receive alerts about your dog's whereabouts. You can even configure this to detect any unauthorized movement too. This way you will be alerted if any burglar enters and you can call the police immediately.

It is IP65 certified so the Arlo Pro can withstand heat, rain and snow effortlessly. One interesting feature that the Arlo Pro has is the 100+ decibel siren, which can configured to activate when any unwanted motion is detected.

  • A great functional wireless camera with a clean interface that alerts you every time they detect a motion; you know you are in safe hands with Arlo Pro camera.

04 Nest Security Camera

You can keep an eye not just on your pet dog but also your kids when you are in another time zone.

This interactive system will send you alerts when it detects any movement and you can sing a lullaby to your baby who has awaken in his sleep. And the best part is that you can customize which features need to be active and which you don't need.

It can be controlled with Alexa in case you have an Amazon smart device.

This Nest Monitor does make your home a place to feel safe and comfortable. It syncs with other smart devices in the house and makes your entire household one big smart space as it can control laundry, smart lights and many others smart devices.

  • If you have a smart home filled with smart devices, the Nest camera may be the right choice because it communicates with other smart devices and ensures your home is safe.

06 YI Dome Camera

When you want to settle for nothing but 360-degree coverage, the YI dome must become your first choice. It provides that complete coverage armored with a 112-degree glass lens that can rotate vertically 115 degrees and horizontally 345 degrees.

You can get live videos on your smartphone and when you set up favorite positions for your pooch's favorite spots so your furry friend is never away from your sight.

The camera is interactive due to its two way audio feature which allows you to listen on your dog's activity and also talk to it when needed. In case you have a baby sitter or someone to monitor your dog, you can ensure that they don't fall asleep and even if they do you can wake them up.

  • An easy to use interface makes this YI Dome user friendly. The special feature of this cam is that you can customize all settings according to your dog's movements.

07 TENVIS HD IP Camera

The use of high-tech optic lens ensures that all videos are crystal clear. This wireless camera has 32 ft range for night vision which is a huge blessing for dog owners with pets that have a habit of wandering off.

You can configure the WIFI easily in the device and use your cell phone to record videos.

It has 128GB storage space which means that you can store your recorded videos and access it wireless on your smartphone.

  • A straightforward camera which is easy to install and use. A notable feature is the Sound Wave Smart Connection which makes configuring via WIFI a breeze.

08 Zmodo Sight

A surveillance camera with a 180 degree viewing angle, the Zmodo sight provides clear and crisp live videos on the go.

This home surveillance webcam works well with Alexa and provides you with more control on what you see.

The two way audio reassures your dog that you are always nearby.

You can customize the alert modes according to your convenience into different modes such as “home” or “away” or “sleep” mode.

  • A simple no-frills camera the Zmodo has a remarkable 180 viewing angle giving you more insight into your pet's daily activities when you are away. It lacks free storage but has all other features available on more expensive models.

09 Vimtag P1 ULTRA IP

For a complete 360 coverage, you can also consider the Vimtag P1 which provides HD quality videos in any direction. Designed to be compatible with smartphones tablets and PCs, you can have live streams of your dog enjoying its time alone.

You can remotely pan or tilt the camera to follow your pooch around. With an expandable storage, simply get a microSD card to store all of your recorded videos seamlessly.

  • For a first timer this camera is a great choice because it provides an overall intuitive experience and is easy to use.

10 KAMTRON HD Monitor

When you want to know what is happening in every corner of your home during the day and night time, the Kamtron HD can be a good choice. It ensures that the videos are always broadcasted to you 24/7 and provides 360 degrees of coverage.

With it's two way audio, you can interact with your puppy and reassure it with your voice.

You can store all videos in the accompanying cloud service for rememberances. All videos are encrypted to prevent tampering.

  • You can monitor your puppy and your doggy from any device and anywhere once you download the app. The Kamtron is a reliable friend for those parents who need to work hard to keep the household running.

11 ANRAN Dome IP Camera

The wide-angle lens and built in microphone ensure that not only do you get complete coverage but you can also coo reassurances to your pets remotely.

This surveillance camera has excellent night vision and sensitive motion detectors that capture the slightest movement to alert you instantly.

  • Like any other dome camera, the dog monitor from ANRAN provides 1080 HD quality videos and allows interaction with your loved ones at an affordable price.

12 SereneLife Indoor Camera

When you seek serenity in life, the Serenelife wireless camera will come to your rescue. An easy to setup camera, this dog monitor will provide you with crystal clear videos of what your pet is up to.

You can guide your pet to use the built-in toy dispenser to get its treats or reprimand it when it doesn't behave.

The LED night sensors give you clarity when you check night videos. You can leave the night vision in automatic mode to let your smart camera decide when to switch infrared.

  • For a peaceful and stress-free life, simply make use of the Serenelife's dog monitor to keep track of your furry friend.

Buyers Guide

Pet Cameras Buyer's Guide

It is natural to feel concerned about your pooch when you are away.

While dog sitters and dog walkers are a big help, your presence and your voice will be missed by your furry friend. But with the help of pet cameras, you can keep on eye not only on the activities of the dog and ensure that it is safe. Apart from that, you are able to communicate with your pooch even from miles away.

What Is A Pet Camera?

A pet camera is essentially a camera that is installed in your house to monitor your dog when you are not around. It works similarly to a webcam and streams the video feed via the internet.

The live video feed of your dog can be streamed directly to your smartphone or PC. There are more expensive pet cameras with advanced functionalities such as treat dispensing.

Tips On Choosing Pet Cameras

The market is flooded with pet cameras but do you know which is the best of the lot? There are certain factors that you must consider when choosing a dog monitor. We have listed a few below help make the process easier for you.

  • Quality of Video: With internet readily available in most places, you have the option of getting the live video feed in a higher resolution. Our recommendation is to get a monitor with a resolution of 720p and higher.
  • Two Way Communication: It is not enough if you see your pet, you must be able to talk to it and hear it too. We suggestion getting a dog monitor that has an audio functionality. This way, you are able to talk and hear your pooch from the video feed too.
  • Night Vision: Your camera must be able to provide you with clear video feed even in low light conditions. A good quality monitor will have night vision capability with a minimum coverage of 20 feet.
  • Treat Dispenser: While not an essential, it is convenient if you have a dog monitor that doubles up as a treat dispenser too. This ensures that your dog is well taken care of even when you are away.
  • Weatherproof: Generally not required. Most pet cameras are placed indoors. Usually weatherproof options are more expensive, so avoid overpaying for this feature if possible.
  • Different Viewing Angles: There will be several blind spots that your dog can go it which is out of view from your dog monitor. The recommendation is to get one that is rotatable and not fixed. This allows you to view at various angles for a 360-degree view.
  • Storage Space: Not an essential feature too. Some dog owners might find it helpful to store video recordings for remembrance purposes. You can either choose a micro SD card or look for cloud storage. The capacity of either of the two is purely a personal choice. Some cameras come with cloud storage for others you need to purchase that service at an additional cost.
  • Motion & Sound Detection: Look for cameras that send you alerts when there is any movement by your dog in room. This saves you anxious moments of watching the monitor constantly. Some monitors are able to send you alerts when the sound level is higher than a certain decibel.

Why Should You Buy One?

Ask dog owners who have to stay away for long periods of time from their furry friends about the benefits of the monitor and they will gush how their lives have been transformed by this technology. Here are some reasons why you should definitely get one:

  • You can monitor your pet's safety from wherever you are
  • Check inappropriate behavior immediately
  • Deal with separation anxiety issues in your dog
  • Interact with them
  • Record videos for memories

Keep An Eye On Your Pooch!

From the guide we can see that our list comprises of 12 of the best pet cameras in the market.

Our top pick for the dog monitor is the Amazon Cloud Cam. This device has all the essential qualities of crystal-clear videos, free cloud storage, two way interactive system, motion detection and night vision. All these features are available at an affordable price, making it immensely popular among all pet parents.

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