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Best Dog Odor Spray

The best dog odor spray is Bio-Groom Groom N Fresh Cologne.

Sometimes, a good bath is not enough to tackle the nightmare that is dog odor. You might need a little help in the form of pooch deodorant to have them smelling nice and fresh. Here are the 7 best dog odor spray options on the market that you have to choose from.

Budget Conscious Pick

Bodhi Dog Pet Cologne

Our Top Pick

Bio-Groom Groom N Fresh Cologne

Readers Pick

Seamus Cherry Blossom Pet Daily Spritz

01 Bio-Groom Groom N Fresh Cologne

Our number one deodorizer is actually a dog perfume, and is popular among dog owners for its formulation. It is 100% a cologne and has no fillers or aerosol products. This means that you get quality for your investment, as a little goes a long way. Just give your pooch a few pumps around their coat and you are good to go.

In addition to being economical, the formulation makes it an excellent choice for the sake of both the dog and any person with aerosol allergies. It’s non-irritating, so you won’t have to suffer sniffles in pursuit of a nice-smelling dog.

The scent itself is pretty mild but very effective when it comes to keeping the dog smelling fresh between grooming sessions. It is therefore ideal if you don’t want your dog smelling like they fell into a mixing vat at a perfume factory. Sometimes less is more and our top pick definitely delivers.

  • A good dog odor spray should combine both effectiveness in masking odors and safety not only for the dog but also for the user. Our number one choice does not disappoint in this regard with the 100% cologne formulation and the mild yet effective scent. Just try it out and see for yourself.

02 Bodhi Dog Pet Cologne

Not very many people would argue with the sentiment that baby powder is one of the most calming scents there is. So imagine having your furry best buddy snuggle up to you smelling like warm and freshly-laundered baby clothes. This is the real definition of living the dream as a dog owner.

The best part is that the scent is strong enough to mask musky odors from your pooch. So while it may not be a substitute for good grooming, it will help you keep a handle on things before you are ready to have your doggy groomed again.

Something unique and worth appreciating about this alternative is the fact that the formula includes a coat conditioner. This will come in particularly handy when you are brushing your dog’s dry hair. That way, they not only smell fantastic, but also look pretty convincingly groomed and all this from one investment.

  • What’s not to like about this odor dog spray? It will have your furry baby smelling like a real baby. It helps you with hair management. And the best part is that it is super affordable and with all that you will be getting, it is definitely more than worth it.

03 Seamus Cherry Blossom Pet Daily Spritz

What stands out the most about the Seamus Cherry Blossom dog odor spray is its formulation. It is a water-based spritz that makes it lighter than oil-based and aerosol options. The formulation makes it ideal for dogs with sensitive skin. It is also nice and refreshing for the pooch, especially on those hot days.

In addition to the water-base, this alternative uses unique Liposome technology. This allows the scent to last longer on the dog’s skin and coat while still being effective. In fact, you can still smell the cherry blossom from one spritz a few days after you spray.

  • This is a great alternative if you do not want to keep spraying your dog every single day. With the special technology used, a few spritzes every other day should do the job.

04 Sofee & Co. Natural Dog Deodorizing Spray

This is worth looking into if you are big on all-natural products for your dog. Unlike many deodorant products on the market, the Sofee & Co. dog odor spray does not include ingredients like no parabens, sulfates, phthalates, mineral oils, or dyes.

Some of these ingredients have been shown to have negative effects on dogs ranging from mild irritation to issues like hair breakage. It is therefore an excellent alternative if you are shopping for a dog with sensitive skin. The formulation is very gentle on the skin and hair so you will not have to deal with harsh reactions.

  • As far as all-natural dog odor sprays are concerned, this is easily one of the best formulas out there with the lovely floral scents and the versatile formulation allowing use not only on the dog but on anything they touch.

05 Nature's Specialties Foo Foo Simply Plum Cologne

This pick has a cologne formulation and is worth looking into particularly if you favor fruity scent profiles for your dog. This one has a fresh and lively plum scent. This is definitely unique but it works superbly when it comes to cutting through the muskiness before your next grooming.

In addition to the unique scent, this pick allows you to play a part in environmental conservation with your purchase. This is through the use of non-toxic and biodegradable ingredients and packaging materials. You therefore get to have a fantastic-smelling pooch from an eco-friendly option. Sounds like a win-win for everyone.

  • If you want something a little livelier in terms of the scent profile, then this would be ideal for you and your dog with the strong but not overwhelming plum scent.

06 Designer Doggie CK-9 Cologne

This is the dog odor spray that you go for when you want something strong to fight powerful odors. It is particularly useful when it comes to dealing with wet dog smell or even muskiness from anal gland secretions. This is because the formulation includes concentrated fragrances. As a result, you need very little product for a noticeable effect.

Something else very interesting you have to look forward to from this alternative is that it was formulated to mimic designer human colognes. Therefore, you could consider this as an option if you want a bold scent that will have your dog standing out.

  • There is no reason your dog shouldn’t smell like a superstar so if you are up for a bit of that pizzazz then this is the alternative for you and your furry bestie.

07 Fresh N Clean Fresh Floral Scent Cologne Spray

This alternative stands out on our list with the aerosol formulation. The design allows wider spread of the fragrance particles coating both the skin and the fur on the dog. This makes the dog odor spray last significantly longer than many other options on the market.

In fact, many dog owners like it for its ability to help develop a long-lasting scent for your dog. This means there will still be an essence of the fragrance on your pooch even after their groomed. Now that is how you help your dog make a statement by getting them their very own signature scent. One that you actually like.

  • You will undoubtedly enjoy the long lasting effects on this option and you can use it any time between your dog’s grooming sessions to keep them smelling really nice.

Buyers Guide

Dog Odor Spray Buyer’s Guide

Shopping for a dog spray for your pooch is actually in a lot of ways similar to shopping for a scent for yourself. It is important that you settle for something whose smell you can actually stand because the dog honestly couldn’t be bothered if they smelled fruity, flowery, or spicy.

However, you still need to take the dog’s needs into consideration when making your decision. In the sections below, we will discuss some of these needs and other important considerations you should make when shopping for the best dog odor spray. That way you get something that everyone will be happy with.

Longevity Offered

When it comes to dog odor sprays, the longer one spritz lasts the better the value you get. This means that it takes less to have your dog smelling good. A lot of these products come in small package sizes of 8-12 oz. That is not a whole lot of product unless you are working with a really good formula that is designed to last long.

As such, only a small amount every now and then is needed to keep your dog smelling decent and cuddle-able. I mean the last thing you want is to keep spraying your dog every single day. It will not be fun for your pooch. It will not be fun for you. And it will definitely not be fun for your wallet.

100% cologne formulas with strong and concentrated extracts like our top pick will not let you down. Some aerosols also work in this case offering long term cover for better value. Finally, you could consider options with special technology where the fragrance particles are designed to last longer on the coat and disperse the nice scent over time. Whatever the case, the bottom line remains that longevity should be a major priority.

The Scent Profile

This refers to what your dog will smell like from the spray. One of the most popular options is the floral scent profiles. This could be a specific flower in which case lavender, rose and cherry blossom are the most popular with dog owners. However, you could also find odor dog sprays that come with combinations. These are usually mild and fantastic if you don’t want something that will choke you or your dog.

You could also go with something fruity like plum, mango or even citrus. These tones are usually sharper and fresher. They are therefore wonderful when dealing with powerful dog odors as they sort of cut through the stench leaving freshness in their wake. This is the same case with spicy fragrances like cinnamon although they are not very common.

Finally, you could get a dog odor spray that combines different tones for something bolder and more unique. You could go for one of these if for some reason you do not like any of the ordinary stand-alone scents.

The Pet Friendliness Of The Ingredients Used

This stuff will be left on your dog’s skin for a while until you give them their next bath. It will most likely somehow get ingested as they lick themselves. It might even get into their airways especially while spraying.

With so much at stake in terms of their health, you want to make sure that you only settle for dog perfumes that are safe for the animal. In this case, you can never go wrong with all-natural and water-based formulations. These get the job done without exposing your pooch to chemical additives that may end up doing more harm than good.

Non-natural options could also be pet-friendly depending on the formulation. Just make sure to look out for ingredients like alcohol and parabens. You could also go through the reviews sections to see whether any other pet owners who used the product had their dogs experience any unwanted side effects.

Aerosol VS Liquid Spray

There are many different formulation styles when it comes to dog odor sprays. They can be broadly classified as either simple liquids or aerosol sprays.

Liquids are usually either 100% cologne or water-based fragrances that are often lighter. They are free from propellant compounds that may sometimes cause irritation for the dog. These formulations are also often more concentrated so you do not need to use too much product to get the desired effect. Finally, they are fantastic for sensitive dog skin as they are not harsh.

Aerosols, on the other hand, include propellant materials that create the fine particle effect. This has the benefit of better dispersal of the fragrance over the dog’s coat. They therefore help you use your bottle economically by spreading the particles over a large space with just one spritz.

Each option has something to offer. The cologne and water-based options are objectively better and safer for the pooch. However, the aerosols also have their set of pros. It all boils down to your personal preferences.

Multiple Functionality

Your dog is obviously your number one priority when you are shopping for the odor sprays. However, it doesn’t hurt to get the most out of your investment by settling for something that will serve you in more ways than one. This is the case with multi-purpose dog sprays.

They are formulated for safe use not only on the dog’s skin and fur but also on their accessories. This could be anything from the dog bed and lounge mat to car seat. The main benefit here is having continuity in the odor control. Otherwise you will have a nice-smelling pooch hanging out on a smelly old couch mat only to nullify your efforts and have you using up more product than you need to.

The Packaging

Here, we are talking specifically about clear bottles vs opaque ones. Technically, this is not a make or break consideration to make when shopping for a dog odor spray. However, it could make your life more convenient so it would be a nice bonus specification to look out for.

Clear bottles help you keep an eye on your usage rate for the product. You are therefore able to tell when the time to replace the spray is just around the corner as opposed to taking your chances with the shake-the-bottle technique.

Again, this is not a do-or-die feature. But convenience is always key. So if all the other factors add up, having a clear bottle is always going to be a fun bonus.


When showers just don’t seem to cut it anymore, you will have to invest in a good dog odor spray. The good news is that you now have an idea of what is out there and what different brands have to offer you and your beloved dog so shopping should be a bit easier.

Our buyer’s guide will also come in handy allowing you to understand the implications of each feature and specifications so that you make the best possible decision.  With all this in mind, it is not so hard to see why our top pick landed its spot. It is a wonderful spray that smells really awesome and that your dog will actually enjoy wearing as well.

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