Best Dog Playpens
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Best Dog Playpens

The best dog playpen is IRIS Pet Playpen With Door.

Let me guess:

Are you a new pet parent and struggling to keep your porcelain vases, fragile kitchenware and leather couches safe from the nails and bite marks? There’s nothing more destructive to your furniture than a hyperactive dog that has nowhere to expand its endless energy.

Don’t fret, there is a solution.

A dog playpen is exactly what you need! Dog owners often buy playpens to ensure that while their pets are always at ease and enjoy a good amount of freedom, they don’t end up messing with furniture or valuable showpieces at home.

If you are on the hunt for the best dog playpen, you have arrived at the right place because we are here to help find the perfect one for you.

Budget Conscious Pick

MidWest Exercise Pen

Our Top Pick

IRIS Pet Playpen With Door

Readers Pick

ESK Collection 45” Pet Puppy Dog Playpen

01 IRIS Pet Playpen With Door

Let's be honest.

Dog playpens can almost be an investment and if we are looking at raising puppies to adult dogs, a playpen that accommodate all sizes would be the perfect choice. This would mean that you no longer need to invest in yet another playpen when your puppy grows up and don't we all know how fast these puppies grow?

That's right. You need a playpen that can accommodate both puppies and adult dogs!

The IRIS Pet Playpen With Door that is large yet safe enough for both your puppies and your adult dogs.

If you have other pet animals, this playpen is equipped to handle them as well. The best feature of this playpen is the fact that it can be used both indoors as well as outdoors. The pet pen is built of durable plastic. It also features double steel door latches to ensure enhanced security.

As if that's not enough:

The playpen is clearly built for durability.

It has been made of high-quality molded plastic that will not rust and last for years even with regular use.

To enhance the security features, this playpen's full-length connecting rods interlock securely, keeping your pet completely out of danger. What's more, the play pen can be positioned differently each time as per your pet's preferences. Yet another great feature of this playpen is the addition of non-skid rubber feet to all 4 panels so that your carpeted floors can be protected.

We recommend this product because of the safety it provides while also offering enough space for your pets to play around or train and the durability that its make promises.

  • Portable and thus can be used indoors as well as outdoors.

  • Enhanced security features.

  • Easily accommodates all sizes.

  • Might not be suitable for very large dogs.

02 MidWest Exercise Pen

Pets need activities and exercise as much as humans do and there is no doubt about the fact that a well-exercised pet looks happy and healthy.

But you are probably thinking: "How do I provide a safe and comfortable environment for my pets to exercise?"

For those pets that require more confinement than others, you need spacious enclosures wherein they can cherish their sense of freedom without posing a risk to the surroundings or him.

Good news.

To keep those muscles working and to maintain proper health, the MidWest Exercise Pen is your perfect solution. MidWest playpens generally offer a wide range of varieties as far as design and pattern in concerned. However, the one that caught our fancy was the black Electro-coat finish exercise pen that spells durability and is easy on the pocket.

Often, a product that is affordable loses a couple of points in the field of appearances. However, this playpen is as attractive as any expensive model with similar features could be. With eight 2-feet wide panels, you can configure this playpen in a number of ways.

It gets better:

Each pen can give you a massive enclosure of 16-sq ft after assembly. Assembly itself takes a few seconds. If you are already worrying about storage, let us tell you that it folds flat to offer the most convenient storage ever.

As if that is not enough:

The black e-coat finish on the playpen ensures that it provides long-lasting protection from rust and natural elements, thereby, assuring durability as well.

If you need to use this playpen outdoors, the 8 ground anchors will help you set it up and stabilize without any hassle. The ground anchors keep the playpen steady and your dog enclosed in public areas securely, allowing you to enjoy the sun in peace. This is also an indicator that the playpen is perfect for travel or transport since easy storage and ground stakes point to portability.

To enhance security and protection, there are optional pen tops available. You can choose a wire mesh top or a sunscreen top as per your preference.

We recommend this product because it caters to all the needs of a good playpen; it is durable, easy to assemble, portable and provides enough space to your canines.

  • Very sturdy and durable built.

  • Fully collapsible for compact storage.

  • Suits most dogs (24” to 48” in height)

  • Always lock the welding clamps, or it could cause injury to your pets.

03 ESK Collection 45” Pet Puppy Dog Playpen

A mesh playpen?

Now that's something new. If you thought that a mesh playpen will not be safe enough for your puppies and dogs, then you must take a look at the ESK Collection 45” Pet Puppy Dog Playpen.

Here's more:

This playpen has been built to ensure maximum protection for your furry friends as they run around and have fun within a safe enclosure. While they train or exercise their sense of freedom, you can keep an eye on them, thanks to the mesh screens that are on the sides as well as on the top of the playpen.

How often have you wished that you had a playpen that you can take along on vacations, short trips or while shifting to a new house?

We all know that feeling.

If that has often been on your mind, you finally have one less thing to worry about. This playpen has been designed keeping in mind the need to travel and shift without having to leave behind things that have been invested in.

The playpen can be easily assembled and taking it down also takes a few seconds. This eases the hassles before and during travel.

Easy storage makes a playpen very popular because we always look forward to taking along our pet's familiar toys, objects to help him/her adjust to new places easily.

This playpen comes along with a travel tote that can easily accommodate the entire unit so that your pet can have a safe contained area to play wherever you go. The travel tote features storage compartments on the sides to keep your pet's toys and supplies at hand and you can reach out to them if your pet gets shifty, uncomfortable or cranky during travel.

We often hear reviews where users are concerned about cleaning and maintaining mesh playpens. However, while reviewing this product, all we heard was how easy the fabric is to clean. It also has a removable bottom to make washing easier than ever before.

The fabric is quite durable according to experienced users. The most important safety feature is the inclusion of zippers for the bottom as well as the top mesh panels. This prevents your pet from making quick escapes.

We recommend this playpen because of the portability factor that allows your pet to feel comfortable wherever you go because you can carry the pen along.

  • The zippers on the mesh panels enhance security.

  • Durable & Waterproof.

  • Easy to clean.

  • Zippers quality could be sturdier as it is prone to breakage.

04 PET4FUN 35” Portable Heavy Duty Playpen

If you have a highly active pet at home, then there is no doubt about the fact that you desperately need an enclosed space to save your home from turning into a mess.

The PET4FUN 35” Portable Animal Playpen is a durable and heavy duty construction. This playpen yard can accommodate the most notorious canines ever.

Coming to its installation, it promises a zero hassle setup. The heavy duty steel wire frame does not require any tool to setup and can be stored easily in seconds.

It gets better:

The base has a specialized nano-coating application that makes it water resistant and quite easy to clean and maintain. Even if the surface is damp or the weather has not been favorable lately, you can let your pets play around within the pen without worrying about them catching a cold.

And we don't just stop there:

The doors and entries deserve special mention because they are designed for ultimate security. The playpen features 4 double-zippered doors along with Velcro tapes that allow you to seal or open the doors at your convenience.

This mesh panel has 8 sides made of steel wire mesh that facilitate three significant things:

  • Visibility
  • Comfort
  • Ventilation

The cover is designed uniquely to provide half area of shade and half air-flow netting that allows better ventilation, bearable temperature, proper shade and security.

The panels of the playpen have built-in side pockets with covers to keep favorite snacks and toys within reach. A water dispenser cutout has been provided to let your pets drink water even inside the playpen. A convenient carrying travel bag makes storage and storage seem possible. The playpen also comes along with 4 grounding metal stakes that make it convenient to be used outdoors.

We recommend this playpen because of the enhanced security features, easy assembly and durable make that helps the most rebellious pets stay put and enjoy inside.

  • Heavy duty frame.

  • Enhanced security features.

  • The material mesh could be chewed through.

05 Prevue Pet Products Multi-Color Small Pet Playpen

How many products have you come across that are an instant hit with your pets?

Here's one:

The Prevue Pet Products Multi-Color Small Pet Playpen is one that your canines will take a liking to instantly. It's a simple, no-frills pet playpen that will keep your pet occupied for longer durations.

This playpen is equipped to accommodate smaller dogs and puppies and is ideal for smaller animals like hamsters and gerbils. It is made of durable plastic but you will not have to worry about your teething pet chewing its way out of it or getting exposed to toxic materials. The plastic is non-toxic, durable and absolutely safe to be used by teething animals.

There are 8 panels in total and the play area is a whopping 36 inches that let your smaller pets enjoy their outdoor time to the maximum. Smaller pets need a lot of time to adjust to new surroundings, especially if we talk about playpens. As pet owners, we have to do what we can to make their environment as friendly and cheerful as possible.

What's more?

This playpen at hand ensures that your beloved friends will find settling in extremely convenient. You can even keep track of your little ones to make sure that they are always safe.

We recommend this playpen because our smaller pets deserve an enclosure that gives them a sense of familiarity and fun that this playpen effortlessly manages to do.

  • Ideal for smaller animals.

  • Most affordable option.

  • Made from non-toxic plastic.

  • Not suitable for adult dogs or larger animals.

  • You would definitely have to change playpens as soon as your pet starts growing up because they can easily jump out of it.

06 Parkland Pet Portable Exercise Pen

A lot of pet owners have come up to us asking for recommendations for a playpen that can be used both indoors and outdoors.

While we have already reviewed a couple of them above, the Parkland Pet Portable Exercise Pen is equipped with features that make it the most suitable product for traveling, camping and trekking with your furry friends.

It is built to keep your pets safe both indoors and outdoors. So if you are planning a camping trip anytime soon but are unsure of whether you could take your pet along, then discovering this playpen will bring an instant smile to your face. It does not require any assembly and can be set up in seconds. On adventurous trips, the basic criterion is to be minimalistic as far as luggage is concerned. This playpen can be folded back flat when you are not using it and stored in the least of spaces.

You can carry this exercise pen without adding much weight to your baggage because it is extremely lightweight. However, a lot of lightweight playpens tend to wear out during travel and such but this one is durable enough to take as much travel as you intend to do.

To make accessibility easier for you, it has a zippered top that you can unzip and seal at your own convenience. The front door is zippered to let your pets walk in and out as per their convenience.

The mesh panels make the playpen well ventilated, thus allowing fresh airflow in and out. It also enhances visibility so that you can keep a check on what your little ones are up to. They can also have an unrestricted view of their surroundings. The material is quite easy to clean and is durable at the same time.

We recommend this playpen because of the sheer convenience it offers to travelers and frequent campers while carrying their pets along to unfamiliar and new surroundings.

  • Folds easily and stores well.

  • Lightweight.

  • Allows fresh airflow.

  • This playpen is unsuitable for teething dogs because they might chew their way out of it.

07 Etna Pet Portable Foldable Playpen

For those of you who have always dreamt of giving your pet a life-size tent to play in, the Etna Pet Portable Foldable Playpen is like a dream come true. Your pets are guaranteed to take an instant liking to this visually appealing playpen, so much so that you could almost call it your pet's second home.

It is large, spacious and beautiful and it had bowled us over the first time we came across it. Staying close to the essential features of a playpen, this unit is very easy to set up and as easy to disassemble. It makes shifting, traveling and camping with your pet seem possible because it will not add to your baggage or make it extra heavy.

The playpen comes along with a travel tote that you can carry on all your trips. This makes it easier for your pet to adjust to newer surroundings. It can play within the safe and enclosed area and feel comfortable. You can use this playpen both indoors as well as outdoors. The loops on the bottom can be stakes into the ground while using outdoors.

Since it is difficult to predict the weather of camping destinations, this playpen with its water resistant and washable base relieves you of worrying too much. The top zippers and the front zippered door make it convenient and accessible.

You can now personalize this tent by adding your pet's blankets, toys and even board books to help them settle in.

We recommend this playpen because of its portability, security and visual appeal.

  • Affordable.

  • Multiple doors to allow easy access.

  • Durability could be improved.

08 BestPet 2 Door Pet Wire Cage


If you are on a budget, then the BestPet 2 Door Pet Wire Cage is perfect for you at a reasonable price.

The frame might not be as strong and sturdy as its counterparts, but it is still reliable and durable.

The most significant feature of this playpen is the fact that there are two doors for easy accessibility. Your puppy can enter and exit at his/her own disposal. If you are concerned about your bigger or more playful pet toppling it over while inside it, adding some reinforcements will work.

This hardly takes up much room when folded and stores easily. Even when it is completely assembled, it does not occupy too much space in your room or backyard. This is great news for all those of you who have restricted space to offer to their pets.

The metal playpen has been carefully built to ensure that there are no rough or rugged edges that could hurt your pet. The finish and the coating on the playpen will go a long way to ensure that it does not rust or corrode. When completely assembled, it is capable of providing 48 inches of space to your pet to play around.

We recommend this playpen because it is highly affordable and with the features it is equipped with; it is clearly a steal.

  • Easy to assemble.

  • Water resistant base.

  • This playpen is not equipped to handle teething dogs.

09 BestPet Heavy Duty Playpen

Our second last recommendation is the BestPet Heavy Duty Playpen that can be used both indoors as well as outdoors when you want to protect and contain your pets in a safe environment.

This is high enough at 40" for your taller pets to stay inside without being able to jump off the rails. It will provide ample protection to active dogs as far as height and material are concerned.

The sturdy material is equipped to handle boisterous pets that tend to stay active throughout their time inside the playpen. You can now leave behind your larger dogs without worrying about them escaping.

What's more?

It also offers you convenient storage options because it folds flat and is portable enough to carry while traveling. The best feature of this playpen is the fact that it can be put together to form any shape or pattern that your pet is comfortable with. You can also add additional crates in different shapes to make it more spacious.

The playpen is made of galvanized steel that is rust-resistant and highly durable. We recommend this playpen because it is your one-stop solution for active and larger breeds of dogs that are otherwise quite difficult to contain.

  • Easy to assemble

  • Water resistant base

  • Heavy duty frame

  • This playpen is not equipped to handle teething dogs.

10 Richell Convertible High Pet Playpen

If you thought that only metal and metal can make a good playpen, think again! The Richell Convertible High Pet Playpen is made of high-quality durable plastic that can be used indoors as well as outdoors. This is a versatile product because it can be used a gate, a divider and finally as a playpen.

It's self-locking doors help your pet to enter and exit the pen easily and it also offers easy access to you when you need to join your pet for games and play.

The panel has been designed for different size configurations. They are also locked in place at 90, 120 and 180 degrees by specially designed caps to provided extra stability.

The entire unit is easy to assemble and requires no tool for assembly. It is also quite easy to clean and maintain.

We recommend this product because of its versatility and added stability.

  • Can be used in a number of ways, hence versatile.

  • Easy assembly.

  • Enhanced stability.

  • The playpen could do with one more latch for added security.

Buyers Guide

How We Found The Best and Reviewed Them

We have been pet lovers and our journey began a decade back when we realized how immensely reviews of pet supplies can help new and experienced pet parents alike.

Let us explain:

It took us some time to understand the industry and once we got a hold on it, we started with pet carrier, collars, grooming accessories, pet toys and extended our research to pet playpens and beds as well. Since then, we have been reviewing only the best products in the market and presenting them in the form of articles along with comprehensive buyer's guides.

It gets better.

Now how do we choose the best of products and review them? Instead of relying on second-hand information, we take the responsibility of researching current market trends. Once we retrieve the list of the most popular products, we review them at our end. We have a buyer's guide to ensure that the products we review fall under the category and specifications of the guide.

Not convinced yet?

To strengthen our reviews, we closely follow users on Amazon. We are all aware of how Amazon customers review products without bias and that helps our research to a great extent. You can trust us to provide you reliable, valid and effective solutions to all your playpen queries.

Buyers Guide – Playpens for Dogs

When we bring home a new furry friend, what is the first thing that we look for?

A safe and spacious enclosure that will give them a sense of freedom while preventing accidents of any kind is what we all hunt for in the initial days.

However, we have seen a lot of our friends in the past, struggling to find an enclosure that is the best of both worlds. Their older pets would develop a sort of rivalry and try attacking the newer ones, the new pets would hardly learn much in apprehension and they would regret adding new members to their family of canines.

Apart from these reasons, there are other factors like dogs playing alone and exercising safely. These dog playpens double up as an exercise pen  for your dogs to engage in their daily active lifestyle and stay healthy in a safe and enclosed area that is convenient for dog owners to monitor.

Now that we have reviewed our top playpens for you, we are sure you are brimming with questions already. In order to help you tally the essential features of a dog playpen, we have included a buyer's guide in this article with everything you need to know before and while choosing the best dog playpen.

What Are Some Factors You Should Take Note Of?

Before you begin your hunt, there are a few decisive factors that you must look into. These will go on to decide how comfortable your dog is inside the playpen. Listed below are the quintessential pointers:

  • Play Pen Size
  • Play Pen Materials
  • Play Pen Weight
  • Play Pen Covers
  • Stabilizers
  • Ground Stakes
  • Accessories

Do I Really Need A Dog Playpen?

So do you really need one?

Trust us, we have all been there.

Yes, you would need a dog playpen if you fall under any one of these categories!

  • If you have a young puppy at home that has not been trained yet.
  • If you have multiple pooches at home.
  •  If you want your canine companion to train/play/exercise outdoors.
  • If you are worried about your dog breaking/messing up things indoors.
  • If you are concerned about your dog's safety.

Unlike popular thought, dog playpens are not simply required for free play, although, that itself is a factor good enough to invest in one. It is imperative to train your pet early in life because it benefits you as well as your dog in the longer run. To be able to train your pet efficiently, you need an unhindered and safe enclosure within which you can contain him/her for faster results.

For all those who are unaware, dog playpens are healthier and safer alternatives to crates. Playpens can ensure that your dog is getting his/her daily dose of exercise while staying safe. If you have added one or more dogs to your family of canines, you can expect the initial rivalry to disrupt your training schedules. A playpen helps keep your pets separated in safer zones till acclimatization sets in.

What's more, playpens are made of more durable materials that include plastic, metal and mesh and can be used for longer durations than your average dog crate can claim to. If you are worried about your dog settling in, there is good news for you because most playpens have flexible designs that allow them to be set up as per your pet's preferences that include varying shapes and sizes. There are playpens that can be connected together to build a larger playpen for more space.

We hope we could convince you to get that playpen right away but do you know what to look for in a playpen yet? Let us guide you on that.

Factor 1: Size of the Playpen

This is by far the most important consideration while you are out and about to buy a dog playpen. While a wider playpen will accommodate more efficiently, it will not always be the wisest choice without considering the space in your backyard or your living room. Get all your measurements before embarking on the hunt. If you have restricted space, then we would recommend buying a playpen that can be extended with detachable segments. You can put these segments together as per your pet's preference and can reduce or increase space as and when required.

The height of the playpen is also an important consideration. While puppies can stay enclosed in a playpen that is only a few feet high, larger dogs could easily jump out of lower playpens. However, if you plan to invest in a playpen high enough four your bigger babies to stay put, you should be open to compromising on the portability factor. The higher the playpen, the less portable it becomes.

Factor 2: What Is The Playpen Made Of?

The three basic materials that a playpen is generally made of are metal, plastic or mesh. Let us take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of each one of them.


Plastic pens are advantageous in terms of price, durability and portability. They are also popular because of the fact that they are safer for your floors and for your pets because of no sharp edges etc. However, if you have a teething puppy, you should avoid plastic pens because your dog could chew his way out of it.


There is no doubt about the fact that metal playpens are more durable and more expensive at the same time. They are also less portable and could lead to scratches on your floor. They could be qualitatively better than plastic pens but only if they have been built well.


Mesh pens are your go to if all you want in a playpen is portability and an ease of environment. However, they are absolutely unsuitable for teething puppies and could also be quite difficult to clean.

Factor 3: How Heavy Is The Playpen?

If you are more likely to use your playpen indoors, then its weight is significant before purchase. While heavier playpens could mean more durability, they could highly bring down the portability factor. Moving around heavier playpens could only mean discomfort and hassles for the owner in you.

Factor 4: Does It Have Stabilizers?

While using the playpen indoors, using stabilizers could protect your floor from scratches and also prevent the playpen itself from being pushed around all too easily by your active friend in motion.

Factor 5: Ground Stakes?

Ground stakes are the outdoor equivalent of stabilizers. They will hold the playpen in place while your furry friends do their best to test the limits of their surroundings.

Factor 6: Breed Of Your Dog?

Different breeds of dogs react differently to pens and cages. Needless to say, all breeds have their characteristic traits and preferences. Before you plan to put your pooches or puppies inside a pen, make every effort to find out their comfort level. While some might prefer a metal pen, another might love a lightweight mesh pen. They might also have differences in terms of pattern and build. This is where the real research lies.

Factor 7: What Accessories Does It Come With?

Accessories are to a dog in a playpen as plush toys are to a baby in a cot. They will help the acclimatization process and also assist in calming down younger puppies that are yet to be trained. You can have dog toys, dog books, dog food etc that come along with the package and that can make the deal way more interesting.

Final Words – Playpens provide dogs with a safe environment!

Dog playpens should ideally be designed in a way that makes your furry friends want to spend as much time as possible and in a safe environment.

A playpen that goes on to become your dog's second home is what you should invest in and buy. We have provided you the list of best products in the market and have reviewed them for you so that taking the final call comes to you effortlessly.

Find your pick and order one right away to allow your pet unlimited hours of free yet safe play.

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