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Best Dog Rugs

The best dog rug is Gorilla Grip Original Indoor Durable Chenille Doormat.

Remember the last time you found an unpleasant surprise buried inside your state-of-the-art, looped and fluffy rug? Well, being a dog parent and having a high-maintenance rug is a perilous pairing.

You will need the best dog rugs to guarantee your unscathed escape from the chore of cleaning up the rugs or to prevent their destruction by your dear canine friend. Luckily, the modern market offers many stylish yet dog-friendly rugs.

Budget Conscious Pick

Furhaven Pet Dog Bed Mat

Our Top Pick

Gorilla Grip Original Indoor Durable Chenille Doormat

Readers Pick

MAYSHINE Absorbent Microfiber Chenille Doormat

01 Gorilla Grip Original Indoor Durable Chenille Doormat

Manufactured with recycled materials, the Gorilla Grip Original Indoor Durable Chenille Doormat is a low-profile rug specifically designed for high-traffic areas. Its extremely absorbent top layer features patterned grooves that efficiently traps both mud and moisture. The underside is made of strong, sturdy and highly-durable TP rubber.

Stylish, available in a plethora of colors and designs and measuring 60’’x36’’, this multipurpose rug is suitable for doorways, entryways, garages and mud rooms.  It is good for any area vulnerable to dirt, mud and moisture. In addition, the rug is soft, plush and comfortable enough to be stepped on with bare feet. 

Classified as low maintenance, the rug is stain resistant and can be easily cleaned with a broom or a vacuum cleaner. It can even be machine-washed on cold with a gentle detergent and either tumble dried or dried on low heat. Last but not least, the 10-year no questions asked guarantee ensures durability.

  • Extra-absorbable and designed to successfully withstand the test of time, the Gorilla Grip Original Indoor Durable Chenille Doormat is perfect for defeating your pouch’s muddy paws. Moreover, made of mostly recycled materials, this stylish doggy mat is labeled as environmentally friendly.

02 Furhaven Pet Dog Bed Mat

Specifically designed to absorb water and moisture and to trap your canine’s debris, the Furhaven Pet Dog Bed Mat is a well-insulated and self-warming pet bed mat. Made of high-quality microfiber chenille fingers, its extremely soft surface is gentle on the paws and nose thus allowing comfortable sleeping and playing.

This rug is the ideal choice if dealing with dirty and wet paws. Because of its high absorbability power, it is suitable to be placed under your pouch’s feeding and drinking bowls. What is more, it can also be used during car rides to protect the backseat, trunk and floor thus ensuring dirt-free journeys.

The mat is fully machine-washable and therefore easy to maintain and keep clean. Available in many different colors and dimensions, the mat will definitely suit both your interior and needs. Last but not least, it comes at an affordable price.

  • The Furhaven Pet Dog Bed Mat is perfect for dealing with canine-caused dirt and moisture. It is manufactured to be highly-absorbable and durable while providing a high comfort level. However, it should be emphasized that this mat is not designed for dogs prone to biting and puppies with teething behavior.

03 MAYSHINE Absorbent Microfiber Chenille Doormat

The MAYSHINE Absorbent Microfiber Chenille Doormat is manufactured to fulfill two purposes - trapping dirt and providing comfort. Featuring specifically designed and intertwined microfiber shags, the rug has particularly strong water-absorbent ability. The soft top surface is enriched with a 6mm thick foam layer that ensures comfort and relief. The bottom is made of non slip and high quality PVC material whose anti-skid feature provides safety.

This low-maintenance rug can be either hand or machine washed. Anyway it is extremely easy to keep clean and because of the high-quality manufacturing process you do not need to worry about fiber-dropping.

  • The MAYSHINE Absorbent Microfiber Chenille Doormat is suitable for dog parents that want to keep their floors clean and dry. This doormat is not only efficient when it comes to absorbing water but it is also plush and comfortable to step on.

04 Soggy Doggy Doormat Dirty Dog Doormat

The Soggy Doggy Doormat Dirty Dog Doormat is a super-absorbent rug designed specifically for dogs prone to getting dirty paws. When compared to other similar products, it is much more efficient because it is capable of absorbing 5 times more water. Simply put, this rug absorbs both water and dirt like a sponge. 

It features a top layer made of microfiber chenille fingers and a bottom layer made of high-quality, anti-skid material. Although velvety-soft at touch, this rug is exceptionally durable.

The rug is available in several different colors with or without a dog bone design. Last but not least, the rug can be both machine washed and dried which makes it easy to maintain.

  • Since it can hold 7 times its weight in water, the Soggy Doggy Doormat Dirty Dog Doormat is ideal for dog parents whose babies tend to get dirty. Plus, its stylish design can easily fit in any interior.

05 NJSBYL Dog Area Rug

The NJSBYL Dog Area Rug is a multipurpose dog mat capable of efficient water absorption and trapping mud and dirt. It is made of soft microfiber top layer and an non slip backing. Featuring a heavy and non skid backing this multipurpose rug is suitable for otherwise slippery floors like bathrooms and kitchens.

This high-end rug is available in several different sizes as well as in several different colors. It can be machine washed and then tumble dried. However, to ensure durability, it should not be bleached, ironed or dry-cleaned.

  • The NJSBYL Dog Area Rug offers instantaneous water absorption and is ideal for households with canine babies. This multipurpose rug can be used safely on different floor types. In addition, it is available in different colors.

06 Internet's Best Chenille Dog Mat

With microfiber bristles that efficiently trap dirt and mud from your pouch’s dirty paws, the Internet's Best Chenille Dog Mat is specifically designed to keep your floors clean and dry.  The top layer is highly water-absorbable while being soft and comfortable. The rug’s bottom is made of non-skid material that ensures the rug will stay in its place. Therefore, the rug can be used on different floor types from vinyl to tiles without fear of slipping.

This completely machine-washable dog mat is extremely easy to clean and maintain. It is available in tan color and in several different dimensions.

  • The Internet's Best Chenille Dog Mat is an extra-absorbent and extremely durable rug that ensures clean and dry floors. Plus, this multipurpose rug can be used as a soft and comfortable sleeping area.

07 Dog Gone Smart Dirty Dog Doormat

The Dog Gone Smart Dirty Dog Doormat has an extreme absorption rate and a unique and heavy gripper non-skid backing. Plus the rug’s microfiber strands tend to dry really quickly – even five times faster than similar rugs. Its double basting and stitching ensure durability as well as long lasting use.

Available in four different sizes and several different colors with paw design, this rug will definitely complement your overall interior design. Last but not least, the rug is low-maintenance and easy to clean - all you need to do is just throw it in the washing machine.

  • The Dog Gone Smart Dirty Dog Doormat soaks up water, dirt and mud almost instantly. The rug can be used almost everywhere – in cars, on doorways, in bathrooms, in crates, under food and water bowls.

Buyers Guide

Rugs For Dogs Buyer’s Guide

Dogs and rugs - a tricky combination   

Dogs and rugs are not a good combination because of several reasons. First of all, dogs accumulate grease, mud and dirt on their paws and then distribute them all over your house. However, if distributed on tiles they can be easily cleaned but if distributed on a rug, the cleaning process is much more demanding.

Then, dogs enjoy chewing on the rug’s threads which is not only messy and unpleasant to look at but also poses a choking hazard and can even lead to intestinal blockage.

It is no secret that all dogs shed, some more than others, but ultimately they all shed. The shed hairs stuck into the rug’s piles and are extremely hard to eliminate.

Even the most well-trained dogs can make a mistake and either pee or poop on the rug. Both mistakes leave lingering odors as well as unpleasant spots and discolorations. Vomiting is another mistake with similar consequences.

Last but not least, because of their texture and density, rugs make excellent egg-deposition nests for pesky parasites such as fleas.

Dog breeds and rugs that can never be paired

Unfortunately, certain dog breeds are extremely hard to housebreak. These dogs are not a good idea if you enjoy living in a place with fancy, expensive rugs.

In a nutshell, you need to decide what you want more, a nice rug or a dog belonging to one of the following breeds:

  •       Pug
  •       Dalmatian
  •       Chihuahua
  •       Bichon Frise
  •       Pomeranian
  •       Maltese dog
  •       Dachshund
  •       Cocker Spaniel
  •       Yorkshire Terrier.

If parenting some of the above mentioned dogs, it is highly advisable to replace your rug with an easy to maintain, dog-friendly or better said dog-proof rug. 

Choosing the ideal dog-friendly rug:

It goes without saying that there is no ideal, one-type-suits-all dog-friendly rug. It all depends on your furry friend’s habits and your personal style and preferences. However, because of their pet-proof characteristics, some rugs are more suitable for households with dogs than others.

Generally speaking, when choosing a dog-friendly rug, you need to pay attention to several important features:


Dogs are quite abusive to their belongings and certain fabrics are more resilient and capable of withstanding longer periods of time. For example, nylon, wool and polyester are considered the most resilient and durable fabrics. Being a natural material, wool is much more expensive. Many dog rugs are made of olefin which is acceptable in certain cases but generally does not offer long durability. Rugs made of rayon and silk are good-looking and aesthetic but gentle and definitely not dog-proof. Therefore, rugs made of those materials should be avoided. In a nutshell, rugs made of natural materials should be avoided because they are not as easily washable as rugs made of synthetics.


Dark-colored rugs are preferable over light-colored rugs simply because they do not show the dirt as obviously. However, the rug’s color is not the only criteria. You need to consider your dog’s color too. Even light shedders leave a plethora of hairs. If you combine a light-colored dog with a dark-colored rug, be prepared to spend a lot of time with the vacuuming machine in your hands.


When it comes to showing your dog’s hairs, the pattern is as important as the color. Complex and heavily-patterned rugs are preferable over plain, single-textured rugs.


The rug you choose should be large enough to suit your overall interior design and small enough to be easily cleaned and replaced when necessary. Smaller rugs are easier to roll up and transport to the cleaner’s office than larger rugs. Additionally, smaller rugs are cheaper than larger ones.

Tassels and Fringes

Dogs are heavily attracted to such additions and enjoy chewing them. If swallowed, they can cause intestinal blockage and are considered a safety hazard. Therefore, rugs with such features are not recommended.

Glued-on Back

You should always avoid rugs with glued-on backs. If the rug features a bottom material of some type that is glued on the main rug, chances are you will deal with unpleasant odors on a daily basis. This is because urine tends to soak through the glue thus creating a lasting unpleasant odor source.


The type of threads that make up the rug are important. Looped pile rugs are dangerous because they can catch your dog’s claw and cause broken nails. Cut pile rugs are preferable.

Outdoor VS Indoor Rugs

In a nutshell, rugs labeled for outdoor use are much more durable than rugs designed for indoor use only. Designed to be weather-resistant, outdoor rugs can persevere more vigorous cleaning techniques. They are also more resistant to your dog’s mischievous shenanigans.

Keeping your rug clean

When cleaning your rug it is advisable to carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Here are some generally useful tips and tricks to maintaining clean rugs:

  • Short-piled rugs can be easily de-furred with a lint roller. If you are out of lint rollers you can always improvise – just wrap several duct tape loops around your hand with the sticky side facing outward.
  • Regular brushing of your dog minimizes the need of cleaning and de-furring the rug.
  • Purchasing a high-quality vacuum cleaner designed for pet-friendly households is a good investment, particularly in the long-run. Hairs tend to get stuck and clog into the rug and only a highly powerful vacuum cleaner can suck them up.
  • Act quickly and properly if your beloved pouch has an accident on your rug. When cleaning urine from the rug it is advisable to use hand towels instead of paper towels. Then, to remove the stain, put some baking soda and vinegar mixture, hydrogen peroxide or commercially available stain remover over the affected area. First, use the destaining solution on a small area. If it works nicely, clean the entire rug with the solution.

The Gorilla Grip Original Indoor Durable Chenille Doormat is the perfect stain resistant option for dog parents worldwide looking to keep their floors dirt, mud and moisture free but not wanting to have a time time cleaning the rug. Featuring an extra-absorbent top layer and sturdy TP rubber bottom layer, this rug ensures efficacy as well as durability.

However, this rug is not only practical but also comfortable enough for dogs to sleep on it. Machine washable and extra stylish, this rug can be easily incorporated in all dog-inclusive households.

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