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Best Dog Shampoo For Itchy Skin

The best dog shampoo for itchy skin is Friends Forever Natural Dog Shampoo.

Has your dog been scratching a lot lately? There are many reasons why this happens but one thing is for sure. The best dog shampoo for itchy skin is a great help for your pooch. Now, let us take a look at these top-rated anti-itch shampoo brands to soothe the itching and scratching away.

Budget Conscious Pick

K9 Pro Oatmeal Dog Shampoo And Conditioner

Our Top Pick

Friends Forever Natural Dog Shampoo

Readers Pick

Mighty Petz Oatmeal Dog Shampoo And Conditioner

01 Friends Forever Natural Dog Shampoo

When poor little Fido just can’t stop scratching, a mild dog shampoo with a potent anti-itch component helps. The Friends Forever dog shampoo is all-natural and hypoallergenic. It is perfect for pups with sensitive skin. What it does is it moisturizes the skin, which provides relief to nasty itching. Infused with natural chamomile extract, this shampoo offers a soothing effect to your canine friend. 

Another cool thing about this natural doggie shampoo is that it is tearless. It won’t irritate your pet’s eyes because of its gentle formulation. And as a nice bonus, this shampoo smells amazing. It has a light green apple scent that lingers on your fur baby’s coat. Natural, sweet-smelling, moisturizing, and soothing… What’s not to love about this dog shampoo?

  • It is difficult to find a potent anti-itch dog shampoo that is mild and soothing at the same time. This is why the Friends Forever shampoo for dogs is perfect - it is gentle on your pet’s skin and coat while addressing itching and dryness. Plus, it makes your pooch smell amazing, too!

02 K9 Pro Oatmeal Dog Shampoo And Conditioner

An effective itch relief dog shampoo does not need to be pricey. This is why the K9 Pro dog shampoo joins our list - it is potent, yet it is easy on the budget. It is a vet-developed mild formula that is void of harsh chemicals and soap. The secret behind the potency of this shampoo is in the Nano Liposome technology. In simpler terms, it contains ingredients that stick to the skin’s surface and penetrate right into the root of the problem. The result? No more itching!

This premium shampoo is specifically designed for any dog breed with dry, sensitive, and itchy skin. It is a two-punch system - the oatmeal relieves the itching while the aloe moisturizes. And once bath time is over, your pooch walks away with a delightful cucumber-melon fragrance. A great ending to a relaxing and soothing bath.

  • This is a soap-free dog shampoo and conditioner for itchy skin that cleans, moisturizes, and soothes your pet’s skin and coat. And with the proprietary Nano Liposome tech, the organic potent ingredients penetrate deep into the skin to work their magic, naturally.

03 Mighty Petz Oatmeal Dog Shampoo And Conditioner

If your pet suffers from itchy skin, it is best to stick to a mild shampoo to prevent further irritation. This is why the Mighty Petz does a great job - it is alcohol-free and pH balanced to care for your furry pal’s skin. With zero nasty chemicals, it won’t dry up your pet’s skin or trigger allergic reactions.

This moisturizing itch relief dog shampoo also features an organic lavender fragrance that’s naturally relaxing and stress-relieving. Lastly, this product contains only 7 ingredients - all of these are natural and vitamin-infused.

  • The Mighty Petz offers the best of both worlds - it relieves itching without irritating the skin. It also has antioxidants to care for your pet’s skin naturally.

04 Puracy Natural Dog Shampoo

Puracy is a plant-based anti-itch shampoo for dogs with sensitive skin. It gently addresses the itching while moisturizing the skin with coconut-based ingredients. The biotin component also improves coat health. Most importantly, there are no sulfates to this shampoo, so that eliminates irritation and redness. 

Your pet’s bath time becomes more fun with the Puracy shampoo. It has a mild scent that eliminates nasty odors. No more wet dog odor from now on!

  • This pH balanced dog shampoo by Puracy puts an end to your pet’s itching and scratching. It targets the root of the itch while keeping the skin healthy and the coat shiny - without nasty side effects.

05 Oliver's Choice Pet Shampoo

Oliver’s Choice is a paraben-free and naturally-derived dog shampoo that addresses itchy skin. It contains aloe, oatmeal, and a few other plant ingredients to keep your pet’s coat fresh, soft, and free from irritation. It is also great for young puppies, seniors, and those in between.

Infused with shea butter, this is a deodorizing and moisturizing anti-itch shampoo. Your pooch will feel and look great after bath time, and it makes them cuddlier than ever, too! 

  • This is a soothing itch-relief treatment shampoo that cares for your pet’s skin. And with the shea butter component, it keeps your canine friend’s coat soft and fluffy.

06 Veterinary Formula Clinical Care Medicated Dog Shampoo

Dogs itch due to many factors. No matter what the cause, the Veterinary Formula medicated shampoo can help. It contains salicylic acid, micronized sulfur, and coal tar that treat itching. As it is soap-free and dye-free, this does not cause dryness, especially for pets with sensitive skin.

It is important to note that this product is formulated for canines 12 weeks old and over. Use twice a week to start and once the skin improves, you can use it less frequently. 

  • When it comes to potency, the Veterinary Formula medicated dog shampoo does a great job. It is easy to lather and rinse, so there is no residue left on your pet’s skin.

07 HONEYDEW Oatmeal Dog Shampoo

Colloidal oatmeal is a mild, yet effective ingredient that soothes away itchy skin. This is the primary component in the Honeydew dog shampoo, which makes it ideal for this skin issue. 

It is also interesting to note that this shampoo has ProVitamin B5. This ingredient further addresses skin irritation that causes itching. And with Jojoba oil as its special conditioning agent, this shampoo detangles the coat to keep it smooth and healthy. 

  • Honeydew is the only colloidal oatmeal shampoo for dogs with its maximum dosage for immediate itch relief. It also contains a moisturizing formula to keep the skin smooth and healthy.

Buyers Guide

Buying Guide For The Best Dog Shampoo For Itchy Skin

Anti-itch dog shampoos are not created equal. 

Each product comes with its own recommendations and specifications. For instance, there are those that you need to use a few times a week while others are designed as a bi-weekly treatment only.

There are also more serious cases that may need a medicated shampoo with an extra-strength formulation for faster relief. 

For the most part, natural dog shampoos are safer to use as long as possible without much of a concern. But this is not the case with a stronger formula. You also need to consider your dog’s reaction to the product, especially canines with very sensitive skin. 

So, before you shop for the best dog shampoo to treat your pet’s itchy skin, be sure to check out this guide to help you determine the right product to look for.

Check the ingredients list

If your pet has sensitive skin, it is best to stick to an anti-itch shampoo with natural ingredients.

Harsh chemicals only aggravate the condition. Stay away from substances that dry up the skin such as detergents, alcohol, and parabens. 

Your pooch is better off with natural and pure ingredients including shea butter, coconut oil, aloe vera, oatmeal, and the like. These components help soothe itchy skin while moisturizing and keeping it smooth.

Consider a shampoo and conditioner formula

Shampoo cleanses while the conditioner moisturizes. This is why you should opt for a combination of these two in one product. 

The first step is to eliminate dirt and debris on your pet’s coat while targeting the itching. Then, you need to condition the coat to untangle the knots and keep the fur soft and smooth.

Some products are not specifically labelled as a shampoo and conditioner. However, when you read the label, you will find moisturizing ingredients such as coconut oil and aloe. These help to condition the coat while preventing the skin from drying up.

Stick to a mild fragrance

Don’t you just love snuggling up with your pooch after a nice bath?

In addition to cleansing and moisturizing ingredients, choose an anti-itch shampoo that deodorizes. This keeps your four-legged friend sweet-smelling and fresh… Well, at least for a few hours after bath time!

But just any fragrance won’t cut. You need to make sure the fragrance comes from natural sources. This includes aloe, essential oils, and shea butter. Bonus points if these are organic ingredients.

Go for a hypoallergenic formula

Not all dog shampoos are suitable for sensitive skin.

If your dear Fido has ultra-sensitive skin, it is best to stick to a shampoo labelled as hypoallergenic. This means that it will not trigger allergic reactions, which can result in further itching and scratching.

Additionally, if you can find a tear-free itch-relief shampoo, that’s even better. What this means is that it will not irritate your pet’s eyes even when the shampoo accidentally gets inside. 

Consider an easy-rinse shampoo.

Go for a dog shampoo that works into a nice, bubbly lather. This helps cleanse your pet’s fur and skin more efficiently.

But at the same time, be sure that the shampoo is quick to rinse. Oftentimes, residue can lead to further itching and irritation. So, be sure to read the label and look for this feature in a dog shampoo. 

Keep in mind these additional things to consider

Anti-itch dog shampoos help improve your pet’s condition by targeting the root of the issue. 

If the itching is due to dry skin, the right shampoo with moisturizing components helps condition the skin to restore it back to health.

When the pH is out of balance, this can also cause your pooch to scratch nonstop. An itch-relief medicated shampoos that restore the natural pH level of your canine’s skin is beneficial in this case. 

Most dog shampoos for itchy skin contain aloe vera, oatmeal and coconut oil. These are natural ingredients designed to soothe and hydrate your Fido’s skin and coat.

For instance, oatmeal has potent components such as phenols and avenanthramides that help relieve your dog’s itching issues. This is also a natural ingredient that is pH-balanced to improve your skin’s health. 

As for aloe vera, it has been highly regarded since ancient times for its healing properties. It is an herb packed with minerals and vitamins that help soften your pet’s coat and condition it. 

Organic Vs. Hypoallergenic Shampoo - which one’s better?

When you search for the best dog shampoo for itchy skin, you may discover two options: organic and hypoallergenic.

While these are both great types of shampoo, there is a difference between the two.

For instance, organic contains natural ingredients without GMO and additives. This makes it safe for dogs that suffer from constant itching due to chemicals.

As for a hypoallergenic shampoo, it is the best option for a pooch with allergic reactions due to certain ingredients. This is particularly true among very young puppies and senior dogs. 

In addition to an organic or hypoallergenic formula, it should contain vitamins and antioxidants that help support overall skin health.


There are different brands of dog shampoos designed for itchy skin and the choice can be tough.

But when it comes down to potency and safety, it is best to consider a mild and natural formula that will address your pet’s itching without triggering further allergic reactions.

With this in mind, the Friends Forever natural pet shampoo is a smart choice. It is a combination of pure ingredients, gentle fragrance, and itch relief while caring for your dog’s skin and coat naturally.

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