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Best Dog Sleeping Bag

The best dog sleeping bag is Noblecamper 2-in-1 Dog Bed And Sleeping Bag.

Dogs love camping from the fresh air to the freedom to explore the great outdoors. But what happens when the sun goes down? Leaving them out in the cold is not the kindest option. Instead, invest in the best dog sleeping bag so your pooch can truly enjoy the trip, in which case here are the 8 best options on the market:

Budget Conscious Pick

DOGHELIOS Trail Barker Camper Dog Sleeping Bag

Our Top Pick

Noblecamper 2-in-1 Dog Bed and Sleeping Bag

Readers Pick

RUFFWEAR Highlands Sleeping Bag

01 Noblecamper 2-in-1 Dog Bed And Sleeping Bag

One of the best things about our number one dog sleeping bag is the fact that it doubles up as a bed. You can use it as a snug sleeping bag when it gets cold and you want your doggy well covered through the night. On the other hand, if things get a little too toasty in the campsite or inside the tent, you could use it as an open dog bed. This offers better airflow ensuring that the dog is comfortable all night long.

This bed also stands out for its comfort features. These include the soft and breathable lining that your beloved dog gets to rest on. It is also thickly padded with polyfill. This comes in particularly handy if you set up camp on hard and/or uneven ground. Yes, dogs get back and joint aches too when they sleep on uncomfortable surfaces so this actually matters.

  • The versatility offered by the 2-in1 functionality is without a doubt the best thing about this option. However, it has so much more to offer including maximum comfort and safety for your dog as well as convenience for you. So it is safe to say that it has more than earned the number 1 spot on our list.

02 DOGHELIOS Trail Barker Camper Dog Sleeping Bag

This option makes use of special Black Shark technology for temperature control which will definitely come in handy when you are outdoors. This makes use of the padding and material’s breathability to keep the temperature just right for your dog. It allows retention of heat with the impermeable construction which is both wind and water-resistant. That way your dog is well taken care of if you go out camping in cold or wet weather

It also comes in handy with hot weather camping as it keeps things nice and cool. And if you feel your pooch is a little too toasty, you can simply unzip it on one side to help improve the aeration.

Speaking of zippers, the design on this dog sleeping bag allows you to expand the capacity by connecting 2 sleeping bags together. This will come in handy if your dog is too large to fit comfortably or you want 2 small ones to snuggle up together and give each other some warmth.

  • What stands out the most with this dog sleeping bag is the temperature control. This means you can comfortably use it anywhere and during any season. No need to reschedule your trip because of a little rain or drop in temperatures. It is also one of the more affordable options making it perfect for tight budget shopping.

03 RUFFWEAR Highlands Sleeping Bag

Here, you have a unit that is made of polyester. The one main advantage it has over the more commonly-used nylon is its resistance to mechanical abrasion. The sleeping bag is thus ideal for rough terrains and even rougher dogs with a penchant for clawing at all their toys and accessories.

The sleeping bag also has a lot to offer in terms of temperature control for comfort during really cold or warm nights out camping. This is due to the presence of a thick layer of synthetic material padding. It offers a layer of insulation from the environment, trapping just enough warmth to keep the dog comfortable no matter how cold or hot it gets outside.

  • This is a pretty decent alternative especially if you prefer polyester accessories for your more playful and aggressive dog. It is also very easy to pack and carry around which is ideal for long camping trips.

04 Hurtta Outback Dreamer

Dogs do not sleep in straight or sprawled out positions like we do. If you have observed your pooch napping then you know they prefer to curl up. This makes the circular cut of the Hurtta Outback Dreamer dog sleeping bag ideal. They get enough space all round to take the most natural sleeping position for a truly comfortable night’s rest.

This sleeping bag is also popular for its unique temperature control design. It features a heat reflective layer. As the name suggests, it deflects any extremes in temperature change and helps to maintain a relatively stable and comfortable temperature within the bag.

  • The best feature you get with this one is undoubtedly the unique and convenient circular design that is ideal for giving your dog enough space to sleep how they see fit.

05 Outrav Dog Sleeping Bag

One of the features that make this alternative fantastic is the quick-dry shell. It is made out of polyester material. In addition to being durable, it makes the sleeping bag incredibly easy to maintain. You therefore do not have to worry if it gets rained on or your dog has a little accident on it as it will be dry and ready for use faster than you could hope for.

It also stands out in that it is one of the more spacious options on the market measuring 26 inches by 36 inches. When combined with the circular design of the sleeping bag, it becomes incredibly comfortable for dogs of all sizes and ages to curl up in and enjoy a nap out in the wild.

  • What strikes one the most about this sleeping bag is its sheer size. The best part is that you can use it with any size dog which allows your pooch to grow with the bag and use it for several years’ worth of camping trips.

06 Lifeunion Waterproof Dog Sleeping Bag

This is easily one of the most comfortable options you will find on the market. This perk is largely due to the presence of a fleece lining. The material makes the surface on which your dog will be sleeping not only soft and breathable but also warm and cozy. The pooch will definitely enjoy this comfort on those cold nights outside together.

It also features a unique draw strong opening. This allows you to create more snug coverage around the dog. This is especially useful during cold and/or windy weather where you want to keep all the warmth inside the sleeping bag.

  • If you are shopping for a sleeping bag to go camping somewhere cold then this is one of the best alternatives for you to consider, with everything from the lining to special specifications existing to keep your doggy nice and warm.

07 Mac Sports Pet Sleeping Bag

What makes this dog sleeping bag stand out is the presence of a padded headrest. It serves as a sort of pillow for maximum comfort. The rest of the bag is also adequately padded to provide a nice cushioning effect from the hard ground. This enables your dog to have a wonderful nap or full night’s sleep.

Your little pooch will also definitely enjoy the microfiber lining on the sleeping surface of the bag. This is one of the softest lining materials you will get with dog sleeping bags so it definitely earns this alternative major points. It is also wonderful when it comes to keeping things nice and warm inside the bag.

  • You could consider this an excellent pick if comfort is your number one priority. The unique padding distribution and use of microfiber will ensure your pooch sleeps like royalty while on your trip.

08 Rosie's Outdoor Waterproof Dog Sleeping Bag

Are you a camper who loves to travel light? Then this is the unit for you. It easily folds into a convenient 17 inches by 9 inches by 3 inches package that you can easily stuff into your luggage or carry on your backpack without too much extra trouble.

It is also incredibly lightweight which further contributes to the convenience in portability. This is because it measures a mere 14 oz. This will barely make a noticeable difference to the overall weight of all your camping accessories.

  • This is a really good alternative if you want something low-maintenance to take on your trip with you. It is easy to pack, carry and keep clean and would also, therefore, be ideal for longer trips.

Buyers Guide

Dog Sleeping Bag Buyer’s Guide

When shopping for a dog sleeping bag, there are several factors that you need to consider in order to make the very best decision for your pooch. There are enough options out there that choosing just one can be a little more tasking than it needs to be for you.

This is the case mainly if you do not know what really matters and how the dynamics of camping with your pet affect the whole selection process. To make your life easier, here are 6 very important things you need to remember to ensure that you arrive at the best conclusion on what to buy for your dog.

Cold nights can be brutal; so can hot ones

When camping with your dog, temperature should always be your number one concern. Dog’s may be hardy but this doesn’t mean they do not get uncomfortable in extremes of temperature. As a result, it is crucial to factor this in when making your selection of camping sleeping bags.

The best options are those with temperature control features. This could be anything from insulated padding to breathable lining. Some options, like our top pick, are versatile and can be adapted to different environments. This gives you full coverage for whatever situation.

However, if you only go camping in specific weather or places with stable temperatures, you can use this to influence your choice. So you could go for something cool and airy if your common camping site runs hot or something warm and built for heat retention if you usually set up somewhere cold.

A little padding never hurt

Your dog may not complain to you but an uncomfortable night will take a toll on them. With larger dogs, it could even be as serious as worsening of back and joint problems. This is particularly the case when you set up somewhere where the ground is rough and littered with things like rocks.

In this case, padding is your friend. In fact, you can never have too much padding when it comes to your dog’s comfort. This ensures that there is a nice cushion between them and the unforgiving surface for a truly comfortable and enjoyable experience for them.

However, it is very vital to remember that the thickness of the padding affects how compact the sleeping bag will be when packed. The thicker it is, the larger the bundle you have to deal with. You need to strike a balance between something comfortable for your dog but also convenient to carry around. The last thing you want is to be hauling what is essentially a mattress around.

The ground stability the sleeping bag gives

This is particularly imperative to remember if you don’t plan on having the dog sleep inside a tent. While they are outside, there is not really much stopping them from sliding out into the wild while they lay cozily in the sleeping bag. It is therefore crucial that you ensure you get one that is designed to offer stability when set up outside.

One feature that guarantees this is the presence of setup steaks. These are the most stable and ensure that your dog’s sleeping bag stays in place even if it rains or gets super windy. All you have to do is find a good spot where the ground is firm enough to hold the steaks but also soft enough to penetrate.

Another option is getting a sleeping bag with antiskid bottoms. These are not very common on the market and might not really do your dog much justice especially if set up outdoors and on slopes. However, the design could offer you a lot if you are planning on having your furry bestie in the tent with you. As such, if they play and pop on and off the bag it remains stable on the floor of the tent.

Make sure it is weatherproof

In this case, you should be worried about wind and water. There is nothing more uncomfortable for a dog than sleeping on a wet surface or having wind blow the peace away from their night’s rest. The good news is that with the right choice of sleeping bag, these are not problems you really have to worry about.

With waterproofing, you have very many options. You could get a sleeping bag that features waterproof lining material in which case nylon is one of the most reliable options. You could also get alternatives with special coating that makes ordinary materials water-resistant. Whatever the case, what matters is that the sleeping surfaces are kept nice and dry for your dog’s comfort and their health.

With wind, on the other hand, you could get a bag that comes with a wind tarp, these go over the dog’s face offering additional protection from direct wind. This will help prevent direct exposure to cold and uncomfortable wind especially if you plan on having the dog sleep outside the tent.

It needs to be easy to carry around

Whether you are going for a one-night camping trip or a whole several-day expedition, the last thing you want is bulky luggage weighing you down. When travelling with a dog, this becomes an even more important consideration to make as you will already be carrying more of their luggage. This includes everything from toys, treats and accessories like harnesses and leashes.

Consequently, you need to find a dog sleeping bag that can be packed compactly and that features lightweight construction for your own convenience. That way you can just plop it onto your existing load without noticing too much of a difference.

However, you might have to compromise on things like thicker padding or heavy duty material in order to enjoy this luxury. So a s previously mentioned, it is all about striking a balance.

Durable material is non-negotiable

That sleeping bag is about to see some tough times from set-up on rough ground to bad weather. You must then ensure that you buy something that can actually handle all that is about to be thrown at it from your expeditions.

In this case, the two most consequential features to look into are the materials used and the quality of construction. 

When it comes to materials, you have a lot to choose from. However, the best for the job are nylon and polyester. While cotton is comfortable and durable, it is not always the best when it comes to weather-resistance. So if you are to go with it make sure that it is lined externally with something water-resistant and difficult to rip like nylon.


Going camping with your dog can be a lot of fun for both of you. And with the right choice of dog sleeping bag, you are guaranteed a great time whether you are out exploring or just lying in your ground enjoying the peace and quiet as best friends. The best part is that you now have all the information you need to actually settle for something fantastic.

Our top pick is a great example of what high quality and value is when it comes to sleeping bags for dogs. It is not only versatile and comfortable but also very well constructed for resistance to outdoor factors and for overall durability. So you have the best place to start your search.

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