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Best Dog Sunglasses

The best dog sunglasses is QUMY Dog Sunglasses With 100% UV Protection.

You might find yourself asking, do dogs need to wear glasses? This might sound strange to you, but a pair of dog sunglasses is an important accessory for your canine friend. These glasses are not only a fashion statement for dogs, but they also help to keep their eyes protected, especially from the harmful rays of the sun.

Dog sunglasses, also known as dog goggles or doggles, can benefit your dogs in many ways. Aside from protecting your dog’s eyes from the sun, they also help to prevent debris, dust, and irritants that could be irritating, if not painful, for them. And of course, your furry friend will look cuter and even more adorable when wearing dog sunglasses.

But how do you choose which dog sunglasses to buy? Take a look at our list of the best dog sunglasses and decide which among them can work best for your furry friend.

Budget Conscious Pick

Enjoying Dog Sunglasses

Our Top Pick

QUMY Dog Sunglasses With 100% UV Protection


Petleso Large Dog Sunglasses

01 QUMY Dog Sunglasses With 100% UV Protection

Our top choice is this pair of dog sunglasses from QUMY. It looks stylish and fashionable, yet it’s also very functional. Aside from making your dog look cuter and more adorable, this pair of sunglasses protects their eyes from the damaging rays of the sun. Furthermore, these glasses have shatterproof lenses and come equipped with an anti-fog feature to ensure total protection.

With this pair of sunglasses, you get to choose from four different colors. It’s a great pair of glasses for dogs that weigh less than 15 lbs. The sunglasses have elastic bands that are comfortable to wear around your dog’s head and neck while keeping the glasses secure. These sunglasses will remain in place no matter how playful your dog is.

  • We have chosen this product as our top pick simply because most dog owners who have bought it are satisfied with the sunglasses. In fact, it’s one of the top-rated dog sunglasses in the market today, which is not surprising, given the fact that it’s comfortable for the dogs to wear and durable enough to last for a long time.

02 Enjoying Dog Sunglasses

For dog owners who are on a budget, we would recommend this pair of dog sunglasses for you. It’s very stylish and can make your furry friend look even more adorable and cute. You only get to choose one color, but given the affordable price, you won’t mind getting this pair for your dog. Despite the low price, this pair of dog sunglasses works efficiently to protect your pooch’s eyes from the harmful UV rays, dust, and debris. Plus, the shade’s anti-fog features allow them to view things clearly.

Your dog will feel comfortable wearing this pair of goggles since the lenses have foam and fit securely around your dog's eyes. Furthermore, the glasses come with double straps that go around the dog’s head and below its chin.

It might take a while to coax your pet pooch into putting this pair of glasses on, but they will eventually learn to love it. And once your furry friend gets the hang of it, they will not mind wearing these sunglasses every single day.

  • We like this product because of its very affordable price. Yet, despite being cheap, it works efficiently in protecting your dog’s eyes from the sun, wind, dust, debris, etc.

03 Petleso Large Dog Sunglasses

This pair of dog sunglasses from Petleso can help to keep your dog’s eyes fully protected from the sun as it plays outdoors. The sunglasses are tight and secure enough for your dogs to wear and won’t fall off as they run around. It’s a great pair to wear when taking your pooch to the beach, to the park, or when trekking!

Aside from being stylish, this sleek pair of dog sunglasses keeps your beloved pooch protected from the harmful sun rays. What’s more, the lens of these glasses is interchangeable and comes equipped with a flexible and sturdy frame. With its foam-lined lens, your dogs will surely feel comfortable wearing these glasses. It snugs comfortably on the head and the lenses come with an anti-fog feature, allowing your pooch to see clearly.

  • We love this product because it comes with interchangeable lens, allowing dog owners to alternate the lenses. For instance, you can opt for the clear lens one day and perhaps the smoky lens on the other.

04 Namsan Stylish & Fun 100% UV Protection Dog Sunglasses

Another stylish pair of dog sunglasses that we would highly recommend is this pair from Namsan. The Namsan goggles are truly very fashionable and will surely make your dog a darling of the crowd. You also get to choose from different colors, such as yellow, pink, or blue. Aside from making your pooch look stylish, this pair of sunglasses is vet recommended because it keeps the eyes of your furry friend fully protected.

When it comes to durability, you can never go wrong with this pair of dog sunglasses. The glasses are made from shatterproof lenses that are highly durable. Whether it’s relaxing by the pool or playing at the park, this pair of stylish glasses will surely make your dog look cool!

  • We love that this pair of sunglasses can be folded easily. Therefore, you can conveniently bring this pair with you when taking your dog out for a walk in the park or a day at the beach.

05 VANVENE 100% UV Protection Dog Sunglasses

When it comes to dog sunglasses that will stay securely on your dog’s head, this pair of dog glasses from VANVENE comes highly recommended. What’s more, this product comes at a reasonable price so it’s also a great product to check out for budget-conscious canine owners.

Designed for medium to large dogs, this pair of dog sunglasses looks very stylish and can make your dog look more adorable on your outings. The pair of sunglasses will surely become a favorite accessory of your pooch, thanks to its adjustable straps, which prevent it from slipping no matter how active your pooch is. But you don’t need to worry just in case it accidentally falls off as the lenses are shatterproof.

  • We like this pair of dog sunglasses simply because it keeps your pooch’s eyes protected from the harsh outdoor elements, but it won’t break the bank.

Buyers Guide

Best Dog Sunglasses Buyer’s Guide

If you find it hard to decide which among the pair of dog sunglasses above to get for your dog, refer to this buying guide below for more information.

Here are some of the main things you should keep in mind:

UV Protection

One of the main reasons for getting a pair of sunglasses for your dog is to keep their eyes protected from the harmful sun rays. Therefore, look for a pair of sunglasses that comes with lenses equipped with 100% UV protection.

Shatterproof Lenses

Dogs are always on the go. They are very active and always love to play around. Therefore, you need to make sure that the glasses you’re buying for them won’t get shattered just in case they fall off due to their playful nature. Therefore, the first thing to look for when buying a pair of dog sunglasses is to choose a model with shatterproof lenses.

Adjustable Straps

Just like humans, dogs have different head sizes and shapes. So you need to choose a pair of sunglasses that will fit snugly on your pet’s head. It is a good idea to choose something with adjustable chin and head straps so that you can adjust it according to your pet’s head.

There are also other adjustable canine accessories such as no-pull dog harnesses and leather dog collars.

Benefits Of Dog Sunglasses

Aside from making your furry friend look cute and adorable, here are some of the other benefits of getting a pair of sunglasses for dogs:

Eye Protection

Just as we need sunglasses to protect our eyes, our dogs need shades to keep their eyes protected as well. Also, if your beloved pet is visually impaired, then you need a pair of glasses to protect its eyes. Wearing a pair of dog sunglasses can help to ensure that your dog’s eyes will be protected from the dust, debris, and the harmful sun rays.

There are other canine products for impaired dogs too, such as a dog wheelchair and a dog lift harness.

Cool Looking

It’s such a great feeling for a pet owner to receive compliments when taking their dog out on a stroller to the park or other public places. Make your dog look cuter and more adorable by getting it a stylish pair of dog sunglasses.

Dog Sunglasses vs. Dog Goggles

Dog sunglasses and goggles are different from each other. While the dog sunglasses help to protect your beloved pooch’s eyes from the harsh UV rays since the lenses are usually polarized, the latter often come with clear lenses.

The main purpose of the dog goggles is to protect the dog’s eyeball from irritants, like ice, snow, sand, etc. Furthermore, they are perfect for dogs whose eyes are regularly exposed to wind damage when riding a bicycle, boat, or other types of vehicle.

Why Your Dog May Need Dog Sunglasses?

If you’re still not convinced about buying a pair of dog sunglasses for your pooch, here are more reasons why you should seriously consider getting one.

Eye Issues

According to the ASPCA, there are certain breeds of dogs that have prominent eyeballs. Thus, they need to wear some sort of protection to keep their eyeballs from getting exposed to irritants. Examples of these breeds are Shih Tzu, Boston Terriers, and Pugs. These dogs have their eyeballs exposed and are highly susceptible to the irritation resulting from dust, dirt, debris etc.

Continuous Eye Pain

Dogs are often on the go and love to play and run around without a care in the world. If you take them out into the woods, there’s a possibility that some stray plants and branches can get into their eyes, leading to eye injuries. To keep your dog’s eyes protected, ensure that your furry friend is wearing a quality pair of dog sunglasses when taking it outdoors.

Older Dogs

Just like humans, the eyesight of dogs could deteriorate as time goes by. One of the most common eye conditions that a dog tends to suffer from is known as iris atrophy. This condition will make your pooch sensitive to light. So if your dog is suffering from this condition, then a pair of goggles is necessary when taking your dog out.

Training Your Dog To Wear Sunglasses

Most pet owners understand that it’s not easy to get your dog to wear something new. Indeed, it can be a struggle to coax your canine companion into wearing a new pair of sunglasses for the first time.

But here are some tips:

Find A Good Location For The Training

When you train your pooch to wear a pair of sunglasses, look for a quiet and ideal location where it will feel comfortable. It should be far from anything that could potentially distract them.

Get Your Dog Used To Its New Sunglasses

Prepare some dog treats that will serve as a reward for when your dog wears the glasses. This can help to encourage your dog to wear the specs because your dog will know that it will be rewarded when it does so!

Put The Sunglasses On Your Dog

After you put the glasses on, let your pooch sit still. And if they follow your command, reward them with their favorite treat!

Ask Your Dog To Stay Still And Walk Away

Once your dog is used to sitting still with the glasses on, try to walk away. Eventually, they will get used to the fact that they will be rewarded with a treat whenever they obey you by wearing the glasses.

Put The Sunglasses On Your Dog Every Day

For your dog to quickly get used to wearing a pair of sunglasses, you should make sure to incorporate the sunglasses into its daily routine. Therefore, before you take your dog for a walk at the park every morning, don’t forget to put the glasses on. Remember to leash your dogs during walks too.


By now, you should have an idea in mind on which pair of sunglasses to buy for your dog. If you still cannot make up your mind, then you better choose the QUMY Dog Sunglasses, which is what we would strongly recommend. We love this pair of sunglasses for many reasons.

First, it looks very stylish and can make your beloved dog look cool. Secondly, it can effectively protect your dog’s eyes from the harsh UV rays, as well as from the debris, dust, and dirt.

Finally, we love that this pair is comfortable enough for your pooch to wear, thanks to the cushioned frame and adjustable elastic band.

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