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Best Dog Sweaters

The best dog sweater is Scheppend Original Adidog Dog Sweater.

The best dog sweaters are the perfect accessories to show that you love your little pooch. They are comfortable, can keep them warm in cold weather, and look really cute too.

But shopping for one can be a nightmare with all the options you have to wade through. That’s why we compiled this list of 9 best dog sweaters so you have a better idea of where to start for the right choice.

Budget Conscious Pick

KOOLTAIL Plaid Dog Hoodie Dog Sweaters

Our Top Pick

Scheppend Original Adidog Dog Sweater

Readers Pick

Chilly Dog Boyfriend Dog Sweater

01 Scheppend Original Adidog Dog Sweater

A hoodie is definitely a way to make a fashion statement and one of the best in the market is the Scheppend Original Adidog Pet Sweater. It has a very athleisure vibe to it which makes it a fantastic choice if you want a matching set with your doggie for those days they tag along on your morning runs or park workouts. 

The inside is designed to be nice and cozy with the use of Sherpa lining material. In addition to being super soft and comfortable, this helps to keep the dog nice and toasty which will come in handy when you go out together. It is also very breathable which further contributes to it being a leading choice for outdoor activities with your pooch. 

While it is important to ensure that you get the right fit, this sweater offers some allowance with the use of elastic material. That way your dog is comfortable at all times and you can use it for longer as the little furry buddy continues to grow. 

  • Cool is the name of the game and this sweater did not come to play. And with its high quality material, comfort features and good construction, it without a doubt has earned its top spot on our list.

02 KOOLTAIL Plaid Dog Hoodie Dog Sweaters

Cool is basically built into the name of this sweater and they don’t just mean aesthetics. With the combination of 65% polyester and35% cotton, this sweater is not only very soft and comfortable but also breathable. It is therefore an excellent choice if you are shopping for a warm-weather sweater. 

You also have a handy leash nook at the back of the sweater to look forward to. This will come in useful when you take your dog out on walks or errands as you do not have to stress out about fitting both a collar and a sweater on your pooch. 

And what if your doggie gets hungry while on your trip outside? Well, you can just pack snacks for them in the convenient storage pockets on the back of the sweater. That way you do not have to carry extra bags for their treats or even their poop bags. 

  • This sweater is ideal for outdoorsy activities especially when the weather is nice and warm. It is comfortable, breathable and most importantly, very affordable. So if you are on a tight budget then you know where to look.

03 Chilly Dog Boyfriend Dog Sweater

Dogs run cold during winter too so investing in a sweater like the Chilly Dog Boyfriend Dog Sweater would be an absolute treat. It is made from 100% wool which makes it one of the warmest and generally coziest options you will come across while shopping. 

What is unique about this Chilly Dog Boyfriend Dog Sweater is the fact that it is completely handmade. You can therefore rest assured of the quality of construction and by extension, the durability expected as every single piece was made with care and great skill.

  • If you are shopping for the ideal winter sweater for your furry little buddy then this warm, woolen number should do the trick as a worthy alternative.

04 Gooby - Stretch Fleece Dog Sweater

Dog sweaters can sometimes be a little restrictive for your do which is why the vest cut on this sweater is a feature worth celebrating. The cut allows your dog flexibility and full range of limb movement. This means that they can run around and play as much as they want without the sweater getting in the way. 

Gooby is also a good alternative to our top pick as it offers the same comfort, flexibility and warmth of our top pick. This is because the sweater also features stretchy fleece material.

  • In a nutshell, the Gooby sweater is a comfortable and stretchy piece that is suitable for loungewear so your pooch can hang out at home in style.

05 Blueberry Pet 10+ Patterns Christmas Clothes - Christmas Family Interlock Dog Sweater

The Blueberry Pet 10+ dog sweater is unique for its use of 100% acrylic yarn. The material offers the benefits of other natural forms of yarn including warmth and breathability for your dog to enjoy. It also makes your life a whole lot less stressful as it is easier to maintain and more resilient than other non-synthetic options.   

With this sweater on, your beloved pooch will be ready for the holiday with its beautiful festive patterns. The aesthetic is fantastic for the season which makes this an awesome choice for gifts. 

  • If you have no idea what to get your dog or dog-parent loved one for Christmas then the Blueberry Pet Sweater is definitely worth considering as a bail out as everyone including the pooch will end up happy.

06 Kuoser Cozy Winter Coat

Winter is coming for sure but this doesn’t mean that your doggie is doomed to an existence cooped up indoors all day. They get seasonal depression too. So instead of starving your beloved of much needed outdoors time, just throw a Kuoser Winter Coat on them and they should be good to go. In addition to being very comfortable, this sweater is both windproof and waterproof for full weather protection in the cold. 

The best part is that it has a cool reversible design. This means that you can switch things up every other outdoor trip for the sake of aesthetics if you wish to. 

  • With this alternative, you will have a way to enjoy some quality time outdoors in those chilly seasons whether it is windy, rainy or snowy.

07 JoyDaog 2 Layers Fleece Lined Warm Dog Sweater

The 2- layer design on this option offers versatility in terms of functionality for your dog’s benefit. The outer layer of polyester provides waterproofing and breathability benefits while the inner fleece lining makes the sweater toasty and cozy for your dog. 

It is also designed to be easy to take on and off which makes it popular among those with fussy dogs. This is thanks to the front-facing metal snap fastening design. You just slip on the sweater from the back and fasten it from the front which your dog is less likely to resist than slip-on designs. 

  • This one is fantastic for little puppies with its easy-to-wear design and the 2 layers of protection.

08 Tangpan Turtleneck Classic Straw-Rope Pet Dog Sweater Apparel

When it comes to turtleneck dog sweaters, this is one of the best on the market with its dog-friendly cut. It is designed precisely to offer the neck-warming benefits of a long neck without being restrictive so it is not like your dog is on a collar. 

The use of wool material further contributes to the warmth offered by the sweater which makes it an excellent pick for cold weather use. The best part is that the woven design allows breathability so your dog isn’t slowly getting cooked in the sweater in the name of keeping warm. 

  • This is a nice alternative for winter dog sweaters if you want something extra warm and cozy for your doggie.

09 Fashion Focus On Pet Dog Clothes Knitwear Dog Sweater

Yet another wool sweater option on our top 9 list. So what makes this one special? The use of high quality wool combined with the skilled construction means that you have something that is not only warm for your dog but that will also last long. 

The sweater also stands out with the longer sleeves cut. This is a great option mainly for large dogs as they get more warmth and coverage. However, with the right fit, your smaller breed pooch or puppy could also enjoy the extra toastiness offered by this cut without it being too restrictive. 

  • This is a nice and simple option if you are looking for something with more coverage for extra warmth.

Buyers Guide

Dog Sweater Buyer’s Guide

When shopping for a dog sweater, you want to end up with something that both you and the dog will love. Remember that wearing clothes is not natural for them so you need to find something that is comfortable and worth their while to get them on board. Here are a few special considerations to make in order to achieve this. 

Get something that fits

As with any other dog accessory, you will only get your dog on board with the idea of a sweater if you get something that fits. If it is too tight it will be a downright nightmare for them to move, breath or basically exist in the sweater which makes them less cooperative. If it is too baggy it could restrict movement and you just might end up with one too many trip accidents. 

To be on the safe side, make sure to measure your dog using the specific guidelines offered by each sweater option. It is also wise to go through reviews for a better idea on how the sizes run. That way, you can order the perfect fit for your perfect pooch. 

Skin-friendly material should be a priority

The material you choose determines a lot from how warm and comfortable the sweater will be to maintenance and overall durability. While all these are key considerations, nothing matters more than finding something that is friendly for your dog’s skin.

With the constant contact between skin and fabric, breakouts like allergic reactions or heat rash are a possibility. This is particularly the case with low quality materials. To be on the safe side, stick to pet-friendly options like wool, Sherpa, fleece, cotton and good quality synthetics like polyester and acrylic. 

How easy is it to maintain?

The sweater will need regular washing to keep the sweat, shedding and general grime under control. You therefore need to factor in ease of maintenance into your choice. It goes without saying that machine washable options are super convenient and therefore preferable. 

However, in some instances it is okay to give up this convenience for benefits like quality and warmth as is the case with materials like wool. It is all up to you to decide based on your priorities. 

The easier to put on and take on the better

If you have ever tried to put on any form of restrictive accessory on a dog then you know that these furry little beauties never go down without a fight. It would therefore make your life a whole lot easier if you went for something that is easy to put on and take off the dog. That way when it comes time to dress them it is not a battlefield. 

In this case, designs that allow fastening at the front or back are the easiest to use. However, if you do settle on a pull-over design, make sure that it is designed with wide enough collars and sleeves that it slips on and off easily. The last thing you or your dog want is something that feels like you are stuffing the pooch into a sausage case. 

Coverage: is there such a thing as too much sweater?

So how much sweater is too much sweater? Do you go for long sleeves or short sleeves? While the long ones do offer more warmth through additional coverage, vest cuts offer the freedom of movement and keep things cool and airy. 

Do you go for a crop top cut or a full coverage sweater? In this case, the crops are airier and therefore ideal for warm weather while full coverage is superb if you want something toasty for your dog during cold seasons. The same case applies when it comes to the collar design where turtlenecks offer warmth and lower cut collars keep the sweater nice and cool. 

When it comes to coverage, there is no such thing as too much sweater. It just depends on the weather you are shopping for. 

Fasting mechanism

Fastening mechanisms determine the ease of use and how secure the sweater will be for the non-pullover designs. Zippers and snap buttons are without a doubt the easiest to use. These will definitely make your life a lot easier when it comes time to dress the pooch. 

Traditional buttons on the other hand while secure are harder to fasten which makes the put-on and take-off times longer for you. However, if you have a cooperative pooch then this should not be too much of a problem. 

Aesthetics actually matter

The dog sweater serves a bigger purpose than just weather protection. You have every right to turn it into a fashion statement. After all, who doesn’t want to see their favorite furry buddy all swaggered up and looking cool? So pay attention to the aesthetics and pick something you would actually like to see your dog in. 


Our top pick ticks all the boxes when it comes to special considerations and factors that matter when shopping for a dog sweater. In addition to being comfortable, functional and well-constructed, it is super stylish which is perfect if you want your dog to be a head-turner.

In a nutshell, shopping for dog sweaters is only going to be successful and easy if you know what matters. And the good news is now you have all the information to make the best possible decision. So whether you were stuck or you hadn’t started, you now have all you need for a quick, easy and successful sweater shopping trip for your beloved dog. 

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