Best Electric Dog Fences
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Best Electric Dog Fence

The best electric dog fence is Extreme Dog Fence Professional Grade Kit Packages.

One of the challenges that pet owners are faced with when it comes to their dog is trying to stop it from jumping over the fence and escape. Some dogs are good escape artists and no matter how much you try to secure your property or yard, they will always find ways to get away.

This is very dangerous for your dog, especially for small puppies. A fast-moving car could hit it accidentally when it crosses the street.

The best solution is to invest in a reliable electric dog fence. Also known as an invisible fence, an electric dog fence is an electronic system that’s designed to keep pets within a set boundary without having to install a physical barrier.

When looking for an electric dog fence to buy, you’ll surely come across many different options out there. So to help you with your purchase, we have reviewed 6 of the best electric dog fences in the market. This will somehow give you an idea on which among these products is really worth your hard-earned money.

Budget Conscious Pick

PetSafe Wireless Containment System

Our Top Pick

Extreme Dog Fence Professional Grade Kit Packages

Readers Pick

Extreme Dog Fence Standard Grade Kit Packages

01 Extreme Dog Fence Professional Grade Kit Packages

The Extreme Dog Fence system is our top pick since it’s a premium quality DIY electric fence that works well in securing your fence and preventing your pooch from escaping. As a matter of fact, it’s one of the top-rated dog fences online.

When buying this product, you’ll get an entire kit that already includes everything that you need in order to install the fence by yourself. This invisible fence is designed to keep smaller dogs from escaping and is also a useful tool for training. Packed with a 20-gauge wire, this DIY in-ground fence is packed with great features and comes with a light collar receiver that’s comfortable enough for your dog to wear.

  • We like the Extreme Dog Fence system because it’s covered with a one-year warranty and if you’re going to register the fence, the warranty will be extended to 10 years.

02 PetSafe Wireless Containment System

When it comes to pet accessories, PetSafe is one of those brands that surely stands out. Indeed, the company is known for producing the best electric dog fence solutions and one of their most popular products is the PetSafe Wireless Fence Pet Containment System. It’s a fence that we would recommend to pet owners who need a fence that can give them the best value for their money. It’s one of the most cost-effective alternatives to a typical physical barrier and what’s great is that it can be easily installed in 1-2 hours.

When buying this electric dog fence from PetSafe, you’ll get a collar and some extra batteries. You also have the option to purchase more batteries in the future if you ever need replacement. This fence features different levels of correction and there’s also a tone-only mode that’s ideal for training dogs. The range of the transmitter is 90 feet and the fence can be adjusted easily to ensure convenience and flexibility. This is a great barrier for areas that are around 200x200 feet in size.

This fence is only limited to a boundary that’s round in shape. If you’re not very careful during the installation, there’s a possibility that the range can be blocked and could lead to some dead spots where your dog will be able to escape through.

  • We like this wireless dog fence from PetSafe because it's truly a useful, effective, and affordable way to keep your beloved dog safe and protected.

03 Extreme Dog Fence Standard Grade Kit Packages

For pet owners whose dogs are very active and tend to run around all over the place, the Extreme Dog Fence Professional Dog Containment System is what you need to keep your pet safe. This fence features a combination of wire and wireless technology. During installation, you’ll need to bury a heavy-duty wire and then install the transmitter. You can then control your pet using a waterproof and wireless collar. With this feature, you’ll get a stronger signal compared to other wireless dog fences out there. As such, the safety and protection of your pet will be enhanced even more.

What’s great about this electric dog fence system is that it’s possible to purchase more collars, which is what makes it a great option for pet owners that need to confine more than one pet! In fact, you can use up to five dog collars with this fence. It’s also possible to expand the coverage by adding more fences that can cover as much as 25 acres of land area.

  • We like the Extreme Dog Fence Professional Dog Containment System because it gives you the option to add more collars, so you can use it in containing several dogs.

04 Sit Boo-Boo Electric Fence

With the Sit Boo-Boo Electric Fence, you get to choose the type of deterrent that you want to use for your pet. This tool is very effective in keeping your dog in a safe zone and prevents it from getting into off-limit areas. You will be able to choose from different deterrents, such as a loud beep, static shock, and vibration modes, which are all very effective in scaring your dog away and preventing it from escaping.

The Sit Boo-Boo electric fence is suitable for all dog breeds, from small to large breeds. Its collar comes with safety features such as the auto off, which will turn the device off after about 10 seconds. That way, your panicked dog can still go back to the safe zone after trying to cross towards the restricted area. With this product, it’s also possible to get an upgrade and use the collar for training as well. That way, you will be able to manually control the stimulus.

  • We like this product because it can be completely submerged up to 3 feet, so it will remain indestructible despite the presence of rain, snow etc.

05 PetSafe YardMax Rechargeable In-Ground Dog And Cat Fence

The PetSafe YardMax is a rechargeable in-ground fence that can be used for all kinds of pets, including dogs and cats. Although it’s only able to cover up to 1/3 acres of an area, this fence system is already enough to keep your pets protected, allowing them to play safely even if you’re not around to watch over them. If you only need to cover a small amount of space in your property, then you should definitely consider this fence.

What’s great about the PetSafe YardMax is that it has a unique feature which is what makes it stand out from the other electric dog fence systems in the market. With this feature, you will be able to use the product in two different modes – Boundary Zone and YardMax Mode. If you activate the YardMax Mode, the shock will only come into effect when your pet has stepped over into the fence. Thus, your pet will have a much bigger area to play with.

  • We like the YardMax because of its unique feature that lets you use the fence in two different modes. It might be more expensive compared to the other products on this list, but it’s definitely worth the money.

06 PetSafe Free To Roam Dog And Cat Wireless Fence

Another great product from PetSafe is the Free to Roam Wireless Fence, which allows pet owners to come up with a secure restricted area in their yard without having to install any physical barrier within the property. If you need a fence that’s easy for you to install, this would be a great product to try.

When buying this PetSafe Free to Roam Wireless fence, you’ll also get an adjustable receiver collar, so it will fit in the neck of your dog, regardless of its size and breed. The collar is waterproof and can be personalized according to your needs. Aside from restricting your pooch from getting out of your property, this fence can also be used for training.

  • We like this wireless electric dog fence because it’s truly effective in keeping your pets protected without the need to bury actual wires.

Buyers Guide

Best Electric Dog Fence Buyer’s Guide

There are many reasons why pet owners should consider getting an electric dog fence instead of the traditional physical barrier fence.

Here are some of the main ones:

It’s Affordable

If you’re going to install a physical barrier in your yard, there will be a lot of expenses involved in this project. Aside from the cost of installation, you also need to consider the maintenance and repair just in case the enclosure gets damaged, especially if you’re going for wooden fencing, which doesn’t fair well against outdoor elements.

With the electrical system, there will not be a lot of maintenance costs involved. You just need to replace the batteries from time to time, but this will not really cost a lot of money. Thus, an electric dog fence is definitely more cost-effective compared to a traditional physical fence. Above all, it’s much easier to install.

Makes Your Dog Happy

One of the biggest benefits of getting an invisible fence is that your pet will not feel like it’s being kept as a prisoner. Thus, it will be happier and will be able to play more. Also, getting lots of exercise means your dog will not develop any behavioral issues that are common on pets that have been caged in most of their life. So if you want your pooch to be emotionally stable, consider investing in a reliable electric dog fence!

It’s Discreet

With the electric dog fence, there won’t be any physical barriers involved. Therefore, the overall facade of your home will not be affected. You can still proudly display your landscaping and enjoy the fantastic view of the outdoors without any obstructions.

Above-Ground VS Underground Electric Dog Fences

When looking for the best electric dog fence, one of the questions that you’ll find yourself asking is whether to choose underground or above ground electric fences.

Here’s what you need to know about them so you can make the best decision.

Above-Ground Electric Dog Fences

The biggest advantage of having an above ground fence is the installation, which is easy for most homeowners. You just need to stretch the wiring along the preferred area and that’s it. There’s not a need to take anything off or dig a trench for the wire to run through.

But getting an above ground electric fence also comes with its own drawbacks. The biggest drawback is that it can be an eyesore. It can greatly affect the overall look of your landscaping. While some homeowners choose to cover the wire with some grass, sometimes, you’ll forget where exactly the wire is and you could end up hitting it as you mow your lawn, which could turn into a disaster.

Underground Electric Dog Fences

With the underground electric fence, you won’t have to deal with the issues that come with having an above ground fence. Because the wiring will essentially be placed underground, no one will trip over it and you won’t have to worry about hitting the wire when mowing your lawn. Furthermore, there won’t be any wire that will block your home.

The only downside is that installing it requires a lot of effort. You’ll have to dig trenches for the wires to be buried. Plus, the electric system is a somewhat complex process. If you’re going for this fence, it’s recommended to hire a professional installer.


We have chosen the Extreme Dog Fence system as our top pick on this list of the best electric dog fences because it’s a truly premium quality DIY electric fence that can effectively secure your pet and prevent it from escaping without your knowledge. This invisible fence is easy to install for an average DIYer. It also comes with many features that can enhance the safety and security of your pet. Plus, the collar is so light that your dog won’t find it uncomfortable to wear.

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