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Best Freeze Dried Dog Food

The best freeze dried dog food is Primal Pets Freeze Dried Nuggets Raw Dog Food.

Freeze dried dog food are the next best thing behind fresh food to provide your pooches with the best nutrition. As we often do not have the time to cook for ourselves, let alone prepare fresh food for our dogs, there is a definitive need to find the best freeze dried dog foods in the market to supplement their nutrients.

To help narrow down your search for the best freeze-dried dog foods in the market, we have compiled a list of our favorite picks.

Budget Conscious Pick

Merrick Grain-Free Backcountry Freeze-Dried Raw Dog Food

Our Top Pick

Primal Pets Freeze Dried Nuggets Raw Dog Food

Readers Pick

TruDog Freeze Dried Raw Dog Food

01 Primal Pets Freeze Dried Nuggets Raw Dog Food

This meal helps develop the muscles of you dog, boost his immune system and protect against kidney disease. It contains 13% of products and supplements that help keep your pet healthy, happy and active.

The meats used in the production of this top picked dog food is obtained from ranches and farms within the US, or from New Zealand; hence, you can rest assured that this food is of exceptional quality.

In addition, ground bone is added to this as a calcium supplement. This provides nutrients for bone development and maintenance to support the weight of your German Shepherd - the very same breed the 46th POTUS has - in its daily activities.

  • This freeze-dried dog food is made out of organic and recognizable ingredients. Therefore, apart from the fact that it is palatable, we deem it healthy and safe because it is produced to supply your pet with the necessary nutrients needed for a healthy living.

02 Merrick Grain-Free Backcountry Freeze-Dried Raw Dog Food

This Freeze-Dried Raw Dog Food contains real deboned chicken that helps boost the protein level of your pet, thereby making them super-active.

It is rich in protein, amino acid, fatty acids, micronutrients, and vitamins, which helps to build and maintain the healthy muscle tissue and energy levels in your dog. One distinct quality of this dog food is that it is easily digestible and have the fresh taste of raw dog food that dogs love.

  • Apart from the fact that it is nutrient-dense, this product is budget friendly. If you were to buy every ingredient used in the manufacture of this freeze-dried raw dog food meal mixer and produce a dog meal yourself, you will end up spending a fortune on it.

03 TruDog Freeze Dried Raw Dog Food

This comes in a small pack but offers high nutritional value. It is made from free-ranging, grass-fed beef, meaty bones, and whole-grain meat. Which provides your dog with healthy hair, skin and healthy immune system.

It is suitable for dogs who are allergic to certain types of food. It also gives your dog control over their weight. They no longer have to be lean or overweight.

  • TruDog's pet food contains natural antioxidants, vitamins, and protein that prevent your dog from having rashes, allergies, and itchy skin, hence improving your dogs' skin. Whether it is served as a treat, a complete meal, or mixed in with other kibble brands, the entire nutritional benefits it contains, is made available to your dog in the right proportion.

04 TRIKOS Freeze Dried Premium Dog Food

This freeze-dried dog food is suitable for all dog breeds and can be used to replace regular kibble. This is the best choice for dogs that have food allergies. It also contains real beef which provides your dog with essential amino acids for stronger muscles and more energy.

  • If you are looking for a fun way to reward your favorite pet and keep him excited during a training session, this freeze-dried premium dog food is ideal for such reasons.

05 Stella & Chewy Freeze Dried Super Dandy Lamb Dinner Dog Food

Are you planning on switching your dog's diet but still unsure about what product to choose? You should try this product; it is the perfect meal replacement treat or food topper/mixer for your dog. This meal contains grass-fed dandy lamb which provides your dog with protein for a better immune system and better skin.

  • It provides your pet with the convenience of a conventional dry food without compromising the nutritional value bio-availability and proven health benefits of real raw meat.

06 Open Farm Freeze-Dried Grain Free Raw Dog Food

Do you want a happy and healthy dog? Then, this grain-free dog meal is for you. Feeding your dogs this will serve as an antibiotic. It is also a hormone-free meat, which means your dog won’t be influenced to become super aggressive because of high levels of oxytocin.

  • If you have a dog that doesn't do well with dried food, this can be a good alternative. Also, the presence of organic leafy vegetables in this meal makes it super rich in fiber and antioxidants.

07 Bravo Freeze Dried Dog Dinners

If your dog is allergic to beef or poultry, this particular product can substitute as its source of protein. This delicious dog food contains raw meat, organs, garden vegetables and cranberries. Such ingredients purvey your dog with ample energy, stamina and improves their digestive system. There are no artificial preservatives, flavors, or coloring in this meal. This makes it easier for your dog to pass less smelly stools.

  • This product is a great alternative for your dog in the absence of raw dog food, and since they don't need to be refrigerated, you can easily take them wherever you go.

Buyers Guide

Freeze Dried Dog Food Buyer's Guide

Your dog’s food affects the life of your pet positively or negatively. To ensure that they live happy, healthy and active life, it is important that you are feeding your dog a nutritious and balanced diet.

In the past, canned dog food and dry kibble were the only available dog foods in the market. Over the years, several other dog food options are now available. It’s now easy to mix interesting meal options that make your dog’s diet fun. One of such option is freeze dried dog foods.

Freeze dried dog foods are becoming more popular and many dog owners prefer to opt for this option. So, what exactly is free dried foods and what are their benefits?

What is freeze dried dog food?

The process of freeze-drying removes the total moisture content from food, thus preserving it and elongating its shelf-life. Freeze-dried dog foods are mostly a blend of raw meat, organs, and bones with a mix of fruits and sometimes, vegetables, that goes through a process called sublimation, to eliminate its entire water content. Apart from the fact that freeze-drying prolongs the shelf-life of these foods, the nutritional contents also remain intact without any microbial degradation.

Most pet owners tend to get confuse about the difference between freeze-dried dog food and dehydrated dog food. Here’s how to differentiate them;
The main difference between freeze-dried dog food and dehydrated dog food is the process with which their moisture content is removed, and the temperature at which the process takes place.

During dehydration, the raw ingredients are heated at a low temperature so that its nutrients are preserved, and its water content gets evaporated.

With freeze-drying on the other hand, the raw ingredients are first frozen and then taken through a process of sublimation.

During the process of sublimation, the ingredients are placed in a pressurized chamber until it freezes and become solid. Once they have frozen, both the temperature and pressure are carefully controlled to eliminate any water (now ice) from the food. Although this process is slow, the end result is satisfying.

What to look for in the best freeze dried dog foods?

Most freeze-dried dog foods contain meat. This means they contain pure protein, but it is necessary that you check for the source of the meat. The type of meat used helps you know if the meal is of high-quality. Freeze-dried dog foods with bones, organs, fresh meat, and other animal parts are most nutritious. Avoid freeze-dried dog food that contains preservatives, artificial colors, and/or flavors. Always check for a product that has a label with a list of ingredients on the body. This way, you would be able to find what you need.

How to feed freeze dried dog food?

The process of feeding your dog free-dried food is quick and doesn’t take time. Simply add water to the dried dog food before serving. This will add moisture to the food and make it more soft and appealing to eat. Freeze-dried dog food is great for adding nutrients to your dog’s food, it can serve as food topping. It is the perfect meal for picky eaters, because they can’t resist the delicious taste of quality freeze-dried food.

How long does freeze dried dog food last?

Before buying any dog food, it’s important that you check the labels for the expiry date. Well, freeze-dried dog foods have a long life span, so, you do not have to worry about expiration dates. This meal is suitable for people who live remotely or travel lot.

Why buy freeze dried dog food?

Are you struggling with a dog who selects food, or you are worried that your dog doesn’t get enough protein and you want to provide extra nutrients? Freeze dried food is just what you need for a picky dog. It has several health benefits. Even though, it’s highly recommended, feeding your dog a freeze-dried food is a personal choice.

Benefits of freeze-dried dog food

Although we have mentioned some of the benefits derived from feeding your dog with freeze-dried dog food, we can't help but continue to emphasize its goodness. Some of its benefits include the following:

Lightly Processed

It is lightly processed under minimum heat and so does not lose its natural goodness during or after being process. Hence, it provides your dog with all its available nutrients.

High Level of Protein

Freeze-dried dog food contains a higher protein level, as well as various nutrients, amino acids, and enzymes.

Suitable for All Dog Breeds

Raw dog food does not necessarily suit all breeds of dogs and so, choosing an appropriate meal for breeds that don't consume raw diets can be stressful. But with freeze-dried dog food, it is easier to choose from different brands and products since there are a variety of products out there for all breeds, and some of these products are cooked before freeze-dried.

Long Shelf Life

Freeze-dried dog foods have a long shelf life. This is because it has a low moisture content (between 3 - 5%) and can be stored at room temperature without it getting spoiled or the quality degrading as a result of microbial activities.

Raw Diet Alternative

Reviews from several customers show that dogs love it, and this is because it tastes like the real raw dog food. If you have a dog that is picky when it comes to food, this is a good alternative to get him eating.

Organic Sources

All Freeze-dried dog foods are made from high-quality resources that are organic, human-raised, and from free-range farms. Most of the meat sources are hormones and antibiotic-free.

Portable and Easy to Carry

It can be easily carried around and is convenient to carry if you are traveling with your dog.

Available in Different Varieties and Sizes

Freeze-dried dog food comes in various shapes, sizes, and textures that are visually appealing to most dogs.

Factors to consider before buying freeze-dried dog food

When buying any dog food, you need to look out for certain features that make it a suitable choice for your dog. Below are some factors that should influence your choice when buying freeze-dried dog food.

  • Check for freeze-dried dog foods that contain Omega fatty acids. It is essential to check for ingredients such as fish meals, vegetable fats and oils, salmon, and flaxseed, that provide this nutrient.
  • Choose freeze-dried dog foods with high-quality protein content.
  • Choose freeze-dried dog foods that have fruits and vegetables as their source of fiber, antioxidants, and micronutrients.
  • Avoid foods with artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives because they can cause allergies and other health problems to your dog.

If you intend to spice up your dogs' meal, boost his or her appetite and give them the best freeze-dried dog food with balanced nutrients, it is important that you take your time to make the right choice.

The ideal freeze-dried dog food should contain omega fatty acid, protein, well vitamins, and other micronutrients, and be free of gluten, grain, antibiotics as well as hormones. If you are not ready to completely switch to freeze-dried foods, just add it as a topping to your dog’s regular meal.

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