Best Grain Free Dog Treats
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Best Grain Free Dog Treats

The best grain free dog treat is Blue Buffalo Wilderness Trail Salmon Grain Free Dog Treats.

Treats are not only an essential part of training your dog, but they also give you a chance to bond with your pooch every day. However, the best grain free dog treats need to be made from the right ingredients if you don’t want to mess up your dog’s diet.

Check out our Top 7 list if you want to find treats that are both healthy and tasty!

Budget Conscious Pick

Buddy Biscuits Grain Free Dog Treats

Our Top Pick

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Trail Salmon Grain Free Dog Treats

Readers Pick

Wellness Core Marrow Roasts Natural Grain Free Dog Treats

01 Blue Buffalo Wilderness Trail Salmon Grain Free Dog Treats

Inspired by a family dog named Blue, the idea behind Blue Buffalo was creating all-natural grain free and high quality dog food that is suitable for dogs with specific dietary requirements.

The Blue Buffalo Wilderness Trail Treats Salmon, in particular, are especially good for dogs with skin and fur issues. The main ingredient in these Wilderness Trail Treats is salmon which is combined flaxseed and fish oil. All three of those are foods rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, a nutrient that all dogs need in their diet in order to maintain a healthy coat and skin.  A lot of times, dry skin and fur in dogs is caused by a deficiency in these healthy fats, so these grain free dog treats could be an easy way to fix this problem. 

These grain free dog treats from Blue Buffalo are also perfect for puppies who are still growing. They need a lot of protein to support their growth and these Blue Buffalo treats are basically protein bombs!

  • The Blue Buffalo Wilderness Trail Treats Salmon are sheer proof that tasty dog treats can be made without grains. We especially love that they are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. Thanks to this, they give dogs of all ages a shinier and sleeker coat and support the healthy development of puppies.

02 Buddy Biscuits Grain Free Dog Treats

The main ingredients in the Buddy Biscuits Grain Free Dog Treats are chickpea flour and peanut butter. Even though the word flour might make you think about grains, you can rest assured that these dog treats are completely grain-free. 

Chickpea is not a grain, but a legume, and one that is actually very good for dogs. Chickpeas give dogs an energy boost thanks to high protein content. They are also a great source of fiber which makes these dog treats really easy to digest. Perfect for dogs with sensitive stomachs! 

The texture of these grain free dog treats is not crunchy but soft and chewy. This makes them perfect for training and for older dogs who might have problems with chewing food that is too hard. 

Finally, the Buddy Biscuits Grain Free Dog Treats are made in the USA so you can rest assured they adhere to the safety standards of high quality dog food. 

  • What we loved about these high quality dog treats is how simple they are, while also being delicious and healthy. They contain just a couple of wholesome ingredients, and this is a good thing. Baked in the oven, these grain free dog treats look just like something that you made at home. While you could actually make such treats yourself, there is really no reason to since they are very affordable.

03 Wellness Core Marrow Roasts Natural Grain Free Dog Treats

The Core Marrow Roasts made by Wellness feature a crunchy biscuit outer layer filled with real meaty bone marrow filling. The crunchy outer layer is made with beef, which means that both the outer layer and the filling are packed with protein. 

Other ingredients featured in these grain free dog treats include ground peas, chickpea flour, sweet potatoes, and flaxseed, which are all rich in vitamins and minerals. Definitely a healthier alternative to grains and various other fillers that are so often used! Just be careful - once your dog gets used to these tasty treats, it might be hard to get them to eat anything else… 

  • One thing is certain - dogs love treats! Individual treats are quite small too, so they can be used for small and big dogs alike. At only 11 calories per treat, you don’t need to worry about your pooch getting overweight either.

04 Open Farm Dehydrated Cod Skins Grain Free Dog Treats

Open Farm is a real breath of fresh air in the dog treats market. They really go above and beyond to make sure that the ingredients they use are not only good for your pooch, but also sustainable and ethically sourced. They even have a nationwide program for recycling the packaging of their treats. 

The Open Farm Grain-Free Dehydrated Cod Skins Dog Treats are made from skins of wild-caught Pacific cod. That’s it. Grain free. No other ingredients. Moreover, these skins were dehydrated on low temperatures which is a method that preserves all of the nutrients. 

  • These cod skins grain free dog treats from Open Farm are as natural as dog treats can get. Since they are made from cod skins only, they are perfect for sensitive dogs and those on a grain-free diet for whatever reason.

05 Nulo Freestyle Natural Grain Free Dog Treats

The Nulo Freestyle Natural Dog Food Topper Pouch is a little different than most dog treats,  but it doesn’t mean it’s not just as good. It comes in a little pouch, and it can be used on top of your dog’s dry kibble or as a treat throughout the day.

Even though they come in a variety of flavors, our favorite Nulo Freestyle pouch is Lamb, Mackerel & Kelp. This recipe contains only 5 ingredients: lamb, lamb broth, mackerel, mackerel broth, and kelp. This means these pouches are full of protein and healthy fats that dogs need for healthy development of the brain and body. 

  • These food pouches from Nulo are not your regular dog treats. They contain only wholesome nutritious ingredients, and absolutely no additives, fillers, or grain. Definitely a great choice if you want your pooch to have only the best.

06 illside Farms Duck Breast Jerky Grain Free Dog Treats

Hillside Farms is a family-owned company focused on making high quality healthy food for dogs. These grain free dog treats are certainly some of the best your pooch can have. These are no biscuits - it’s actual jerky made from duck breast. The only other ingredients are glycerin derived from plant sources and salt, which are necessary to preserve the meat. 

There is probably nothing any dog will like more than these bits of pure duck meat. It’s in their nature after all, and good for them too since all dogs need protein to maintain healthy muscles. Your dogs will love those, so keep in mind they shouldn’t have more than 4 pieces in a day (for small togs the limit can be 1 or 2 pieces). 

  • While there are different opinions concerning what exactly a complete diet for dogs should contain, one thing is certain - they do need meat. It’s in their nature. This is why the Hillside Farms Filler Free Duck Breast Jerky is a perfect treat for any dog.

07 Earthborn Holistic Grain Free Dog Treats

These holistic dog biscuits from Earthborn are basically nutrient bombs in the form of a treat. With these grain free dog treats, you can make sure that your pooch gets all the necessary nutrients for healthy metabolism, bones, and coat while also giving them a tasty treat. It doesn’t get much better than that. 

The first ingredient of the Earthborn Holistic Dog Treats is bison meal. It is enriched with Antarctic krill meal and mixed with peas, apples, blueberries, carrots, and spinach. The result is a formula that’s full of nutrients and healthy fats. It’s especially good for dogs who have problems with dry, flaky skin or matted fur.

  • Made from natural ingredients, grain-free, and packed with nutrients, these grain free dog treats are perfect for dogs who need a health boost. They are also low in calories which makes them perfect for pooches who are prone to getting overweight.

Buyers Guide

Grain Free Dog Treats Buyer’s Guide

In modern times it is widely accepted by vets and pet parents alike that positive reinforcement is the best way to train your dog. Tasty treats are an essential part of this kind of training.

However, it’s important to pay attention to what these grain free dog treats are made of. Even though they are just small bits of dog food, when you give them to your pooch throughout the day the amount does add up. 

The truth is, dogs will gladly eat just about anything that smells nice. The dog food industry has realised this, and started making treats using grains and artificial flavors as the cheapest solution. But do you really want your dog eating that? 

Are Grain-Free Treats Better For My Dog? 

Is a grain-free and gluten-free diet better for dogs? Many pet parents believe it’s the only right choice since it’s closer to a dog’s natural diet. However, dogs have lived with humans for thousands of years and there is no conclusive proof that grains are bad for them. On the other hand, too much grain is not good for anyone, especially if we are talking about processed flour low in nutrients. 

One thing is certain, though. Dogs don’t need grains in their treats. No matter if you just want to give your pooch a tasty bite, or you are using them for training, treats are a great opportunity to bring more nutrients into your pooch’s diet. So why go with grains when there are so many better things? All of the grain free dog treats on our list are made with ingredients that are both tasty and healthy for your dog. 

Choosing Healthier Alternatives To Grains In Dog Treats 

Just like humans, dogs can eat high quality snacks or they can eat junk food. Treats that are full of grains are equal to junk food for humans. So what exactly should the perfect dog treats be made of? It depends on what your dog needs. Treats are a great opportunity to enhance your dog’s diet with nutritious dog food that boosts their health. Puppies need lots of protein for healthy development, for example, and older dogs might be more prone to skin issues in the case of which healthy fats can help. 

Here is what to keep in mind when choosing grain-free treats for your dog: 

Protein-Rich Treats Provide An Energy Boost 

Protein-rich snacks and treats are a safe choice for any dog. All dogs need lots of protein, and even more so if they are very active. Choosing a treat based on meat instead of grains also means that your dog will eat less carbs, thus keeping their weight in balance. 

If you are looking for treats for an energetic puppy, choosing meat-based snacks is the way to go. The Hillside Farms Filler Free Duck Breast Jerky, for example, is made only from duck breast - it doesn’t get any more natural than that. 

Healthy Fats For A Healthy Skin And Shiny Coat 

Treats are a great way to sneak some more healthy fats into your dogs diet. Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, in particular, are very important for every dog's health. These fatty acids are necessary for proper functioning of the brain and the heart of dogs. Not only this, but they also give our furry friends a shinier coat. Not getting enough healthy fats might cause skin problems and ruin the quality of their coat. This is especially common in older dogs. Luckily, many grain-free treats contain ingredients rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. Look for ingredients like fish, fish oil, and flaxseed. 

Calories Are Important 

If you often give your dog treats, it’s easy to lose count. This is perfectly normal. If you are using treats for training, you’ll certainly be giving them to your pooch multiple times during the day. However, it’s easy to go overboard like this and give your dog more dog food than you are aware of. Especially in the case of small dogs who live in the house, this can easily lead to obesity. 

There is an easy solution to all of this, though. Just choose treats that are low in calories. This way, your pooch can enjoy tasty snacks and remain healthy. 


Buying treats for your dog can be a very fun task. There are so many options to experiment with, and your dog will certainly love this! There is no reason not to go with healthy options, though. 

The Blue Buffalo Wilderness Trail Treats Salmon is an example of a perfect dog treat. Pack with protein and nutrients, these grain free dog treats have salmon as the main ingredients. They are also free from any artificial additives and flavorings and they were made in the USA so you can rest assured they adhere to proper food safety standards. 

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