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Best Grass For Dogs

The best grass for dogs is Pleasant Hill Premium Grass Seed.

Your dearest little bongo is in love with the grass and deep down you know that artificial grass just won’t cut it. So, you’d want to turn your lawn into a green paradise for your pet as quickly as possible and our professionally composed list of 6 best grass varieties for dogs can help you achieve that.

Budget Conscious Pick

Scotts EZ Fescue Seed

Our Top Pick

Pleasant Hill Premium Grass Seed

Readers Pick

Tifblair Certified Centipede Grass Seeds

01 Pleasant Hill Premium Grass Seed

The package contains 4lbs of premium quality ryegrass seed, best known for its quick lawn growth. A single bag of Pleasant Hill Premium grass seed is able to spread over 200 sq. ft. with daily watering, within no time.  

This pure grass seed is well-known all over U.S.A for its quick germination, which makes it an ideal contender for lawns. With utmost care, ryegrass seed germinates into a green, thin-bladed lawn that maintains its greenery throughout the winter season.

Being a cool-season grass, it attains its peak growth during the winter season. It’s best suitable for places with moderate summers and cool winters. Not to forget its robust root system and sturdiness allows this grass variety to remain unharmed while your pet dog gets his daily dose of outdoor fun which includes digging, scraping, and other bumpy activities.

  • We're in love with how fast these seeds can germinate and turn your land into a lush, beautiful lawn. Its germination speed is superior to any other lawn grass and that makes it the most suitable choice for pet owners willing to have a beautiful lawn for their pet within the least possible time.

02 Scotts EZ Fescue Seed

As guaranteed by the brand, this grass grows anywhere. You can sow it in acidic soil, on slopes, under scorching heat or any other unfavorable conditions.

Once fully grown, fescue grasses can deal with your pet’s idiosyncrasies because its branching system can withstand your pet’s daily juggle as well as its peeing and pooping endeavors to some extent.

This grass seed formulation contains enough mulch to absorb 6 times more water than the weight of each of the seeds. This means each of the grass seeds stays protected round the clock in a moist protective layer.

The mix also supplies the seeds with fertilizer to jumpstart the growth and tackifier prevents the seeds from washing away. An exclusive protectant keeps the seeds safe from diseases.

  • Would you believe it if we told you that this is the most economical lawn grass seed you'll find in the market? Yes, you've heard it right! Scotts EZ seed is a high performance, highly adaptable law grass seed available at an exceptionally low cost.

03 Tifblair Certified Centipede Grass Seeds

Centipede grass seeds are definitely the most tried and tested grass seeds ever. Your pet doggie will love to hang out in a soft-textured, lush green lawn wrapped by Centipede grass.

It’s due to the fact that this grass variety is neither too rough to harm your dog’s paws nor too soft to get easily uprooted or damaged by your pet’s everyday actions.

Its “Tiflblair” certification ensures that the seeds are genetically pure. These seeds are capable of growing in low-fertile lands and require less mowing.

They’re provided with super-wrapped coating due to which it dispersal of seeds becomes easier. The maintenance cost of growing the seeds is exceptionally low.

  • Centipede grass requires minimal upkeep and the least amount of fertilizers to grow. It turns your land into an apple green colored, coarse leaved grass field. The Centipede grass seeds are drought tolerant and able to grow in soils with poor fertility.

04 Outsidepride Midnight Kentucky Bluegrass Lawn Grass Seed

Kentucky bluegrass decorates your field with dark-green colored, soft-textured grass. Its two of the best features include great disease resistance and cold tolerance.

Being the hardiest, with fastest growth rate and minimum recovery period, the Kentucky Bluegrass is one of the most suitable grass seeds for pet owners because it can quickly replenish all the digging done by your cute pet. It is also highly resistant against dog urine.

It can be grown with ease all over the U.S and is recommended for home lawns, golf courses, athletic fields, parks, etc.

  • We’d recommend Outsidepride Midnight Kentucky Bluegrass Grass Seed to the households looking for a variety of grass that is able to withstand all the pet thrashing. Besides that, its cold resistance, disease resistance, and drought tolerance make it one of the best sellers on this list.

05 Pennington Bermuda Grass Seed

It comes in a bag weighing 8.3-pound bag enough to cover 125 sq. ft. of area. As the packaging suggests, this grass seed is capable of repairing bare spots in just 3 weeks.

This Bermuda grass variety doesn’t require supplemental irrigation to grow. You won’t even have to add any fertilizers as well because Pennington Grass seed package is jam-packed will high-quality fertilizer and mulch.

It’s a dog-friendly grass in the sense that it has a good tolerance for scratches from your pooch’s paws. That makes this grass a recommended choice for high traffic areas as well.

  • Since dog urine can cause a bare spot in your lawn, you’d want to go for Pennington Grass seeds because it’ll recover the spot within the least amount of time. It's a one-time investment package because everything you require is included, so it’ll also cut your cost on maintaining a beautiful lawn.

06 Compadre Zoysia Grass Seed

The 100% pure signature series, dark-green color grass seeds from Compadre Zoysia are your best shot at maintaining a fertile green beautiful lawn throughout the summer season.

Once established, Zoysia emerges as the best grass choice for homes with pets. It is because Zoysia is hardy enough to resist all the pet activities including peeing and pooping, and is highly drought tolerant.

Each package of Compadre Zoysia grass seed weighs 1lb which is sufficient enough to beautify 1000 sq. ft. area. Owing to the efficient deep root system, Zoysia grass variety unfurls to cover your lawn with solid, well-textured layer of grass.

  • We’d go for Compadre Zoysia grass seed for blessing our field with a luxurious look and texture, you should too. Unlike other types of grass, Zoysia is well-known for its extra dense, dark green colored texture that makes your field beautiful to look at as well as solid enough to resist regular pet wear and tear.

Buyers Guide

Grass For Dogs Buyer’s Guide

Why should you choose natural grass for your doggie?

No matter how much they try to improvise and then brag about it, no synthetic grass can dethrone natural grass from its position. Besides beautifying your lawn, natural grass provides your pet with several benefits that synthetic grass turfs can never offer such as cool, soft texture, non-toxic and natural atmosphere to thrive in.

Not all grass varieties are suitable for pet-keeping, some grass varieties are hardy enough to withstand your pooch's paw scratches while some aren't. Likewise, the acidic nature of the dog urine and poop is detrimental to the growth of some grasses. That's why you need to know about which grass variety you should go for and what types of pet activities damages your lawn.

Dog Activities That Destroy Your Lawn and What to Do About It

Your pet doggie can damage your law via multiple ways which you should be aware of so that you can identify the root cause of the damage and protect your lawn grass from turning patchy.


One of the main constituents of dog urine is Urea. It is a nitrogen-rich by-product of protein metabolism. Although nitrogen is an essential element required by plants for optimum growth, its excessive quantity is responsible for burning effect in green plants. Therefore, you'll need to look for a grass that is somewhat, if not 1000%, tolerant to urea. Likewise, you should consider buying a seed variety that germinates quickly and allows for quick restoration of bare patches formed due to dog urine.


Dog poop also contains abundant nitrogen but that’s not the actual problem here. It is also home to bacteria, and its moist nature causes alterations in the micro-flora associated with the soil. It could give rise to several undesirable issues in your lawn such as ticks, flies, harmful fungi and bacteria might emerge.

Running and Digging

Your pet doggie is naturally programmed to act the way it does. There's pretty much nothing you can do about it except for betting on such varieties of grasses that are sturdy enough to withstand the spanking and capable of recovering in no time.

Now what to do about it?

First things first, you should try to take your pet for a walk every morning so he'll have enough time to attend to nature’s call. However, if that does work well, your dog is bound to urinate in your lawn, and when he does, you should hose down that area of your lawn so that Urea becomes diluted. That way, it'll cause the least damage to the grass.

In order to avoid letting your yard become an abode of flies and ticks, you should regularly clean it, especially get rid of any dog urine and poop as soon as you can.

You can also try to make your dog roam your entire yard instead of sticking to just one place. That way the rest of the yard will get ample time to recover from the damage.

Also, it’s not healthy for your doggie to come in contact with the fertilizers, that too regularly. Therefore, you’ll need to keep your buddy out of the lawn after spraying it with fertilizers.

If you want to act smart about the barren areas of your lawn, you should make use of them by making your dog spend most of the time in those areas.

Grass Varieties You Can Place Your Bet On

Kentucky Bluegrass

This grass variety is well-known for its sturdy and drought tolerant nature. It germinates quickly, needs least recovery time to restore a patch, and is suitable for most of the locations. It's also good to look at.


For households with pets, perennial ryegrass would make a great choice because of its strong root system and quick growth rate. It can withstand thrashing by your furry companion and grow back quickly. Such grasses thrive in cool climates.


Several varieties of fescue grass are available in the market so you’ll need to look for the most suitable one. Fescue grasses are sturdy grasses that can handle whatever your dog throws at them. These are good at absorbing moisture so fescue grass won't cause much trouble if the dog urine or poop goes unnoticed for some days.


The people dwelling in areas with a warm climate should go for Bermuda grass because this grass variety thrives in such climate. It's suitable for pet owners because of being sufficiently hardy and able to take care of your pet's paws.


Due to its luxurious texture, Zoysia makes an excellent choice for homes with pets. After a few years of the growth period, Zoysia grasses become sturdy enough to be used for outdoor pet activities.


Centipede grass requires an extra bit of care. It is sensitive to pH changes in the soil and suffers under alkaline conditions. Hence, while it may not be the most tenacious grass species, it proliferates in the Southwest of the United States. Likewise to Zoysia, moderate shade and heat would not pose a problem to its growth, making it one of the most drought tolerant types of grass out there.


We’re pretty sure that by now you’re capable enough to choose the best grass seed variety from our list. To make things easier for you, we'd like to suggest you go for our top pick because it has no cons. All-weather greenery, quick growth rate, premium texture, and other such benefits are enough to make it the best buy in this catalog.

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