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Best Hunting Dog Vests

The best hunting dog vest is Rig’Em Right Waterfowl Bloodline Elite Dog Vests.

There is probably nothing that compares to the bonding experience that is going out hunting with your dog. The best hunting dog vests make the experience much better by ensuring you have some control over the overexcited pooch’s experience by ensuring their safety.

Here are 7 of the best on the market right now and what they have to offer on your hunting day out.

Budget Conscious Pick

SafetyPUP XD Hunting Dog Vests

Our Top Pick

Rig'Em Right Waterfowl Bloodline Elite Hunting Dog Vests

Readers Pick

Illumiseen LED Hunting Dog Vests

01 Rig'Em Right Waterfowl Bloodline Elite Dog Vests

The Rig ’Em dog vests stand out with their 3 layer design for maximum comfort and security for the dog. The innermost layer is made of neoprene, a soft and breathable material makes it warm and comfortable for the dog while outdoors. The second layer is foam which, in addition to offering a comfortable padding effect, assists the dog in flotation should you encounter water bodies on your hunting route.

The outermost layer, finally, is made of canvas and offers your dog protection from things like bruises and scratches from bushes, trees or even rocks in their path. The canvas also offers you the benefit of durability so you do not have to keep replacing your dog vests.

Another awesome feature is that the dog vest is designed with an athletic cut. This is meant to offer room around the neck and limbs for flexibility and easy mobility. That way, your dog can run wild and free without feeling restrained or uncomfortable.

  • This is definitely worth the title of best pick with its high quality construction that ensures that you get full value for your investment. It also doesn’t hurt that your dog gets to enjoy maximum comfort and security allowing you both to have a more carefree experience as you are out together.

02 SafetyPUP XD Hunting Dog Vests

You will need dog vests that are resistant against outdoor mechanical forces that you will inevitably encounter, and this is exactly what the SafetyPuP dog vests offer. These hunting vests are made from unique rip resistant material called oxford weave fabric. It is an extremely strong and durable material. This fabric is also weather resistant, so you do not have to leave your best hunting companion behind on those rainy days.

The straps can also hold their own with their double stitch design. In addition to the durability, this design ensures that they are secure and hold the dog vest in position no matter how much running around your dog does. You also don’t have to worry about issues like fraying or the straps ripping and rendering the dog vest unusable.

Another feature that you can look forward to is the utility strap. This offers you the convenience of being able to carry small accessories for your dog. The strap is secured around the mid-section with the carriers on the sides out of the dog’s way so that mobility is not interfered with.

  • This model is worth considering if you are shopping for a hunting vest on a tight budget. Despite its favorable price point, you do not have to compromise on quality as the vest is very well constructed. It is also an option worth considering seriously if you are shopping for night hunting vests.

03 Illumiseen LED Hunting Dog Vests

The Illumiseen brand prides itself in designing dog vests to keep your pooch out of harm’s way while out on hunting adventures. The Illumiseen orange dog vest design allows the pooch to stand out from other dogs so they do not accidentally end up being the target. It also features a reflective strip to offer the same protection at night.

The best part is that this is not just an ordinary reflector strip. It features special LED lights that shine brightly during the night so you can see your dog if you do not have a light source to illuminate the reflector. You can therefore also use it for night-time strolls even when there is no hunting involved as even if your dog runs off it will be very easy to spot them.

  • This is a wonderful option worth it especially if you tend to go out with your dog at night whether it is for hunting or casual strolls.

04 Camo Pet Life Preserver Hunting Dog Vests

These are great camouflage options if you are looking for snug fit dog vests that provide full coverage. These dog vests combine both Velcro and buckle straps to ensure that your dogs stay put within the dog vests once they are put on. The two straps are also easily adjustable to allow you to customize the fit for more security and comfort for your furry best buddy.

Despite the all round coverage design of the dog vest, it is very breathable and comfortable. The mesh material allows air flow keeping the pooch cool even as they generate all that heat from running around. The material also wicks away moisture keeping the dog cool and dry for additional comfort.

  • This is worth looking into as an option if you are on the market for a water life preserver for your dog. That way you can take them out on your fishing trips or kayaking adventures without having to worry that they will drown if they fall overboard.

05 4Legs Friend Safety Reflective Hunting Dog Vests

The Dog Safety Reflective vest is an excellent substitute if high visibility is a major priority for you. The vest features reflector strips all around the trim and across the midline strap as well as a large reflector paw print. These ensure that you can see where your dog is at night for as far as 500 meters during your hunts. The bright orange color also offers improved visibility particularly during daytime hunts so you do not confuse your dog for a deer or rabbit that you are hunting.

It also has a simple back and neck flap design. This means that it only goes over the beck, sides and neck. The legs are left free allowing your dog maximum flexibility for comfortable movement.

  • As far as high visibility hunting vests go, this is a pretty decent option. It is comfortable for the dog and also easy to use and is definitely worth its spot on our top 7 list with its quality construction.

06 Ducks Unlimited Deluxe Hunting Dog Vests

This Ducks Unlimited model is a hunting vest built with the dog’s comfort in mind. It features 9 mm of neoprene material which is the perfect combination of soft, breathable and durable. Your dog gets to enjoy a cozy and airy fit as they run around having a fun hunting day out while you benefit from the durability as you don’t have to keep replacing vests.

The dog vest combines Velcro and zipper fastening mechanisms. The Velcro makes it very easy to put the dog vest on and take it off the dog. It also offers the benefit of adjustability as you get to fasten at the snuggest fit for your dog. The zipper mechanism on the other hand in addition to also being easy to use reinforces the fit by securing it in place. That way your dog gets to run around with what feels like a secure and comfortable second layer of skin.

  • This is a terrific camouflage hunting vest with the dog’s comfort and safety in mind. It is easy to use and has several convenient accessory features making it worth the investment.

07 Avery Boaterft.S Dog Parka Hunting Vests

This hunting dog vest stands out with its athletic cut that has wide leg spacing. This gives your dog’s legs enough room to move around for maximum mobility while still in the dog vest. The last thing you want is your dog losing footing while chasing a target during hunts because the dog vest is too tight around their limbs for them to move naturally. The leg and neck holes also feature soft trimming that prevents friction burns further enhancing the natural mobility.

The dog vest has a front slip on design with the zip fastening mechanism at the back. This makes it easy to put on and take off. It also makes the dog vest very secure so you do not have to worry about it slipping off as your doggie runs around having a good time.  

  • With its tapered design and front slip construction, this is an excellent camouflage option if you want full torso protection for your dog.

Buyers Guide

Hunting Dog Vest Buyer’s Guide

Shopping for a hunting vest is a very personal experience and depends a lot on the dog you are shopping for as well as your hunting priorities. Here are a few of the vital factors to consider to ensure that you make the best choice for yourself and your dog with your purchase.


When it comes to hunting vests, you can either have partial coverage or full coverage. Partial coverage will go over the back and sides of the dog’s torso and protect from any potential injury-causing forces from above. It is a decent option if you have a generally safe hunting route. While the abdomen area is left exposes, this design leaves the dog’s legs free for optimum mobility.

Full coverage options on the other hand cover the belly, side and back portions of the torso. These are worth considering if you are hunting on rough terrain with bushes, rocks and anything else that could hurt your dog. With this design, however, it is important that you take into consideration how easy it will be for your dog to move. In this case, it is best to settle for hunting vests with wide leg holes that allow full range of movement.

Visibility, Camouflage vs. High visibility

This is where your priorities and preferences come into play in decision making as there is no one option that is ideal for everyone.

Camouflage hunting vests are designed to help your dog blend into the background while you are out hunting. This comes in handy if you want your dog to help lead the target towards you as they get to easily sneak up.

High visibility hunting dog vests on the other hand offer the benefit of safety for the dog if it is not playing any active role in trapping of the game. It is great for retriever duties as well as chasing if the targets are birds as they can then be easily differentiated from the prey.


Hunting vests are primarily designed to offer protection to your dog from dangers of the outdoors. This could be anything from rock bruises to thorny bush cuts. It is therefore important that you select material that can actually handle all these mechanical assaults.

While looking into material, also make sure that you factor in your dog’s comfort. It needs to be something soft and breathable that will be comfortable for them the whole time it is on. In this case, you can never go wrong with neoprene.


If your hunting expeditions are in any way related to water, you need to ensure that you get a hunting vest that also serves as a floating device. This is particularly handy if your dog still hasn’t learnt to be comfortable swimming. That way whether you are going fishing or your hunting route goes through a body of water you know your pooch will be safe.


Hunting vests have a lot to offer you and your dog during those fun days out together. While there are many fantastic options out there, it all boils down to your hunting needs and your specific priorities.

Our top pick offers the perfect balance of all needs from visibility and overage to high quality material and overall comfort for the pooch. That way if you are stuck on your shopping with all the options you have a great place to start. And if that doesn’t quite do it for you, you have 6 other amazing alternatives to consider.

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