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Best Insulated Dog Houses

The best insulated dog house is ASL Solutions Deluxe Insulated Dog House With Floor Heater.

Do you know a harsh winter can make your dog fall prey to dog hypothermia? It’s a condition in dogs where their body temperature drops to dangerously low levels, and it can be life-threatening if not dealt with in time.

Winters are typically tough for dogs, and they need a special place specifically designed to help protect them during those super cold days (and nights). That’s where a heated & insulated dog house for outdoors will come in very handy.

But you do not have to figure anything out on your own, as we have done all the hard work for you and come up with a list of the best-insulated dog outdoor houses. 

Budget Conscious Pick

DP Hunter Insulated Dog House With Floor Heater

Our Top Pick

ASL Solutions Deluxe Insulated Dog House With Floor Heater

Readers Pick

Pets Imperial Wooden Norfolk Insulated Dog House

01 ASL Solutions Deluxe Insulated Dog House With Floor Heater

This insulated dog house is your absolute best bet as the insulation is as good as it can get, with each of the panel being filled with real foam (Styro/EPS), the kind that’s used in buildings. And the floor comes installed with an electricity-operated heater (with a cleverly designed hole for the cord).

The door is insulated as well, and not a “flap” like the other cheaper insulated dog houses. Its also self-closing, and it would be easy to train your dog to get inside the house.

But we all know many dogs do not like complete isolation, which is why this insulated dog house has a cleverly designed see-through window as well.

The manufacturer conducted an experiment to find out what kind of insulation this insulated dog house offers during the colder months, and you can see the results for yourself in the below image.

Even in temperatures as low as 30°F, your dog would almost enjoy summer at 90°F.

The cleaning would be a breeze too as the floor is a bit tilted towards the ground and has a drainage hole, and all you would need to do is run water through it. On top of that, it also features a raised floor to keep the bedding area warm.

All in all, this is currently the most well-insulated dog house money can buy.

  • The insulation is second to none, the design is creative and super functional with a see-through window, and most dogs find it very comfortable and love to stay inside it during winter.

    It can also be used just as comfortable for your dog during the summer, due to the innovative insulation and design with the bottom half of the door being removable (as seen in the picture below).

02 DP Hunter Insulated Dog House With Floor Heater

If you want pretty much the same insulated dog house but at a slightly lower price – and don’t have a very large-sized dog – then this is what you’re looking for.

It comes from the same brand as the above dog house, which appears to be the most reliable brand when it comes to insulated dog houses.

It’s a bit smaller than our top pick, but comes with a floor heater as well. The same insulation material is used in this house’s panels as well, and the insulation layer is an impressive 4 inches thick.

Moreover, the exterior of this dog house is made of durable polystyrene, which further adds to the heating inside the house.

You would have a see-through window with this dog house as well, albeit it will be on the smaller side.

The door is self-closing too, and the window panels are adjustable to make it just as good a dog house during the summer as well.

  • This is simply because it’s pretty much our top pick insulated dog house but at a more affordable price and in a smaller size.

    The overall durability is excellent as well, and the heater keeps things pretty warm inside even when it gets severely cold outside.

03 Pets Imperial Wooden Norfolk Insulated Dog House

If you live in a region where the weather is not as harsh as some of the other much colder regions, then this dog house may turn out to be a pretty good option as well, and at a great price.

It’s particularly something to consider for people with a large dog, as it’s very generously sized and is also heavy duty enough to hold up to 154 lbs.

While the thickness of the insulating material (Styrofoam) is only 1.3 cm, it will still be warm enough for most regions that aren’t extraordinarily cold. That said, the overall thickness of the side walls and floor is about 2.7 cm, which translates to an exceptional level of durability.

To top it all, it gets the heat out during summer just like it protects your furry buddy from cold during the winter, and is also rain resistant. Talk about getting a dog house that would be a great option for your dog all year round!

  • The durability is great, the size is very generous, and the flooring is thick and removable, and stays at a height from the ground. But it doesn’t cost a bomb.

04 Climate Master Plus Insulated Dog House

This insulated dog house is designed for the exact opposite purpose as compared to the above dog house. While the above insulated dog house is an excellent choice for large dogs, this dog house is specially designed for small dog breeds and cats.

It’s also far less sturdy, and can only hold about 35 lbs of weight. However, it also only weighs 49 lbs itself, so its lightweight and more portable than other insulated dog houses.

That doesn’t mean a trade-off on the insulation front though, as it does come with a thick layer of insulation made using true foam.

The roof system is removable, and this dog house looks better than most other insulated dog houses.

  • It would be pretty appealing to small dogs due to its great looks, and the removable roof system does add a fair bit of flexibility to it. The insulation is reasonably good too, but if you don’t need your dog house to be very stylish, then this is an overpriced insulated dog house for you.

05 Petsfit Insulated Dog House

Here’s another great value for money dog house if the winter isn’t extremely cold where you live. It’s priced surprisingly affordable, but it would work just as well when it comes to keeping your pooch warm during moderate winters.

While the exterior is made of quality cedar wood, the interior is removable canvas material which is filled with EPE foam.

It’s also sturdier than it might seem and looks very pretty. The assembly is easy thanks to the detailed instructions.

Despite the sturdiness, it's not too heavy and easy to move around. It’s also rain-proof, and also stays off the ground.

The only downside is that there are small gaps in the floor, but putting a few blankets under it would help get around that.

  • This insulated dog house is a great choice if you’re on a tight budget, and the winters in your region aren’t extremely cold. The insulation is relatively good for the price, and there are many other useful features as well.

06 INDIGO W/MICROBAN Insulated Dog House

This is another low-priced dog house that offers much more for its price. It’s very well insulated and would keep your dogs toasty warm during the winter. Unless you have super cold winters as we said above for other insulated dog houses as well.

However, even if you do have extremely cold winters, you can buy a heating unit separately to install in it which will keep them summer warm during extreme winters as well.

Some of the other notable features include a raised floor, unique design, better protection against elements like bacteria and easier to clean and assemble.

It’s built in the USA and made using durable hard plastic. Further, it’s also rain-proof, has ventilated roof for the summer, and makes dogs feel very comfortable.

  • If around $100 is all you have to spend on a dog house, you will be hard-pressed to find a better option. The only downsides are that it’s a bit difficult to move around, and you need to be careful about the sizing, or you will end up with a smaller size.

06 Confidence Waterproof Plastic Insulated Dog House

Let us tell you right off the bat that this insulated dog house wouldn’t even be an option for you if you have extremely cold winters. This is because there’s little or no insulation on the inside of the insulated dog house, so your dog would freeze if you let them stay in for the night during a harsh winter.

With that out of the way, if the winter is much gentler where you live, then it can still be a pretty good choice.

It’s surprisingly large and can even fit in two dogs. The build quality is reasonably good for the price, and it’s made using durable plastic.

It’s also super easy to put together, and boasts an all-weather design.

Finally, throwing a blanket or two for a better level of insulation can be a good idea but again, not for frigid weather.

  • We find this insulated dog house to be a good option only for regions where the winter isn’t too hard. The generous size, great looks, large door opening, and a huge height makes it a pretty good insulated dog house for not-so-cold winters.

Buyers Guide

Insulated Dog House Buyer’s Guide

While you’re looking to buy a dog house for winter and cold weather already, you may be wondering how to tell when it’s too cold for your dog to need to be inside the house. So we will help you learn a bit about the signs that mean your dog needs more heat.

One of the most prominent signs when a dog starts feeling unbearably cold is when your otherwise super active furry buddy turns unusually slow, and sometimes even starts shivering.

If you find your dog has been shivering for a long period, then it means that they have already gone much longer without getting the heating help they needed. You must act faster in such a case.

A lack of interest in doing things that they typically enjoy, or abnormal fatigue, too, are signs that things may have gotten too cold for them.

Some dogs also start cuddling (or rather snuggling) excessively when they are seeking warmth. If you find this kind of behavior with your dog during a tough winter, they are likely seeking the warmth of their dog house or dog bed.

In some extreme cases, the dog’s skin would also get too cold or develop frostbites, or you would see a slight change in their skin color, usually with some shades that appear a bit blue-ish in color.

Finally, sometimes, even barking or whining can mean that they are not able to handle the cold of the winter.

How “Winter” Dog Houses Are Different Than The Regular Ones?

If you think you can turn your regular dog house into a “winter” one using a few blankets, then you might be in for a rude surprise.

Dogs need much more warmth and heat than you may think, and if the winters in your region are freezing, then your dog would get miserable in the house in no time no matter the number of blankets you use.

For such elements and weather conditions, a dog house specifically designed for the winter is a must. It’s because these dog houses are very different from a regular dog house.

The most significant difference is that they come with professional quality insulation. The insulation materials might differ depending on the dog house you’re buying and the price you’re willing to pay, but the best ones use the insulation materials that are used in buildings.

Further, the excellent winter dog houses have a thick layer of insulation rather than just a coating type of thing, which goes a long way in providing the warmth and heat your dog needs when the weather is harsh out there. Other dog accessories such as dog raincoats also have a layer of insulation for providing warmth and comfort too.

These dog houses are also designed differently. Unlike the regular ones such as heavy duty dog crates, most of them do come with a door or some kind of protection at the entry area to prevent the cold air from getting in.

Similarly, the best ones also do not have any gaps in the floor or in any other area to make sure no cold streams of winter air manage to sneak in.

They are elevated with raised floor, effectively reducing contact with the ground to reduce conduction of heat from the interior to the ground..

Our top picks also come with an in-built dog heater for a warm summer environment for your dog even when it’s cold outside.

Although there are other differences too, these are the main ones, and we hope you get the idea already.

Other Features To Look For In A Insulated Dog House

We are sure you were able to understand some of the main features you need to have in your winter dog house above, but there’s more to it.

Here are some of the other features that make the house more comfortable and overall a better option than other insulated dog houses without these features:

  • A comfortable amount of space: If your dog finds themselves cramped for room inside the house, then they would be hesitant to use it for more extended periods.
  • Helps your pooch stay dry: In many regions, it’s common to have snowfall during the winter. Getting wet in the rains can make your dog feel very cold as well. So your dog house must ideally protect them from both snowfall and rain. A waterproof dog house is the best bet for regions that get a lot of rainfall. Dog crates such as these are often cheaper but not a viable alternative, as these crates are not sheltered.
  • Durable: This is a no-brainer. These dog houses are typically much more expensive than their regular counterparts so you would want them to last.

Some not super essential but nice-to-have features:

  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to clean
  • Great aesthetics (especially for smaller dogs to attract them)

Additional Accessories

If you live somewhere where the temperatures go well into the negative – and for more than a few days – then it makes sense for you also to consider purchasing some other accessories along with a winter dog house for better protection for your dog.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the important ones below.

Dog House Furnace

These are dog house heaters, and a good option for a dog house that doesn’t come with a good in-built heater (won’t be needed if you go with one of our top picks).

Thermal Pads

Thermal mats and pads are a form of heating device that your dog can sit and sleep on for additional warmth and comfort. This works on the same concept as a dog cooling pad.

Heated Dog Bowls

These are different than the regular dog bowls. They are particularly designed to keep the water warm for your dog to drink, especially during weathers when the water can either quickly get cold or even freeze.


If you tend to have extremely cold or harsh winters, it can be dangerous for your dog to take them lightly. So you wouldn’t want to go cheap on a winter dog house.

Both our top picks are excellent winter dog houses with a great level of insulation and heating. They both come with in-built heaters, a closed door with a see-through window, no cracks or gaps, and an insanely high-quality and thick insulation layer.

For larger dogs you will need to go with the top pick – ASL Solutions Deluxe Insulated Dog Palace. If your pooch is on the smaller side, the more budget option (our most value for money pick) will work just as well.

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