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Best Dog Beds For Large Dogs

The best large dog bed is PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed.

A lot more care needs to go into picking a bed for a larger dog. They not only occupy more space but also exert more weight and therefore need a bed that can handle the job. To help you out, here are the best dog beds for large dogs for you to choose from. 

Budget Conscious Pick

Furhaven Orthopedic Dog Bed

Our Top Pick

PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed

Readers Pick

KOPEKS High Grade Dog Bed

01 PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed

This is a fantastic bed for dog owners with very large dog breeds. They come in different sizes including the jumbo 50 inches by 40 inches options. This works for very large dog breeds like great danes, rottweilers, and any other gentle giant you may have as a part of your family.

In addition to giving your large dog plenty of space to spread out, our top dog bed for big dogs also offers fantastic support. This is made possible through the thick polyfill stuffing. The 6-inch memory foam base also adds to this comfort ensuring that the bed underneath adjusts to accommodate the dog for maximum and customized comfort.

Moreover, the cover on this dog bed is designed to complement all these comfort features ensuring that your dog enjoys their night’s sleep or even day time nap. It is made from a combination of cotton, polyester and twill. This allows you and your furry best buddy to get the best benefits of each material for a soft, durable, and breathable cover that is affordable.

  • This dog bed is undeniably the best option for your large dog when it comes to quality and comfort features. Your dog will get to sleep on a soft and supportive bed with raised edges for a further sense of nested security. The quality construction also guarantees you value for your money.

02 Furhaven Orthopedic Dog Bed

The Furhaven dog bed has a sofa bed style which is very convenient for big dogs. The bolstered ends give it the sense of being in a secure, enclosed space. The open end on the other hand offers the large and often clumsy gentle giants a way to easily access the dog bed.

We also recommend this dog bed if you have a dog with musculoskeletal problems. It could be anything from arthritis to muscle aches due to old age. This is because the dog bed has an orthopedic foam mattress layer which offers support to relieve any pain while preventing further damage.

While the mattress base may be firm for the orthopedic support, the bolstered edges are designed to be softer and more yielding. They have soft padding which makes it very comfortable for the doggy to lean against or even use as a pillow if they wish to while they sleep.

  • You would think that something this affordable would have the bare minimum features but the Furhaven dog bed definitely has a lot to offer. Therefore, if you are shopping with very tight budget restrictions, this is an alternative that would allow you to have great quality without having to spend more than you may be comfortable with.

03 KOPEKS High Grade Dog Bed

What sets this option apart the most is the fact that the design features an in built pillow. This adds a lot of comfort for your dog should they choose to use it. The rest of the dog bed is open. This flat design is fantastic for accident-prone doggies as there are no bolsters in their way as they try to hop on or off the dog bed.

Another comfort feature your dog has to look forward to is the plush, suede top cover. This feels awesome for the pooch. It is also fantastic at maintaining warm temperatures during cold weather seasons.

  • You could consider a dog bed with an inbuilt pillow to elevate your dog’s comfort in which case the Kopeks high grade dog bed is one of the best options.

04 Laifug Orthopedic Dog Bed

If you think dog beds with in-built pillows are awesome then you will love this one because it has two; one on each end. That way, your dog could switch things up with their sleeping positions without having to lose out on the benefits of some neck and health elevation.

However, it is important to note that they are not at the same level with one end being 3 inches in height and the other measuring 1.8 inches.

This dog bed also stands out with its combination of orthopedic and memory foam mattress designs. This offers your dog customizable comfort while still supporting any stiff or painful joints.

  • This is ideal for dogs that need orthopedic support whether it is hip joint issues or the neck that needs to be propped up.

05 K9 Ballistics Dog Bed

A lot of dog beds for large dogs that come with bolsters usually include flimsy padding. That is not the case with this dog bed. The bolster pillows that surround most of the dog bed are thickly padded not only for comfort but also for support.

They are also higher than most other options on the market measuring about 5 inches in height. This creates a nice and safe-feeling little nook for your furry best friend to sleep in.

Another unique feature is that the removable feature has no fastening mechanisms and can simply be slipped on and off the dog bed for maintenance making it very convenient.

  • This would be a really good bed if you have a large dog that is dealing with anxiety with the bolstering offering security through some level of confinement for the doggy.

06 The Dog’s Bed

This dog bed is as simple as the name is. It is an open triangle measuring 54 inches by 36 inches. It is perfect for older dogs that are suffering from some form of skeletal issue especially those causing joint inflammation and/or stiffness. The simple, open design makes it easier for these dogs to get on and off the dog bed without too much hustle trying to navigate head pillows or bolsters.

The dimensions also make it one of the largest beds for big dog breeds. This guarantees even more comfort as your large dog does not have to curl themselves up to fit on the dog bed which often only worsens joint issues.

  • This mattress was built for big dogs with joint problems and it more than delivers with its large size, thick orthopedic mattress, and generally simple design for the dog to use.

07 Dogbed4less Dog Bed

The one key feature that makes the Dogbed4less dog bed stand out from others on our list and on the market is the fact that it features gel-infused memory foam for the orthopedic support. The orthopedic memory foam part of the mattress is designed to offer support for dogs with joint or back problems therefore minimizing the intensity of some of the symptoms.

Furthermore, it has gel material infused into the memory foam. The main purpose of this feature is to help with temperature control by keeping the mattress relatively cool. This comes in handy for dogs suffering from inflamed joints with the cool and breathable mattress helping offer some relief to the discomfort and pain.

  • If you are shopping for a dog with joint issues, this is definitely worth looking into especially with the pain relieving and anti-inflammatory benefits of the gel infusion which give it an edge over other orthopedic mattresses.

Buyers Guide

Dog Beds For Large Dogs Buyer’s Guide

Big dogs do not have the luxury of being as compact as their smaller companions. As a result, they need plenty of space to stretch out in order to be completely comfortable when sleeping. They are also often heavier and rougher and will go through flimsy beds faster than you can keep up.

It is therefore very important both for you and your dog that you invest only in the very best of dog beds for large dogs in the market. That way, your furry best buddy gets a comfortable place to lay their head after a day of fun and you get full value for your money with a unit that will last a very long time.

For this, you need to be very picky based on certain key factors. Here are 8 that should help you find the very best bed out there.

The Size Matters More Than Anything Else

When shopping for a large dog, the size of the dog bed is without a doubt the most crucial factor to take into account. For big dogs measuring between 20 and 25 inches in height, aim for internal bed measurements of about 35 inches by 25 inches give or take a few inches. This includes dogs like Labrador retrievers, Doberman pinschers, and German shepherds - the very same breed the 46th POTUS has.

If, on the other hand, yours is more of a gentle giant measuring 28 to 32 inches in height, you may have to go for larger options like the jumbo bed from our top pick dog bed for large dogs. Examples of breeds here include the great dane and mastiffs. In this case, any bed with measurements of more than 40 by 30 inches should do the job.

Type Of Mattress

This depends a lot on your dog’s specific needs as pertains to comfort and musculoskeletal health. If your pooch is suffering from issues like joint pain or stiffness, which is common among large breeds due to their heavy build, you will want to invest in something like a memory foam mattress. These are designed to offer adequate support and cushioning which could reduce the pain and discomfort that your furry best buddy is in.

The other option you may have is to get a memory foam mattress for your dog beds for large dogs. Technically speaking, with the right mattress density a memory foam option can be used for orthopedic purposes. However, more often than not the padding is insufficient to offer support for old doggies and those with joint issues.

For this reason, memory foam mattresses are best left for regular dogs who’s only special needs are for comfortable sleeping spots in which case these mattresses are always the best for the job.

Degree Of Firmness

This is determined mainly by the type and amount of filling used in the dog bed’s mattress filling. With foam types like memory foam and chips, the dog beds tend to be less firm. This can be very comfortable for some dogs especially young puppies that need as much cozy support as they can possibly get.

Foam, however, can also be used to make high density dog mattresses. It just has to be packed densely. These firmer mattresses are ideal for older dogs who need as much support as possible from their beds for maximum comfort levels.

Type Of Cover Material

In addition to what is in the mattress, you need to consider what is on the actual bed. This is because this is the part that is in closest contact with your dog. The last thing you want is a dog bed with a fantastic mattress and a horrible cover making it incredibly uncomfortable for the doggy.

To help you out, here are the most popular dog bed covers and what they have to offer your doggy.


This is easily the best option. It is breathable, soft to the touch, and fantastic at maintaining temperatures especially during cold seasons. It is also very durable. However, cotton is not very easy to maintain whether it is dealing with shed fur or stains. It is also more expensive than other decent alternatives.


Polyester is the cheaper option if you want something comfortable for your dog but still friendly for your pocket. It is particularly light and breathable which makes it the ideal material for summertime beds to keep your doggie nice and cool. Unfortunately, they do not last very long unless mixed with stronger materials like cotton and twill.


Now this is what it means for your furry best friend to sleep on the lap of luxury. Fleece covered dog beds may be expensive but it is safe to say they are well worth the investment. You could also get faux fleece which more or less feels the same but definitely costs way less.


Dogs are very tactile creatures and they really enjoy smooth textures like micro plush. It will feel like cuddling another dog or even their human best friend and this makes for really awesome nights.

Does It Have A Waterproof Layer?

Larger and older dogs rarely have potty accidents in their sleep unless they are related to incontinence secondary to some other health issue. There is also moisture from other places whether it is their sweat, drool, or even water that they dragged onto the dog bed from some other place.

Wherever it is that this water comes from, it could very easily ruin your dog’s bed. A waterproof layer is therefore simply a necessity to keep things clean and maintain the integrity of the dog bed’s mattress filling.

Floor Grip Features

Large dogs tend to be very clumsy. They are also very playful. This is never a good combination when dealing with mobile accessories like doggy beds. For this very reason, it is very likely that they could get hurt while hopping on or off their beds in excitement.

This makes floor grip a complete non-negotiable. Rubber works the best whether it is in the form of ridges or grip pin on the lower side of the dog bed. That way, the dog bed will stay in place unless you lift it and move it yourself ensuring that your dog is safe to use it.

How Easy Is It To Maintain?

First of all, consider whether or not the dog bed cover can be removed. Removable options make it very easy to clean whether by hand or by machine. They also minimize the risk of damaging the mattress especially through exposure to water.

Secondly, factor in machine washer compatibility. Unless you want to keep washing the dirty covers by hand, it is without a doubt more convenient to work with a dog bed whose covers are machine washable.

Finally, you could determine ease of maintenance based on the material’s interaction with the dog’s fur. Microfiber plush materials outperform the other options by far in this regard and guarantee easy removal of fur for a cleaner and easier to maintain bed.

Nested VS Flat Dog Beds

Nested dog beds are those that have raised edges. It could be all around the dog bed creating a donut-like shape or it could be partial leaving space for the dog to comfortably hop on and off the dog bed at will. Nested beds are fantastic for large dogs that love cuddles and the security that comes with that type of confinement. It is also ideal for dogs that sleep in curled up positions.

On the other hand, if your pooch likes to sleep stretched out then you might want to go with a flat bed to give them more freedom to do so.


You now have all the information that you need to make the very best decision for your dog. Whether you are buying your very first dog bed for large dogs or replacing an old one, our top pick is definitely worth looking into. It is just right in every way from the firmness and size to type of cover material and overall ease of maintenance. You can therefore rest assured that you will be getting full value for your money should you decide to get it.

For some better perspective on what is out there, you could also check out one of the many alternatives we also highlighted.

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