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Carlson Secure and Compact Double Door

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AmazonBasics Single Door & Double Door Folding Metal Heavy Duty Dog Crate

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Aspen Pet Single-Door Home Training Crate

01 AmazonBasics Single Door & Double Door Folding Metal Heavy Duty Dog Crate

The crate we have here is the most obvious choice for most dog owners. It is made of durable and robust metal so that it can withstand heavy-duty usages. It will also stay like new after a long period of usage. Most of you will love the fact it can be folded entirely flat, so you can easily store or transport it.

The crate is paired with 2 doors so dogs can enter and go out from either side. Each door is equipped with two latches making sure the safety of your furry friend is on the highest level possible. Besides, you can get the one-door model or go for a bigger unit which is 48 inches long. There are smaller variations as well.

  • The most significant advantages are well-made exterior, sturdy door, and presence of two doors. There are different sizes available, and the crate can be easily folded flat. You get the best model out there.

02 Carlson Secure and Compact Double Door

The Carlson Secure and Compact Double Door crate is made for large dogs up to 70 pounds in weight. Yes, you can also get an extra-large version for bigger dogs. Basically, this model is a more affordable version of the first model we researched on. It also comes with two doors and two latches on each door.

One thing that will make this an even better crate is the removable pan which is included in the package. The construction of the crate is all-steel so that you will get the most robust crate out there.

  • We liked the steel construction and the removable pan, which makes this dog crate an excellent value for money. It should be mentioned that the crate is safe and tested with different large sized breeds of dogs.

03 Aspen Pet Single-Door Home Training Crate

The most significant advantage of the Aspen Pet Large Crate is the 5-point safety locking system. What this means is that there won't be any gaps on the sides of a door. It is a perfectly safe and reliable crate for all dog breeds.

The crate is already assembled so you will get a complete product which is ready to be used instantly. The pan is included in the package, and it is made of durable and robust material. The main metal for the crate is steel. The coating will protect it from rust and corrosion, so you can use it indoor and outdoor.

  • The thing we liked the most is the 5-point security system which will eliminate any gaps all around the door. We also loved superior coating that protects crate from corrosion and rust.

04 Allmax 3-Door Folding Metal Dog Crate with Steel Tray

If you take a closer look at the crate, you will see that it is different than all the others. The main difference is in the tray which is made of steel. It can be easily removed, cleaned and it will stay like new for a long period of time. You will also like the coating of the rods which prevents scratches, damages, and corrosion.

The door is secured with 3 latches, and they offer a high level of safety. The crate can be folded flat and placed under a bed or in a trunk of a family car. We recommend it for users who are planning to carry their crate while traveling with their dog.

  • The steel tray is probably the most interesting feature the crate offers. It makes the entire product better and more appealing for users who are planning to use the crate all the time.

05 Precision Pet by Petmate 2 Door Great Crate

Are you looking for an advanced crate? If you do, then this model will be the best choice. The large dog crate is made of solid metal, but it has rounded edges and safety elements around the door. What this means is that safety is at the highest level possible.

The door also features 5-point safety system which will make sure they are perfectly closed at all conditions. You can easily fold down the crate, use the removable tray and the divider. The divider is very useful, and it allows for you to gradually increase the size of the crate and provide more space for puppies or a dog.

  • We and probably most of you will like the 5-point safety system, removable tray and the fact it is pre-assembled and ready to use.

06 BestPet Pet Wire Cage with Metal Pan

The BestPet Pet Wire Cage is an outstanding choice, especially if you are looking for a very affordable version. It is made from strong metal, and it has 2 doors which are a preferable option. The tray is made of ABS plastics which is easy to clean and very durable.

The crate also has a great handle at the top. It allows for you to carry it easily and with comfort. In a nutshell, it is a robust, durable and reliable crate for all dog owners. Don't forget that it is assembled at the factory so you can use it as soon as you get it.

  • The handle and lightweight design are the biggest advantages. They make this dog crate ideal for dog owners who will carry their pooches for a longer period.

07 MidWest Homes for Pets XXL Giant Dog Crate

You can see that the crate in question is designed for extra-large dogs. It is made for canines who weigh up to 90 pounds. All the rest is focused on this breed of dogs. For instance, the door is massive, and 3 latches secure it. In general, the entire crate is tough and extremely strong.

Additionally, you will want to know about the assembly, which is mandatory. However, it is a relatively easy task. All the material is coated with a powder coating making it immune to rust and corrosion.

  • We liked the massive size and the fact the crate is suitable for the largest dogs. The massive door is a worthy advantage.

08 Paws & Pals Dog Crate Double-Door Folding

The Paws & Pals Large Dog Crate looks spectacular, and it is one of the most popular products of this kind. It is made entirely out of steel, so you can understand the strength it provides. The next best thing is the 2-door system which is more preferable among dog owners.

Additionally, we should add the handle located at the top of the crate and the tray. Users can easily fold the crate and store when not in use. There is no assembly needed, and you can use the crate as soon as you get it.

  • We and probably all of you will appreciate the all-steel construction, the handle and the foldability of the crate.

09 New World Folding Metal Dog Crate

It is indeed a versatile large dog crate. It ranges in size between 24 and 48 inches, and the 42-inch version can accommodate breeds between 70 and 90 pounds, which is decent. The heavy duty metal frame is solid and strong, also coated for added protection. There are two versions when it comes to the door. You can either choose with a single or with 2 doors.

Assembly isn't required, and the crate is covered with a one-year warranty. Folding mechanism is present as well, and it is super easy to use. Keep in mind that the door and the hinges are optimized for large dogs so that they can withstand a lot of stress and pressure.

  • The thing we liked the most is fully foldable design, heavy duty construction, and variety of available versions.

10 Petco Classic 1-Door Dog Crate

The version we have here was upgraded recently. Now, it comes with a stronger construction, a better divider which is included for all, big versions and with the tray. The tray is made of plastics, it is easy to clean, and it is a worthy addition to the crate.

There is one door on the crate, located at the front. In general, the crate is suitable for dog owners who seek simplicity and a decent crate with all the main elements. It will probably be one of the most popular models in the next year.

  • We really liked this extra large sized heavy duty crate for the overall simplicity. It is also very resistant crate that will keep your pet safe at all times.

11 YML Pet Kennel with Wire Body and Plastic Tray

You won't need any tools to assemble the crate. All you are going to need is a couple of minutes, and you will complete the task. Then, you will have a massive crate for your large breed pooch. The primary material is steel, and the tray is made of plastics. It is very easy to pull it out, clean it and place it back inside.

This heavy duty dog crate is also available in several sizes, so you can choose one that is suitable for your pooch. It is also lightweight, which makes it ideal for dog owners who travel frequently.

  • The price and the available options make this dog crate stand out from the crowd. It is worthy of a notable mention.

12 LEMKA Folding Dog Crate

LEMKA Folding Dog Crate is the only model on the list that comes in silver color. At the same time, it has a revolutionary tray which can be removed easier than ever before. Other elements of the crate include a strong construction made of steel and a high level of attention to detail. In essence, the crate looks great.

It is available in two sizes only, with a single door. The smaller one is 36 inches while the bigger one is 42 inches in size. We researched on both versions, and they are made in the same way, with the same advantages and features.

  • The design is impressive, and it is probably one of the best-looking crates on the market. We also were impressed with the tray system.

Buyers Guide

Large Dog Crates Buyer's Guide

If you are still looking for the best large dog crate, you will probably need additional help. Yes, we will provide it as well, by offering you a comprehensive buyer's guide.

Here is all that you need to know before choosing a new crate for your large breed sized furry friend.

Why Do You Need A Large Dog Crate?

There are a lot of reasons why you will need to invest in a crate and some of these reasons are very much personal.

Do You Leave Your Dog Home Alone?

As we all know, some dogs can have destructive tendencies when they are left home alone. To protect them and your expensive home furniture, you will need a crate to restrict your pooch's movement at home.

In return, you will always know that your home is safe and your large breed dog is kept at bay.

Do You Have Frequent Visits?

All dogs like to play, but some like to play with their owners only. Especially for dogs that are displaying anxiety behavior around strangers at home.

That's why you may need to invest in a large doggie crate if your friends or family frequently visit your home. Having a big sized crate will give your dog the security of a personal space. At the same time, it can help to prevent any accidental mishaps between your guests and your big sized doggie.

Is Your Dog Suffering From Anxiety?

Some dogs are nervous, and they are scared of different things. A crate is an excellent alternative that will keep them safe and provide a safe place to stay whenever they want.

Do You Have A Dog Bed?

A large dog crate paired with a bed is the best accommodation your dog can have. All dogs will feel safe and enjoy sleeping in their new home. Of course, the door should stay open so your precious pooch can get in and get out whenever it wants.

Do You Travel Frequently?

Large dog crates are essential for dog owners who travel frequently. How and where you will keep your furry friend while on a journey? The only possible solution is in a large sized canine crate.

Additional Factors To Consider

Size of Crate

The first factor to consider is the size. A crate must be tall enough for your dog to raise its head while standing and not even touch the ceiling. A crate of this advantage will be great for your furry friend. However, keep in mind that too big crates have their drawbacks and they are not great for your pooch. An oversized crate wouldn't provide the security and safety of a properly sized crate.

Quality & Finishing

Another important factor consider is the overall quality. It is essential to get a good quality large dog crate that doesn't have sharp edges or poorly constructed lock mechanism. These issues could have the potential to cause an injury to your precious canine companion.

We always prefer crates made of steel or iron. They are the strongest, durable in nature and built to last.

Reinforced Material

Do you know why some crates are made to be super-strong? To keep your furry friend inside at all times.

As such, you are going to need a crate which is suitable for your canine companion. For example, if you have a large breed dog, you will need a bigger crate with advanced door security and made of a durable steel material.

If you have a small breed dog, you can make do with a lighter and more portable crate.

Single or Dual Doors

Most models on the list come with either one or two doors. It is essential to decide which type you want. Single-Door models are more affordable but less convenient.

Dual-Door models are more usable, and they offer a more flexible placement can be placed in a corner or tight place. Usually Dual-Door models are recommended for smaller homes with a space constrain.


A divider is a useful option. It is reserved for larger crates, and it can just divide the crate into two spaces. If you are planning to keep your puppies there or you have two dogs, a divider is highly recommended.

Keep in mind that it isn't available with smaller crates. Also, it is usually made of wire and should be strong enough to keep your dogs separated.

Removable Tray

A tray is a must. It is a plastic sheet that is placed on the bottom of your large dog crate. This helps to capture any fur, hair or dirt that comes from your pooch. Especially so when your furry friend is the type that likes to roll in the mud or dirt.

There are several options available on the market. Some of them are made of plastic, while others are made of metal. Those made of plastic are more affordable, easier to move and clean. Those made of metal can last longer, and they are extremely resistant.

It is up to you to decide which tray you will need and we highly recommend getting it. These trays can be easily removed from a crate and can be cleaned in under a minute.


Most large dog crates are foldable when not in use, but not all of them have this flexibility. If you have a space constrain, consider getting a crate that can be stored away and folded down easily. Luckily, there are a lot of different models out there with this feature.

What Is Considered A Large Breed Dog?

If you need a furry friend that can serve as a companion and a guard for your home, consider getting a large breed dog. These dogs are capable of performing certain tasks if you train them well. And although they have a giant body size, they are extremely gentle and can make for a perfect best friend.

So if you're in the process of searching for a large breed dog to adopt, here's everything you need to know about them.

What Are The Characteristics Of A Large Dog?

Having a large dog in your home means having more space for your pooch to run and walk around. These breeds need to exercise regularly to burn more calories. Another downside to owning a giant dog is that they are too heavy, so carrying them when they are sick or if you need to cuddle them is a real challenge.

It's also crucial for these dogs to be given obedience training while they are still young, so they will know how to behave when they're a grownup. Giant dogs might appear intimidating, but these are gentle giants and are lovable.

Another issue about having large dogs is that they tend to suffer from various health problems, especially as they grow older. This often has something to do with their joints, hips, and elbows. They are also at high risk of digestive tract disorders like volvulus and gastric dilatation. Therefore, if you're going to raise a giant breed dog, you need to prepare yourself for the medical expenses that come with it. It's also worth noting that large dogs tend to die sooner than the smaller ones.

Some good examples of large breed dogs are Bernese mountain dog, Akita, Doberman pinscher, Bloodhound, Rottweiler, and Golden Retriever.

What Does Owning A Large Breed Dog Mean?

As mentioned, large breed dogs tend to live a shorter life than the smaller ones. Furthermore, they are more costly to raise than smaller breeds. They require bigger spaces, bigger crates, bigger toys, and more food, not to mention the regular checkups with the vet. But different types of dogs, regardless of their size, come with their pros and cons. Before deciding to own a large dog, it's therefore essential that you consider the drawbacks and see if it's something that you can handle.

Many people think that large dogs require more exercise than small ones, but it's the smaller dogs that require more exercise. For as long as they are given the right amount of exercise and a suitable place to live, owning a large breed dog is an enjoyable experience. Whether you live in an apartment, condominium, or a house, these dogs are fun to be with.

Get A Large Dog Crate If You Own A Large Breed Dog

One of the things that you need to prepare when owning a large breed dog is the dog crate. When it comes to getting your large dog a crate, make sure you choose something suitable for your dog's size. If you get a crate that's small for your dog to fit, your pet will feel restricted, and this could lead to anxiety and stress.

Another reason why you should get a crate suitable for the size of your giant dog is that they tend to grow faster. It's just a waste of money to keep on buying crates every time your dog outgrows it. So save yourself some money by buying a large dog crate. Above all, a large dog crate makes crate training your pooch so much easier since it will be able to move freely inside.

Why Do Big Dogs Die Young?

Big dogs like the Great Dane have an average lifespan of only 7 years. On the other hand, small breeds like the poodle, have a much longer lifespan that could last for 14 years and even more! Because of this, experts have concluded that the bigger the dog, the shorter its lifespan, and the smaller the dog, the longer its lifespan, which is somewhat strange.

But this does not apply to all animals on the planet. Take for instance the elephants, which have an enormous body size, yet they live quite long. In fact, they could stick around for up to 70 years! Blue whales, which are also huge, could live for up to 90 years old.

So Why Is It That Bigger Dogs Die Sooner?

According to a study, the reason why large breeds of dogs die sooner is that they age a lot faster. This was the result of a study conducted by the American Naturalist based on the record obtained from the Veterinary Medical Database that consisted of 74 dog breeds. The study was done on 50,000 dogs, where they observed when and why these dogs die.

The researchers found out that large dogs tend to age much faster compared to smaller dogs. Hence, the reason why larger dogs have a shorter lifespan is that they age quickly.

What Is The Reason Behind This?

Dog experts recommend for smaller dogs to undergo geriatric checkups when they reach 11 years old. Medium sized dogs should start the checkup at 9, while large dogs must start getting geriatric checkups at 7. The reason why large breed dogs age faster could be because they tend to age earlier, which also explains why they develop age-related problems earlier in life.

The study reveals that since large dogs tend to age at a faster pace, their adult years also go in a fast motion. These findings are very valuable in understanding the reason why large breed dogs tend to die much younger.

More and more researchers are conducting studies to uncover more reasons why large breed dogs have a shorter lifespan compared to the smaller breeds. They aim to address questions that the current study hasn’t been able to address. One clue that resulted from previous studies was that small dogs might have a lower concentration of the IGF-I, a growth hormone, which is needed for growth and development.

Those who have a higher level of the IGF-I, which include humans, are associated with a high risk of death that results from age-related conditions, including heart diseases and cancer. On the other hand, manipulating the IGF-1 levels in some animal species could reduce their risk of developing age-related diseases and extend their lifespan.

Thus, the reason why large dogs tend to die much younger may be because they have more of the growth hormones, which make them age faster. Also, their large body size could be a side effect of the higher presence of these growth hormones in their body.

Why Buy A Large Dog Crate?

It’s sad to know that your large furry friend could die sooner. Therefore, you should make the most of your time with your pet and make it feel comfortable at all times.

So, when buying a crate for your pooch, choose a large dog crate that can accommodate its huge body size. That way, your dog will feel comfortable, safe, and stress-free. If you put your large dog in a small crate, there’s a tendency that your dog will suffer from depression and that could further shorten its lifespan.

Tips On Caring For Your Big Dog

Understandably, large breed dogs are much more difficult to take care of compared to the smaller breeds. But don't let this discourage you from adopting a gentle giant. Aside from the fact that they are naturally lovable, these dogs can be relied on when it comes to guarding your home. In fact, if you train them well, you can make them do some chores for you!

If you're thinking of getting a large dog to raise or if you already own one, here are some tips to help you take care of it.

Keep Your Big Dog Healthy

Large breed dogs are susceptible to joint illnesses and other health conditions because of their huge body size. In fact, this is one of the reasons why these breeds tend to have a shorter lifespan.

One of the most common conditions that these dogs suffer from is hip dysplasia. To avoid these issues, make sure you exercise your pet regularly and keep it active at all times.

Train It

It's essential to train your dog as early as possible. Your dog could grow bigger and will compete with your body size, but you must make it clear to your pet that you're the master, and it has to abide by your command.

When training your pooch, make sure you deliver your command clearly and with a firm voice to coerce your dog to follow you.

Feed With Quality Dog Food

Remember that large breeds have different nutritional needs from small breeds. Make sure you feed your pooch with foods that are suitable to its size and breed. Also, avoid overfeeding the puppies or they will become overweight and will suffer from joint problems.

It is best to switch your puppy to adult food earlier and ask for advice from your vet regarding the amount of food to feed to your pup. The vet might also recommend certain supplements to keep your pup healthy and strong.

Get A Large Dog Crate

Getting a large dog crate for your big dog can help make training it a lot easier. These crates usually come with dividers that help you to segregate the space, which is necessary for training effectively.

Remember that it's very important that you choose a large crate for your dog so they will feel comfortable and not feel that they are being forced in. A small crate can make your pooch feel scared, and this can make it suffer from anxiety and stress.

Groom Your Big Dog

Sure, grooming a dog that weighs 120 pounds or more can be a challenge, but this is necessary. This is why it's important that you teach your dog to behave while being groomed. Also, you need to have the right tools to use when grooming your pet so you can make the process more convenient for you. It's important to brush your pet's teeth regularly and wash its fur as well. Don't forget to clean the ears and trim its nails.


Every Dog Should Have A Crate!

The AmazonBasics Single Door & Double Door Folding Metal Dog Crate is simply the best model out there currently. This is the one that we will like to recommend to all of you. We were impressed with its durable construction, its portability and the availability of different sizes.

It also comes in with a dual-door option for dog owners with a space constrain. Don't forget that it also comes with 2 latches on the door, for added safety and protection.

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