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Best Outdoor Dog Beds

The best outdoor dog bed is SUPERJARE Outdoor Dog Bed.

The only thing dogs love more than playing is sleeping, so investing in a good dog bed is always a winning idea. The best outdoor dog beds in particular allow them to get some fresh air and hang out outdoors in a comfy space they can call their own. Below are 8 of the best models on the market, and what each has to offer your beloved pooch.

Budget Conscious Pick

Petsure Elevated Dog Bed Cot

Our Top Pick

SUPERJARE Outdoor Dog Bed

Readers Pick

The Refined Canine Chaise Outdoor Dog Bed

01 SUPERJARE Outdoor Dog Bed

Portability is a major priority when shopping for an outdoor dog bed especially if you do not plan on sticking it into a kennel. The Superjare Outdoor Dog Bed is one of the best in this case with its foldability, removable parts and lightweight construction. That way you can move it around and set it up anywhere whether you are shade-chasing on your back yard or taking the pooch out for a picnic.

This outdoor dog bed stands out from other elevated style outdoor dog beds in that it comes with its own canopy. Being able to provide a permanent shady spot anytime and anywhere, it will come in handy in keeping your doggie cool on those hot days out. The best part is that you can easily remove it to give your dog better access on and off this outdoor dog bed if you already have sufficient shading.

The base of the outdoor dog bed is made from mesh material. This complements the elevated design allowing air flow on the dog bed. This makes it a fantastic choice for both indoor and outdoor use as this breathability offers a temperature control effect.

  • This outdoor dog bed easily the best outdoor dog bed with its use of high quality materials and its unique bonus features including the canopy. It is also a great way to get value for your money with its indoor/outdoor use so you do not have to buy your best buddy 2 different dog beds.

02 Petsure Elevated Dog Bed Cot

Being outdoors means that the dog will be exposed to all sorts of things from bugs to uncomfortable weather. This outdoor dog bed solves a lot of these problems with its 8-inch elevation off the ground. This gives air space to flow around the dog bed which helps keep it nice and cool. It also protects the dog from getting wet if the ground is also wet while. Creepy crawlies will also not be very enthusiastic about the long climb up so your dog can enjoy their nap without getting bugged; literally.

The outdoor dog bed also comes with non-skid rubber feet. This makes setting it up on flooring wood, concrete, tiles safe for dogs. That way, the dog bed doesn’t slide away and offset their balance as they jump on and off from it in excitement.

The surface on which the dog will lay is made from special mesh material known as Teslin. This allows air flow for breathability which will come in handy on those brutally sunny days. The material also contributes to the comfortable ensuring that whether it is a casual nap or a full night’s sleep your dog will enjoy themselves.

  • With its comfort features, this would be ideal for dogs that are fussy during bed-time as they at least have something nice and cozy to look forward to. It is also a safe option for playful dogs with its antiskid feet. With all this to look forward to and the awesome price tag, you will not be disappointed with this pick.

03 The Refined Canine Chaise Outdoor Dog Bed

This outdoor bed is definitely a head-turner if you ever did see one and is a fantastic option if you want something that will double up as an outdoor space aesthetic centerpiece. This is because of its unique wicker chaise bed design. In addition to the aesthetics, this outdoor dog bed is very comfortable with its comfortable padded base and the general breathability perks from the woven frame.

The outdoor dog bed also has a convenient canopy that is continuous with the rest of the dog bed so you do not have to worry about additional setup needs. This offers plenty of shade for those daytime naps or casual lounges outdoors.

  • If you are in the market for an outdoor dog bed that offers both outdoor and indoor use and adds a great deal of aesthetic value to any space while also being incredibly comfortable for your dog then this model is a great option.

04 Kuranda Outdoor Dog Bed

Kuranda Dog Bed is yet another awesome pick if you are really set on the raised design. It is just far enough off the ground that your dog can easily hop on and off while still allowing air flow under this outdoor dog bed for some breathability.

The dog bed surface itself is made from 40 oz solid vinyl material which is extremely resistant. No wonder it is one of the most durable options in the market. This means you do not have to worry about having to keep replacing the bed or the hammock part because your dog gets a little too excited during nap time. The material is also very flexible which makes it a nice and comfortable option for dogs that need some orthopedic support.

  • With its size, weight capacity and high quality construction, this outdoor bed would be ideal for a large dog. And if your pooch is a little feisty you can rest assured that with its durable materials it will survive any attacks.

05 The Original Elevated Pet Bed by Coolaroo

Coolaroo’s elevated outdoor dog bed features a unique non-mesh style base fabric. The material is high density polyethylene (HDPE). What makes it so popular with outdoor dog beds is its durability with the strong fabric being resilient against mechanical damage, pressure wear and tear or even weather exposure. It is also very breathable and therefore comfortable for the dog despite the lack of wide space mesh panels.

It is also built to be resistant to biological attacks including bugs and fungi like mildew. Features like the use of the HDPE material as well as powder coating of the steel frame that prevents exposure to these potentially damaging agents are to thank here. That way you can leave your pet bed out for a very long time without worrying that you will find an unusable biohazard.

  • Here you have an awesome alternative if you are shopping for something to stick in an outdoor kennel for your dog as it is built to withstand anything the outdoors may throw at it in the long run.

06 Cheerhunting Outdoor Dog Bed

This outdoor dog bed stands out from the other alternatives on our top 8 list with its mat design. It is a simple, padded, flat mat that you simply unroll and spread out onto any steady surface. It could be your porch, yard, a picnic site or even your back seat for those road trips where your furry buddy gets to tag along. This design is excellent as it offers versatility of application while still being comfortable for the dog.

The cover is made from Waterproof oxford material. This further expands your setup options as you do not have to worry about avoiding wet spots on the ground. No, it is not a good idea to set it up on an actual puddle or anything like that but things like dew laden grass should not put you off that fun lounge out with your best 4 legged friend. 

  • With this cot, your fun adventures in the wild with your medium or large dog will be a lot more fun for the pooch and convenient whether it is camping, a picnic or a day at the dog park.

07 Paws & Pals Elevated Dog Bed

The Paws & Pals outdoor dog bed serves not only as an elevated cot but also as a trampoline and a lounge hammock. This is made possible by the fabric base that has just the right amount of tension to serve all purposes effectively. That way, your doggie gets a place to sleep, simply relax or even to play all from one setup. This versatility also means that you get full value for your money by getting multiple purposes from one investment.

You will also enjoy the fact that this outdoor dog bed is waterproof especially if your outdoor space tends to get wet. Both the frame and the fabric are waterproof which makes them resilient against any form of water damage. They also make cleaning very easy as all you have to do is wipe the surface.

  • This dog bed is very versatile and in addition to all its potential uses allows comfortable indoor and outdoor setup. All you have to do is take a few moments to assemble and you can give your best buddy the perfect play and rest spot.

08 K&H Pet Products Coolin' Pet Cot

The elevated dog bed design is popular for many reasons one of the main being the breathability offered. K&H takes things to the next level with the unique cool pad center. The additional large patch of special fabric that heels to keep the dog nice and cool for several hours of comfort. It is therefore worth considering if you want something for your dog to take long naps on or to have as their actual night-time dog bed.

This alternative also comes with anti-skid pads which are meant to ensure the dog’s safety from slipping accidents. This design also allows you the freedom of setting up either indoors or outdoors based on your priorities and preferences.

  • With its easy, no-tool assembly and taking apart, you have a fantastic alternative perfect if you want an outdoor bed for trips including camping or hiking. That way, you don’t have to stress about missing screws or the fact that you left the screwdriver behind when it comes to sorting your pooch’s sleeping arrangements.

Buyers Guide

Outdoor Dog Beds Buyer’s Guide

So what is it that makes outdoor dog bed shopping different? What are the factors you need to consider in order to ensure that you go home with something that both you and your dog will love? Here are 4 answers to help you make the best decision when shopping in the flooded market.

Weatherproofing features are a huge priority

It is interesting just how much of a difference a roof and a few walls can make in terms of comfort and security for your dog. With outdoor dog beds, they are exposed to a lot with the most serious factor being the weather. It could be too hot, too cold or even too wet all of which make resting almost impossible for the dog.

Weatherproofing is therefore something that should land a pet bed a high spot on your consideration list because you are sure your beloved dog is at least safe and comfortable. These include the use of waterproof materials as well as the presence of canopies for shade.

Consider the specific outdoor setup

Where exactly in the vast space that is the outdoors are you planning to set up your dog bed? Is it in a kennel or on open space? Is it on bare earth or on flooring material? These determine a lot from the size to the materials that would be ideal.

 With kennel setups, you need to first and foremost make sure that the cot will actually fit the little doggie home. Weather proofing in this case is not always a must-have as there is some shelter provided but it wouldn’t hurt to have something waterproof.

With open spaces on the other hand, you do not need to limit yourself in terms of space. However, this outdoor dog bed also has to double up as a shelter so bonus features like canopies are always a major perk.

The type of flooring mainly determines the design of feet you need to be considering. With flooring materials like wood panels, concrete or ceramic tiles, you need to get a pet bed with anti-skid reinforcement for your dog’s safety. Bare earth, however, does not require this as there is already sufficient natural grip from the ground.

Comfort is key

Just because the dog bed is outdoors it doesn’t mean that your dog has to live like they are out in the wild. It is still very important to make their comfort a major priority. In this case, consider the type of material and the tension offered by the base panel. The latter is particularly vital with elevated cots as this tension is what determines whether they are lying on a comfortable hammock or what is essentially as stiff as bare ground.

If you choose to go the chaise pet bed route, factor in features like the thickness of the pad, the flexibility and comfort offered as well as the amount of orthopedic support. In this case, the thicker, more flexible and more supportive the base pad is the more comfortable your dog will be.

Make breathability a priority

Things can get really hot outside and sometimes having a nice source of shade over the pooch just doesn’t do the whole job right. In this case, getting a pet bed that offers the perks of breathability and cooling effects is the ideal choice.

The effects can be achieved mainly through having an elevated design and through mesh panels that allow free air flow. You could also go for a pet bed with special materials designed to make it breathable or specifically engineered to cool down the pooch on those sweltering days.


With so many outdoor bed models out there, shopping can be a nightmare especially if you do not have the right tools to help narrow your search down. With our shopping guide, you now know what matters and why so you can make an informed decision.

Our top pick is easily one of the best in the market in terms of design, materials use and the bonus features for your convenience and the dog’s comfort. It is also unique in that it is one of the only elevated cots that comes with a canopy which your dog will enjoy. Therefore, if you are stuck you should consider it as your pick. You will not be disappointed.

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