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Best Poodle Clippers

The best poodle clippers is Andis 22340 ProClip.

Poodles are a high-maintenance dog breed especially when it comes to grooming their furry extra-curly coat.

To keep this coat free of mats and tangles, you have to brush your Poodle’s fur daily to avoid shaving off the fur completely when mats get to the hair roots. That also means keeping your Poodle’s hair well-trimmed.

Regular trimming implies choosing between purchasing a professional-quality clipper for home grooming or visiting the pet groomer often and spending a good amount of bucks each time.

We’ll assume that you are going to opt for regular home grooming and guide you to buying the best poodle clipper.

Budget Conscious Pick

Dog Grooming Kit Clippers

Our Top Pick

Andis 22340 ProClip

Readers Pick

Oneisall Dog Clippers

01 Andis 22340 ProClip

The Andis 22340 ProClip deserves our top spot owing to its excellent performance. This professional pet grooming clipper has a 2-speed rotary motor and is a detachable blade design. The multiple blades allow greater versatility when you are working on your Poodle’s extra hairy and curly coat, obtaining a pro-quality smooth cut.

The multiple blades are easy to remove and replace, whether you are doing that to find the right blade for the desired cut or to clean and oil the clipper. Besides, your Poodle will not have to deal with noise since the Andis runs quietly over his/her coat.

The clipper needs to be plugged to run, which means you can use it any time without worrying about battery life. The 14ft heavy-duty cord makes it easy to maneuver around equipment and move around your Poodle as you work on his/her hair. The clipper has shatter-proof housing and a removable drive cap.

  • Achieving a pro-quality cut on the curly-haired Poodle can be a tricky task if you do not have the right clipper. The detachable blades of the Andis clipper allow you greater versatility to realize a desired style and hair length on your pet.

02 Dog Grooming Kit Clippers

This clipper is good for young Poodles who are having their initial hair clipping experiences. These Poodles have shorter hair that is fairly easy to comb. The clipper is budget-conscious because it comes as part of a kit that includes 3, 6, 9 and 12mm detachable guide combs. The clipper has a ceramic blade head and clipping comb that can be adjusted according to your Poodle’s hair length. 

The sharp Grooming Kit clippers have a high-speed motor but low noise, saving your Poodle any discomfort from hair pulling or the fear of a noisy clipper. You can use it anywhere since the cordless clipper uses a rechargeable battery. The battery has a light for tracking the charge level.

  • If you are a new Poodle owner and your pal is being initiated to hair clipping, buying the Dog Grooming Kit will save you a few bucks. You get a complete kit with guide combs and a few other grooming items alongside the clippers.

03 Oneisall Dog Clippers

The Oneisall dog clippers is a cordless design that comes in a grooming set including 6 guide combs ranging between 3mm and 18mm, a cleaning brush, a clipping comb, a charging base and a pair of scissor. You can work on your Poodle’s hair in ‘one sitting’ since everything is in the same kit.

The 2-speed clipper has a fixed upgrade stainless steel blade and a moving ceramic blade which together with its powerful motor allows you to swiftly slide through your Poodle’s hair without pulling or getting stuck.

The clipper’s intelligent battery displays the charge level so you can keep track of charge and battery use. The Li-ion 200mA battery charges in 3 hours but lasts for 4 hours when in use. You don’t have to worry about having to recharge halfway through the job. Your Poodle will not have to deal with an intimidating noise since this clipper is quiet and has a low vibration.

  • When you decide to groom your Poodle, choosing the Oneinall clipper means having all you need in a single set, which saves you time. The clipper has a long-life battery and a powerful motor that makes your job highly efficient.

04 Wahl Easy Pro For Pets

The Wahl Pro clipper comes in a kit that includes 4 guide combs, scissors, a finishing comb, oil, and a cleaning brush. With four 1/8 inch - 1/2 inch guide combs, you can trim your pet’s hair to the desired style and length without much hassle.

You can use the clipper plugged or charge it and use it as a cordless option for up to 60 minutes. The self-sharpening high carbon blades are perfect for your Poodle’s heavy-hair coat. You can clean the blades easily with the included brush and oil them to enhance a smooth run on your pet’s coat. And you don’t need to worry about your pet being scared because the Wahl clipper is a low-noise design.

  • The Wahl Pro clipper comes with a complete kit so you can complete your dog’s grooming with ease. You can choose to work while plugged-in or charge the clipper as a pet grooming preparation step.

05 Andis UltraEdge Super 2-Speed Detachable Blade Clipper

The Andis UltraEdge is a corded pet grooming professional clipper with a 2-speed rotary motor and high SPM (strokes per minute) rating. The UltraEdge blades will run with ease on your Poodle’s heavy hair coat, delivering a neat and smooth finish regardless of the style you choose. The blades are detachable, easy to clean and change without the use of tools.

The 14' heavy-duty cord allows you to move around your Poodle without any trouble. You can take your time to groom your pal without worrying about battery life. The clipper is safe in its shatter-proof housing.

  • If your Poodle is not yet used to clipping, you will need a little bit more time for the grooming session. The corded Andis UltraEdge gives you peace of mind as you take your time to clip your pet’s hair without worrying about battery time.

06 Hansprou Dog Shaver Clippers

The Hansprou Dog Shaver is a plugin aluminum alloy clipper with a 12V high-speed power motor. It has a fixed Titanium alloy blade and a moving ceramic blade. These high-performance blades deliver a smooth finish on your Poodle’s coat without pulling or getting trapped in the curly hair.

Though the clipper comes with guard combs, you may not need to use them since Hansprou has an inbuilt adjusting ring that sets the cutter head at 5 different levels. So, you can easily control your pal’s fur length.

Your dog does not have to keep jerking from fear of a noisy clipper because Hansprou is an ultra-quiet design with low vibration.

  • The Hansprou dog shaver combines the efficiency of a double blade and the high-tech length-adjusting knob to deliver a smooth and neat cut for your Poodle. Your pet will not hear or feel the movement of the clipper.

07 Wahl Professional Animal Motion Clipper Kit

This special clipper design has a Motion Lithium battery that gives professional power speed rated at 5,500 SPM or strokes per minute. You can use it corded or cordless. The battery has a traffic LED light that changes color to indicate battery charge status (red for a low charge, orange for average and green for full charge). In this way, you have full control of your pet’s grooming speed. You charge the battery for 45 minutes and get a 90-minute run time.

The five-in-one blade technology is another of this clipper’s special features. You can adjust the blade to 5 different sizes that are assigned a number between 9 and 40. The high-speed blade is also auto-controlled when working on tough spots on your Poodle’s coat.

The clipper has a removable finger grip in the shape of scissors that gives you a firm hold as you pass the clipper through your pet’s fur.

  • If you are looking for an ‘out of the ordinary’ clipper, the Wahl Professional gives you just that. You have a five-in-one adjustable blade, traffic LED light battery charge indicator, and a finger grip to prevent accidental dropping of the clipper.

Buyers Guide

Poodle Clippers Buyer’s Guide

The furry and curly Poodle coat requires regular grooming. If you think that’s just about style, you might be forgetting that leaving your furry friend’s coat unattended in the summer heat can make him/her extremely uncomfortable. Besides, matting is also an issue for canines with long and furry coats.

So, regular trimming is a necessity for your Poodle. And if you are wondering, using a pair of scissors will mean a slow and shoddy cut. Your hair clippers or shavers will not do the job either. Dog fur is thicker than human hair and requires a powerful motor.

In short, a professional-quality clipper is essential for your Poodles good grooming. One thing you must bear in mind when planning to purchase a clipper for your Poodle is that not all pet clippers are equal. So, what should you look for when buying a clipper for your Poodle’s grooming?

Key Features Of The Best Clippers For Poodles

Whether you are a professional or amateur groomer, an efficient clipper that runs smoothly on your Poodle’s coat and gives a smooth finish is what you should be looking for. That depends on a number of features in a clipper. We condense them in the following 3 characteristics of an efficient clipper.

A Powerful And Efficient Motor

The motor is the engine of your clipper. There are two common types of motors: the rotary and the electromagnetic. The rotary motor is generally stronger and, thus, more efficient with thicker and furrier coats like that of the Poodle. It runs cooler and can go on for long without overheating.

The electromagnetic motor gives faster blade speeds and SPM. It is quieter and more power-efficient when compared to other motor types.

You’ll need to talk to the manufacturer to find out about the motor of a clipper. Note that a powerful motor gives higher speeds and a smoother cut. But powerful motors are also noisy, have a higher vibration and heat up faster, which could make them uncomfortable on your Poodle’s coat. You’ll need to balance speed and other elements of efficiency.

Quality Blade(s)

Blade types can vary from one clipper to another. Some of the types you’ll come across are the ceramic and ultraedge blades. Ceramic blades run cooler than steel blades. This means they’ll feel more comfortable on your Poodle’s coat. It also means that they last longer and are a preferred make when a clipper is used for professional cutting.

Ultraedge blades are also long-lasting and reliable. They stay sharp for longer and can even be self-sharpening. The chrome finish on the blade prevents them from rust.

Ease Of Use

It would be unwise to purchase a clipper that’s difficult to use? There are a number of features that make a clipper an ‘easy-to-use’ one. Let’s list a few of them.

  • Cord/cordless and length of cord: Both corded and cordless clippers have their strengths and weaknesses. A cordless clipper is easier to use on parts of your Poodle’s coat that are hard to reach like under the ears. But you’ll have to worry about the battery run time when you use a cordless clipper. Corded clippers are plugged-in and can be used for longer periods. They also allow you to move easily around equipment and the pet as you work. They are recommended for the thick Poodle coat.
  • Fixed or detachable blades: fixed blades can be adjustable if your clipper is fitted with a knob for the purpose (see the Wahl Professional for an example). But if a blade is fixed and with just a single option, it is too limited for the heavy-fur Poodle coat. Detachable blades are versatile but they should also be easy to switch without tools.
  • Grip comfort: Some clippers can be heavy and so uncomfortable to use for long. Purchasing a clipper with a finger grip could make it easier to handle and maneuver on your Poodle’s coat.

The presence or absence of these features may be determined by the brand, which is why it is important to familiarize oneself with the best brands.


When it comes to clippers, speed may not always mean efficiency. To be so, speed needs to be combined with other features such as a cool and silent run, the ease of changing and cleaning blades, smooth running blades that don’t get stuck in a curly Poodle coat, a long cord that lets you move with ease and an easy to hold clipper.

Our top pick’s 2-speed rotary motor is complemented by multiple detachable blades for greater versatility. Besides, the Andis 22340 ProClip has a quiet run and its 14-ft long cord lets you work with ease for all the time you need to groom your Poodle.

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