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Best Puppy Harness

The best puppy harness is Rabbitgoo Dog Harness No-Pull Pet Harness.

With the safety and comfort of your puppy at stake, shopping for the best puppy harness is something you cannot afford to take lightly. And if you have been having a hard time narrowing down your options from the flooded market then you have come to the right place.

Here are the 7 best dog harnesses for your puppy and what each model has to offer.

Budget Conscious Pick

BINGPET Harness Walking Dog Harnesses Adjustable

Our Top Pick

Rabbitgoo Dog Harness No-Pull Pet Harness

Readers Pick

Snazzi Pet Soft Mesh Comfy Step in Dog Vest Harness

01 Rabbitgoo Dog Harness No-Pull Pet Harness

This clip harness stands out with its 2 clip design. The traditional clip on the back allows for classic leash attachment when you feel you can trust your pup enough to let them lead. There is also a clip on the chest plate that comes in handy offering better restrain without compromising on the doggy’s comfort or safety. This is ideal when they are still young and unruly. 

It has an overhead harness design that allows you to easily slip it on and fasten using the buckles. This will come in particularly handy in those first days where you need a quick and easy slip on before the resistance gets out of hand. 

This clip harness also ensures comfort for the puppy through the use of nylon. This is not only friendly on their sensitive skin but also breathable ensuring that they furry little beast is comfortable even after working up a sweat during your fun times out. 

  • The clip harness stands out with its combination of aesthetics, comfort for the dog and convenient functionality for you as the pet owner. It is ideal for puppies of all breeds with the handy adjustment strips ensuring that you can customize the fit for optimum comfort.

02 BINGPET Harness Walking Dog Harnesses Adjustable

This Bingpet model features an easy slip-on design with a neck strap and a chest strap. The design makes it very easy to put it on and take it off your puppy. The chest strap also allows you to adjust the size of the puppy harness in order to ensure a more comfortable and secure fit. The neck strap on the other hand is fixed so make sure to take our puppy’s measurements before you choose a size. 

The puppy harness is made out of polyester material which makes it light and comfortable for the dog. It is also very easy to clean and maintain with high durability and resilience against whatever your puppy will put the unit through. So you can let the dog roll around in the mud or skid on the grass without worrying about damage to the puppy harness. 

For the dog’s comfort, the puppy harness is padded over the neck and chest strap areas. That way the pup will be comfortable even when tugging against the leash while running. 

  • Considering this puppy harness’s price point, you have a lot of perks to look forward to with this option. The attention to comfort details and the quality construction and materials definitely make it more than worth the price. So if you are shopping on a tight budget then this is a model definitely worth considering.

03 Snazzi Pet Soft Mesh Comfy Step in Dog Vest Harness

Chocking is a real hazard with many harness models out there which is a problem addressed by this puppy harness’s thick strap design. It is made in such a way that at no point on the puppy will there be any strain or constriction whether it is the neck, chest or back. This makes it not only comfortable for the furry little one but also safe. 

The puppy harness also stands out with its Velcro fastening design. This might not be as secure as buckle designs but it definitely gets the job done. It is also a lot easier to fasten and unfasten while also offering the option of adjusting the fit depending on your puppy’s specific size. 

  • This is a great low budget option especially if you are in the market for something simple and easy to use. The focus on the pup’s comfort is also a major bonus.

04 INVENHO Mesh Harness with Padded Vest

The Invenho Mesh Harness features a simple back buckle design with slip in holes for the front limbs only. Once these legs are in you just have to fasten the neck and chest straps making it very easy to slip on and off quickly onto your restless puppy. 

It is made out of comfortable breathable mesh material. This allows air flow in and out of the covered chest are keeping things cool and dry. That way you don’t have to worry about issues like heat rashes. The mesh covers a layer of padding that is also made from breathable material. The cushioning itself offers comfort and promotes safe use of the puppy harness on the small dogs.

  • This alternative is built for your dog’s comfort with the padding and the breathability. The best part is that you get addition accessories for free for a truly worth it investment.

05 OneTigris Dog Vest Beast MOJO Tactical Dog Harness

This model stands out with its front slip design where the fastening buckles are on the chest and abdomen sides of the puppy. This is a great alternative especially if you plan on carrying them around with the back handle strap making this very easy for you. 

The puppy harness also comes with handy Molle straps that allow you to attach labels. It could be anything from the puppy’s name to the animal’s health details. You could also use these to customize the puppy harness with fun things like sticker pieces for a statement. 

  • This is a great option if you are in looking for a statement piece in your harness. It is, however, a better option for larger dogs with enough chest and abdomen girth to comfortably support the front-facing straps.

06 CHERPET Puppy Harness and Leash Set

The Cherpret Puppy Harness puts the puppy’s safety first with its no choke design. In addition to the general cut, this is supported by a special safety buckle that prevents the neck strap from causing neck strain or chocking your furry bestie. 

It has a double D-ring design for the leash attachment. This comes in very handy by ensuring better grip and control. And if you have handled a feisty puppy then you know how important this stability can be. The 2 strap D-ring design also makes the puppy harness comfortable for the puppy by distributing the pulling force from the leash. 

  • This puppy harness is another awesome alternative if you are looking for something simple yet functional. With the breathable mesh, soft edge design and other pup-friendly features, you are guaranteed your pet’s comfort which is all that matters.

07 Leepets No Choke Small Dog Harness

This puppy harness has a unique V neck design that is very successful at preventing chocking when on the puppy. This is reinforced by the thick strap design that ensures that there is no point of restriction on the dog’s body. 

It also comes with a leash attachment and an extremely handy Velcro fastening mechanism. In addition to being very easy to put on and put off, the mechanism allows you to adjust the Velcro size. This is great if you have small dogs as they can grow with this puppy harness into adulthood. It is also useful with large breed dogs and allows you to use this puppy harness for a longer period of time.

  • This is a great option comparable to our top pick in terms of quality and some of the features. It is therefore a great option if you want a lower budget alternative that more or less has the same value to offer.

Buyers Guide

Puppy Harnesses Buyer’s Guide

Since you are here you most likely already have a puppy so you know how wild and free spirited those furry little bundles of joy can be. It doesn’t matter what breed you are dealing with. If you don’t already have one then just take our word for it. 

This character means that getting them on board with the not-so-fun new harness games will not be very easy. In addition to their almost inevitable unwillingness to comply, you could hurt your best buddy if you use the puppy harness incorrectly or if you pick the wrong one. To help avoid all this drama, here are a few factors to consider and tips to help you find a harness they will be excited for.

Get something chew resistant

Part of getting you puppy comfortable with the idea of being restrained is letting them get to that peace of mind on their own. In this case it is a great idea to let the dog explore the puppy harness through their senses which involves smelling and of course chewing.

With the latter in mind, make sure to get a harness that will be able to withstand this. Materials like high quality nylon and polyester can definitely hold their own here and would therefore be great options. 

Comfort is key

If your puppy is comfortable with the puppy harness they are unlikely to fight the process. With these tools, comfort is not just about the padding but also things like the design of the straps, the location of the fastening hardware and even the cut of the chest and neck piece.

It is also very important in this case to ensure that you get the right fit. Your pup is more likely to reject the puppy harness if it is either too tight or too baggy. 

Make durability your priority

Remember that puppies are super playful and tend to get themselves into all kinds of trouble. You therefore need a harness that will survive it all from mud puddle escapades to grass burns. The last thing you want is to have to train them all over again because it took too long to replace the first and now worn down harness.

Is the material pet-friendly?

The choice of material when shopping for a harness could also determine how cooperative you furry bestie is. If for any reason they feel irritated then they will reject it and you will have a particularly difficult with harness training. This could be due to a lot of reasons including fabric-related skin reactions or heat rash from poor air circulation. The solution here is to go with soft, breathable and pet-friendly material for your harness.

Don’t underestimate the value of aesthetics

Puppies are in a lot of ways like babies and are attracted to bright colors and patterns. When harness training, they are more likely to respond positively to something fun and colorful as it seems more like a toy than a threat. While shopping, it would therefore be a good idea to try a harness with a little bit of pop to it if you are apprehensive about your dog’s potential receptiveness to the puppy harness. 


Every single harness we looked into has a lot to offer whether it is comfort, safety, ease of use or a combination of all these and more perks. You as the pet parent need to take your time to consider your options based on your priorities and preferences to ensure you make the best decision. 

And once you have settled on the best possible model for your precious furry little buddy, you have all the information you need on how to safely get the pup to play along. That way you can finally go on those walks together without having to worry about them getting lost or hurt.

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