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Best Tasting Dog Food

The best tasting dog food is ACANA Regionals Protein-Rich Adult Dry Dog Food.

Even the most nutritious food in the world would be worthless if it’s not one of the best-tasting dog food your dogs have ever eaten. Dog foods need to be scrumptious enough to satisfy the appetite of the pickiest of eaters in order to be of any value.

Therefore, we have come up with a list of the best-tasting dog food packed with the most generous nutritions that your pet will look forward to every meal.

Budget Conscious Pick

Rachael Ray Nutrish Dish Super Premium Dry Dog Food

Our Top Pick

ACANA Regionals Protein-Rich Adult Dry Dog Food

Readers Pick

Zignature Trout and Salmon Meat Formula Dry Dog Food

01 ACANA Regionals Protein-Rich Adult Dry Dog Food

This meat-rich, grain-free and biologically balanced canine food from ACANA is the healthiest and most balanced dog food recipe that you’ll ever find. It's also probably the most yummy and healthy canine food for picky eaters there is.

It's a complete assortment of several meat varieties such as ranch-raised beef, Yorkshire pork, grass-fed lamb, American bison, and freshwater catfish. They never outsource their work which confirms that the quality of these ingredients is world-class.

Besides being protein-rich, it also contains whole vegetables and fruits grown locally, so that your pooch receives a balanced diet of proteins as well as carbohydrates. It is also a famed canine food for picky eaters.

It is suitable for dogs of all breeds and all life-stages. It is because there are no harmful synthetic additives in this package, just wholesome proteins. The dog nutrition specialists have specifically created this meat blend equivalent to the wild prey ingredient ratio.

  • It had to be out top pick because a dog food company that only uses fresh ingredients that have been harvested with 48 hours is "a dream come true" for a pet lover. This dog food preparation provides a high protein diet to your four-legged friend for a healthy and happy life.

02 Rachael Ray Nutrish Dish Super Premium Dry Dog Food

The high-quality protein content of this super-premium dry dog food comes from chicken, beef and sea-food. All of this protein frenzy is mixed with wholesome veggies and fortified with essential vitamins and minerals.

Rachael's kitchen ensures that your pooch receives all the essential food components to go strong every day. Good food needs a good taste especially for picky eaters.

Therefore, real beef pieces are slow-roasted with a scrumptious real meat texture and hickory smoke flavor that your furry buddy will love to devour. It also contains crisp carrots; garden and field peas along with ripened apples so that all the essential nutrients reach your pet’s belly.

Rachael Ray Nutrish dry dog food provides your pet with a balanced everyday meal and is priced very reasonably. In fact, at this pricing, we can pretty much say that this premium-quality dog food is up for grabs.

  • A smart and caring pet owner has nowhere else to look for when it comes to high-quality dog food at economical pricing. This is as cheap as it gets when buying dog food with uncompromised quality.

03 Zignature Trout and Salmon Meat Formula Dry Dog Food

This dry dog food is a perfect, experimentally constituted blend of supplements such as essential fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, providing a full-scale nutritious dog food.

Zignature makes use of meat first ingredient recipes which provide a nutritionally balanced diet for picky eaters. You won't even find traces of potential allergic ingredients such as chicken, corn, wheat, gluten, soy, and potatoes.

The carbohydrates added to this delicious dog treat are low-glycemic carbs obtained from low-glycemic legumes like chickpeas, etc. which keeps the blood sugar of your adorable pet in check as well as added valuable dietary fiber to their meals.

  • The best thing that we find in this dry dog food is that it provides a complete wrap up of essential nutrients along with high-quality proteins and carbohydrates. This dog food blend has been fashioned thoughtfully by applying the research of nutritional science. It's tongue-watering makes sure that your dog finishes the bowl within no time.

04 Purina Moist & Meaty Burger Adult Dry Dog Food

Moist & Meaty has been made with real meat as the most abundant ingredient. It can be used as the main cereal, special treat or added as a supplement to dry food.

It is highly nutritious and contains all the required ingredients to qualify as regular dog food. It can prove to be a boon for pet owners whose pets are picky eaters because Moist & Meaty comes in multiple flavors like cheddar cheese flavor, etc.

It is a very convenient dog food as each serving is packed in separate stay fresh pouches. Your furry companion will love to feast on real, tender meat pieces.

  • The specialty of this dog food is that even a very picky eater won't be able to refuse it. It comes in multiple flavors, ensuring every dog pallet is satisfied.

05 Crave Grain-free Adult Dry Dog Food

Crave dry dog food contains chicken as its primary source of protein. It provides your pooch with a 34% aggregate high-protein nutrient supplement.

This high-protein diet is free from soy and grains. The company claims that this dog food allows your pet to taste the food that their wolf ancestors loved and keeps your pet in connection with its ancestors. Its extraordinary taste of the wilderness will be a sure hit for picky eaters.

It is free from any artificial additive, be it a preservative, coloring agent or flavoring agent, nothing can get in nature’s way. It is a source of grain-free carbohydrates for maximum energy.

  • Feed this dry dog food to your pet and watch him flex his lean and healthy body. This high-protein dog food treat should be fed to furry friends whenever they want a real protein treat.

06 Ziwi Peak Air-Dried Dog Food Recipe

All the meat content present in Ziwi Peak does food is harvested from the animals which are raised via ethical farming. Fresh seafood and meat are obtained locally are prepared into a delicious recipe.

Ziwi employs the latest air drying technology to preserve mean under natural conditions. Ziwi pet food retains maximum protein content and should be fed to your furry mate in smaller quantities daily.

Ziwi is free from carbohydrates because it doesn’t contain grain, corn, soy, potatoes, wheat or rice. Besides, that it tastes delicious too, perfect for your picky eaters.

  • Every dog owner should feed this protein-rich dog food to their pets in small quantities regularly or occasionally. It is because this wholesome protein feast is tremendously beneficial to your pooch’s health.

07 I and Love and You Naked Essentials Dry Dog Food

This is real meat and grain-free dog food with some extra goodness. It contains nutrient-rich lentils, chick-peas, and sweet potatoes instead of grains. There are no fillers in this tasty dog food.

It can be used as an excellent daily food for picky eaters because it contains a balance of proteins and other food components. There's a lot of choice in the type of proteins.

You can buy Chick and duck combo, Lamb and Bison combo, or salmon and trout combo. Therefore, this dog food gives you a choice to go all meat, all fish or all poultry.

  • It is also a good choice to go for if you're looking for dog food which contains everything in balance. The probiotics for your pet's tummy are an added benefit to this offering.

08 Natural Balance L.I.D Dry Dog Food

It contains single source protein obtained from Chicken which contains all the essential amino acids to maintain strong muscles of your doggie and keep your pet’s coat shiny.

This dry dog food is suitable for small dog breeds as the food is designed into small kibbles so that your little dog friend can enjoy every bite of it. The small sized dog breeds will love the taste of these crunchy kibbles.

High-quality carbohydrate sources with fiber blends that your pet's digestive system stays fit. No added chemical preservatives, artificial flavors or colors are present.

  • Nature Balance L.I.D has been formulated to meet the dietary needs of small dog breeds. Its single-source protein ensures that your little friend stays safe as it gets exposed to a minimum number of protein sources.

09 Purina Beneful Adult Wet Dog Food

This wet dog food variety pack from Purina contains real meat obtained from beef, poultry or fish. It is perfectly blended with fruits or vegetables to fulfill all the dietary requirements.

All the four varieties of Purina Beneful are very delicious and your picky eater will love them all. It makes sure that with every serving, all 23 essential vitamins reach your pooch.

It is overall a nutritious treat containing protein ingredients, carbohydrate ingredients, and other essential vitamins and minerals. This wet dog food variety pack contains almost everything your pooch can eat.

  • This is ideal wet canine food for picky eaters. All the ingredients ranging from real meat to real grains are incorporated in this offering. Even if your adult dog is a picky eater, he'll love one or all the combinations.

Buyers Guide

Best Tasting Dog Food Buyer’s Guide

Some dogs are fussy eaters by nature while some dogs eat everything you keep in their bowl. However, if your furry companion usually eats everything but suddenly becomes picky about food, there might be a problem.

You should get your dog checked by a veterinarian if your dog suddenly refuses to eat dry food. Your pooch might be suffering from gum problems, tummy problems or any such issues. But if there're no such issues, then you need to realize that your good doggie has become naughty.

If you want your pooch to eat dry dog food, you'll need to feed him dog foods that are promoted as tasty dog foods. You should make sure that the dog food is rich in high-quality protein and other healthy ingredients in balance.

Besides that, you can also try to use "dog food topper" which is a wet dog food manufactured to enhance the taste of your pet's dry dog food by applying over it. But make sure that this wet food is of top-notch quality, free of artificial preservatives and provides good nutritional value.

But if your furry companion refuses to eat almost every dry dog food, there're a few methods you can apply to make your pooch eat dog food wholly. These methods will make sure that your doggie never picks these bad habits again unless there’s a legit problem like your pet is sick or someone in your family is corrupting your pet’s taste buds by feeding him table leftovers. Let’s go through the methods one by one.


First of all, you can try to mix your pet's favorite food with small quantities of dog food that you want your buddy to eat. You'll need to slowly increase the amount of the dog food you prefer for your dog until he begins to eat that food on its own. It won’t happen overnight but your furry companion will have to give in sooner or later.


If that doesn't work, you'll need to try a harsher method. Start to feed your doggie from time to time within a fixed schedule. No major meals should be given in-between. You can start with 12 hours gap between the two major meals. It'll break your heart but you'll have to be consistent until your doggie begins to eat the dog food. You can speed up this process by adding a little wet food that your dog likes to eat along with the dry dog food. Eventually, your picky eater will begin to eat healthy and tasty dry dog foods.

Which dry dog foods are best for your dog?

Dry dog foods with meat as their first ingredient should be given to your pet. Your pooch needs an optimal quantity of proteins to stay physically fit. Protein-rich foods will keep your pet dogs' muscles well-toned and strong. However, there are many other factors to look into.

The best tasting dog food suitable for dogs of all ages and all sized breeds essentially contains meat as its first ingredient. However, it needs to be associated with high-quality carbohydrate-rich veggies such as chickpeas, legumes, etc.

Nonetheless, grains aren't made for all types of dogs. Grain is known to cause allergic reactions in some dogs. So, if you don't know your pet's feeding habits, avoid feeding him dry dog food which contains grains.

However, adult dogs that aren’t allergic to grains can be given wholesome dry dog foods that contain meat, legumes, grains, and other nutritious ingredients. Such a variety of foods are very nutritious and provide a balanced intake of essential food materials such as proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, fatty acids, minerals, etc.

Some dog foods are selectively made for particular types of dog breeds. The dog food containing a single source protein is suitable for small-sized dog breeds. It is also a good thing to feed single source protein to your doggie if you think he's sensitive to different dog foods. It is because the dog food with single-source protein doesn't expose your pet to multiple protein varieties making it easy for him to digest food.

For example, chicken is one of the meat that some dogs have known to be allergic to. If your dog happens to be allergic to it, avoid dog foods that use chicken as their main ingredient. Your canine friend may have grown a dislike for its taste after having suffered the aftermath of consuming it.

In addition, you should always check the label of dog food for its ingredients and make sure that it doesn't contain any artificial flavoring agents, coloring agents or chemical preservatives.

Besides that, dry dog foods containing potential dog allergens such as corn and soy should never be fed to your dog.


Although, all of the dry dog foods provided in this list and tasty and nutritious we can bet on the fact that our number 1 product in this list will find its way into your dogs yummy one way or another. It is a locally farmed and harvested dry food product without any impurities and tastes great as well. Therefore, it's a blessing in disguise for pet owners who care about their furry friend's well being.

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