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Best Waterless Dog Shampoos

The best waterless dog shampoo is Paw Choice Dry Dog Shampoo.

You need to wash your dog regularly to keep the fur clean and ensure your canine always smells great. However, it can be a hassle to set up a bath with water. The best waterless dog shampoos offer an alternative, letting you clean your furry friend without water.

Budget Conscious Pick

TropiClean Waterless Shampoo for Pets

Our Top Pick

Paw Choice Dry Dog Shampoo

Readers Pick

New Waterless Dog Shampoo from Bodhi Dog

01 Paw Choice Dry Dog Shampoo

This Paw Choice shampoo is versatile enough to use anywhere, including on the go or between traditional doggy baths. The formula is natural and derived from coconut, making it great for sensitive skin. Your canine companion will also appreciate the lack of sodium laurel sulfate and harsh chemicals that could irritate skin. 

While some dry dog shampoos simply mask odor, this one removes it so you do not have to worry. The product is also cruelty-free, so you do not have to worry about any animals harmed during its creation. 

In addition to deodorizing and refreshing, this waterless dog shampoo conditions your furry friend’s skin and coat. The inclusion of pomegranate and mango scents helps your pooch smell even better after the waterless bath. This waterless dog shampoo is also simple to use as you just massage it onto your dog’s coat and let it dry. 

  • This coconut-based waterless dog shampoo has hints of mango and pomegranate. It cleans and conditions your canine’s fur and skin and works with all breeds, including on those with sensitive skin. It even has a 30-day satisfaction guarantee for peace of mind.

02 Tropiclean Waterless Shampoo For Pets

This waterless shampoo for dogs is simple to use and designed to be hypoallergenic. It is simple to use and includes a unique combination of ingredients designed to nourish dry skin and relax your furry friend’s fur to help make it easier to brush. 

The scent of this waterless dog shampoo is tropical and pleasant, with a hint of sweet coconut. The odor is gentle enough that your canine companion will not even notice, so there is no chance of complaints. The product is designed to deliver the gentle clean that your canine needs between bath times, when you would use regular dog shampoos that require water. 

As a bonus, this is one of the waterless dog shampoos for dogs that also works well with cats. As such, you can use it for multiple pets in your household without any issues. 

  • Using this TropiClean waterless shampoo will help your canine stay clean with a coconut scent that you will appreciate and your dog is unlikely to notice. The formula is hypoallergenic so it will not irritate your furry friend and its versatility makes it great for multi-pet households.

03 New Waterless Dog Shampoo from Bodhi Dog

This waterless shampoo from Bodhi Dog is 100% non-toxic and features natural extracts. It is also vet-approved, so you can count on the safety of this waterless dog shampoo. You can use this dog shampoo for spot-treating your canine companion’s fur or to deliver a full bath. 

This waterless dog shampoo can also be used as a detangler, giving your furry friend a shiny, smooth, and silky coat when you are done brushing it out. The formula is designed to be gentle, working well on dogs with allergies or sensitivities. This comes from being 100% free from alcohol and detergent. There are no stripping ethyl alcohols, parabens, or sulfates. The waterless shampoo for dogs is also versatile, working well on rabbits, horses, cats, ferrets, and guinea pigs. 

  • This waterless dog shampoo has a refreshing lavender scent. It removes tangles in your canine’s fur as it cleanses, serving as a multi-purpose product. There are no harmful alcohols, parabens, or sulfates.

04 BioSilk for Dogs Moisturizing Dog Shampoos, Sprays & Cleansing Wipes

This BioSilk dry shampoo is made in the United States and features the same ingredients as the human shampoo from the brand, so you can trust its safety on your four-legged friend. It works on all dogs, regardless of size or breed. It is safe for puppies that are eight weeks old and older. 

You can use this waterless dog shampoo on your pooch regularly without concerns thanks to its pH-balanced formula and lack of sulfates or parabens. It was also designed to be safe to use along with your favorite topical tick and flea treatments. 

  • This versatile waterless shampoo is safe to use once your puppy reaches eight weeks old. It has human-grade ingredients without sulfates or parabens and is pH-balanced to avoid irritation.

06 Begley’s Natural No Rinse Waterless Pet Shampoo

Coming in a convenient spray bottle, this all-natural waterless shampoo for dogs is biodegradable. It is non-toxic and features natural ingredients, ensuring that your pooch does not experience any irritation. While most other dog shampoos only have a single scent, this one lets you choose from oatmeal mango, citrus, lavender, or tee tree. 

This waterless dog shampoo provides a thorough clean on your four-legged friend’s fur while also being environmentally friendly. It is also cruelty free and is even effective at removing tough dirt, such as mud or feces. It works on a range of fur types. 

  • This non-toxic, eco-friendly canine shampoo works well on short and long fur alike. It delivers a fresh scent in your choice of aroma, allowing for some element of personalization.

07 Lillian Ruff Waterless Dog Shampoo

This waterless dog shampoo includes a bonus bath brush to provide value and help you thoroughly clean your canine. It is also safe to use with cats. The waterless dog shampoo provides a gentle yet thorough cleanse. It also features coconut and lavender oils, known natural flea and tick repellents. 

You will love the lavender scent, which is mild enough not to bother your furry friend. The product is free from dyes, parabens, and sulfates and is vegan and tear-free. It also comes with a money back guarantee to give you confidence. 

  • This waterless shampoo stands out with its coconut and lavender oil and included bath brush. It is simple to use and will not irritate the skin thanks to its lack of dyes, parabens, and sulfates.

Buyers Guide

Waterless Shampoo For Dogs Buyer’s Guide

As you search for the right waterless shampoo for your four-legged friend, you will want to keep the following factors in mind:

Ingredients and Skin Irritation 

There are plenty of dry dog shampoos available, but some contain harsh chemicals that can irritate your canine’s skin. Your goal is to get your pooch clean without any irritation, so the waterless bath is a pleasant experience for all parties involved. 

Instead of just buying any waterless shampoo, look for one that is good for sensitive skin. Look for indications such as “hypoallergenic” or explicitly saying that it is gentle on sensitive skin or for dogs with allergies. 

If your pup has sensitive skin, then you can also take a closer look at the ingredients to find the features you want. Look for soothing ingredients, like oatmeal or aloe. 

You will also want to pay attention to any specific purpose or type of dog that the waterless dog shampoo is designed for. If sensitive skin is a concern, opt for something designed for dry or irritated skin. 

Regardless of your canine’s sensitivity, you should always try to avoid dog shampoos with alcohols, parabens, sulfates, and artificial dyes, as all of these ingredients can be irritating. 

pH Balance and Conditioning 

Dogs have a different unique pH balance than humans, and your canine needs to maintain this balance to help with optimal health. When looking for a waterless shampoo, be sure to choose one that was designed for dogs and makes pH balance a priority. 

The proper pH balance will also help your four-legged friend’s fur look and feel its best, as will dog shampoos with conditioning properties. Whenever possible, opt for waterless shampoo that will nourish and condition both the fur and the skin. 

This conditioning can help reduce the chance of irritation at the skin level and help you work knots and tangles out of your canine’s fur. Some common conditioning ingredients to look for include coconut and aloe vera. 

Fleas and Ticks

As a dog owner, you know your canine needs to regularly have some sort of topical flea and tick treatment. Unfortunately, bathing your furry friend can sometimes ruin the treatment by washing it away or reducing its effectiveness. 

Avoid this problem by always choosing a waterless shampoo that specifies it is safe to use with your flea and tick treatment. You could even go a step further and choose a shampoo that incorporates some element of protection from fleas and ticks. 

Ideally, you would opt for a shampoo that uses natural remedies to help instead of harsh chemicals. This way, you could use the waterless dog shampoo’s flea-fighting ingredients as a supplement for your topical treatment of choice. Because you will apply the dry shampoo all over your canine, sometimes in larger quantities on tough spots, most pet owners will want to avoid dry dog shampoos that have chemical-based tick and flea treatments worked into them. 


No matter the waterless shampoo you use on your dog, you will likely notice its scent, or lack of scent, for at least several days after you apply it. As such, you want to make sure that it is an aroma that both you and your furry friend love, or at least tolerate. 

Opt for products with a gentle scent, so it does not overpower your canine or yourself. Then, think about your preferences and how you would like your furry friend to smell. 

In addition to choosing an aroma that you like and your furry friend will tolerate, pay attention to how the waterless dog shampoo provides that aroma. Always look for formulas that provide natural scents instead of artificial ones, when possible. This will reduce the risk of irritation to your canine companion’s skin or fur as there will be fewer chemicals. 

On a scent-related note, avoid dog shampoos that just mask unpleasant odors and choose ones that actually eliminate them. 

Application and Use

Do not forget to read the usage instructions before buying any waterless shampoo. Most are incredibly straightforward to use. The typical dry dog shampoo just has you massage the product onto your canine’s fur and let it dry, frequently with the option to blow dry it. 

Read the instructions to see if the application is as straightforward as you think or if you need to do anything else. This is also the time to confirm that the waterless dog shampoo is truly waterless. 

To make applying the waterless dog shampoo easier, consider a product in a bottle that makes dispensing easier, such as a spray bottle or a shampoo that is a foaming mousse. Make sure you know whether the product lathers and remember that lathering is not necessary for an effective waterless shampoo. 

You will also want to confirm that your chosen waterless shampoo works on your canine’s breed. The best waterless shampoo for dogs are versatile enough to use on all dogs, and sometimes other species as well, but some will only work with short hair, long hair, or some other specific type of coat. 


Your search for the best waterless shampoos for dogs does not need to be overwhelming. The top shampoos will keep your canine’s fur clean without irritating the skin or worsening sensitivities. Look for a product without parabens and sulfates and something that is cruelty-free. The top options will have a nice, mild scent that you love but is not strong enough to annoy your canine companion or cause any irritation.

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