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Best Canned Dog Foods

The best wet dog food is Weruva Grain-Free Canned Dog Food.

It is not an easy task to choose the best-wet food for your dog.

There are thousands of choices out there, so choosing the best one is tricky. Apart from that, there are also many aspects to consider. The nutrients and taste of the wet dog food, the ingredients, and the age of the dog.

Not to worry, we are here to help you. We have researched the best-selling wet dog foods available in the market and here are our top 12 picks for you.

Budget Conscious Pick

Purina ONE SmartBlend Canned Dog Food

Our Top Pick

Weruva Grain-Free Canned Dog Food

Premium Pick

Pedigree Choice Cuts Canned Dog Food

01 Weruva Grain-Free Canned Dog Food

Weruva Grain-Free Canned Dog Food is the best choice you can make for your dog. This wet dog food is made entirely from white chicken meat, without any bones and skin. As such, the taste is spectacular, and all dogs will notice this.

This wet dog food is also free of artificial chemicals, gluten, preservatives and any other substance of the same kind. This is just one of many reasons why the Weruva Canned Dog Food is our top pick.It is also the best-selling and the most popular among various dog owners.

We must point out that this wet dog food contains added minerals and vitamins that will provide additional nutrition for your dog. The bottom line is that the wet dog food is safe, delicious and loaded with essential nutrients.

It comes from a family owned business, and the recipe has been the same for ages. Let's add that it is also an excellent value for money.

  • It is incredibly delicious, even better in terms of nutrients and it is made in a safe and well-respected way. Only the best ingredients are chosen for this wet dog food, and we believe that it is the best nutritious meal you can provide for your dog.

02 Purina ONE SmartBlend Canned Dog Food

The Purina ONE canned dog food we have here is friendly to your dog and your wallet. This wet dog food is made entirely out of poultry, but it doesn't contain any of the by-products.

The manufacturer adds antioxidant sources, 4 of them to be precise, to boost the immune system of dogs. As you would expect, there are no artificial colors, flavorings and chemicals here.

  • The wet dog food is an excellent value for money and easy to digest. It comes with superb texture and is loaded with antioxidant sources. It is free of artificial chemicals, and you have the best budget-friendly canned food for adult dogs. We also liked the fact it supports the immune system function in dogs.

03 Pedigree Choice Cuts Canned Dog Food

The Pedigree Choice Canned Dog Food we have here is slightly different than the ones mentioned above. Its main ingredient is beef rather than poultry, and it is known for well-balanced nutrient amounts. This means that your dog will get all the nutrients its needs and has the right balance of minerals for a healthy glowing skin.

This wet dog food is also delicious and thanks to the added gravy, dogs will enjoy every single bite. The texture is soft and appealing for dogs. It is made in the United States, and it meets the latest requirements mandatory for all manufacturers.

  • Pedigree Choice Cuts is an excellent choice for dog owners who look for nutrient-rich canned dog food with gravy and great texture. It is also very desirable for larger dogs.

04 Hill's Science Diet Wet Dog Food

Hill's Science Diet Wet Dog Food is a great option when it comes to versatility. You can choose between beef, turkey, chicken, and chicken with beef. Keep in mind that this canned dog food is recommended for adult dogs aged between 1 and 6 years. So for puppies and senior dogs, it is better that you consider other dog food options.

Additionally, this wet dog food is extremely nutritious, with high levels of lean protein. It is easy to digest as well and overall; it has balanced nutritional values. All of this means that your dog will enjoy eating, probably even more than he is enjoying right now.

  • The Hill's Science Diet Wet Dog Food is ideal for all dogs aged between 1-6 who need added protein and nutrients. It is also an excellent choice for dogs who like a mixture of chicken and beef meat.

05 Blue Life Protection Canned Dog Food

Perhaps the package doesn't look appealing, but the wet dog food inside definitely is. The Blue Life Protection Canned Dog Food's main ingredient is chicken meat, without any bones or skin, as you would expect. On the other side, we have noticed that this canned dog food added minerals and vitamins, which is excellent for all dogs. It also comes with amino acids which will boost the health of all dogs.

This wet dog food doesn't contain GMO ingredients, artificial chemicals or soy. It is a healthy source of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. The best addition comes in the form of fruit and garden vegetables. Yes, the Blue Life Protection Dog Food contains pieces of veggies as well.

  • The main thing we liked is the mixture of poultry and vegetables. Add the lack of artificial chemicals, the presence of added minerals and vitamins, and you get a well rounded wet dog food at a resonable price point.

06 Purina ALPO Prime Cuts in Gravy Adult Wet Dog Food

Purina ALPO Prime is made of real beef. It includes 23 essential vitamins and minerals, and it is developed for adult dogs who need well-balanced nutrition. Dogs love this canned dog food, and they will enjoy eating it as long as you provide it for them.

Another, exciting difference this canned dog food has to offer is the number of choices. All dog owners can choose between Beef, Bacon & Cheese, London Grill, Beef with Vegetables and Chicken. Regardless of what your dog likes to eat, this wet dog food will include it.

  • The main advantage is in the variety of the ingredients. All dog owners can choose between various options which make the wet dog food stand out from the crowd.

07 Blue Buffalo Blue Wilderness Duck & Chicken Grill Canned Dog Food

As you would know, the Blue Buffalo brand is well known among dog owners. This canned dog food is made of pure beef and chicken, without any additives. There are no by-products which may have a negative effect on the overall food taste and the nutritional balance. It comes in a balanced nutritional profile and consists of pure beef and chicken.

Minerals and vitamins have been added to make the wet dog food even better and more beneficial for our furry friends. Don't forget that this canned dog food doesn't contain wheat either, so it is a healthy option for your dogs.

  • In general, we liked the perfection this wet dog food has to offer. It doesn't contain wheat or by-products, but rather pure beef and chicken. It is an excellent source of nutrients that should be considered.

08 Natural Balance Ultra-Premium Wet Dog Food

The Natural Balance Ultra-Premium Wet Dog Food has different ingredient options that you can choose from. You can have it made of beef, lamb and even a vegetarian option. We really liked the fact each one includes elements of rice and potatoes, which are excellent sources of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals for your pooch.

Another difference is you can use it for puppies, adult dogs, and even seniors. It will provide excellent nutrition and essential vitamins for your furry friends.

  • It is a highly versatile dog food as its suitable for puppies, adult and senior dogs. This helps you to save time especially if you have a few dogs that are of different ages.

09 Wellness 95% Natural Wet Grain-Free Canned Dog Food

The number 95% is included in the name of this canned dog food due to a reason. It refers to the amount of the premium ingredients that the package has. Other savory options include salmon, lamb, chicken, beef, and turkey. It is 100% grain-free and contains real vegetables.

The Wellness 95% Natural Wet Grain-Free Canned Dog Food offers the perfect balance of the vitamins, nutrients, and minerals. Only the best ingredients have been used in the manufacturing process, and the wet dog food is capable of meeting the requirements of the most demanding dogs.

  • We liked the precision and the nutritional value the wet dog food has to offer. As a bonus, Wellness Natural Food has a promotion whereby you could save 25% when you are buying 2 or more packs of their canned dog food.

10 Blue Basics Limited Ingredient Diet Grain Free Wet Dog Food

As you would expect, the Blue Basics Limited Ingredient Dog Food has interesting flavors to offer. You can choose between duck, turkey, and chicken, paired with potatoes. Potatoes are an excellent source of carbohydrates, and they are necessary for your dog. There is no soy, corn or eggs present in the wet dog food.

You will also appreciate the fact this wet dog food comes with high levels of Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids. They are rare in the dog's diet, so having this addition supplement will help to support your pooch's healthy glowing skin.

  • We really liked that Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids has been added in this recipe formulation. This helps to let your dog have a healthier skin and coat.

11 Farmers Market Premium Natural Canned Wet Dog Food

There are two main advantages to this wet dog food. The first one is a high level of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, as we saw with the previous canned dog food. The second one is the presence of probiotic inulin, which will improve the digestion in dogs. As such, we would recommend this wet dog food for dogs who have a sensitive stomach or need probiotic properties.

When it comes to the ingredients, only the best, natural ones are used. There are no artificial substances or anything like that. The wet dog food is delicious and comes with added minerals and obviously vitamins.

  • The main benefit is the presence of probiotic which will improve digestion in dogs, especially for seniors dogs. We also believe that omega 3 and 6 fatty acids are a great addition.

12 Whole Earth Farms Grain Free Hearty Stew Canned Dog Food

Similar to the other options, the Whole Earth Farms Grain Free Hearty Stew canned dog food comes with different flavors and ingredients. You can choose between beef, lamb, chicken, duck, turkey, and salmon. However, all of them are paired with vegetables which create a great source of nutrient for your pooch.

This wet dog food is made in the United States and meets the AAFCO accreditation for a balanced nutritional profile. It is grain-free as well, making it suitable for dogs who have a sensitive stomach.

  • It comes with protein rich beef and wholesome harvested vegetables for an overall well-balanced diet for your dogs.

Buyers Guide

Canned Dog Food Buyer's guide

Just in case you might need a little more help, we introduced the ultimate buyer's guide. Below you will see all you have to know to help you in your selected of wet canned dog food.

Advantages Of Canned Dog Food

  • It contains higher levels of nutrients and protein
  • Dogs generally prefer the taste of canned food
  • It is easy to digest
  • Moisture levels are beneficial for dogs' kidneys
  • They come without additives and preservatives
  • More water content than dry dog food

Disadvantages Of Canned Dog Food

  • More expensive as compared to dry dog food
  • Once opened, it can't be stored
  • Messier and requires cleaning up

What Ingredients Should You Look Out For?

To make sure your dog gets the ultimate diet and all the nutrients it needs, there are a few ingredients you will have to consider. Also, pay close attention to the amount of the ingredients present in the wet dog food.


It is the primary nutrient for dogs and should be present in canned food. Make sure that the protein source is included in the packaging. It should be chicken, beef, lamb, turkey or salmon.


They are commonly added to provide additional nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Vegetables should not be the main ingredient and they are a supplementary ingredient.


Almost all wet canned foods will contain some grains. The key element to look for is to pay attention to the source or origin of these grains. Unprocessed and whole grains are the best option possible. Brown or wild rice are among the safest and the healthiest choices.


Try to lookout for wet canned dog food that has the AAFCO stamp. With the Association of American Feed Control Officials' accreditation, it means that the dog food is well balanced and comes with all the necessary nutrients for a complete meal.

What Ingredients Should Be Avoided?

To make the best choice and provide food that your dog will love, you should also consider a few ingredients that must not be present in the dog food.


These ingredients can also be known as "alternative or modified beef". They are definitely something to avoid, and they don't have any positive effect on the diet.

Unnamed meat sources

Each canned food should clearly label its primary source of meat used. It can be chicken, beef, etc. The goal is to avoid foods that offer unnamed body parts of those animals. If they are not mentioned, it is likely that they come from by-products or from meat that was rejected for human foods!

Artificial chemicals

They consist of several sub-types, but it is essential to avoid all of them. They are usually added to make the dog food stay or look juicier. Ethoxyquin is one such example. It is a chemical preservative that can be found in popular dog foods. Ethoxyquin is currently being studied as a potential cause for certain blood and liver problems in animals.

Another example is Butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA) and Butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT). These chemicals are found in a number of dog foods. BHA has been identified by the State of California as a possible carcinogen, while BHT is linked to forestomach cancers in animals.


They may make the wet dog food look better and have a longer shelf life, but they are not good for dogs. After all, when you are looking for food you will eat, you will always avoid those with additives.


Food binders are used to keep the meat together so that it will appear in larger chunks. It is used when a manufacturer doesn't have a proper meat source, so they use low-quality meat. It will make the meat look bigger and juicier, but these chemicals are not great for dogs, and you should avoid them.

Customize The Diet According To Your Dog

The best-canned wet food can't be generalized. It means that no generic food will suit all dogs. The health, age, and condition of your dog matter the most.

You will want to take into consideration additional factors that will help you in making the right choice. All of them are mentioned below.

  • Dogs that have or are prone to urinary tract infection will generally need food with a lower pH level. Look for foods that are less acidic and your dog will be perfectly fine.
  • If your dog is extremely active, you must help him manage the need for nutrients. Look for foods that are richer with protein and fat.
  • Older dogs need a different type of diet, so you will need food which is rich in lean protein, not fat.
  • Make sure that the canned dog food is easy to find and you can always purchase it readily. Dogs will quickly get used to the dog food you are giving them, so you will need to provide it for a longer period. It is always difficult to switch dog foods once your pooch has become accustomed to the taste. Online retailers such as Amazon or Chewy's can deliver the dog food directly to your doorstep.
  • Choose the best-canned food within your budget. Keep in mind that you will have to provide it daily and monthly, meaning that this will be a recurring cost.

In the end, the Weruva Grain-Free Canned Dog Food is our top pick for all dog owners.

This canned wet dog food is made of the highest quality ingredients. It contains additional vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It is free of artificial chemicals, by-products and other ingredients that may have an adverse effect on your dog's health. If you are looking for the food that will provide a well-balanced diet and meet the highest requirements you and your pooch have, this is the best option out there.

If you have already tried any of the products mentioned above, please let us know your experience in the comments.

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