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Best Whitening Shampoo For Dogs

The best whitening shampoo for dogs is Seamus Cherry Blossom Professional Hypoallergenic.

If your canine has light or white fur, you want to keep its color, even while your pooch enjoys life. The best whitening shampoos for dogs help you maintain that brilliant white color while also cleaning your furry friend’s fur, fighting stains and dirt, and giving your dog a comfortable bath.

Budget Conscious Pick

Wahl White Pear Brightening Shampoo for Pets

Our Top Pick

Seamus Cherry Blossom Professional Hypoallergenic

Readers Pick

Chris Christensen White on White Shampoo for Pets

01 Seamus Cherry Blossom Professional Hypoallergenic

This is not only a whitening and brightening shampoo, but it is also soap-free, which helps it be hypoallergenic. This makes it particularly appealing for canines with dry, sensitive, or itchy skin and fur. It is also versatile enough to work on cats and horses as well as dogs. There are no harsh chemicals, adding to its gentleness. 

The dog shampoo’s ingredients mean that your canine will smell like Japanese cherry blossoms afterwards. It features patented pharmasome technology, so the active ingredients are time released after penetrating the skin. As such, you and your dog get to enjoy long-lasting effects. 

In terms of whitening and brightening, this whitening shampoo does well your dog's coat, regardless if it is dark or white. It reduces stains while providing a fresh, soft feeling. The product is also safe to use with topical flea treatments, so you do not have to worry about that. 

  • This dog whitening shampoo leaves the refreshing scent of cherry blossoms, along with soft, fresh-looking fur. It is soap-free and hypoallergenic, working on your canines as well as cats and horses, so you do not need to keep multiple products on hand.

02 Wahl White Pear Brightening Shampoo for Pets

Those on a budget will love this Wahl White Pear Brightening Shampoo, which is free from shampoo, alcohol, and PEG-80 and is pH-balanced. It is safe for your furry friend to use yet strong enough to brighten fur. The product uses a high concentration, meaning that a single bottle of this dog whitening shampoo lasts longer than many competitors, adding to its value. 

The formula works on long or short coats. As you use this dog whitening shampoo, the thick lather will brighten whites and clean while enhancing the color of your dog's coat. This dog shampoo is also allergy friendly. 

You will love the smell of pear after your canine’s bath and your furry friend will not mind the scent either, so you will both be happy. Even owners of active, messy canines experience strong results and notice their four-legged friends are bright and clean after using this dog shampoo. 

  • This dog whitening shampoo comes from a well-respected brand favored by professionals. It can get tough dirt off your pooch’s white coat and leave the coat sparkling clean. It foams up nicely and smells great as you apply it, and later on, without the odor being too strong for your furry friend.

03 Chris Christensen White on White Shampoo for Pets

This whitening shampoo from Chris Christensen is safe for use on your dog's coat, no matter what color it is. If your furry friend is white, you will notice that it truly whitens the fur and removes those yellow stains that some products leave behind. The result is a blinding white coat that almost cannot get any brighter. 

This dog whitening shampoo is gentle thanks to its lack of softening agents, harsh chemicals, and bleaching agents. It is essentially fragrance free, something your dog will love. This lack of fragrance also helps it appeal to owners who have allergies or sensitivities. 

  • Using this dog shampoo on your dog will deliver the brilliant white color you want, without any yellow. It works well on all coat colors, without fading, and is incredibly gentle on your canine’s skin and fur.

04 Petpost Dog Whitening Shampoo

This whitening shampoo is the result of years of research to appeal to vets, breeders, and groomers. It features wheat proteins, oat, and coconut oil to deliver a soft, white coat that makes your pooch look amazing. Those ingredients also help soothe skin that is dry or irritated. 

This dog whitening shampoo smells like fragrant fresh-cut watermelon, so your canine companion smells as good as he looks. As a bonus, the product is made in the United States with naturally-derived ingredients and the packaging is recyclable. It also comes with a 100% happy dog guarantee for peace of mind. 

  • Between the recyclable packing, satisfaction guarantee, and natural ingredients that soothe skin while ensuring soft fur, you and your canine companion are both sure to love this whitening shampoo.

05 Lillian Ruff Brightening & Whitening Shampoo for Dogs

This Lillian Ruff shampoo adds luster and shine to your dog's coat as you clean it. It can help whiten coats of any color, especially those that are white. It is safe to use on cats and can assist with taming fly-away hair, tangles, and matting. 

The aloe in this dog whitening shampoo moisturizes your canine’s skin, helping relieve itchiness or dryness. The coconut scent is pH balanced so the odor lasts a long time without causing irritation to your furry friend’s skin. As a bonus, the coconut scent is calming, helping your pooch enjoy bath time. 

  • This coconut whitening shampoo has a scent that you and your canine will love, for its odor and relaxation qualities. Expect a bright white and fresh smell from this American-made shampoo.

06 Healthy Breeds Bright Whitening Dog Shampoo for White & Lighter Fur

Using this dog whitening shampoo will bring the brightness back to your white or light-colored dog's coat. You will enjoy knowing that your pup gets a thorough clean that also controls matting and tangles. At the same time, it delivers the brightness you want. 

The scent is a refreshing pina colada that you will love. The formula is also pH balanced to minimize the risk of irritation. The product also comes with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee and is made in the United States in federally-regulated manufacturing facilities. 

  • Using this whitening shampoo thoroughly cleans your precious pup’s fur while reducing matting and tangles. It brightens light colored and white fur on a full range of breeds and fur types.

07 Veterinary Formula Solutions Snow White Shampoo for Dogs and Cats

This Veterinary Formula shampoo is safe for both dogs and cats, so you can use it on multiple pets in your household. It features patented optical brighteners that safely reduce the appearance of dingy fur, stains, or yellowing so the white natural fur can shine through. At the same time, it will not cause other colors to fade. 

Enjoy the blue coral citrus fragrance that lasts thanks to patented fragrance extenders. The whitening happens without peroxide or bleach, helping your canine stay comfortable. Instead, natural ingredients like green tea extract and vitamin E do the job.  

  • For a long-lasting scent and clean, this dog shampoo brightens your canine’s white fur and even does well on dogs with multiple colors on their coats. It is safe on the full range of dogs, as well as cats for versatility.

Buyers Guide

Whitening Shampoo For Dogs Buyer’s Guide

Whether or not you choose to buy one of the best whitening shampoos for dogs mentioned above, there are a few things you will want to keep in mind as you make your selection. Any of the above products will deliver the results you want, but you can use this criteria to help choose between them, or compare them to other options. 

No Harsh Chemicals 

You should always pay close attention to the ingredient list on your chosen whitening shampoo. Some of the cheaper products may achieve their brightening effects with harsh chemicals or even bleach. These types of ingredients are harsh on your canine’s fur and skin and can cause irritation or even an allergic reaction. 

Instead, look for dog whitening shampoos that do not have harsh chemicals or bleach, which is more common than you may realize. The best dog whitening shampoos will be hypoallergenic or allergy-friendly. Not only will they not have harsh ingredients, but they will even feature soothing ingredients like aloe or oats. Those ingredients are not necessary unless Fido has easily-irritated skin but they do not hurt. 

Just remember that even though you do not want harsh chemicals in Fido’s shampoo, this does not mean you have to settle for a lesser clean. Ensure that your chosen shampoo uses gentle, natural ingredients that deliver that thorough clean and can eliminate dirt and stains with ease. 

As a bonus, avoiding harsh chemicals in the dog shampoo will also frequently improve the chances of the dog shampoo giving your furry friend soft and manageable fur. 

Your Favorite Scent 

For many pet parents, part of the point of a bath is to make your four-legged friend smell nice. The scent you choose in your whitening shampoo will depend entirely on your preferences and whether you, your dog, or family members are sensitive to any specific scents. 

Always choose dog whitening shampoos that do not have overpowering scents, as these may irritate your canine. A gentle scent is nearly always fine and will remind you that your furry friend is clean. You can also get unscented dog whitening shampoos or those with almost no fragrance if you prefer. That is a wise choice if someone in your family has an allergy. 

No matter the fragrance that you choose for your whitening shampoo, always pay attention to how the product delivers it. You want to focus on dog whitening shampoos with natural fragrances instead of those that use artificial ones. This reduces the number of potentially harsh chemicals in the formula. 

Washing Instructions 

Take a few seconds to read the bathing instructions before you buy your chosen shampoo. Most of the products follow the expected basic rules of wet the fur, apply, and rinse, but there are some exceptions. Some products may deliver better results if you leave them in the fur for longer. 

This is a matter of personal preference and knowledge of your canine’s behavior. If Fido does not like to sit still for five or ten minutes, then look for dog whitening shampoos that you can rinse out almost right away. If you want to get the best possible results and have a patient pooch, choosing one that has to sit on the fur for a few minutes will not be a problem. 

Your choice will also depend on how long you like to spend during bath time. You may also want to consider whether the whitening shampoo in question has an associated conditioner that you can or should follow up with. If it does, read some reviews to see whether you need to use the conditioner or how much it helps and let that influence your decision. Most of the time, the conditioner is not necessary but can be beneficial. 


You should also make note of which products are the most versatile. This is especially true if you have a multi-pet household, will share the dog shampoo, or plan on getting more pets in the future. 

Some whitening shampoos are only designed to work on white fur. The best ones work on other light colors in addition to white, adding brightness to all of them. 

Pay attention to whether you can use the dog shampoo on all fur colors, especially if your canine has multiple colors, including white. After all, you do not want to whiten the whites only to fade the black or brown patches. 

Depending on your household, you may also want to choose a product that is versatile enough to be used on multiple types of pets. Some whitening shampoos for dogs, for example, are also safe to use on cats or even horses and other pets. Think about the animals in your household and look for a product that is safe to use on as many of them as possible.


You want your canine’s fur to shine bright and the best whitening shampoos for dogs help you achieve this. Choose products that do not contain harsh chemicals or bleach, instead choosing gentle formulas with natural ingredients. You can choose from a range of scents and if you want, you can get a shampoo that works on cats in addition to dogs. 

The Seamus Cherry Blossom is your best bet here as not only is it gentle on Fido’s fur, but it also helps detangle and smoothen the fur as it cleans and brightens it. It uses technology for a longer-lasting clean due to releasing of active ingredients over time, ensuring your dog maintain its magnificent look for a long time.

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