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Birth Control For Dogs: Are There Safe Alternatives To Spaying & Neutering?

When it comes to preventing your dog from giving birth, your vet will most likely recommend neutering or spaying. But for some pet owners who are scared of the idea of letting their pet go through a surgical procedure, birth control for dogs might be a better alternative.

So you might ask why is there a need to control your pet’s birth? According to ASPCA or the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, there are around 670,000 dogs that are getting euthanized each year due to pet overpopulation. You don’t want to contribute to this problem by letting your dog give birth to as many puppies as it can even if you know you can’t afford to take care of them all.

So here are some of your options when it comes to preventing your pet from giving birth.

Ovary-Sparing Surgery
The standard surgery when it comes to spaying your female dog is known as OVA or ovariohysterectomy. This is a major surgical procedure that would require removing your pet’s uterus and ovaries.

A much safer alternative to this is known as ovariectomy or OVE. This procedure has been used in Europe for many years and requires leaving the uterus in place, which is much safer and less risky for your pet. It’s also less painful and will result in faster recovery.

Birth Control Pills
Yes, there are birth control pills for dogs, but you can only obtain these pills through the prescription of your pet’s vet. The vet will also provide you with instructions on how to use them.

Your dog won’t be able to start using the pill until it has one season, so there should be a 3-week window where your pet might still be able to reproduce. Therefore, you should be fully responsible for restraining your pet from mating.

Why Get An Elizabethan Collar?
Spaying is the best way to prevent your pet from getting pregnant. If you’re worried about the healing and recovery period, you should get an Elizabethan collar that you can put on its neck. That way, your pet won’t be able to lick the affected area that could further aggravate the incision.

Final Thoughts
When it comes to controlling the birth of your dog, there will be lots of options available out there. Take your time to explore your options and consider their pros and cons. If you can’t make a decision on which procedure is best for your pooch, talk to your vet and ask for advice. You may also consider visiting animal shelters and zoos for advice on a much safer alternative to spaying or neutering your dog. The more people you ask for advice, the more options you’ll find. As always, think of what’s best and safer for your pooch.

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