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Black Earwax In Dogs: Should You Be Worried?

Black Earwax In Dogs: Should You Be Worried?


It’s quite common for dogs to suffer from different ear problems, most especially dog breeds that have droopy and long ears. Although a small amount of discharge and earwax is normal, if it comes in a large amount, then it can be a problem. Also, some dogs might end up having black wax in their ears, which can be alarming to pet parents.

Here’s everything you need to know about black earwax on dogs.


What Is The Cause Of Black Earwax In Dogs?

There are many reasons why your dog ends up with black earwax on its ears. This condition might be due to the accumulation of dirt in your dog’s ears. Other causes could be ear mite infestation and ear infection.

In some instances, excessive earwax in your dog’s ears could result in an ear infection. On the other hand, an ear infection may also cause excessive buildup of earwax in your dog’s ears.

Basically, earwax produced in a huge amount, and the accumulation of such wax in your dog’s ears could cause ear infection, which will eventually turn black. There are also instances when black earwax and ear infection on dogs can be due to some other factors, such as an infestation of ear mites.


What Are The Symptoms?

If you see black earwax in your dog’s ears, consider this as a sign of ear infection. Your canine companion might also show other symptoms, such as constant shaking of the head and scratching of the ear area. In some instances, you’ll notice swelling, redness, and pus inside your dog’s ears. The ears of your pet might also produce a bad odor. If it’s accompanied by other symptoms, then you better call a vet immediately.


Steps To Treat Black Earwax

Treating the back earwax in dogs will mainly depend upon the underlying causes. Therefore, the first step is to take your pooch to a vet. The vet will diagnose your pooch and find out the reason behind the buildup of black earwax and determine the proper treatment.

Pet owners should also consider getting a dog ear cleaner to help clean their dog’s ears. That way, the accumulation of black earwax will be substantially minimized, and ear infection will be avoided as well. Using a dog ear cleaner is very easy and straightforward.

In fact, it’s a convenient way to clean your pet’s ears. Simply soak a cotton ball with the ear cleaner and apply it to your dog’s ears. Gently massage the ears afterward and wipe gently to remove any remaining wax.