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Bringing Your Dog Out For A Walk? Here Are 5 Tips For You

Exercising is important for both humans and dogs. As a pet owner, it’s essential that you take your dog out for a walk from time to time. Experts recommend taking your dog out for a walk at least once a day. Unfortunately, studies show that about 20% of dog owners don’t get to take their pets out for a walk.

When taking your dog for a walk, it’s important to ensure its safety and comfort.

Here are some tips that pet owners should use when it comes to bringing their dog out for a walk.

Pick Up Your Dog’s Poop
You don’t want to get in trouble with your neighbors, so you need to be responsible enough to pick your pet’s poop. Also, dog poop that is scattered in the streets can cause major health issues to both humans and pets. This type of waste has harmful organisms in it, such as E-coli. So don’t ever leave dog poop in the park or any public place where there are small kids playing around.

Encourage Mental Stimulation
Dog walks are not only for physical exercise. They are also good for mental health. So when you take your pooch out for a walk, make sure you give it something to sniff at.

If you hate the idea of stopping after every few seconds to wait for your dog as it sniffs around, then that’s fine. Look for appropriate areas that you believe are safe for your pet to roam around. If it’s time for a sniff break, simply loosen the leash for a few minutes and leave your pooch to explore and soak up the smells.

Get A Dog GPS Tracker
To ensure the safety of your pet when taking it for a walk outdoors, consider investing in a dog GPS tracker. With this device, you will be able to keep track of your pet once it wanders off somewhere without your knowledge.

The dog GPS tracker connects to an app on your smartphone that allows you to monitor your dog’s whereabouts. This device is very useful for active dogs that love to wander off. If you have a GPS tracker on your pet, there’s no longer a need for you to use a leash or to have the pet close to you at all times. Thus, you will be able to enjoy long walks outdoors without worrying about losing sight of your pet.

Carry Lots Of Water With You
When exercising, it’s important to dehydrate. However, this is not only applicable to humans but dogs as well. Therefore, when taking your dog for a walk, make sure you carry enough water for you and your dog. Animals have more difficulty regulating their temperature than humans so they end up overheating easily. Since dogs tend to sweat a lot when panting, it’s pretty easy for them to get dehydrated, especially if the weather is hot.

Wear Reflective Gear When Walking in the Dark
Another important safety tip to keep in mind when walking your dog is to wear reflective gears, especially if you plan to take your dog out in the evening when there’s less visibility in the road for motorists. There are reflective collars and vests that are ideal for dogs, so get one of them. Even if there are sidewalks in your neighborhood where you can safely walk your pet, there are instances where you may need to cross the main highways and streets. So for your pet not to get hit by a passing car just in case it runs away from you, you better get a reflective collar or vest for your pooch.

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