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Can My Dog Eat Yogurt? Is It Healthy?

It’s safe for dogs to eat yogurt. As a matter of fact, yogurt is good for the overall health of your pooch. For as long as your pet is not lactose intolerant, you can add yogurt to its diet. Also, for dogs that are allergic to meat, the yogurt can make for a great alternative.

It can provide your dog with the protein that it can’t get from meat. Above all, yogurt is high in calcium and helps to boost your pet’s immunity.

Best Yogurt To Give To Your Dog
The best yogurts to feed are the plain varieties and the non-fat ones. Just make sure that it doesn’t come with any artificial sweeteners or preservatives. There are also yogurts that are made specifically for dogs and are great for their health. But before feeding your dog with any type of yogurt, check the ingredients to ensure that none of these things are harmful to your pooch.

Avoid giving your dog yogurt that contains xylitol. This is a common sweetener found mostly on human food, yet it’s not good for your dog. Even a small amount of this sweetener is toxic to your dog and this could make them suffer from liver failure since this sweetener accumulates on the canine’s liver tissues. As much as possible, avoid giving your dog flavored yogurt or the mix-in varieties because they contain sugar in the form of syrup, as well as some artificial sweeteners.

How Much Yogurt To Feed To Your Dog
The amount of yogurt that you can safely feed to your dog varies depending on the type of yogurt you are trying to give it.

It will also depend on your dog’s:

  • Activity level
  • Daily calorie intake
  • Neuter status
  • Size
  • Underlying health issues
  • Weight

Yogurt’s Nutritional Information
Make sure you check the label of the yogurt you are buying to find out its nutritional information and to determine its fat and calorie content. That way, you can properly determine the most appropriate serving size for your pooch.

Is It Okay For Dogs To Eat Greek Yogurt?
It’s safe for your dog to eat Greek yogurt for as long as it doesn’t have any xylitol. In fact, the yogurt is good for your dog and your pooch might like its texture. Greek yogurt is usually thicker since the whey has been strained.

Other types of yogurt that are good for your dog are:

  • Frozen yogurt
  • Low-fat yogurt
  • Naturally flavored yogurt
  • Plain yogurt

Are There Any Dangers With Feeding Yogurt To Your Dog?
Although yogurt is non-toxic, your dog may have problems digesting it. Remember that your dog’s body is not capable of digesting lactose after the puppyhood stage. Therefore, foods that are high in lactose like yogurt might make your dog suffer from diarrhea, gas, and can even trigger vomiting.

If you notice any harsh reactions from your dog after feeding it yogurt, take it to the vet immediately. Also, when feeding your dog with any dairy, including yogurt, be wary of the fat content. Too much fat can upset your dog’s stomach and might even lead to conditions like pancreatitis, which is a pretty serious condition that could lead to fatal consequences.

Are Probiotics In Yogurt Good?
Probiotics are good for humans and also for dogs. If you are following the 10% treat rule for your pooch, this much yogurt may not be enough to provide your dog with probiotic benefits. You may want to talk to your dog’s vet when it comes to this. The vet will be able to recommend probiotic supplements that can help support your dog’s probiotic needs.

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