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How To Deshed A Dog Properly: A Step By Step Guide

If you own a dog, then you know all about shedding. Depending on how long you’ve had it for, you’ve probably noticed that there are times when your dog sheds more fur than usual.

That’s because although most dogs shed throughout the year in small increments, they shed most of their fur when the season’s about to change. You see, your dog’s fur grows thicker during the winter season to protect it from the elements, so it has to shed it all in summer in preparation for the hot weather. We wish that we could say that there was a way to prevent or even eliminate shedding, but there isn’t.

But, you can deshed your dog to minimize the amount of fur that ends up on your couch, bed, and carpet.

Here are a few tips to get you started.

The best preventative method that you can use against shedding is to remove your dog’s excess hair before it falls off.

Wait too long, and it’ll accumulate into clumps of hair that’ll end up all over the place. Best to stay ahead of things and deshed your dog with a good deshedding brush.

If your dog is a serious shedder, then you should give it two baths a month, or even more. You’ll want to brush your dog before and after the bath for the best results. There are certain shampoos on the market that are designed to reduce shedding, so look out for those.

Also, make sure to condition your dog’s fur while you’re bathing your dog to help reduce the chances of its skin getting damaged from the constant bathing and brushing.

Brush Again
You should always brush your dog after bath time, preferably before its fur gets completely dry. This will prevent knots from forming, which can end up as tumbleweeds that shed all over your surfaces. Use a deshedding brush that’s designed for brushing and shedding.

Provide Your Dog With Healthy Nutrition
Another way to reduce shedding is to make sure your dog is getting proper nutrition. Sometimes, hair loss can be a sign of poor nutrition. Make sure to keep an eye on your dog’s diet and take it for regular walks, so it gets adequate exercise.

Trim Dog’s Hair
You may not have enough time to brush your dog’s fur every day. In that case, you should consider giving your dog a haircut, especially if it’s summer. Since it’s going to shed its hair, you might as well help the process along. It’s safe to give your dog a haircut every couple of months.

You could even make it a ritual, and trim your dog’s hair after washing and brushing it. If you still feel like that’s too much of a time commitment, then you’ll want to take your canine companion to the groomers. Mostly, you’ll need to take it once every few months, but its hair will need more regular maintenance during the spring.

Consult With A Vet
While we’ve tried to cover all the possible causes and solutions to dog shedding, there are certain causes that we may not have included. Each situation is different, and these solutions may not work for your dog because its shedding is caused by its unique location or the conditions around your home.

That’s why it’s a good idea to also consult with your vet if you feel your dog is shedding excessively and nothing is helping. In addition to seasonal shedding, other causes of excessive shedding include infections, parasites, and allergies.

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