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Different Types of Dog Leashes & How To Pick One?

One of the most essential dog accessories that every pet owner should get for their furry friend is a dog leash. Leashes are not only necessary when walking your dog. Along with the dog collar, the leash is an important tool for training and disciplining your pooch.

When buying a dog leash, you’ll surely come across several different styles. If you’re buying a leash for the first time, you might be at a loss as to which of these leashes would work best for you. Would you go for the standard leash, or would you prefer something that can be adjusted? Which material would be a great choice?

To address your questions, refer below for the different types of dog leashes and how to choose the right one for your dog.

Standard Dog Leash
The standard leash is the most basic of all types of dog leashes, and it’s the most common as well. It’s great for pet owners who need something that they can use for a daily walk and for doing basic dog training. The standard leash can be made from different materials, such as leather, nylon, rubber, and cotton. But the latter is not too durable and could get damaged easily once your pooch starts chewing it.

Bark Collars
Barking is normal for dogs. But there are times that the barking can get very annoying. If you want to stop your dog every time it barks, you should get a bark collar. Whenever your dog starts barking, simply turn on the ultrasonic deterrent and your dog will eventually stop barking. This tool is also great for training your dog and teaching it proper behavior.

Adjustable Dog Leash
From the name itself, this leash is adjustable. It’s a combination of the retractable leash and standard leash. If you want to shorten the leash, simply remove the loops and extra clips. The shorter length is great for training, and the longer leash will give you more freedom to walk your dog.

Retractable Dog Leash
If you need a leash where you can adjust the length, the retractable dog leash is a great choice. This may look like a standard leash, but it comes with a cord that you can extend between 4 and 30 feet. The locking mechanism is enclosed in a plastic handle, and once you release the lock, it will automatically retract the leash, depending on the length that you want.

The Martingale Lead
The Martingale lead is a standard leash but with a martingale collar. It’s used mainly for training as the martingale collar prevents the dog from pulling. Whenever your pooch attempts to pull the leash, the collar will tighten, but not enough to choke your dog so it’s still safe for your pet. The collar will simply put pressure on your pet’s neck in order to discourage it from pulling.

Chain Dog Leash
If you prefer just a standard leash but would want something durable, the chain dog leash is highly recommended. This is especially recommended for pet owners whose dogs are fond of chewing and biting. It’s very durable, and your dog would find it awkward to chew on the metal chain.

Seat Belt Safety Dog Leash
This is a short leash that comes with a clip at the tip, which you can attach to the collar of your dog and another clip that you can hook at the seatbelt of your car. Therefore, this leash can be used for both walking your dog, and when taking it for a ride. With this leash, you can prevent your dog from moving around as you drive your vehicle and keep your pooch protected in the event of an accident.

Multiple Dog Leash
If you own several dogs and you want to take them for a walk all at the same time, then you should go for the multiple dog leash. This leash has one handle, and several leashes are connected from a coupler allowing you to attach several dogs in one leash. But this leash is only good for dogs that have been trained well and know how to behave properly without jumping and playing around as they walk along with their peers.

How To Choose The Right Leash For Your Dog
Aside from the type of leash, another thing to consider when choosing a leash for your pooch is the material that it’s made of. Nylon is a great choice if you want the standard leash since it’s durable. But go for this leash only if your dog has been trained not to chew. Otherwise, you might as well go for the more durable leashes, such as the chain leash.

The strength and width are also important factors to keep in mind. As your pet grows, you may have to upgrade its leash to a heavier, thicker, and longer leash. But if you have a puppy right now, you should settle for a shorter and lighter leash.

As for the clip, choose something strong enough to handle the strength and size of your pet. Consider buying a spare leash to make sure that there will always be something available just in case the leash gets broken, damaged, or lost.

Final Thoughts
Contrary to what many people think, a leash is not only useful for dog walking. It’s also a must-have tool when training your pooch or teaching it some skills. When choosing the right leash for your dog, always think about your dog’s needs and not just your own needs. Remember, you’re buying it for your pooch and not for you.

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