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Dog Bathing Tips 101: For Easier, Faster & Neater Bath

While bathing your dog is essential to maintain good skin and coat health in the long run, it doesn’t make it any easier. Most dogs would rather chew glass than bath while others enjoy it but can make things very messy. Either way, it’s important to bath your dog regularly to prevent parasites and make your dog safer to have around.

Before Bath Time

Here’s an essential checklist to tick off before you prepare a bath for your dog:

Get A Good Dog Shampoo
The first thing you have to make sure is to never use human shampoos on dogs. That’s because shampoo that’s made for people has a different pH than dog shampoo. This is the same, even for baby shampoo. It might seem mild, but it can be harmful to your dog’s health. If you feel confused about the shampoo brand you want, consult your vet for a recommendation. Your dog may require a special type of shampoo to address a particular skin condition.

While you’re at the shop, be sure to purchase a special bath tool for dogs like a grooming brush. This tool is designed to minimize shedding, and it’s excellent for shaggy dogs because it’ll work the shampoo in faster and more effectively. Plus, your dog will get a nice massage that allows it to enjoy bath time. Once you have the shampoo, make sure to follow the directions on the package or those of your vet.

Brush Your Dog
It’s also important to brush your dog’s fur before bath time to get rid of mats before you use water. This is a good time to pick apart and remove matted hair from your dog’s fur before it gets into the bathtub. It’ll be practically impossible to remove them once you add water.

Use A Nonslip Surface
Use a non-skid rubber mat or layer several towels on the ground just outside the bathtub at the bottom to prevent your dog from slipping when it comes out. This will also help to ease the anxiety your dog feels about taking baths because it won’t have to worry about coming out to a slippery floor.

Warm The Water
Feel the water as you fill the bathtub or the sink to make sure that it’s comfortable. You should do this before bringing your dog into the room, as the whoosh of running water can add to the anxiety.

During Bath Time

Gently lead your dog to the water while encouraging your dog with a pep talk and maybe even offer your pet its favorite treat. Your dog might resist – as most dogs do – but you must try and keep your cool regardless. Reprimanding it with an angry voice will only make things worse and add to the drama. You want to let your dog enjoy the bathing process as much as possible.

Once your pet is inside the bath, slowly and gently wet its hair down to the skin. Then apply the shampoo from the neck down until you reach its toes and tail. Apply a sudsy barrier right at the bottom of the skull to stop ticks and fleas from escaping to your dog’s ears. While bathing it, continue to praise your dog and maintain a positive attitude throughout.

Drying The Dog With The Help Of A Dog Hair Blow Dryer

Using a hairdryer that’s designed for dogs will get the water out of its fur quicker and more efficiently than air drying it. Just make sure to keep the dog hair dryer at least 15cm away from your dog’s hair to prevent burning its skin. Otherwise, the soft, warm air blowing out of the dryer will add a relaxing touch to the whole experience.

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