Dog Breed Selector

Dog Breed Selector

Answer a series of questions under 5 main category to help us help you determine which dog breed would best suit you


Dog Breed Adaptability

When you are selecting a dog, it is important to consider how versatile it is to settle in its new environment, as well as how much you are capable of helping it do so.

For example, different dog breeds have various levels of needs of companionship, so a key factor to ask yourself before getting a dog, is how much time I am able to afford to spend with my dog, and if I do not, which dog breed would be best suited for a busy person like me.

In addition, while these are factors within our control, we will also need to consider the factors are beyond them. One aspect is the climate that you live in. Desert dog breeds are never going to be a suitable companion for you if you live in places that are too cold, even if you are able to make sacrifices to fit their emotional needs.

Get started on our dog breed selector tool to help you find the most adaptable dog breed that will fit your lifestyle most seamlessly.


Dog Breed Overall Friendliness

It is imperative to consider the impact of having a dog to the people around you. While most dogs are friendly towards people, there are definitely exceptions. They are not the easiest to tame and without the know-how to train them properly, they are best avoided if you are not living on your own.

Take our questionnaire to help you filter out the most aggressive dog breeds.


Dog Breed Health And Grooming Needs

Dogs are not just a cute companion to cuddle and go jogging with. Like a human, they have their own particular and subtle needs that ought to be taken care of. And often, these needs are not the first thing you'd associate with having a dog, but they are very real and can shatter your ideal expectation of owning a dog.

Some dogs tend to have poor health and can require frequent visits to the vet. That translates to much time and money you would need to be able to fork out.

Others tend to have habits, either by nature or nurture, that may trigger the sense irritation in you. If you are not ready for it, it is better to avoid it.

Gauge the health and grooming needs you can afford for your dogs and see what breed suits you the best with our free dog breed selector tool.


Dog Breed Trainability

Are you a good teacher? How about a patient one?

Training a dog, a creature that does not understand the language of humans, is by no means and easy feat. This is especially true if your dog is more inclined towards a rebellious behavior. While it is not impossible to tame them eventually, dogs that are harder to train will demand a proportionately sizable amount of time and effort from you.

If you are not prepared for it, you got to make sure you are not going to bring home a monster. Use our free dog breed selection tool to help you find out which dog breed will is the easiest to train.


Dog Breed Physical Needs

Different dog breeds have various demand for activity level. Hunting dog breeds has a natural and biological tendency to move around often. If you are not able to keep up, it will be torturous for these spirited creatures.

For the sake of the dog, you should be aware of the general physical needs of their breed so that you can make a wise choice. Consult our dog breed selector tool to help you match the dog breed to your own physical activity level.