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How Much Food Does Your Dog Need?

Since dogs cannot speak for themselves, it is quite difficult to estimate how much food they require. Remember just like humans, over feeding or under feeding your dog can result in its own consequences.

Cons of overfeeding

Overfeeding will lead to:

Cons of underfeeding

Not providing the right amount of calories will result in:

There is no hard and fast rule to find out the exact amount of dog food to provide. Moreover, feeding habits will vary from one day to another. However, as a general application, you should feed your dog based on

Additionally, you can follow these simple thumb rules to determine how much to feed your dog:

However, if your dog is smaller, increase it to two as they can feed only a limited portion at a time.

Puppies and young dogs are hyperactive, so always provide them with protein and fat rich diets, whereas older dogs require lesser amounts to remain healthy. All these are just general rules, so feel free to modify it as per your dog's diet, age, and breed. You can also use a dog food calculator to estimate how much to feed your dog. However, if you are still in doubt, seek professional help.