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Dog Throat Injury From Collar: Here’s What You Need To Know

One of the most important accessories that dogs wear in every single day of their lives is the dog collar. So when it comes to buying a collar for your dog, you should only go for the best. The leather dog collar is, without a doubt, one of the best types of dog collars out there. It’s very durable and is guaranteed to last long despite the daily use.

But before you get a leather collar for your pooch, you need to first educate yourself about the dangers of a dog throat injury. Here’s everything you need to know about this issue.

What Happens If You Don’t Fit the Collar Properly?

Ill-fitting collar will cause your dog’s neck to chafe and might eventually lead to long-lasting discomfort and injury to your dog’s throat. It’s truly unfortunate that some pet owners are not aware of this issue and that’s usually because the leather dog collar conceals the abrasion on the skin. Also, dogs are not able to tell their master what it is that’s causing the discomfort.

Usually, leather dog collars that are too tight on your dog could irritate its neck and could lead to chaffing. Some of the most common symptoms of a chaffed neck are hair loss, redness, and skinned appearance. The chaffing will usually come in the form of a string or line that mimics the shape of the collar.

Chaffing shouldn’t be mistaken for dermatitis or other skin conditions, which usually come with inflammation and itchiness on the wrists, eyes, limbs, ankles, toes, and groin.

What to Do If Your Dog’s Neck Gets Injured?

Here are some of the most practical solutions when it comes to addressing your dog’s throat injury resulting from the use of dog leather collar.

Loosen Up The Collar
Understandably, if the collar is too tight for your dog, then this will most likely cause injury. When attaching the dog leather collar in your dog’s neck, use the two-finger test to ensure that the collar is not too tight. Simply insert your two fingers on the collar and if it’s not too loose or too tight, then leave it at that.

Remove Collars That Cause Pain
Don’t use any collar that could trigger pain, such as the prong or shock collar. Instead, opt for other types of collars such as the Martingale collar that’s made of leather. This is usually safer and more comfortable for your dog and prevents any throat injury.

Train Your Dog How To Walk When On A Collar
If you noticed that your dog tends to pull and strain as it walks with the collar on, then you should train your dog the right way to walk so it will not end up injuring its throat. Teach your dog to walk calmly, and when it does, encourage it by giving it treats.

Consider The Moisture
Usually, a wet or moist collar could trigger the chaffing of your dog’s neck. Therefore, make sure you take off the dog leather collar when it becomes wet. Wipe the collar dry before you put it back on your dog’s neck.

Treat Chafing Carefully
Minor injury on the throat of your dog resulting from the use of dog leather collar can be treated with salve, which is the same product used in treating nappy rashes. You can also apply coconut oil but keep the neck of your pooch free from the collar while you leave the treatment on.

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